Wednesday, 5 August 2020

The Cambridges Visit Barry Island & Shire Hall Care Home In South Wales

It was a trip to South Wales for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today. The itinerary was planned following the reopening of a number of businesses in Wales as lockdown measures have started to ease. They also had the opportunity to meet a group in person from their (arguably) most fun Zoom call of recent months.

Their first port of call was seaside resort Barry Island. In the UK, people are being urged to opt for stay-cations and to support the local economy by holidaying at home. The Cambridges enjoyed such a break in late July on the Duchy of Cornwall's idyllic Tresco Island. Today's visit to the popular destination was organised to support the tourism sector and share the message, "We're open!"

Fans of the hit television series Gavin & Stacey will be all too familiar with the Island even if they've never visited. Before the show, it was known for being home to a Butlins holiday camp. The area has been a popular destination for holidaymakers since the 1870s owing to its golden beaches and array of family amusements and activities.

The Mirror reports:

'The prince, who is pals with James Corden, admitted he had not seen the classic BBC show.
He made the confession while speaking to Marco Zeraschi whose family has owned Marco's Cafe since 1958, which also features on the BBC hit comedy.
He said: "It's one of the few boxsets I haven't already watched. I've never actually watched it. "But I know how much it has done for the economy here and it's a wonderful series."

Kensington Palace said: "Their Royal Highnesses heard about the impact that closing has had on the businesses during a typically busy period for the seaside resort, which attracted 424,000 visitors in 2019, and the measures they have put in place to allow them to start reopening in a safe and secure manner."

William and Kate visited Island Leisure Amusement Centre and met owners and staff members ahead of the arcade reopening officially this evening.

Then it was time for a ball game.

As you can see they very much got into the spirit of the games on offer as they tried to win prizes for George, Charlotte and Louis!

The Duchess seemed very taken with a young girl who was thrilled to meet her.

They also joined vendors from some of the other businesses based on Barry’s promenade at Marco’s Café. From there, they visited beach huts on the eastern end of the promenade which have been installed as part of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s £6m regeneration project in Barry. Below, a video from the visit.

The Palace notes: "The project has also seen the restoration of the promenade and shelter, and the installation of new public art and entertainment spaces, a climbing wall and water feature."

From there, they travelled to Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff. They Zoomed in for a Bingo session with residents and staff in May.

You may recall one lady gave a less than glowing assessment on William and Kate's Bingo skills on the day itself. Introduced to Joan today, she didn't mince her words (Go to three minutes in on the video below and I promise you'll be laughing :))

More from the Mail:

'Introduced to Joan Drew-Smith, 87, who made headlines in May when she said the royal bingo game 'wasn't as good as it should have been', the Duke said: 'Hello Joan, do you remember we did the bingo with you? You said we weren't very good!'
'Yes,' she replied. 'You did a bloody s****y job.'
The Duke, who donned a blue fabric face covering, told Joan: 'We have to wear masks because of the virus, but it's difficult to hear sometimes when you can't see someone's mouth.'
'Is that your assistant?' Joan asked him, pointing at Kate. 'Well I am your assistant,' laughed Kate, putting a hand on her husband's shoulder. 'I have been for a long time!'
The meeting took place in a marquee set up for afternoon team just as the heavens opened. 'We timed it right!' said the Duke, who later told staff: 'I love Joan, she's brilliant. If only everyone was as honest as her.'

The Duchess was shown an album filled with photos of plants and trees.

The Duke and Duchess sat down with families and carers to hear about the impact of the pandemic. It's been particular difficult for those in care home settings given the limitations over the past five months. It's been especially challenging for loved ones not being able to visit.

The family-run care provider features residential, nursing and dementia care.

Kate wore her Amaia Kids mask and William wore a blue one for the visit.

