Saturday, 21 November 2020

The Duchess in Michael Kors for Future Men Virtual Call

During a virtual call earlier this week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met beneficiaries of Future Men UK's programme which supports fathers through every stage of parenthood. The London-based organisation currently supports five hundred fathers.

Sky reports:

'The Duke of Cambridge said he worried some new fathers "just don't know what to do" and "don't know where to go" for support during the video call. During the video call, William asked the fathers: "How does Future Men find some of these other guys out there who have not got the realisation, or the wherewithal if you like, to go looking for services like Future Men and be able to build on a happy future as a father?

"Because I worry an awful lot, a lot of dads out there who just don't know what to do, and they don't know where to go. And they may not have such good - either grounding, foundations or support around them to be able to know what to do."

Whilst talking to fathers and their little ones, the Duchess said, "Dads play such an important role it shouldn't be a bad thing to reach out for help and advice." Kate asked the group about the challenges of family life, particularly this year with the pandemic altering day to day life. Peter Sen responded, "Being at home in lockdown has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing that I get to see every part of his development and that's a real joy, and however poorly or badly he sleeps, he always wakes up with a big smile on his face."

More from the Mirror:

'When one of the fathers said he knew lots of men who did not know about the Future Men fatherhood courses but were interested, Kate said it was a "shame" similar services were not more widely available.

In a lighter moment Graeme Mackenzie, who towards the end of the video chat was joined by his eight-month-old son Liam, said: "The best thing I like about being a dad is sniffing him and getting that new baby smell."

The Duchess' blouse is a Michael Kors piece (with thanks to Double Duchess Closet & Middleton Maven). The Medallion silk-blend jacquard blouse comes in white, tonal-brown and black silk-blend jacquard.

The blouse is currently reduced by 40% to $117/£90 at Net-A-Porter. It's also in stock at FarFetch.

Below, the same pattern in the Printed Maxi Dress and Asymmetric ruffled silk-blend jacquard midi skirt.


In very sweet news, Buckingham Palace shared a lovely photo of the Queen and Prince Philip reading a card made by George, Charlotte and Louis to mark their 73rd wedding anniversary. The image was taken by Chris Jackson in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle.

Her Majesty chose a sapphire brooch worn on their honeymoon.

Embed from Getty Images

A closer look at the fabulous card. I suspect the trio had a little help from mum :)

I hope Her Majesty and the Duke had a wonderful anniversary!

I've been enjoying researching the next phase of 'Kate Loves' posts. The first in a new series will be published over the next day or two. In other news Sky reports we'll hear an update on the findings of Kate's early years survey - 5 Big Questions - in the coming days. 


  1. Thank you for the quick update!! Can't wait to see what the 'Kate Loves' post are about

  2. Is this the first time we’ve seen the duchess in Michael kors ? This was a nice video,I hope more men feel encouraged to talk about their experiences in fatherhood, and never stop appreciating the work moms do

    1. No, not the first time. She had a hospital visit for which she wore a dress and dropped the kiddos off at school in a dress too. I don’t remember dates or specific dress names but those are two occasions I remember.

    2. No, she wore a MK coat dress in blue and white, a peocock dress, a red, blue and white dress when Charlotte started school, a brownish graphic dress and a skirt suit.

  3. Sounds like a very good resource for fathers. I like the blouse. The homemade card is adorable.

  4. Such a great initiative helping Dad's with fatherhood it's the same as motherhood and parenthood babies don't come with a manual and to get support from your peers is really important. I like the shirt. How sweet is the card for HM & PP : )

  5. Nice cause. Thankfully, we live in an age where it is more and more the norm that fathers put as much time in caring for their children as the mothers and are not only sharing but truly want to share the workload with the other parent. However, they still are sometimes met with irritation, lack of understanding and even shaming attitudes. As if it is unbecoming for men to actually want to spend time with their children. There are not too many resources out there still, so it is great when it is showcased and brought to a wider audience. All parents need compassion, reassurance and help from time to time.
    Fashion wise I really like the blouse. It is not buttoned up to her chin, not too shimmery or too bright (I like her bold jewels tones but not 24\7). It is also a more affordable AND wearable option.

    1. I couldn't agree more, C. All parents need support and it's no shame when fathers reach out for help. Kudos to William and Kate for their interest in fathers' and parents' mental health!
      The photo of HM+PP is lovely! The card is must have warmed their hearts! 😍
      I LOVE their photo from the Broadlands - it's my favourite, together with its "twin" from their 60th wedding anniversary.

  6. I wish there was an organization like this in my area. I think we do a much better job supporting new mothers, but I think fathers need support as well. As parents with young children, William and Kate can relate to all the challenges of parenthood.

    I like the blouse and her hair looks great. I also like they are now doing their video calls from a new location. I think the pictures on the table behind them were purposely placed. I zoomed in hoping for a couple we hadn’t seen before.

    Hope from USA

  7. Nice, and colorful happy card for Her Majesty and her husband, Prince Philip from their great grand children on the occasion of the great royal couple's 73rd wedding anniversary. Truly amazing, inspring married life.

  8. I am afraid the blouse is a miss for me. Too old fashioned. Kate always looks beautiful so not a tragedy.

  9. Wonderful organization! But, what stole my heart was that photo of HM & PP reading the Anniversary Card from The Cambridge kids! The 2 of them look amazingly well & are too cute!

    Becca USA

  10. 73 years! How wonderful! Imagine knowing both your great grandparents...

  11. Not related to this post but I just saw Lupo passed away. I remember seeing him walking the beach during W&K early married years. Im sure he will be very missed.

  12. What a lovely couple and 73 Year's together. This is what happiness looks like. Happy Anniversary.

  13. What a lovely couple and 73 Year's together. This is what happiness looks like. Happy Anniversary. i well video zoom about the fathers was informative never less who will know as parent when you become on their no tanning or no books to guide just you or mom and husband or your wife

  14. Well done to the Duke and Duchess on another important project. 73rd wedding anniversary. WOW... The card is beautiful. The Duke and Duchess are obviously following the example set by the Queen and her Prince. Duty to the Crown and country first. Hopefully they will be able to have the family around them this Christmas. Such a hard year for everyone. Please God better to come next year. Thank Charlotte for the quick updates.


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