Wednesday, 26 May 2021

It's a Trip Down Memory Lane at St Andrews & Land Yachting on West Sands Beach for the Cambridges!

The Earl and Countess of Strathearn kicked off day three of their joint visit to Scotland with a fun morning of land yachting on West Sands beach at St Andrews.

The couple spent last night in St Andrews following engagements in Orkney yesterday. Kate noted she opened the window last night and was struck by how cold it was.

William and Kate were joined by Fife Young Carers, a group which supports young carers in the area, helping them maintain their wellbeing through residential trips, workshops and outdoor activities. They are very much focused on offering carers respite from their role by having fun with people their own age. The Earl and Countess spoke with the group on the beach about their experiences. Kate asked the group, "Is it hard for them to relate to what you are doing? Do you think people in general are understanding?"

Express and Star reports:

'"One of the boys told her he had been on a yacht last year and had taken it in turns with others to cook for the crew. Kate, who worked on yachts when she was a student, asked: “Did you get seasick?"

“I did but your body gets used to it,” he replied.

William praised them for the care they gave their loved ones. "You guys do really well,” he told them, “You should be very proud of yourselves, guys."'

Kensington Palace said, "The Duke and Duchess also heard about the charity’s work to raise awareness of the role of young carers in the local area. Recently, Fife Young Carers introduced a ‘Young Carers Authorisation Card’ scheme in schools, pharmacies and other medical settings in and around Fife. The card helps young carers easily identify themselves, without having to repeatedly outline their circumstances and personal stories to those in the local community." They added, "A young carer is defined as a child or young person whose life has been affected by looking after a family member with a physical disability, illness addiction or mental health issues. In 2019, 6,785 young people in Fife identified themselves as young carers, equating to approximately 1 in 8 young people in Fife having a caring role at some point in their life. Currently the charity, which has operated since 1995, supports 597 young people, with the figure rising monthly."

The activity was hosted by local company, Blown Away, the only commercial land yachting company in Scotland.

Kate thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

As always, the couple were in competitive spirits.

William just pipped Kate to win the race. People reports:

'"We were surprised as we expected the Duchess to win as she is the more experienced sailor," Guy McKenzie, who runs Blown Away with his twin Jamie, tells PEOPLE. "He got lucky – there was a gust of wind!" Jamie piped in: "He got blown away!"

But it wasn't all plain sailing for William. Towards the end of the 20 minute session, he got stuck in some wet sand, well away from the course. "Come on grandad," Kate called out to him.

The couple clearly loved being back on the sand. "They said they were delighted to be back at St. Andrews, and they were looking forward to going to the university later," says Guy McKenzie of Blown Away."'

It was all in good fun and a very exciting start to the day :)

From there, it was a trip down memory lane for William and Kate, twenty years after they met at St Andrews, with a return to the university that holds an incredibly special place in their hearts.

They both graduated in 2005, Prince William with an honours degree in Geography while Kate gained an honours degree in history of art.

The personal photo below was one of several shared by the Middleton family ahead of the wedding.

One of the couple's most memorable pre-wedding engagements a decade ago was a trip back to St Andrews. Kate selected a striking red Luisa Spagnoli suit with Aquatalia Rhumba boots for the occasion. "Shortly after, it emerged Kate purchased the suit for £495 at Hollie de Keyser (a boutique frequented by the late Princess Diana when it was known as Emma Somerset). Luisa Spagnoli, who founded the label in Perugia in 1928, was famous for introducing angora fibre – derived from Angora rabbits – into knitwear. It has been worn by a host of stars including Sophia Loren."

During the visit, William said it "felt like coming home", and added it was "a very special moment to Catherine and me".

Embed from Getty Images

Over the years we've seen several events in support of the university. In 2012, Kate donned her much-loved Temperley London Amoret gown for a black-tie fundraiser in Middle Temple Hall, London in support of St Andrews University's 600th Anniversary Campaign. During a speech, William thanked St Andrews for "the woman he loves". Kate recalled the moment she caught William's eye at a university fashion show while chatting to a female undergraduate: "I hope you weren't involved in the fashion show, you never know what you are going to be asked to wear!"

Embed from Getty Images

In 2014, The Duchess wore her elegant Jenny Packham gown and stunning emeralds for a glamorous St Andrews' 600th Anniversary dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. "Kate listened to Prince William's speech, during which he said, 'I don't need to tell you how much St Andrews means to Catherine and me. It goes without saying to all of you in this room that the education we received there was first class. In particular, St Andrews exists at the pinnacle of a noble Scottish tradition of intellectual freedom and the nurturing – in fact, I would say, flourishing – of arts and science. It feels like a place where no truth goes unquestioned and where there is much more discovering to be done in the world."

And in 2015, ahead of a day of engagements in Dundee, the couple spent the night at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews. Kate told a group of students she was a regular visitor to Dundee during her time at university. "I have very fond memories of coming to Dundee when I was a student."

William and Kate joined geography and history of art students on St Salvator’s Lawn to discuss the ‘Can Do’ scheme -- a joint initiative between the university and the St Andrews Students’ Association -- to discuss their experiences of the pandemic. The scheme was introduced last September to address mental health challenges experienced by students unable to experience traditional university life with their peers.