More from the Mail:

'Earlier William and Kate met Pamela Davies, 82, and her daughter Sally at the outdoor bar area, where they heard how they had stayed in touch while unable to see each other in person at the start of lockdown.
Sally told them: 'We just had to adapt and do it all by phone or video calls.' Mother and daughter also used the Rels App, an app specially developed for Hallmark Care Homes which allows residents and relatives to send each other pictures, videos, music and memories, helping to bring families together when they were unable to visit the home.
'How are the children?' Pamela asked. 'They are very well, thank you,' said Kate. 'They were very upset not to have been here with us.'

The couple were accompanied by Kate's new private secretary Hannah Cockburn-Logie. During a twenty-year career, she has worked extensively for the Foreign and Commonwealth office in India, Belgium and Slovenia. In  2017, Ms Cockburn-Logie was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in recognition of her services to the relationship between the UK and India.

Kate chose her summery floral Emilia Wickstead Aurora dress for the day.

The Duchess first wore it for a visit to RHS Garden Wisley last September.

The sold out $2,255 piece is described: "Emilia Wickstead's pieces are always cut in elegant silhouettes and patterned with pretty prints. Part of an exclusive capsule she designed just for us, this 'Aurora' shirt dress is made from light and breathable seersucker and decorated with her signature 'Rosewood' florals."

The Duchess carried Mulberry's Amberley clutch (with thanks to Middleton Maven). It's available at FarFetch for £1,140.

Kate wore her Castaner Carina wedges. They are available in multiple colours at Net-A-Porter.

Kate accessorised with her Daniella Draper Midnight Moon necklace.

Kate's earrings are by an ethical brand based in Wales. The Spells of Love Alia Hoops are available for £62 (with thanks to Natalie). The brand said: "Each item comes in a  beautiful branded gift box. All items are sent in 100% plastic free and biodegradable mailing bags. We care about the environment and believe that starts with us."

If you're just joining us, it was revealed last night the Duchess has spearheaded a drive bringing nineteen British retailers together to donate over 10,000 items to Baby Banks at a time when they need assistance more than ever. Often times when there are appearances on successive days, it's easy to miss news and stories, etc. This is one not to miss; it's a fantastic project and an excellent example of the hands on support royals can offer during these trying times. The post is here.


  1. Becca in Colorado5 August 2020 at 16:56

    It's interesting how suddenly she moved away from the coat dresses she always wore. It seems that these collared midi dresses are going to be her working wardrobe from now on (unless she pivots again into another style). They're more flattering than the coat dresses, I think, and some of them are pretty, but they do all pretty much look the same.

    1. I don’t think she has ever worn a coat dress to an event that is not ceremonial or a service.

    2. I think she will pivot again. It seems to be Kate’s way of doing things. Find something that works for her and then stick variations of the theme for a while. Whether it is LK Bennet Sledges or sheath dresses or coat dresses.

      Although I do think the coat dresses will still make an appearance at the more formal events like Trooping, church services, meeting dignitaries.

    3. I noticed the same change in her recent choices, but I wonder if Kate wore the coat dresses for slightly dressier occasions and have gone with the longer flowing dresses for the casual, non-sporty appearances.

      Many did not care for her coat dresses, but I thought she looked quite polished and appropriate when she wore them to events. Some of them were quite pretty. Also, she could wear her hair down, pulled back at the sides or up to make her look a little more formal.

    4. I think during this pandemic Charles and Camila have taken on a huge chunk of the ceremonial engagements and W&K have taken on more community-based engagements. Coat dresses are more formal.

      Kate is unbuttoning the top button of her dresses and also going without hose in her more casual shoes so this might just be her new normal.

