Saturday, 15 May 2021

Mental Health Minute 2021

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by David Beckham, Dame Shirley Bassey, Anne Marie, Joanna Lumley, Charles Dance, Hussain Manawer, Jamie Oliver and Jesse Lingard for this year's Mental Health Minute.

William said, "As we come to the end of this Mental Health Awareness Week it would be great to keep talking." Kate added, "Because our mental health binds every single one of us together."

People reports:

'On Friday, the royal couple joined well-known faces from soccer star David Beckham to singer Anne-Marie and chef Jamie Oliver in a 60-second broadcast urging U.K. citizens to continue to help others and carry on conversations about mental health struggles as the country comes to an end of its Mental Health Awareness Week.

Beckham, 46, summed up the message's key themes, saying, "Taking time to reflect through the most challenging of years."

Mental Health Minute was produced by Heads Together and is one of a number of legacy projects and efforts currently active. It is in support of Shout 85258 - the United Kingdom's first 24/7 text messaging service, which was created by the Royal Foundation. It was played across 500 radio stations simultaneously and reached over twenty million listeners.

This year's script was written by poet, writer and mental health activist Hussain Manawer. Radio Today reports, "Steve Ackerman, Chief Content Officer at Somethin’ Else, the UK’s largest independent podcast and audio producer who have produced the Mental Health Minute for a number of years said: 'At a time when mental well-being is more important than ever, we’re delighted to work again with The Royal Foundation and Radiocentre to harness the power of audio and social media to deliver another Mental Health Minute, which has now become a key part of the radio calendar.'"

If you would like to support Shout by donating, please click here.


  1. I‘d wish we had something like that over here in Germany.

  2. Very worthy subject, lots of people need help.For many years speaking about having Cancer was OK, but Mental illness came with a stigma attached. Royals speaking about it has a more lasting affect, because they are more committed, because they don't do it for look at me what I am doing then Celebs.

  3. "IT'S UNIVERSAL, IT UNITES US, IT MAKES US INSEPARABLE." Jame Oliver's words pack it fairly.

  4. Whatever happens, i feel we are already winning this fight. Whts left is minutely minimal and that is for sure. We are head on, despite the scanty tribulations; go these two.


    1. I agree, having lived through the experience of losin a family member to effects of mental health such as depression and addiction, my family relate so perfectly to the words that have been spoken.

  5. The only voices I can recognize are those of W&K... thanks to this blog!
    I was surprised by David Beckham's voice, didn't figure it like that.
    Great project.

  6. Wonderful group of people bringing awareness to mental illness the right way. Catherine and William are so wonderful at speaking.

  7. Interesting. I think Shout is/was a fantastic initiative.

  8. It is curious to know the statistics in the usage of "Shout", effect and outcome. It is a great idea to have a contact connection ( some times life line) in times of crisis, moods, doubts ( over all affected mental status). For some reason you hear about "Shout" generally in mental health week or occasionally.

  9. They are doing great things! I love the message and the Shout hotline and the mindfulness activity! Keep it up!

  10. William and Catherine are true gems. So sincere and thoughtful with these messages. It really comes through.

  11. Amazing stuff!


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