Thursday, 20 January 2022

Kate in Camel Massimo Dutti and Iris & Ink for Lancashire Visit

For their first 'away day' of 2022, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travelled to Lancashire. Their first stop was Clitheroe Community Hospital where they learned about the "unique challenges" rural health providers have faced due to the pandemic over the past two years.

The visit was also planned to allow the royal couple see their patronage NHS Charities Together supporting the mental health of frontline workers on the ground. The aim of the group is to bring together the 240 UK NHS charities and harness their collective power to the best advantage. Collectively, these charities raise over £1 million per day. This has played a pivotal role in pioneering research, extensive projects and helping patients access care when they need it most. Over the course of the pandemic, the organisation's focus has shifted to supporting the immediate practical and emotional needs of healthcare workers.

The Cambridges were welcomed upon arrival. 

In a statement coinciding with the visit, Kensington Palace said, "While many of those with Covid have been admitted to larger, urban hospitals, pressures across the system have meant that frontline staff at Clitheroe Community Hospital have felt the strain. NHS Charities Together, of which the Duke and Duchess are royal patrons, has been instrumental in providing mental wellbeing support during this challenging period. Across East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, over £300,000 of funding allocated by the charity has helped establish wellbeing services that support over 9,000 staff, including break-out spaces, wellness packages, and therapies. At Clitheroe this funding will provide for a staff wellbeing room, among other services."

William and Kate spent time with GPs, nurses and other frontline workers, congratulating them on their incredible efforts while seeking to better understand their day-to-day experiences.

Sarah Caton, a Matron at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, working in the Community Hospitals based at Pendle and Clitheroe, said, "I have seen first-hand the impact on health and wellbeing of colleagues during the response to the Covid pandemic. It has been an extremely intense, relentless, and exhausting time for everyone in the NHS and throughout my 34-year career I have not experienced anything like this. East Lancashire has been particularly affected by the pandemic and we have lost so many people, including beloved colleagues, to Covid. The team has supported patients and their families through some difficult times but just as importantly we have supported each other and continue to do so. We couldn’t have got through it otherwise."

Sarah continued by saying, "The funding provided by both NHS Charities Together and the hospital’s own charity ELHT&Me (East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust). has been so important to us. Knowing we could ring Denise and the team and request additional items for our patients such as activity packs, books and things to help them pass the time of day due to a restriction of visitors - knowing that the days are longer for them.  Staff have also been provided with health and well-being packs, meals and hot drinks, places to sit, therapy and even ‘wobble rooms’ for when we needed somewhere for respite. The charities are doing a brilliant job and it has prompted me to fund raise myself because I know the work they are doing is so critical to our response but also our recovery. I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed and for them to know the huge impact it has made."

More from Hello!

'The Cambridges donned face coverings as they spoke to staff at Clitheroe Community Hospital. 

William told staff: "We're so grateful for all your hard work. I'm not sure there are enough words to say how grateful everyone is for what you have done."

He said he had a particular affinity with staff because of his time as an air ambulance pilot.

Lisa Kay, intensive home support service clinical lead, said: "That was great to hear because it's not every day you get a royal visit to say thank you. It has been a huge morale boost."

The couple were fortunate enough to visit as the latest member of the team made his debut. Meet Alfie, an apricot cockapoo puppy, who joined the hospital as a therapy dog. He will join six-year-old Jasper in supporting patients.

William says "hello" to the adorable Alfie.

I think Kate would have loved to take him back to KP :)

Conversation focused on the positive impact of vaccination on local communities. As with countries all over the world, there's been a huge amount of work done to ensure the elderly and those most at risk are vaccinated and in a position to resume their daily lives to the greatest degree of normality possible. One of the priorities at present for the hospital is ensuring those who are admitted can be discharged with support at home as quickly as possible. This stems from concerns on the mental health impact periods of isolation and lack of social interaction have on patients.

Ellie Orton OBE, Chief Executive for NHS Charities Together, said:

“It means so much to NHS staff that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could visit the team in East Lancashire today to hear their experiences and see first-hand how support from the public through NHS charities makes such a difference. Sadly the pressures facing the NHS aren’t going away any time soon, so it’s vital that we continue to be there to support the mental health and wellbeing of NHS, so they are able to face whatever challenges are ahead. We are so grateful to our Royal Patrons for helping to shine a light on this issue and supporting the incredible NHS workforce.”

A wave goodbye from the team.

William and Kate's next port of call was Church on the Street in Burnley, a project supporting homeless people.

The Duke and Duchess arriving. 

More on the history of the charity:

'Since 2013, Pastor Mick's been pounding the pavements of Manchester and Burnley, bringing church to the streets.

It started outside McDonald’s in Burnley. Pastor Mick opened his suitcase, revealing packets of sandwiches and clothes. Next to him, a flask of coffee ready to share and friends Mary and David Hirst, an ex-Salvation Army couple. Born in Burnley, Mick's set-up outside McDonald’s was an unexpected one. A few years before, he'd been dealing drugs and collecting debts.

After being sexually assaulted as a child and later losing his older sister, becoming involved in drug dealing was a way out for Mick. He soon became addicted himself and experienced the poverty of Burnley first hand. 