    5. That is very much Kate's thing. As soon as she finds something she likes, she almost exclusively wears it without a break. Often the pieces start to get extremly similar very fast and she even buys the same piece in several colours (which I get for some things but not the the extent she does). I certainly confuse new things for repeats because she own almost the exact same piece already. It gets boring very fast and it sadly it doesn`t seem to get more balanced as she is accumulating a massive wardrobe that she doesn't seem to repeat as much as she could with the range she has. People tried to justify this for the longest time with the excuse that she is building her royal wardrobe. Well, it seems she just hops from style to style without much sustainability in mind. It is quite sad, as she has amazing pieces that deserve to be brought out again and again. She also has the advantage that she still fits in many of her old things. Even after all those years and three children.
      With tons of digital engagements there was no need for tons of new outfits this year, so it was nice to see indeed lots of repeats, even if it weren't the pieces I had hoped for.
      @Charlotte: Maybe you would like to write an outfit post at the end of every year, with all the outfits from the engagements you reported on and a look at what pieces she repeated. Or in general, what are her most repeated outfits and which have never been seen again. I do love statistics like that.
      I do hope she brings her beautiful coatdresses back, but I think we will see them at formal occasions and in cooler temperatures (autumn - spring). I also very much miss the sheet dresses. In general I am a massive fan of her early years wardrobe. So elegant but still youthful.
      The frilly/flowery midi-dresses do nothing to me. But maybe because I am from a genration where this type of clothing is something our grandmothers wore? I think if you are u25 it just ages you at least 15 years.

    6. Becca in Colorado7 August 2020 at 23:02

      I agree with you, C, especially about her early fashion. I've commented several times over the years how I miss the 2011-2013/2014 looks we saw from her. Of course, I know tastes change and adapt, but I admit I have always found it a little weird how excessively she buys of one style, and then switches to another. I do think she was building her wardrobe for awhile, but as she seems to have settled into her role, I definitely think she could stand to recycle more outfits than even she has during Covid.

    7. C. during Covid, Kate wore very many repeats. And even before, she recycled many pieces that were out of her current style box - let's say the fuchsia Oscar de la Renta set or teal Jenny Packham from her early days. Now, two of her latest outfits are repeats too. She does repeat quite a lot.
      But I echo your sentiment about "building a royal wardrobe". That has not been a valid point for many years now.
      I also hope she is not going to buy mouth-wateringly expensive dresses in the mear future and will stay rather low-key.

    8. That is the fatal flaw when expensive pieces is explained as she will be wearing it for years to come.
      All those sheath-dresses from her early years might still fit her body but I am not sure they fit her style anymore (even though I still love them). The same goes for the shorter coats that has been replaced with longer coats in the last year or so.

  2. Valerie in Arizona5 August 2020 at 17:10

    First of all, yes, it's rather shocking for me here in Arizona to see Kate and William at an amusement park. But I trust that they wouldn't do something that hadn't been okayed by the British gov't--i.e., go out and about. Before we rush to judgement, we need to bone up on what England is doing or else let's leave the commenting to those of us in this group who are IN the UK. I'm not allowed in and will be walking into an Arizona classroom next week with some trepidation so I will just enjoy the event vicariously and dream about going to England next year.

    Kudos to them for traveling to Wales (hmmm, Cornwall last week, Wales this week, is this a portent of where their bases will be?) and showing the flag for staycations and summer hols, especially, after going to the (small, guys, this isn't Disney World) amusement park, going to the nursing home they zoom'd with during the pandemic. I thought it was hilarious when it was reported that William met the elderly lady who had complained about their bingo calling skills. He said something about not having been very good and she shot back that they were [can't repeat, rather explicit.] And then the lady pointed to Kate, who was masked (they both were,) and asked if she was William's assistant. And Kate laughed and said, "Well I am your assistant. I have been for a long time." So down to earth.

  3. Rita in Florida5 August 2020 at 18:09

    These 2 just make me smile. I loved the video. I preferred this dress on the 1st wear with the original wedge. Don't like the dress/shoe combo today.

    Let's chat a minute about this hair color. It is completely wrong for her skin tone. Truthfully the last time I thought Kate's hair was a home run (cut, color, style) was the 2018 BAFTA's. Please go back Kate!!

