Saturday, 17 April 2021

Watch The Duke of Edinburgh's Funeral

The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral will be live streamed on the Royal family's YouTube channel from 2.30 pm.

The BBC's livestream is already online with commentary.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving.

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  1. I can’t stop crying. What a beautiful service. I’m speechless.

  2. It was a beautiful service.

  3. What a poignant & moving service. R.I.P. Philip.

  4. Very beautiful funeral and I am sure right in line with what Prince Philip wanted. The family looked in step and Kate's tribute to the Queen with the pearl choker necklace did not go unnoticed. May Prince Philip rest in peace; and God bless the Queen as she moves forward without her best friend and husband

  5. I watched the service; it was a beautiful tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh. Somehow the fact that is had been scaled back, the part of the chapel that had been emptied - where the singers stood, made it all the more intimate and poignant. It was really clear that the family are in deep mourning and I hope they can be left to grieve privately now.

  6. Nicole from France17 April 2021 at 18:21

    The ceremony was poignant , I watched it from France . I have been so sad seeing the Queen , such a small woman dressed in black and bending her head to read the lessons .... the general choice of music quite reflected the lively and optimistic nature of the Prince, the choir was absolutely perfect , such gorgeous voices technics taking us higher and higher ..... no fuss , émotion and military dignity , this unusual ceremony was really full of meaning .

    1. Nicole, I completely agree with your comment about the Queen being so small, so Fragile and about the optimism of the music chosen by Prince Philip himself.. Their children were so sad following the hearse. Andrew like a small child, the same as Charles.. Kate and William very solemn, steadfast, beautiful as always. Harry very emotional, like on Diana's funeral when their Grandpa Philip helped the boys so much.. Love to the Royal Family and espevially to Queen Elizabeth today, I would hug her if I could.. Anna, Poland

  7. The service was so meaningful - a true testament to the man. May he rest in peace.
    May the royal family take comfort in God's peace at this time of mourning.

  8. I watched the Funeral of HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh today on the BBC. It was a very moving service. Watching the Queen sit all by herself, with her head down, it was so sad. I never seen her look this fragile, I am sure she'll have lot of support from her family. Their love lasted for over seventy years, one don't find this anymore today. The Duke leaves a large Legacy, I don't believe anyone can fill his shoes ever. It was nice to see the family all together in one place. Maybe later when the Pandemic is over we will see a Memorial service, so everyone can be there. It is always sad to lose a loved one. The love between the Queen and P Philip was very special, it may only happen once in a lifetime. May she find peace in prayers. May he RIP. Well deserved. May he be remembered for his Navy Service and to the Queen and Country.

  9. I, too, watched from afar (Australia).

    What a beautiful service. So many subtle acknowledgements of Prince Philip's life and interests, but also a profoundly, moving expression of his Anglican faith.

    As others have mentioned, the Queen cut a tiny, fragile-looking figure. I trust that the message of resurrection hope that was expressed in the hymns and Bible passages that were read, were deeply comforting to her. Theirs was a love story for the ages, so his death is an immeasurably loss for her.

    Individually and as a couple, they have been such an example of what it means to live a courageously, humble life. I consider it a significant privilege to have been able to view the service. Thank you for this beautiful coverage of it, Charlotte.

  10. I was deeply sad for the passing awayof HRH Prince Philp, Duke of Edinburgh. Was alspo filled with so much respect and admiration for his character and unselfish love and service. Thank you Prince Philip, rest in God's eternal peace.

  11. The service was solemn and wonderful

  12. I watched online, from California. I was moved by the beautiful music of "I Vow To Thee, My Country", Philip's carriage, horses, and riding gear; Charles' tears and grief, and the Scottish bagpiper playing, then turning and fading out of sight as the casket of Prince Philip was lowered--a final farewell marking the end of this book of a long life that served Queen and country steadfastly. I can imagine that the Queen will find joy and comfort in the love and antics of her great-grandchildren as kids so often can pull us out of ourselves in their exuberance of life in it's purest simplicity. I thought William and Catherine did the Queen and Philip proud and will continue to do so. I also thought how Charles must feel the weight of responsibility of the family (as a family) is now on him, likely "charged" to him in Philip's last weeks and how I imagine, the two found they were alike in so many ways, after all, especially with much common concerns and goals. That hopefully gave Charles comfort. I'm so glad the family has let it be known that Her Majesty won't be alone of her engagements.

  13. abc news still has the video on youtube for some reason BBC and the Royal Family channel made the video private

  14. This blog has taught me some good vocabulary in grammar and comprehension, thanks to the writer. We appreciate all The service was solemn and wonderful.



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