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Details on Princess Charlotte's Christening, Mario Testino to Take Photos, Brad & Angelina Take Tea at KP & More

Good evening!

We have a number of updates to share with you beginning with new information concerning Princess Charlotte's christening on Sunday. Yesterday, Kensington Palace confirmed the service will be attended by Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Mr Michael Middleton, Mrs Carole Middleton, and other family and invited guests. Notably, Prince Harry will be absent from the event because he is in Africa.

More from Kensington Palace:

'The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be pleased to welcome well-wishers into the paddock outside the church. The Duke and Duchess are hugely grateful for the warm wishes they have received since Princess Charlotte's birth - many of them from local people in Norfolk - and are delighted the paddock can be opened on the day of the christening.'

It promises to be an enormously memorable occasion and it will be the first time we have seen all four members of the Cambridge family together in public. Police in Norfolk are preparing for thousands of members of the public to turn out. They will stand in a field between St Mary Magdalene Church and Sandringham House - the same position they stand when members of the Royal family attend church on Christmas Day.

St Mary Magdalene Church

The Telegraph's Gordon Rayner noted: "It will be the first time in living memory that the christening of such a senior member of the Royal family has involved the public in any way". Prince George's christening was a much more private affair, but this time William and Kate seem eager to involve the public, particularly the people of Norfolk who have been very respectful of their privacy since they moved to Anmer Hall.

We'll all be incredibly excited to see the official christening photographs. Today, Kensington Palace confirmed the late Princess Diana's favourite photographer, Mario Testino, has been chosen to take the historic pictures.

Mario Testino

More from the official press release:

'The Duke and Duchess are delighted that Mario Testino will help capture this important moment for their family and look forward to sharing the photographs with the public.
 Throughout his career, Mr. Testino has also photographed the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, and Diana, Princess of Wales.
Acknowledging the request to photograph Princess Charlotte's christening, Mr. Testino said: "I am overwhelmed and honoured to be chosen to document this occasion and to carry on the documentation of the family that is the soul of this country, a country that has given me so much."

Mr Testino is widely regarded as one of the most talented and influential portrait photographers of his generation. From high-fashion magazines, to A-list celebrities and royalty, he is the photographer of choice. Mr Testino has received numerous awards and honours in acknowledgement of his career and charity work, including an OBE and his native country’s highest honour, the Grand Cross Order of Merit in Peru.

Mario Testino / Clarence House

Of course, the photographer took William and Kate's official engagement photographs.

Mario Testino /Clarence House

Some have suggested because Mr Testino was his late mother's favourite photographer, it is another way for William to involve Diana in her granddaughter's christening. Below we see an iconic shot of Diana taken by Mr Testino. "Photographing Diana, Princess of Wales for Vanity Fair in 1997 was one of the most memorable days of my career," he recalled recently.

Princess Diana by Mario Testino

Mr Testino with Diana.

Mario Testino

It is expected the christening portraits will be released a day or two after the event.

As for the exact time, we know the it will take place Sunday afternoon, though specific details have not been made available yet, most likely for security reasons.

Richard Palmer Twitter Feed

Another big question. Who will the godparents be? It appears we will not hear this information until closer to the day, if not the day of the christening itself. Rumoured choices include Princess Beatrice, Peter Phillips, one of the van Cutsems and perhaps a relative of Kate's, too.

Weather permitting we hope to see Prince George walking down to church, while Princess Charlotte will most likely be in a pram. Further updates are expected closer to the day.


Last Friday, the Duke and Duchess welcomed Hollywood royalty, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Kensington Palace for tea. Prince George was reportedly present too.

Kensington Palace confirmed this is indeed true, however, as it was a private meeting no photos were released. Brad and Angelina were photographed arriving at the Palace, and the photos can be viewed on the Brangie Love Instagram account.

Brangie Love Twitter Feed

The Palace said William and Kate had tea with the couple "to discuss their shared interest in combating the illegal wildlife trade".