  4. Nice of them to share their time with the people. Kate and William have a great interaction with the people.Kate waes a nice summer dress.

  5. Love seeing them out and about again. I love watching them interact with young people, especially. I’m in Arizona, as well, and we’ve been to a very large arcade several times in the last few weeks where masks are not mandatory.

  6. I'm impressed that they are breaking Royal tradition and have carried on working in August. I do support the Royal family in having a break during the year but this year they made a good decision to continue to be seen. Seeing them dressed up and doing their Royal thing raises the spirit and suggests that one day 'normal life' will resume.

    As somebody based in the UK, I can confirm that we are being encouraged to (safely) get out and about to support local businesses.

  7. Tammy from California5 August 2020 at 19:28

    I am asking a question with ZERO snarkiness, just would love a Brit friend to tell me what the rules are there vs her. I noticed they didn't have to wear masks at the arcade with the kids and were also not 6 feet away, but then as they were out on the promenade, workers were in masks and all standing 6 feet away. My question is: what is rule for the average citizen there?
    The UK has been adhering to strict lockdown vs America where it varies state to state, so now that some things are reopening there, I'd love to hear what the rules are.

    The Bingo lady WAS hilarious! I have read in quite a few books that the Royals' day is so regimented on visits that they almost get a kick out of things that go wrong or are flippant, like this lady's comment. All in good fun!

    1. Someone in England will no doubt tell you what the rules are there. Here in Scotland, shops are open, but face coverings are mandatory when one is in them, unless one has a medical exemption from wearing a mask. Amusement arcades are not open yet. People are encouraged to stay two metres apart both indoors and outside, if it is possible, and to wear masks in the street if distancing is not possible. In some places, such as Aberdeen at present, lockdowns are made more stringent if there has been an increase in infections.

  8. Great visits. Kate and William both look good. Love that she is not buttoning her dresses all the way up every time she wears one these days. The floral pattern is not my favorite but thought she looked pretty in the dress and it worked really well for the activities of the day. I actually liked the dress better this wearing, maybe the addition of the necklace and the shoe change up helped.

  9. what a nice surprise. Nice to be the two back in the saddle and I'm sure they give the British people a lot of strength and courage. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of this dress last time i hope she didnt bring it back :( I think it looks very old-fashioned

  10. She sees herself as William's assistant,she said with a gentle touch on his shoulder. That's it in a nutshell; yet look at all the projects of her own she has organised. Imagine what that remark did for his confidence (although, they likely had a giggle over it later) At the same time, his proud looks at her when she is in the spotlight cannot be missed.
    They are a mutual admiration society.
    Plus she saved the woman from a potentially embarrassing situation; however, I doubt Joan gives a flying fig about propriety- her family might, though..

    Ps...coat dresses, MTC- cooler weather (they Are basically coats, after all), more formal daytime occasions, but probably originally a pregnancy option.

    1. They compliment each other very nicely. They are indeed a 'mutual admiration society', one of love, respect, and friendship. Kate is definitely proving to be Williams own "constant strength and stay.'

    2. Zora from Prague6 August 2020 at 21:00

      Beautifully said, Mytwocents!!😊 Thank you!

    3. 😇 It was worth the wait.

    4. Why would this do something for his confidence? I totally get supporting and cheering each other on. That should be very much part of a healthy relationship, just as criticism and arguments are sometimes. Kate has defined her role very much as supporting her husband in a more traditional way, or so it seems, but I very much doubt that his confidence depends on her claiming to be his assistance. That would defenitely be weird and concerning. And while she takes a step back when they are out and about and concentrates a lot on her children and her home (I think she said she enjoys cooking and gardening) in her private time, she defenitely is the one that brings in the headlines and publicity. And I think they are very aware of that, try to balance it out and just go with it. There is also a big difference between how they carry out their public and their private roles. It seems Wiliam is very much into the same things, spending time with his family and pottering around the house.
      Her remark very much made light of a situation that could have turned sideways. From what I understood, the woman is living in the care home which is specialised in dementia patients? Older people tend to speak their mind unfiltered and it only gets worse when their mind gets affected. So she is excused for whatever she said. It is always a risk if you do a public engagements with people (especially when they are very old/dementia patients or children) because you cannot forsee what will happen.
      So, my conclusion is- she defused the situation and probably showed a bit of her personal interpretation of her role as Queen consort. But she and Wiliam seem to much of a normal couple to buy into any of this outdated narrative in their private life.

