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Kate Makes First Instagram Post Following Return Visit to SOS Children's Villages

When unexpected weather meant William and Kate couldn't travel back to Islamabad Thursday night, it meant a great deal of last minute logistical changes and the cancellation of a long planned trip to Khyber Pass on the Afghanistan border. With an additional morning in Lahore on Friday, the royal couple made a return to SOS Children's Villages.

In her very first Instagram post, Kate wrote: "The community at the SOS Village is built around family - and the best possible family you could imagine - where everyone comes together to nurture, love and protect the children in their care. These vulnerable children, many who have come through traumatic circumstances, are nurtured in this caring environment and are able to form these quality relationships that they so desperately need to thrive."

When the tour wrapped up, although I wasn't aware they had returned to SOS I mentioned the organisation had particularly resonated with Kate. The global organisation, with villages all over the world, looks after the most vulnerable children in society, offering them a family, safety, and a mother figure in their life. The UK branch was founded in 1968 and has been actively supporting their international work since. I would love to see William and Kate get involved with them and continue to champion their outstanding efforts across the many Commonwealth countries they work in.

More from the Telegraph:

'On their return visit, the couple met some of the young “graduates”, who had been supported by the SOS Village and gone on to mentor some of its younger residents.
Saba Shahzadi, 28, said she came to SOS when she was eight and still lived there, acting as a mentor to the children, while working as a manager for Nestle in Pakistan. She told the couple: “I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t found SOS.”

Simon Perry reports Kate noted: "Some of the things I’ve been looking at back home are how best do you support children and what do they need to have a successful life. One, it’s about quality relationships and two, the environment. What’s great is that you have both here."

During the visit, the couple received friendship bracelets.

William said: "I won't take it off. My children will wonder why I'm wearing it."

'Later, as they joined some of the children for an art group, William revealed Kate’s love of landscape photography. “Catherine likes taking lots of pictures. She does a few portraits, but mostly landscapes. When we went up to Chitral to see the glacier and then looked around, she took some great photos up there,” he said.
Kate — who, before the tour started, had been especially looking forward to visiting SOS — spoke about the fate that had enabled them to return. “I’m so glad we came back to get the full picture,” she said. And her husband added, “I could feel that there was more to talk about.”
He also gave credit to his staff: “Our team is very good at finding us projects.”

Time for a spot of cricket.

And a group photo to end the visit.

A video from the visit.

Additionally, the Sunday papers were given exclusive rights to share a series of images taken of a family by the Duchess during the tour. Unfortunately, they were not made available online (They have been posted on Twitter, click here to view them). More from the Telegraph:

'During the chance encounter, the Duchess stopped the convoy to greet and take pictures of locals who waved.
The Duchess, a keen photographer, had spotted the family during her trip to a glacier in Chitral. Speaking through an interpreter, she was invited into their hut for tea and asked the grandmother, mother and daughter about farming in a place where snow freezes for six months each year.The family had no electricity, running water and during the winter cannot leave their homes.
The Duchess borrowed a camera from the couple’s official photographer and the family posed for her pictures. She later also took pictures in the Kalash village of Bumburet which the couple later visited, watching colourful scenes of dancing in the village square.
She later said: “It was fantastic to meet these people living in such a remote place. They were so hospitable, offering William and me a cup of tea. It was a very special moment, they had no idea who we were which gave us a chance to see a different side of Pakistan!'

Kensington Palace shared this video marking the close of the tour (watch out for some rickshaw footage :))

A word of sincere thanks to those who commented on the tour coverage, I greatly appreciate it. 


  1. What a wonderful post!! I think I enjoyed these visits more than the rest of the tour! How lovely to go back and spend time with the children and the family. I like this better than the planned event that fell through. The photo of the family is very special because they look like any other extended family, and all the women "looked very modern," if that's possible based on looks only. Kate fit in perfectly with them, and I imagine she found her loose pants and tunic very convenient for sitting on the floor and other activities.

    The photo in the rickshaw will no doubt hang somewhere in their house -- I love it!!!

  2. How lovely to get some sneek peaks after private events. It is something the Sussexes also employed very effectively on their Africa tour. It has the added bonus of making the tour feel not so short and keeping us from withdrawal symptoms.
    What I especially liked about these tidbits is that they not only give us a bit more insight into the Cambridges but they seem to be linking to the future without actually saying so.
    I can definitely see the Cambridges, specifically Kate working with SOS villages in the future. As Charlotte said it really seem to resonate with her.

    I can also see donating the 3 portraits she took, maybe to the NPG or they could form the start of an exhibition of Kate’s tour photos somewhere in the future. At least I hope so.

    1. RachelZA I love your idea about Kate donating the pictures she took to an ongoing exhibition of her tour photos! That would be wonderful!

  3. I am so glad they went back to SOS. I really like what I know about what they are doing. I would like to learn more and get involved.

  4. Wonderful additional visits to their tour.

  5. Zora from Prague20 October 2019 at 22:25

    What a great P.S.! I'm sort of glad they got stuck in Lahore: otherwise this wouldn't have happened. The pictures are so genuine. Well done Kate!
    I also think that the (double)visit to the SOS villages was very important for Kate and it will bear fruit.
    Thank you again, Charlotte, for the splendid coverage! I can't tell you how much I appreciated it.

    1. Agree Zora, it's an extra bonus all the way around. Kate and SOS are an excellent pairing, hope to see more in the future. cc

  6. Kate's photo portraits are beautiful of these people. Their spirits shine out of these pictures. The tour coverage you did, Charlotte, was so entertaining, and kudos to you for working through the challenges! Yay for Kate, posting to Instagram! Now I can follow her as well as the Duchess of Sussex on there. Hope she posts more.

  7. Thanks Charlotte for this additional coverage. Glad I checked this blog never know what surprises you will find here! What a kind and loving couple these two are.

  8. I would love to see Kate become a patron for SOS Children's Villages. It's such a wonderful idea, to group children into little families with a mother and brothers and sisters. So much better than the usual orphanage model. I highly recommend sponsoring a child through this charity!

    Thank you for this lovely post, Charlotte, and for your amazing coverage of this trip.

  9. Charlotte, your efforts are very much appreciated.

  10. what a lovely tour and great coverage . kate is a natural with children nice to hear she is on instagram. thank you so much Charlotte for all your hard work.

  11. Been a wonderful time following along on the tour with you, Charlotte. I never missed a day of your wonderful coverage and have learned a lot and enjoyed the fashion as well. This post today was an unexpected bonus provided by Kensington Palace and you! Thank you for a GREAT week of coverage and a wonderful environment to share the inspiring work of the BRF.

  12. what a lovely visit they are the most genuine couple that they are looking forward to see her new project


  13. The photographs you linked to, which were taken by Kate, are amazing. She clearly knows what she's doing with a camera! I seem to recall that from time to time there has been an exhibition of Prince Charles' paintings... I'd love to think that, in time, Kate might have collection of her photography ready to exhibit.

    Thank you again.

  14. Royal 👑 Watcher21 October 2019 at 12:45

    Thank you, William and Kate are the loveliest people and the cutest couple!

  15. Kate is really talentueuse. I love her portraits. Thanks Charlotte for the additionnel article. Kate seems to gather her interests slowly but it fits with her choices since 2012.

  16. We have SOS villages in my country and they are a wonderful organisation. I’m a teacher so I have volunteered my time during summer holidays to work with children in one of them.
    Great that the Cambridges have highlighted them and I hope Kate can do more engagements with them in the UK.

  17. It was a great coverage. THANK YOU, Charlotte.


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