Years later, when collecting a debt, Mick received a sign from God. He started to work through a recovery process and went on to study theology at Nazarene Theological College. Ever since, his priority has been to love others, give to the poor and help people through experiences similar to his own. You can read more about Pastor Mick's journey here. 

Suitcase in hand, Mick returned to the McDonald’s again soon after that first day - helping those in poverty however he could. At first, only one or two people came - but word soon spread, and more and more people turned up, both those in need and other churches offering support. As more people came to know Christ and form a community, Mick and his team became known as Church on the Street.'

William and Kate heard Mick 's inspiring story first-hand. 

Housed in a former gym, Church on the Street provides addiction and mental health support, hot showers, food, clothing and a safe space for up two hundred people. The charity operates an open-door policy ensuring privacy is respected, however it is through building relationships - particularly with Pastor Mick Fleming - the best level of help can be offered.

'The Duchess of Cambridge, (Pastor Mick said), "has a passion" for working with addiction.

"You can see through her conversations that she is very knowledgable. The conversations she had with addicts and also in a conversation with me, I could tell she understands diagnoses and the lack of resources for it. She was very well informed about the whole issue," he shared.'
Mick has helped thousands of people and is now in discussions with the NHS about expanding services in the area.

Before leaving, Kate was incredibly excited to meet a baby girl :) The Mail reports William told Kate "Don't get any ideas", adding "You can't take her home". 

The Duchess was stylish in a camel ensemble and a fabulous pair of boots. Particularly in the early years of her marriage, Kate sported some amazing staples. Today's pair worked perfectly with the silhouette of the skirt.

Kate wore her Massimo Dutti camel coat. The garment is described as, "Classic, sophisticated and with a flattering silhouette for the feminine figure, this camel-coloured coat made of natural fibres will be an essential piece this season. Tailored coat made of wool and cashmere. Featuring a slim fit, peak lapels, double-breasted button fastening, two flap pockets, long sleeves with four-button cuffs, a back vent and lining."

Below, Kate wearing the piece for an East London engagement last March.

We know Kate likes to purchase items she's particularly fond of in more than one colour. You'll probably recall the forest green Iris & Ink ensemble the Duchess wore during Remembrance Week.

Today, Kate sported the Iris & Ink ร‰loise ribbed merino wool-blend turtleneck sweater and matching skirt in light brown. It's available in limited sizing at the Outnet. The $190 sweater is described: "Not only is Iris & Ink’s 'ร‰loise’ sweater a lush hue, it’s also an everlasting investment – the downy-soft merino wool fibers have been sourced from farms that responsibly tend to their animals and land. It has an insulating turtleneck and neatly contrasting ribbed panels for a figure-skimming fit." The $215 skirt is "snug at the hips and relaxed through the hem".

More on the sustainable ensemble:
'This item has been made with wool derived from farms that take a progressive approach to managing their land, practice holistic respect for its sheep and respect animal welfare. You can enjoy your new find in good conscious knowing the planet and its sheep have not suffered from its production.'
A closer look at Kate's suede knee-high boots.

Palace Avenue suggests they are the Jane logo-embellished suede knee boots by Saint Laurent

It appears Kate accessorised with her Missoma Mini Pyramid Charm Hoop earrings.

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Another wonderful set of engagements. Love her outfit. I would have preferred different earrings, but otherwise I think it looks great.

  2. LOVE this understated, stylish elegant look from the Duchess. I read somewhere that the Duchess doesn't like to overdo her fashion and leans more to a traditional approach to keep the focus on the event and not just about her clothes. And on that note, loving these joint events with William and Kate to help bring attention to organizations that are playing an important role during this time, but don't always get the recognition they deserve.

  3. Valerie in Arizona20 January 2022 at 18:47

    Thank you so much Charlotte for yesterday’s and today’s great posts. It’s uplifting to learn of how people are being supported but also making use of that support. As my family’s quarantine keeps stretching out with each child falling ill (one every two days, four in the family all told) my daughter and I are reminding ourselves to use this quarantine time to do things that our otherwise busy lives as teachers don’t give us enough time to do normally. Sleep, read, sit down at meals with family (thankfully they are all vaccinated and all mildly ill with Omicron.)

  4. Really would like to know if she knew about the color of the puppy she'd meet and chose her coat to match him.

  5. Loved the baby holding and the chill but fashion-forward look on the duchess.

    1. Hmm. I wouldn't say this was a "fashion-forward" look at all. It's really quite classic and traditional, which is fairly standard for the Duchess. That's her taste.

  6. So pleased to see them again! I like Kate's outfit.

  7. Great look I love this coat. I am so glad we get to see them at work again. It is a bit boring when we don't see them out and about.Life is getting back to, yes let me say, to normal, after 2 years of this mess we deserve to be happy again.

  8. How funny. Yesterday, someone commented that they’d like to see Kate get back to her dress and boots styles! Maybe she read the comment? Ha.