    5. Anon 14:31 Agree. Catherines comment was said very tongue in cheek and was said with the understanding of the mental state of the person speaking...I think the two of them long ago figured out how to make their marriage and their individual lives work in a very crazy environment, I suspect like most couples it is always an ongoing process.

    6. Caroline in Montana10 August 2020 at 16:41

      I dont think she said she actually "sees" herself that way. I think she just agreed, yes she is his assistant and frankly i think he is hers. Isnt that the point of any marriage, you assist each other all the time!! I agree with Anon 14:31, she handled this like a pro!!

  11. I love this post: it’s just darling!!💗💗

  12. I love this dress, I'm so happy to see it a second time. I think it's so pretty, and I don't usually like the all-over prints, but this one I love. They both look great, it's so nice to see William and Kate on joint events.

  13. Susan in Florida7 August 2020 at 03:49

    I like long flowing dresses for summer , but I can’t carry them off well because I’m not tall enough. I loved the surprise remark from Miss Joan, and the laughter. Charlotte, I truly appreciate that your write out the comments because some of them are hard to hear on live video.

  14. oh what a lovely dress they are just like a human vitamin for all us not just not just to boost the strength in there as nation in times of pandemic

  15. I hope I am not breaking any rules, and I mention this only to be helpful, since many of us follow Kate's work and her fashion.

    I noticed a sale over at the Perfect Moment site this morning. Kate wears their red ski jacket with navy blue elbow patches. All sale items (to my knowledge) have an additional promo code of EXTRA20 for another 20% off.

    Anyway, for instance I can wear a Youth 12, this normally is $340.00 and is marked down to $180.00, (in the red Kate wears) with a final price of $144.00 with the promo code. I just wanted to let others know if anyone liked Kate's jacket.

  16. "...Plus she saved the woman from a potentially embarrassing situation."

    "...although they likely had a giggle over it later..." The two often have a back and forth communication with each other, although it is often non-verbal. Remember William's comments on his wife's cooking relative to his weight? They have been doing this for years. The "banana dress" in Australia. The report of this comment came from Kate, not her husband. There are many, many examples of this sort of repartee and humor. I find it evidence that they cope in part by not taking themselves too seriously and by helping each other to relax. It also likely is a means of making sometimes tedious engagements a bit more bearable.
    Although the pair manage to look as though they are having a marvelous time---and part of the magic is to actually give themselves over to an event, does anyone truly think they would prefer traveling miles away from their children and their home to be amongst strangers over being with their family at home? sometimes their away days are treated by some sources as a holiday excursion for them. Not so, for the most part. It is part of their role and their work. Catherine even remarked that the children had wanted to come. They could not. It was not take your child to work day. I can just hear Kate saying to her little ones during the family trip to Cornwall, " We will have this holiday together and then Mummy and Daddy must go back to work. "

    anon 14:31 and are actually both agreeing with me, by the way. 😉 (regarding Kate's response to the "assistant" remark, in lieu of replying, "No, I'm his wife." ) It wasn't necessarily a demented remark, considering the fact that Kate wore a mask that nearly completely covered her face and that William is known to have assistants with him on engagements. Considering Joan's other remarks, she could have been the one speaking tongue-in-cheek. Ha! It did involve some rather quick thinking on her feet on Kate's part. She had to be aware of the nuances and possible responses and then instantly make the best choice. William, famously, sometimes does not. Whatever kate 's reply, it was bound to be made much of by the media. And it was. The stress of being aware that your every word is being noted can wear on one, especially if one is not well-seasoned.
    I repeat and clarify, if needed: " it was worth the wait" that evolved from William and Catherine's careful development of their relationship and the time spent for Kate to become comfortable with her in-law's and their traditions. Mytwocents 22:53