More from the Mail Online's story:

'The Royal couple were said to be 'really excited' about the afternoon tea.
The Duke and Duchess, according to the source, were joined by their son Prince George - who will be two years old in July, but the Jolie-Pitts' children were not present.
 The Hollywood pair brought a special gift for their daughter Princess Charlotte, who was born in May. 'Everyone got on splendidly' said the source. Brad and Angelina spent much longer with the Duke and Duchess than planned. They ended up staying for almost a few hours.' 

It will be interesting to see if we see anything further comes from the meeting - such as the couple lending their support to one of the wildlife conservation organisations Prince William works with - by becoming ambassadors or perhaps starring in an advert. Which couple do you think was more nervous about the meeting? :)


Do you all recall stories emerging in the weeks leading up to, and after, Princess Charlotte's birth claiming Carole Middleton had moved in to Anmer to run the household to the detriment of her marriage? At the time, several sightings of the Middletons around the Bucklebury area were reported and it quickly became obvious the story was fabricated.

Mrs Middleton has now got a correction to the Daily Mail story, it can be read here.

Daily Mail

Speaking of the Middletons, a selection of photos of Carole and Prince George enjoying an afternoon outing at Bucklebury Farm Park were published at Pop Sugar last week. George appeared to be having a splendid time and Carole is very much a doting grandmother. The family are frequent visitors to the farm, both Kate and Carole have taken the prince there a number of times separately and together. The photos can be viewed here.

Pop Sugar Twitter Feed

George's hair looks adorably cute and natural!


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Finally, for those asking about possible appearance for Kate. The Duchess was spotted in Norfolk over the weekend meaning I think a Wimbledon appearance is perhaps most likely at some point next week. The Royal Norfolk Show takes place Wednesday and Thursday - it was suggested as a possible appearance for Prince George. There's been no official word on this, and royal commentators appear to think it very unlikely but not impossible.

As we mentioned earlier in the post, we expect to hear more christening details in the coming days.


  1. Great to hear some news-- thanks, Charlotte!

  2. Sarah from Calif.1 July 2015 at 01:39

    So looking forward to the christening pictures on Sunday.
    As for Brad and Angelina, well I'm not a big Hollywood fan but if they can help the environment, more power to them.
    As for Carole M. for goodness sakes, I hope she can spend all the time she wants with her grandchild.
    Still giggling over the adorable pics of Prince George playing at the Polo game. Priceless !

  3. I look forward to the christening and I appreciate the location more and more as time goes by.

    Regarding Mario Testino... I am tickled pink that he was chosen and Diana was mentioned in the press release. Another subtle, but significant link with Charlotte's grandmother.

    And I am happy about the "clarification" in the DM!. Perhaps other "journalists" will think twice before they serve up the witches brew.

    1. Royal Fan, I, also, was so pleasantly surprised at the dm's apology. that is HUGE.
      And, Diana's photographer, the little church where she was christened, George's balcony outfit, Kate's polka dot dress to introduce George to the world, the same engagement photo pose, the ring, Charlotte's name, etc. (wasn't she raised on Sandringham estate for part of her upbringing?)
      I truly wouldn't be surprised if the next tiara we see Kate in is the Cambridge tiara. (I know. Here I go again, :) William does like to surprise people though.

    2. Ah, not by him wearing it, but Kate of course. lol
      Just wanted to clarify that.

    3. Anon, I believe William does a lot to honor his mother. Certainly more than some folks are prepared to give him credit for.

      And yes, Diana did live at Park House before her father inherited Althorp.

    4. Maryland Moxie1 July 2015 at 10:38

      I think folks are misusing the word subtle. I think these are obvious and deliberate choices to create links in people's minds to a very popular princess. This is not a "negative" thing, but these choices are the opposite of subtle. They are direct references to William's mother.

    5. George's balcony outfit could easily have been a tie to his Father or Grandfather, both of whom wore
      the suit previously. I think KP even stated this.
      A direct reference would include a statement by W&C that :"We are doing this to honor William's mother."
      I doubt they would do That , as I don't think William wishes to publically humiliate his step-mother and
      thereby his Father.
      The alternatives left are subtle remembrances, as they have done.

