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The Cambridges "Wholeheartedly Support Having Vaccinations"

As the Cambridges spend their final week at Anmer Hall before returning to Kensington Palace ahead of George and Charlotte's return to Thomas's Battersea on 8 March, the couple are continuing virtual calls with charities and organisations supporting those in need from their Norfolk base. Tonight, the Palace shared videos from calls with families supported by Diabetes UK and Asthma UK on Tuesday.

Echoing the Queen's words from earlier this week, when the monarch urged people to "think about others" and get their vaccine, the couple said they "wholeheartedly support having vaccinations". Whilst speaking to Shivali Modha, who has Type 2 Diabetes and is supported by Diabetes UK, William said, "Catherine and I are not medical experts by any means, but if it's any consolation, we can wholeheartedly support having vaccinations. It's really, really important. We have spoken to a lot of people about it and the uptake has been amazing so far. We've got to keep it going so the younger generations also feel that it's really important for them to have it."

The Duchess added "I hope it comes as a huge relief in the end. I know there's maybe the anxiety and the worry leading up to it, but I hope for all of you it will add a bit of normality back to your lives and confidence as well as we go forward into the spring, that would be great."

Hello! reports:

'Shivali, who has been shielding with her husband Hiren and daughters Shyaama, 11, and Jyoti, 9, since last March, told the royal couple she had been anxious about the vaccine after reading negative posts on social media, but has since been reassured by family members, medics and the charity Diabetes UK.

Thanking the Duke and Duchess for calling, Shivali told them: "It's really nice to have you in our home, I wish I could offer you a cup of tea!"

"Same here!" laughed Kate.

William added: "We quite like the sound of the fancy dress evenings, we might come around for one of those!"

Diabetes UK is leading the fight against the UK's biggest evolving health crisis. Their goal is to create a world where diabetes can do no harm. With the alarming statistic that 1 in 15 of us are living with diabetes, their vision remains optimistic. By 2025, they hope to see the following: "More people with type 1, type 2 and all other forms of diabetes will benefit from new treatments that cure or prevent the condition. More people will be in remission from type 2 diabetes. More people will get the quality of care they need to manage their diabetes well. Fewer people will get type 2 and gestational diabetes. More people will live better and more confident lives with diabetes, free from discrimination."

William and Kate also spoke to Fiona Doyle and daughter Ciara who have been shielding in London due to Fiona's severe asthma. Fiona credited Asthma UK with providing ongoing support, adding it's been very difficult for her as a single parent. "I have that extra layer of wanting to feel invincible and wanting to feel like there’s nothing that could ever harm me or my child." Kate spoke to Ciara about returning to school. "It's hard, isn't it, when you're not all together, being able to see them, muck around with them as well."

"I have always been somebody who truly believes in vaccines, and I truly believe in science and medicine," Doyle told the couple. "I think that it's the best way to look ahead to have a much brighter future and go back to normality. I really hope that as many people as possible, when they get called up for it, take it… It's nice to know mentally that you have that layer of protection."

Asthma UK supports world-class asthma research, campaigns to improve the quality of care received by those with asthma, and helps hundreds of thousands of people annually by providing expert advice and support. Amid Covid-19, they have been regularly updating their advice and providing up-to-date information on shielding and vaccines.

Kensington Palace noted, "The UK’s leading health charities have joined forces to form a coalition to help promote vaccine uptake amongst those with long-term health conditions, who are now being offered the vaccine. Included in this coalition are Diabetes UK and Asthma UK, who have supported Shivali and Fiona throughout the pandemic."

The Duchess wore her army green Smythe blazer

The piece features peak lapels, long sleeves with button cuffs, front button closure, chest and waist welt pockets. The blazer is available in a number of sizes at Saks Fifth Avenue and ShopBop for $695.

Kate wore a white bodysuit by British brand Holland Cooper (with thanks to Polka Popp). The £119 piece is described as "Our stunning shirt bodysuit was designed with a day to night concept in mind. Thanks to our nylon elastane thong base, made with our superior knitting technique this ensures our bodies have a flawlessly smooth fit every time. This piece creates the impression of a seamlessly tucked-in blouse. Inverted dart back pleat and signature gold buttons, this well designed shape creates for a flattering silhouette. "

Kate accessorised with hoop earrings. 

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the annual Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey will not go ahead as planned this year, however BBC One will air a special programme entitled A Celebration for Commonwealth Day with contributions from the Queen and other members of the Royal family. The Cambridges will be involved, and on Tuesday, they spoke virtually to medical and voluntary staff from several Commonwealth countries. We'll see the video included in the programme which airs on 7 March at 5pm.

We're also seeing a very gradual return to in-person engagements for the Royal family. I expect we'll see more of the Duchess, particularly when the family return to London.


  1. Valerie in Arizona28 February 2021 at 00:26

    What a lovely interview! It covered so much about the pandemic in terms of family struggles and sacrifice, children and homeschooling and then the vaccine. Well done UK for supporting the vaccination effort!

    1. Well said Valerie! Lovely interview, and both William and Kate are lovely as well, very uplifting to watch.

  2. Thank you Charlotte for keeping us updated. I have never seen these two look more happy and focused on their work. They both look great, and I LOVE LOVE Kate's hair long and straight. Can't wait to see them out and about again, and I'm sure I'll find it on this blog!

  3. What a wonderful interview. It’s great to see Royals I guess doing what is needed to help their country. It’s great to see Catherine and William following in the steps of other Royals around the world with commons sense and practical work and advice. Keep it up

  4. Wonderful engagement. Catherine and William did a great job of covering a range of topics and highlighting the work of supporting organizations. They both looked relaxed and professional.

  5. what a lovely interview it's covers a lot of issues and terms of sacrifice of frontliners and the effort of families to thru Pandemic keeping the kids in homeschooling.

  6. Much needed engagement especially as it follows
    on from Queen’s Zoom call plus Sophie, Charles and Camilla.

  7. I'm sorry the Commonwealth service is canceled, I have always enjoyed watching it. I'm sure there was no other choice, though.
    This is a lovely engagement with William and Catherine, she looks beautiful and poised as ever and he is funny and knowledgeable. I love how they interact with everyone and each other.

  8. I love the way that William and Catherine focus so entirely on those with whom they interact - taking the initiative with thoughtful, informed questions and taking time to listen to the responses. There is never an ounce of self promotion, just an occasional reflection on their own experience as a way to connect. I'm sure the interviewees leave these conversations feeling validated and encouraged and as I watch, I come away feeling increasingly confident that the monarchy is in good hands for the future.

    It's lovely to see the occasional past photograph of Kate dressed for 'events' and be reminded of what was -and will be again (someday soon, we hope). Thank you Charlotte.

    1. Zora from Prague3 March 2021 at 11:47

      Well said, Judy, I couldn't agree more!

  9. Thank you Catherine for your kindness, your hard work, your beautiful smile and the live that shines from you when your with William and your children. Thank you your dedication to your job and the way you instantly bring love and warmth into any event you are at. Thank you for your beautiful, tasteful and conscientious wardrobe of beautiful clothes that you wear. Thank you for your ability to to do what others can’t without fuss and drama.
    Thank you 🙏

    1. This interview was lovely. The Cambridges are doing a fantastic job and their sincerity is evident. There is no need to drag others down in order to give praise to Kate though, even if you are doing it in a subtle way.


  10. I'm glad W & K are doing their bit to increase vaccination awareness and uptake (hopefully). Probably the most important cause of these times. Indirectly, they might be saving lives. All I can say is: keep it up! :)

  11. wow the duchess and Duke is doing such a great job increasing covid vaccination awareness the interview was lovely


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