    1. Well said MTC. Don't believe Kate gets all the credit she deserves especially when it comes to her comments. It cannot be easy to know that every comment will be analyzed and picked apart, and yet she does it with ease and stays for the most part relatively 'politically correct'. We've had more of a glimpse of her dialogues with the advent of their ZOOM meetings, and it has been enlightening to see her evolve. 'It has been worth the wait', this relationship that they have nurtured and created is the very best any of us could have hoped would have happened to them. I think humor is very much a part of their relationship and it's not a stretch to think that they don't have 'giggles' over their days. There is nothing outdated about a relationship based on love, respect, and friendship, in fact its rather timeless.

    2. William is indeed famous for stepping his foot in with his (spontaneous) remarks. It can be very off putting if you just read it and see a video snippet of the incident but if you have seen him in a longer documentary you realise he is just a bit dorky. I have warmed up to him a lot in the last 4 years and I am a big fan of this dorky behaviour and his sometimes not pc humour. It makes him very human and relatable but it doesn’t transfer well sometimes.
      But there have been moments when he went a bit far and came across as unfeeling/uneducated or unaware of reality. That is when I wish we would get a follow up snippet where he sets the record straight. I believe it could only benefit him.

    3. I completely agree with what you said about Kate’s “But I am your assistant” comment. But I do think there is a more literal truth on how W&K see their roles, underlying it as well. And not in a negative sense.
      Queen Maxima of the Netherlands said something similar in the interview done with the couple before Willem-Alexander became king. Something along the line of we work as a team, but it is no double career. In the end there is only one head with the crown (or one ass on the throne ;)) Willem-Alexander will be king and I will support him.
      It is the same thing we find with the Queen and prince Phillip - while reportedly at home Phillip took the lead.
      I think Kate and William takes a lot of trouble to make it clear the William will be king and Kate his consort, or then his assistant.

    4. You make an important point, anon 1900. Sound bites are a favorite media and political tool and not much care is given to providing context.
      Yes, a Dork- but he's Kate's Dork. Sometimes I get the feeling that part of his dorkiness is a role he assumes to humanise himself. Even a form of humility. (Kate exudes humility but in a subtler manner; she raises others rather than lowering herself.) We may see less of it as his royal role expands. I think he has and he has remarked on his awareness of the assets and benefits he assumed at birth. His dorkiness may be his attempt at the Common Touch AkA relatability, as you have pointed out. I do not think it in any way reflects the caliber of reasoning and leadership he is capable of in his dealings with government and business heads. The dork stops there.

    5. And they’re completely right making it clear. The important one is William, as are Haakon, Frederick, Victoria...their spouses are and must be an asset to them but the public must never forget who the heirs are.
      Marriages can fail, god forbids, and consorts disappear and nothing would happen in the big scheme of things. Consorts can retire and nothing would happen. But if consorts are women there’s a lot more attention on them, they’re funnier to talk about because of the clothes and jewels and because, let’s face it, most of the work heirs or Kong’s/queens do are too boring or ceremonial to make people comment. William visiting Israel was a fantastic and highly regarded tour but who talked about it? I appreciate that Kate, as Daniel from Sweden does and is not called outdated or submissive, respects William’s position and sees herself as a helper and not as the star of the show.