    6. I used the word subtle because, although the links to Diana are clear, they are doing it diplomatically, as 99 pointed out. For example, Mario Testino photographed Diana long before the other royals mentioned, yet Charles and Camilla are mentioned first with Diana included at the end. Other decisions are being made without necessarily pointing out the link. William is walking a fine line and handling it beautifully, IMO.

    7. I agree Royal Fan
      William is not stupid (as some have suggested before on this blog).
      I believe he is passionate and "William stubborn", ie, focused on "keeping his mother a part of it ALL". I think he obviously has an ally in Kate to do just that. Kudos to them both for their efforts. Whether William believes his mother was killed for defaming charles in her remarks about his ability to be king or risking the kingdom by dating a politically ambitious Muslim family member OR if he believes the media caused her early death, he will keep her memory alive in subtle and not so subtle ways so the media, the world and even the Royal family won't forget Diana.

  4. Thanks for the update and the gorgeous photos!

  5. Mario Testino!! An EXCELLENT choice! I was really disappointed by the photographer who took Prince George's christening pictures as some of the pics were heavily photoshopped and looked unreal. Mario's engagment picture where Prince William wears the navy suit still looks a bit odd but the rest of the pics he's taken of the royal family are far superior. I am pretty sure will do great justice to the pictures and I'm hoping he will not do too much touch ups where the subjects look like plastic. Just looking at the relaxed and comfort depicted in the above pictures makes me surmise that Mario will do an awesome choice! I cannot wait!!

  6. Thanks for the great post. Looking forward to next week's events.

  7. LOL. All I've got is that reporter should take up creative writing. The attention to detail was really good!

  8. Tammy from California1 July 2015 at 04:05

    I usually am very positive in my postings, but I am so disgusted that I can't post anything nice.
    I am an American who thinks celebrities and their ridiculousness have taken over any IMPORTANT news/happenings/real people in our country. THE ONE PLEASURE I have is reading about a prince, princess and their family and how, although they don't live "normally", they live day to day. I enjoy the English tradition they live, the gentlemen/ladylike qualities that are a constant with them and the normalcy they try to bring into their life.
    I was SADDENED to read that "Brangelina" had tea with them. Although, Angelina, more than other celebrity women, seems to care and actually do something for the world, let us not forget that she also wore the blood of her ex husband around her neck. She has posed naked for magazines, films and I am sure other things. She cheated on another woman with the other woman's husband, had 3 biological children and 3 adopted with him and just now got married to him. She is covered in tattoos, most notable the GIGANTIC dragon right around her lower back and "bum" area. She is admittedly DARK in her taste and attitude.
    Don't even get me started on Brad...
    I am simply disgusted and saddened. NOT Kate worthy in my opinion.

    1. Tammy, I know how you feel about Angelina and Brad having tea with
      William and Kate. WEIRD. and,
      I think allowing them that special privilege sends a wrong message on so many levels. What's next?
      Kim Kardashian and Kanye? Pee Wee Herman?

    2. Oh dear that's a bit harsh! I'm a firm believer that people are allowed to change for the better throughout their lives, especially those whose lives are dubiously "reported" through the media. We all make mistakes, god forbid anyone hold us to them for the rest of our lives! Personally I think Brad and Angelina are those rare celebrities who are doing something very valuable with their status and I have all the time in the world for them and their beautiful children. I had the great pleasure of meeting and speaking with Angelina when she came to Tamworth, (Australia) to film scenes from "Unbroken". She wanted no fuss, gave everyone her time, was polite and was utterly lovely. I found her to be a remarkably kind-hearted and hard-working woman who has moved on from her troubled youth to accomplish great things. Don't forget that certain members of the Royal family have enough scandals of their own so don't hold them up as examples for the rest of us. We are all human and we are all allowed to grow and learn :0)

