Tuesday, 10 November 2020

The Duchess Tells Armed Forces Families, "I'll Certainly Be Thinking of You This Week"

To mark Remembrance Week, the Duchess of Cambridge joined a virtual call with armed forces families who have lost a loved one to hear about the meaning the week has for them and how they mark it. Kate told families, "It’s been a real honour to speak to all of you and I think I speak for the whole nation when I say just how proud you should be of your loved ones, and for the sacrifice and the bravery that they’ve shown. I’ll certainly be thinking of you this difficult week and will be for many years to come."

The Duchess heard about the support offered by the Royal British Legion which provides help to those in the armed forces and their loved ones. Kate was joined by Chantelle Wynn, Serena Alexander, Charlton Taylor and Sonia Fleming.

Hello! reports:

'The Duchess spoke to 11-year-old Charlton Taylor, who was just ten months old when his father Royal Marine Michael Taylor was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010.

"Are these your daddy's medals? Wow," she said. Told that one was for Afghanistan and one for Iraq, she replied: "It's very special that you're wearing them."

Charlton told the Duchess that he liked to look at photographs of his father and hear stories about him, which she said was "amazing."

His mother Sonia Fleming, from Rhyl, North Wales, explained how she was left with her baby son and his older brothers aged 11 and 13, but the Royal British Legion had played a vital role in supporting the family.'

Chantelle Wynn was widowed when her husband Ryan sadly took his own life after struggling with PTSD following his return from a tour in Afghanistan. The Royal British Legion were an invaluable source of support. "You wear a poppy and you put your donation in, but I didn’t know where the donations went. But now, I know exactly where those donations go to." Kate praised their work adding, "Sadly, not everybody gets to see that or even actually understand the role they play for families such as yourselves. It has such a big impact, particularly at such tragic times."

Click here if you would like to support the Royal British Legion. Their poppy shop offers an array of wonderful gift options with a special significance. Below, the eye-catching poppy scarf collection. They are all under £20.

Last week, Prince William spoke to deployed representatives from the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force. Kensington Palace said, "His Royal Highness also heard more about their experiences of being stationed overseas, the operational duties that they are carrying out, including the training of local military forces and the protection of international shipping routes, and the work that is being done to support the physical and mental health of those on deployment. I hope that you know that we are still thinking about all of you and the important job you’re all doing, and that everyone is very grateful. I hope that over Remembrance Sunday we can remind people just how committed and determined, and how brilliant all the people we have in the Forces are around the world."

The Duchess wore the Boo Blouse by Ghost Fashion (with many thanks to Katie).

The £79 piece is described as "made in our signature garment-dyed satin fabric, featuring a beautiful oversized scalloped, contrast collar with embroidered edging. The deep darts at the front and back, give a beautiful tailored shape". The blouse is available at John Lewis and Ghost Fashion. The Boo blouse has a very nice vintage feel to it. Ghost is an excellent British brand we've seen Kate wear several pieces from now.

Kate wore a poppy on her lapel and accessorised with pearls.

A special service will be held at Westminster Abbey to mark the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior tomorrow. I think there's a good chance we'll see the Cambridges there.


  1. Thanks Charlotte for your continued coverage of the Cambridge activities. It is a very solemn occasion for the recognition of war heros. I enjoy your post very much. Kate looks lovely in this feminine blouse and poppy.

    1. I echo your sentiments Sheila, and thank Charlotte for this coverage, especially also including William's video. It's been an emotional and stressful year with many events having to take a second seat in many instances. I am very glad to see the UK taking a moment in the midst of everything to continue their tradition of honoring their fallen soldiers. The blouse suits Kate and showcases the poppy quite nicely. There's a softness about the look and her demeanor that is very comforting. cc

    2. It's true, CeCe, there is something very gentle about Kate that fits this occasion so well.

  2. Excellent coverage. A marvellous reverent occasion. The Duchess looks lovely in this soft feminine blouse, love the collar.

  3. Your blogs always brighten my day! Thanks for all that you do Charlotte. As always, Catherine looks amazing.

  4. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to Armed Forces Families and to the organizations that support them.
    Kate looked lovely and at ease. The blouse is not my style but definitely Kates. Fun to see what she uses for her backdrop in these various video calls.

  5. Another excellent example of the Fine Arts graduate's approach to visual symbolism in dress.

  6. I don't like the blouse but it's always lovely to see her!

  7. Lovely Duchess doing a great gesture for the families of soldiers who gave their lives for the nation

  8. Kate fan, this is an example of where Kates stylists/Pr/video help has let her down. The blouse in the stock photos looks fine with just the the right lighting, but the inexpensive shiny fabric looks bad in Kates video and photos. A good stylist or experienced video person should have alerted her to this.

  9. I find the Remembrance ceremonies very moving. Good to see the traditions continue with the younger generation. Good to see Kate.

  10. Good case. The blouse is not my taste but hers. Kuddos...

  11. So this is vintage done right. The frilliness of the blouse is offset nicely by styling her hair straight sleek and modern. The collar is the perfect setting for the poppy which should be the focus. Not sure I would like the blouse in a different outfit but here I think it has been perfectly styled.

    Such an important day and so very glad that the Cambridge’s and the Royal Family found new ways to honor the men and women who have served.

  12. I love this Charlotte!!! Thank you for sharing my dear!! ♥️♥️

  13. Not my favorite look, but the video call was very moving, which is far more important than what she wore. I especially loved getting a little glimpse of something other than the white door that appeared in all the early videos. Like the family pictures of their family displayed on the table.

    Hope from USA


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