  17. Wallpaper prints, even $2200 wallpaper prints, are just not terribly attractive, I find. Kate seems to have settled on flowy shirtdresses for now, and it’s a style that fills out a slender figure. Very suitable to her duties.
    They have become a seasoned professional duo, which took hard work for both, from their early days. It’s striking how one slightly confused elderly woman defined their official connection so perfectly. I sincerely hope William never forgets how lucky he is to have Kate by his side.

  18. Blissfully without filters, maybe-but confused? Not so sure about that. If I were looking for the perfect quip for that couple to mark the moment, I, too might have inquired: " She your assistant, William? What an ice-breaker!
    I do agree that that interlude defined on several levels the partners they have become.

  19. Annette New Zealand10 August 2020 at 10:28

    I have always felt William was a bit shy when younger and he was very careful about responding to comments, whereas Harry had a natural gift for the lighthearted response. However William seems to have relaxed since he married Kate and his corny jokes are rather endearing, even though a bit awkward sometimes. Kate is supporting him just by being there and her ability to chat naturally and her wonderful smile has encouraged him to lighten up. They were both clearly amused by the reference to her being his assistant. When he visited New Zealand prior to their marriage he was heard to say that he had left Kate to deal with the wedding arrangements as she was better at organising things like that. I suspect that she makes the domestic decisions in their household. In my opinion William has really come out of his shell lately. I agree that many of their public duties must be terminally boring, but they clearly realise that their visits are appreciated by those they meet, including the older people they met on this occasion. Kate also manages to make her mark without infringing on his position as second in line after Charles. I recall that Charles and Diana ended up competing with each other for attention, but we don't see that with William and Kate. I think they will make a great king and queen when the time comes (if the monarchy is still around by then.)

  20. Agree with all of the other comments about how William and Kate are a great team and make every assignment look like it's one they were so excited about going to. Playing with those machines that grab a prize--such fun! Because this business is struggling to survive. Going back to visit the nursing home where they did the Zoom Bingo and remembering the lady's (see, even I can't remember her name and I just read the article) comments. Yes, they are briefed but there is a certain way they carry it off as if every memory they have is precious. And they like traveling together and being together. They bring joy to their outings and all through this pandemic they have been so visible and, well, learning as they go. Our lives have been so incredibly changed but for those of us who are blessed with loving family and friends, it's been what we hold onto when everything else has gone. And this pair to me demonstrate this--through thick and thin, "easy" engagements and tough ones (like Pakistan) they do it together.

  21. Charlotte. I hope all is well with you? I am feeling concerned, no pressure, but we haven't heard from you for a bit. Sending concern and good feelings.

  22. Hello,

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. It's been a particularly busy couple of weeks. Thankfully I'm catching up with everything as we speak :)

    1. Caroline in Montana13 August 2020 at 22:48

      so glad to hear that! I too was growing concerned:)

  23. This is unrelated to this post, but I saw this dress and it reminds me of what Kate wore to Pippa's wedding.

  24. Duchess Catherine and Prince William look great in looks and proper summery outfits. I see that William is stepping up his wardrobe and coordinating his outfit with Catherine in colors, nice 💙. William is wearing a navy belt, he just needs to get or wear navy suede shoes, because from my observation he like wearing these brown suede shoes. They are probably very comfortable, just needs to get the same one’s in navy, otherwise look nice.

  25. They are a breath of fresh air in a stale, ugly, and scary world. Their love for each other is so real, they never seem forced or insincere, they are kind and happy, concerned and engaging, and so well mannered and well spoken. Honestly, these two just are a day brightener, with every post I see. I've never seen a happier looking royal couple or a lovelier family. I truly wish them the best of everything.
    Thank you sincerely for this wonderful blog, Charlotte!

    1. So true Lori P!!

    2. Lori P, my thoughts exactly.
      Duchess Kate makes this world a better place.

  26. Catherine has a lovely photo on the cover of the September Majesty Magazine, which is now available. There is a cover story about her titled "Back to Basics." Also, William had made some important speeches and appearances in the past few weeks. I believe they are headed back to KP for the start of the school term.


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