    3. Maggie - Minneapolis1 July 2015 at 10:01

      I have no idea how Angelina Jolie is not worthy of Kate. Frankly, Angelina has achieved 1000 times more in her life than Kate has. And that's not really meant as a snub to Kate (although I hope Kate sees Angelina's accomplishments as a model for herself). Angelina has achieved 1000 times more in her life than probably a good 90% of the world's population. She does not just do "something" for the world. She is the Special Envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and as such has visited dozens of refugee camps throughout the world. She has donated $1 million dollars to the cause of helping refugees who have to live in dismal conditions in camps around the world. She got a private pilots license so she could transport food around the world. She personally purchased a huge amount of land in Cambodia and turned it into a wildlife preserve to protect it from poachers, along with doing a lot of other wildlife preservation work (far more than United for Wildlife has at this point). She has also done major work regarding child education and immigration, as well as sexual violence in conflict zones. This is all while being quite busy filming movies and raising six children.
      What's wrong with posing naked for magazines or movies? Might I remind you that Kate caught William's eye by posing in a see-through dress? And has often flashed the public (or come close to it) by refusing to change the clothes she wears in breezy situations. I'm so sick of people slut-shaming women. Being in the film industry often requires women to be okay with showing their bodies, and maybe instead of judging women being subjected to that, we should instead judge the people who put that pressure on them. But more importantly, if a woman is okay with showing her body, then she has every right to show her body. I really have no idea what's wrong with having 3 biological children and 3 adopted children with her boyfriend/husband. Is it just that it's improper to have children before marriage? Because Kate lived with William before they were married. Aside from the fact that the cheating is not confirmed, Kate's father-in-law cheated and he's part of the "English tradition." Actually, I'd say the "English tradition" for royalty involves quite a bit of cheating in general. There are pretty solid rumors that William cheated on Kate when they were dating. Also Angelina did not cheat on anyone - Brad Pitt cheated. I also have no idea why tattoos are bad.

    4. Tammy, I understand where you're coming from. And while I respect the work they do for charity, I do not think of them (or many others who believe they have the title) as Hollywood royalty.

    5. Maryland Moxie1 July 2015 at 10:48

      That's really funny, I sometimes think royals and their ridiculousness have taken over any IMPORTANT news/happenings/real people in the UK.

      How much ink will be used on a church ceremony for a two month old? It's a nice distraction from all the austerity measures in place.

    6. Rebecca - Sweden1 July 2015 at 17:52

      Uhm... easy on the judging please!

    7. Do you believe in redemption, Tammy? I completely understand why you were put off by the announcement.
      I initially felt her philanthropic efforts were the result of a massive, brilliant PR campaign. Maybe they were. And maybe, after
      floundering around for years-look at her early childhood years as a daughter of Hollywood-she finally came into her own. As far as breaking up a marriage, it is likely the issue of children was involved. A deal-breaker, if
      there ever was one.
      The Jolie-Pitts have star power as well as commitment. If William can learn to live with his own father's
      past, I imagine he can accept the past of the Jolie-Pitts and use what help they have to offer.

    8. I guess Jolie's dark side does not matter as long as she has the Hollywood tiara on her head!!!

    9. So let us get this straight. Only virgins of the highest purity and brighest halos around their head are allowed to even be in the same room as Saint Catherine - is that what we are going for here ?

      Which year is this? 1915?

    10. I think it is great that anybody can have a say and express her discomfort over Angelina's youth. I am one of them who started to respect her after she joined the UN. She grew a lot.

      On a different note, royals and celebs are like moth to a flame, attract each other. Funny that how keen the young royals are when it comes to meeting celebs but less keen on other stuff. The most ridiculous example was when they met Beyonce and her man on courtside. It was sooooo sad.

    11. To add to what others have said, here is what Angelina Jolie accomplished when she was Kate's age:

      Angelina age 33 in 2008 – a quick google archive search.
      -Feb 2008 Visited Iraq and Afghanistan in her role as a UN Ambassador for refugees
      -She and Brad donated $1.1m of their own money to charity
      -July 2008 gave birth to twins
      -Oct 2008 visited Darfur to call attention to refugees
      -Mother to 4 children under age 7
      -Her own mother died in 2007 and in 2008 Angelina did all of the above while grieving her mother and overseeing settling the estate
      -Promoted movies, won award for “A Mighty Heart”

      I think Angelina Jolie has earned her stripes. Here's an article that agrees (and I swoon over David Beckham!!)