Kensington Palace added, "Their Royal Highnesses also joined an interfaith discussion with students from the University’s School of Divinity, campus inter-faith groups including the student-run St Andrews Coexistence Initiative and the university chaplain, to hear how the university encourages interfaith dialogue, and how different faiths have come together to understand each other better and provide emotional support during the pandemic."

Before departing, William and Kate planted the first tree for St Andrews Forest, an initiative in the university’s action plan to become carbon neutral by 2035. It's the brainchild of students on the university’s Environmental Sustainability Board. The Palace continued, "The forest will have multiple sites across the world, and provide new habitats for wildlife, green spaces to aid mental health and wellbeing, as well as opportunities for education and research.

Kensington Palace tweeted, "It was great to return to St Andrews to see fantastic projects that support the physical and mental health of young people."

Their next port of call was a meeting with local fishermen from Pittenweem Fishermen’s Mutual Association and their families to hear about the fishing industry in Fife.

Kate chatted with a group of children.

During the visit to Pittenweem Harbour on the Firth of Forth, the Earl and Countess were shown the fishermen’s boats, which catch langoustines and crabs.

Kate was very excited to say hello. 

They spoke with people involved in various stages of the fishing process, including fishermen, the harbourmaster and a fish merchant, before enjoying a seafood BBQ with local restaurateur Amy Elles, who buys produce from the harbour at the local market.

The Fishermen’s Mutual Association (Pittenweem) was formed in 1948 when a group of local fishermen got together and decided to form a co-operative. It has grown and diversified in the years since.

People revealed the couple enjoyed a quiet date night in the area yesterday:

'Kate and William, who were more often seen at Pizza Express in St. Andrews when they were college students nearly two decades ago, chose an upmarket contemporary restaurant "with a Scottish twist" when they dined out on Tuesday night. The couple stayed locally before their day of events in the town.

The pair, who celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last month, were shown to a corner table in a secluded area at the back of Forgan's restaurant with a security detail seated close by.

"When word went around, a crowd gathered at the front, but as far as inside was concerned it was quiet for them. People left them alone," one of the managers, Marc, tells PEOPLE. "There was no pomp and circumstance or fanfare."

Manager Marc told Hello!: "There was a crowd outside once they left but as far as inside goes it was quiet. There was no pomp and ceremony or fanfare, they were very nice and when they left they were very complementary.". A snap of the couple leaving the restaurant emerged on social media. Kate wore the same pieces as today.

Before they left, William and Kate enjoyed fish and chips at an old haunt from their university days. Anstruther Fish Bar shared the news on their Facebook page noting the Duchess said the day was "a lovely trip down memory lane" and William said the fish and chips were "just as good, if not better" than he remembered. They also enjoyed an ice cream and a chat with the owners reminiscing about their time at St Andrews.

Then it was time to set back to Edinburgh.

We saw two casual separates looks for the Countess today.

Kate wore her £159 navy and marigold Barbour Longshore jacket.

Kate's sweater is by Highlands firm Campbells of Beauly (with thanks to Bojana). The £115 Nordic Crew sweater is made in the North East of Scotland using the finest quality raw materials. Kate's jumper is in 'rose pink' and will be available to dispatch later this month.

Kate wore her Brora Dobby Blouse from yesterday's engagements.

Kate accessorised with her Orelia London Chain Huggie Hoops. They remain in stock for £15.

And her See by Chloe Leather-trimmed suede ankle boots.
At St Andrews, it was a blazer by luxury British brand Holland Cooper (with thanks to Lady Parky). The £549 Double-Breasted Blazer in black twill is described: "This longline double breasted wool blazer is a chic trans-seasonal forever wardrobe essential. Designed to create a sharp tailored silhouette worn open or closed.  Fully lined with a luxury stretch lining for extra comfort and adorned with HC signature Gold buttons on the front and cuffs. This blazer has been hand cut and made entirely in England using wools woven in the UK."

Middleton Maven suggests Kate's sweater is the Erdem Lotus style. It certainly makes sense, as the piece is made in Scotland. The black and white cashmere piece retails for roughly £650.

Kate sported a new pair of VEJA Esplar sneakers today (with thanks to Kate's Royal Closet). They are in stock at Anthropologie.

I'm working on a post covering a Cruella screening as we speak.


  1. Just a really small point: it's the West Sands, not the West Sands beach.

  2. Tammy from California26 May 2021 at 16:46

    Such a fun engagement for them both. I remember that red suit/dress and the Aquatalia Rhumba boots. Man, I thought she was the BEES KNEES in that outfit! How far we have BOTH come ;)

    Lately Kate has looked really happy. Comfortable in her shoes.

  3. Where does Kate store all her fabulous clothes she has? She must have an enormous wardrobe somewhere to keep all the dresses etc she's worn since the wedding. Just wondered where they were kept.

    1. I’ve wondered about that too. I picture a very large closet with a conveyer belt sort of mechanism, and Kate (or her wardrobe assistant) with an inventory list, allowing her to sort by color, type and date last worn, maybe w photos so she can recall how she styled the outfit.

