Friday, 12 February 2021

Kate Meets A Princess During Little Village Call

On Tuesday, the Duchess of Cambridge participated in celebrating Little Village's fifth anniversary by learning more about their efforts to support families. 

Kensington Palace said: "Since their launch in 2016, Little Village has supported over 11,000 children and grown into one of the largest baby banks in the UK. Baby banks aim to support and empower families by ensuring every child has the essential items they need to thrive. Families are referred to Little Village through a network of over 1,800 professionals such as midwives and social workers. As well as providing practical support for families, the baby bank also supports families emotionally, which is particularly crucial during lockdown when families can feel more socially isolated than ever."

Over the summer, the Duchess brought a number of British retailers together to support baby banks after she was "moved to tears" by stories of families she heard during a private visit to one of Baby Basics Norfolk branches and was determined to help with their plight. The endeavour saw 25,000 items donated to 40 baby banks including Little Village. 

During the call, Kate told Yelda Rashid and Vicky Jones "I'm thinking about you a lot and I really care for families up and down the country." Vicky told the Duchess about her relationship with Little Village and the ways in which they have supported her and her daughter over the last three and a half years while Yelda, whose daughter has Rett Syndrome, spoke about the challenges she has faced during the latest lockdown and emphasised the importance of support networks. Vicky added "As soon as I walked in to Little Village it was like a huge family unit. It was absolutely amazing."

There was a very sweet moment when Vicky was joined by her adorable daughter Isla who declared "I am a Princess today".

"Can she say hello to you quickly?" asked Vicky.

"I'd love that," replied the Duchess, adding: "Hi Isla. You look very nice today. I love your hairband."

"I'm a princess today," the little girl told her.

Told it was snowing outside, Kate said: "No way! Have you been outside? Have you made a snowman yet?"

"No, mummy's too cold," laughed Vicky.'

Founder Sophia Parker told the Duchess in addition to providing essential items, the charity has made 7,000 phone calls to families in order to "retain a sense of community and connection" during the pandemic. It's a bittersweet time for Sophia. After five years which saw Little Village help 11,000 children she completed her last day yesterday. Of Sophia's legacy, a member of the team said "The village that you’ve created is a village filled with love - that’s an amazing legacy and such a rare thing to have sustained it through its growth."

To coincide with the anniversary, the charity commissioned a report outlining the poverty crisis families are dealing with and the additional challenges presented by the pandemic. You can read it in full here. A cursory look at the most significant findings:

'Little Village has released a report, supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, revealing exclusive new data exploring the rates, persistence and depth of poverty in families with young children. It also highlights the impact of the Covid pandemic on low-income families with young children.

The analysis reveals 1.3 million of the 4.2 million children in poverty in the UK are babies and children under the age of 5.'
The Duchess wore L.K. Bennett's Liv Jumper for the call (with thanks to Sophia). Described as "Crafted from a soft cotton and merino wool blend in cream, this stylish knit has a Seventies-inspired collar, short placket with navy buttons, long sleeves, a regular fit and navy stitch detail." It's available in limited sizing at L.K. Bennett and John Lewis

Kate also wore black jeans/trousers.

Kate wore the same pair of earrings we saw earlier this week for a call to students at Ulster University which also took place on Tuesday. It remains very difficult to make a definitive ID. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Wow I don’t know if it’s the picture or new makeup but Kate has been looking very pretty and elegant the last few engagements

  2. Bluerising, Havana (CU)13 February 2021 at 06:37

    Bluerising says it is the feeding and delicate care given by her duke :) She looks great i agree. Those earrings Charlotte. Cheers xX

  3. I have to say, that of late Kate has looked lovely !The straight hair and what looks like new make up, has given her a youthful glow ! Zoom calling seems to have increased her confidence too ! I always felt, she was nervous when she had to do any public speaking. It isn't for everyone ! I hope after the lockdown we see more of her public speaking ! Kate has found her niche within the RF, and that shows ! Bel

  4. Wow another great call. She is looking great. I am not a fan of the top but she looks professional and approachable for the call and the buttons and collar add interest.

  5. I think the pandemic opened up hearts to those in our communities who live in poverty. This past year has made circumstances worse for many families. It’s nice to see what people are doing to help. The Duchess is doing a great job calling attention to people who need help. If any readers can afford a donation to food or family programs in any part of the world , please know that any amount is deeply appreciated.

    1. Kitty from Kansas Usa17 February 2021 at 05:26

      You are spot on to that. In Kansas we have had that sort of programme for charity time-wise or material offering to the less fortunate since the it was declared pandemic. Very fulfilling and we will continue to do this. Kit xx

  6. I love that navy Liv dress! Kate’s been looking great of late :)

  7. What a great call she been doing a great job these week

  8. She really balances perfectly on the line of very professional and knowledgeable, and sweet and sincerely caring. What a lovely woman the Duchess is.

  9. Beautiful, classy Kate. She has been doing a great job to follow up with organizations and people during the pandemic.
    The little girl and princess for the day:) is precious.

    E from G

  10. What little girl wouldn’t be excited to meet a princess? These video chats are great and definitely more intimate, but I’m looking forward to the day when live meetings and travel can resume. Not just for the Royal’s but for all!!

    Hope from US

  11. As a long term fan of Kate, I must say that what I love most about her (and William) is her selflessness. They are both humble and caring and seriously interested in how other people are doing and feeling. It’s a skill and a quality that can never be underestimated. Well done!
    Royal 👑 Watcher

    1. I could't agree more, Royal 👑Watcher! Great and important qualities for a future King and Queen.

    2. So true! They are just lovely.

  12. What an amazing Duchess. Catherine works tirelessly to help organizations and raise her babies.

  13. I love Duchess Catherine and Duke William. All they do with no fuss and cameras. I look up this site at least daily to check in what is happening. Good to see proper Royal. I agree I think William and Catherine are going to be a great king and queen. I am looking forward to see the royals out and about and getting on with royal duties. Bring on world wide royal tours.

    1. Spot on Abbey they have faced criticism over the years but just carry on doing a wonderful job. I agree they will make a great King and Queen with their warmth and empathy.


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