    Usually I don’t love Kate in monochrome, because the shades she chooses don’t look great together (thinking of an outfit she wore with a whole bunch of green tones), but these camel/caramel shades look lovely. Those boots are beautiful. Tall suede boots sometimes end up getting very slouchy, but these hold their shape beautifully.

    1. I did!! I am sure she read my comment;)
      I sighed when I saw the first picture, thinking another open coat with trousers and then was so happy to see the outfit!

  9. Important causes and a very nice look. I am particularly fond of the all-camel/brown look myself, finding it elegant, classy, and timeless, so I sport it fairly often. I think the Duchess looked great and that she achieved just the right balance between casual and dressy, which respected both venues. A success!

  10. It's nice to see the Cambridges starting out the year together with two meaningful engagements. Thanks for a great write-up as always, Charlotte!

  11. This engagement was so moving. The BBC had a piece on pastor Mike and I was moved to tears, what an extraordinary story of forgiveness.

    1. It's all very heart breaking and there can't be enough attention brought to the need of the homeless and for better access to mental health care.It is humbling to read and thankful for the Pastor Mike's of this world.

  12. I love seeing William and Kate kicking off the year with engagements together. I love them poking fun at each other. Did we know about their female dog? Her name, age, breed? I personally didn't know anything about their dog(s) since the passing of Lupo. I love the repeated coat (I am here for pretty much any repeat) and I enjoy seeing Kate in dark hair, which IMO makes her look more youthful and naturally radiant.
    What I dont love is the sweater/skirt set. I don't understand Kate's clear love for this ensemble which seems utterly bizzare to me. It gives off a weird home wear vibes while being used and advertised as formal/professional attire, and I am rather bothered with the shapelessness of it, especially around the hip area. Also the roll necks and their double chin effects even on the tiniest and leanest people alive, yawn. Anyway, end of my rant, I am so happy to see the Cambridges out and about that I will gladly put up with Iris&Ink bizzarreness in any color, lol.

  13. I waited to comment until I read the whole post -- those are very good visits! The first photo in this blog is just the way I love Kate -- dark hair that makes her face look so beautiful. If her hair were a little shorter, it could look fuller, but I understand not wanting to cut long lovely hair. :) The outfit immediately reminded me of Meghan's very pretty brown/camel ensemble, but of course there are so many browns/camels/golds that they are also very different. Both ensembles seem very luxurious and I think that is because of the fibers they are made from. I love this coat, sweater, skirt, boot, handbag combination -- in my mind, it just doesn't get much prettier. No complaints at all!

    I don't know why there were so few engagements in the past few months but I'm sure it's all planned for a reason. I don't think a family member could do a better job than Kate; there must be a lot of pressure to represent the future of the RF, and I'm sure the support from her family has enabled her to do this so well. We need to remember that while she has great assets, there are so many things she can't do that we take for granted -- like running into an ice cream store in torn shorts and a well-worn t-shirt with her hair flopped on top of her head. (I just rewatched the Bridget Jones movies and may have that on my mind.) There's a reason women rejected both princes in favor of a life out of the public eye.

  14. Firstly, What an amazing charity Church on the Street is. Absolutely fantastic work, bringing aid and support to those who need it most. Well done to the Duke and Duchess for highlighting the work they are doing. The Duchess looked beautiful in those different shades of caramel. I hope to find that program on the BBC. Thanks Charlotte, beautiful choice of photographs as always. I'm surprised they didn't release a link to support Pastor Mick and work is doing. S. ☺

  15. I'm loving Kate's visits. She is such a natural, and when with William? They make a fabulous pair to fulfill their royal duties. They are the future of the monarchy, and such well-suited people for that role. Their love for each other and their roles is evident. I see Kate as the future queen consort, and what a queen she will be. Always superb in her style, her compassion, her generosity. What I love about this couple is their genuine desire to make it not about themselves, but about others. Wonderful royal couple. Thank you for this post.

  16. I love the camel look but the skirt is too long for me

  17. While this is a nice look I preferred her look from the day before I think this outfit needed some contrast maybe the coat could have been cream or the top and skirt could have been cream coloured just to not make it so bland. Nice pieces but not the right mix for me. Great boots! I would also like to see Kates hair be a bit shorter and a return of the long bangs she used to sport as she has an oval face and I think that look really suited her face.

  18. Wonderful. Such a lovely engagement.

  19. Wonderful day of engagements. Loved her outfit, and loved the picture with Alfie. They have such a positive impact on people. Terrific couple.

  20. hmm the duchess looks great in her outfit she stunning the puppy looks adorble she loves the duke and . Absolutely fantastic work, bringing aid and support to those who in needed and show care and importance health frontlines

  21. What a great start of the year! I always like when they support health providers, so much strained in the last years of pandemic. Catherine looks adorable as always.

  22. Looking Fabulous as always Catherine and William. And a great support for the church street charity๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

  23. Replies
    1. The boots are investment pieces. I don't think that is an outrageous price. Well made shoes can last a long time

  24. Kate knows when to step up and when to step back-- in her manner and in her clothes. She is understated here and it is totally appropriate. But she also knows when to shine and stand out. James Bond premiere, anyone? The mark of a true princess. Humble, but knows her worth.
    Beth in SF


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