      The Queen’s personal dresser gave a little hint of how her wardrobe is managed in her book.

    2. Robin in Ontario26 May 2021 at 19:03

      I have wondered this too! Lol

    3. And me! I'm guessing it's an enormous room with a couple of sofas and a giant dressing table for make up, etc (although that might be in her bathroom which is off the dressing room - her and W have one each). And she'll have giant racks for shoes, scarves, bags, etc. It's not like I've given it much thought though...

  4. Charlotte, I am amazed by all the hard work you do when Kate and William are on tour. I look forward to your blog each day. Wonderful work and thank you.

  5. Spot on in Kates fashion statements so far today. Can't beat a pair of VEJA's

  6. Valerie in Arizona26 May 2021 at 18:41

    My maiden name is Campbell and my great grandfather came from a village close to Beauly. He moved to Dundee, where my grandfather was born, to open a grocery story in his 20s. So seeing Campbells of Beauly is special as is Catherine mentioning that she loved to go to Dundee when she was a student at St Andrews. The other connection I have--sorry, this is a trip down memory lane for me--is that my Campbell grandfather married my grandmother Young, who was from Cupar in Fife, which is only 9 miles away from St Andrews. It's so beautiful in that area, the "Kingdom of Fife"! Okay, now that I have had my own bit of nostalgia, William and Catherine look so very happy, can't help but lift spirits.

    1. Zora from Prague27 May 2021 at 16:42

      Valerie, thank you for sharing your memories with us! It must be lovely to see the Cambridges so close to places that are important to you . 🙂
      I didn't know there was something like land yachting! W+K were amazing, watching them having fun was great! I also liked the twin instructors 😃

  7. Back to where it all started. Very nice. These two are having fun on their assignments just like his father and Camilla. Nice to see them enjoying their work.

  8. Looks like they had a great time today!! I like both outfits, but I think my favorite is the one she wore at the beach. I like the pop of color with the pink sweater. She looks so great in any hat! The afternoon outfit is cute as well, but my eye just goes right to the white tennis shoe instead of the cute sweater and blazer. So maybe I would’ve picked a different color casual shoe is all. I think I have something to put on my bucket list with the land yachting!

    1. So true Joanne, there is no hat that Kate can't wear!!! And to top it off, she changes and doesn't have 'hat hair'! Love everything about this visit, even down to the white tennis shoes, but have to say the beach look is spot on! Other loves are, that the sweaters are from Scotland vendors(love them both); the children crowding around the couple and the one little boy poking Kate to look at the card; their relationship; that they were able to have a date night and Kate smartly repeats a sweater; and most of all the fun they looked like they were having land yachting! This post makes me smile, thank you Charlotte!

  9. What a great day. Catherine and William looked great. I like all of Catherine's clothes today.

  10. Caroline in Montana26 May 2021 at 21:24

    love the longshore jacket, love both sweaters. not a fan of either pants. wish i could pick a pair of pants for her just once:) i think my favorite by far is the hat, she is so adorable!! what a fantastic day for them. now i want fish and chips:)

  11. Louise from NZ26 May 2021 at 21:27

    I'm loving this return to yours and on person engagements.
    Such a special day for them to be back in a place that is so special to them.
    I love the orielia huggies earrings which arrived yesterday in my mail box!

  12. It's nice to be back. On a memory lane with new things going around hmm love the Duke and duchess of cambridge outfit today

  13. One of your captions called her a Countess, that’s incorrect

    1. Hello Barbara,

      When in Scotland, Kate's styled as the Countess of Strathearn.

  14. It was fantastic to see them both having fun at the beach this morning. I loved her jumper. She's a real pro on these tours!

  15. Slightly odd to wear plimsolls during an engagement?

  16. Can anyone ID the blue jacket William is wearing during their meeting with the fishermen and families?

  17. Catherine looked fabulous today - I have wanted to see her in a good pair of black pants like this for ages. Super smart

  18. Charlotte:

    You do the best coverage of the royal tours. Thank you for all the effort you put in and information you always include in your posts. I am a long time reader (since 2011) and I come here because you do a comprehensive overview, if you will, of all the tours, the people, places and more. As usual I have a question. How many cars did they have for the drive-in screening and how many people/persons were they able to invite? Lastly, how was the selection of these individuals done? That must have been a tough job for whomever it was that did the selecting.

    Lastly, a comment on the BRF especially William and Kate. I think, especially since the pandemic, we have seen Kate, in particular, look for and really found new ways to help the BRF reach out to the public. I am thinking of 'Hold Still" which was an excellent idea, one which not only included the general public and got their full participation but also provide great exposure for the NHS and all those who provide such an essential service. And now, the drive-in premier. This is thinking out of the box and what an example it is! Well, I would not have learned about any of these things without your blog. Thank you and you fit into the category of pioneering reporting on the BRF in the blogging category, in my humble opinion.

    Thank you for all you do. Blessings on you and stay safe.


  19. Thanks for a great post as always :) It's so nice to be back to tours! I see there is no mention of the black trousers, any thoughts?


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