    12. I suspect William would greet most anyone, if it meant a very generous donation to one of his projects.
      Look at some royal's association with those who deny women status as citizens and require a male family
      member to be present when a woman leaves her home-in a shroud-like garment-all in the name of oil. They
      sit in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot, for Pete's sake. How does that differ from courtside?

    13. Angelina jolly IS worthy of her six children, a loving husband, millions of fans, women who are influenced by her honest revelation of ovarian and breast cancer, beneficiaries for involvement for refugees /their causes, wild life awareness and recently worthy of UK’s recognition through a meeting and a medal by the Queen.

      People who have resurrected the trial, tribulation and rebellion of their youth to their best potential of their humanity and intelligence like Angelina are more inspirational to the bigger world. Tattoos are more or less a Hollywood culture and a personal choice. To my knowledge, Angelina had not harmed anyone else except her own reputation which is a forgone history not worth counting against her.

      The rest comparison is a matter of what one value and being voluntarily or otherwise “blind” in justifying one choice over another.

    14. 99, you know royals have always
      socialized and met with celebrities,
      foreigners, etc. at different venues for various reasons. The meeting with Bradgelina I found kind of disgusting also and I don't know exactly why. I do know I did not like her recent witch movie at all and I differ with them on their stated world views, but that still doesn't adequately explain to me why I had the same attitude towards their visit that others did here also. I was very disappointed that they had been given that privilege.

    15. I read your list Bluhare but to me their is still some sort of darkness (for a lack of a better way to describe it) about that couple. It was like darkness was visiting Kensington palace. I am so sorry George was present for that tea.

    16. Maryland Moxie2 July 2015 at 04:42

      Tammy - according to your values it must drive you INSANE to see William and Kate with Charles and Camilla!

    17. I think George could be exposed to a lot worse than Angelina Jolie without leaving his front door. His Uncles Andrew (sex with underage prostitutes -- allegedly, not to mention some shady money deals) and Gary (cocaine and prostitution along with some shady money deals) have done far worse.

    18. I really don't agree with the people on here saying that Brad and Angelina are not worthy of meeting William and Kate. I'll admit when I first heard about it on twitter I was not exactly enthusiastic about it and hoped it was just a silly rumor. I am not personally a big fan of Brad and Angelina, they come across as a little fake to me and I don't enjoy their movies.
      But really? Not worthy, I'm sorry pardon my French, who the heck are William and Kate? William was lucky enough to be born into privilege and royalty and Kate did nothing for 10 years of her life but waited for William to marry her. But because their titled royal, people automatically assume you have to kiss their arses! I'm sorry but no! Neither Kate nor William are squeaky clean. Let's not forget that to this day you can google Kate and see both the front and back of her bare body and William wasn't exactly a faithful bf to Kate when they were dating.
      People make mistakes, Brad and Angelina included and it's stupid to say that they aren't "worthy" of meeting two people who were simply lucky enough to be married and born into royalty.
      Go ahead and jump down my throat if you want, call me a hater, say I'm jealous or whatever but the Kate fawning is simply getting ridiculous. It's like some people think she walks on water and is perfect. They seem to magically forget all of the bad, wrong, or negative things associated with her but yet if it's someone else people are quick to jump on the hate train.
      Kate is just a regular human being like everyone else on this earth, but because she's Her Royal Highness Duchess Catherine people think she's excused from any type of judgment no matter what she does.

    19. Okay, first let me say I am not the biggest Angelina Jolie fan….

      Now, having said that, I am sickened by some people on here right now saying Angelina is not worthy of Kate. Why exactly is she not worthy? What makes Kate so much better that she should look down on Angelina for? All Kate has done is marry a Royal. That is it! She has not done anything otherwise. She in and of herself is not even a Royal. She is not royal blood and without William would not be anything. And honestly royals just won the genetic lottery as they are born into and do not have to earn their position. So, what has Kate exactly done that makes her better than Angelina?

      People above have pointed out quite well Angelina’s accomplishments (and thank you for doing that). She built her career and has earned her success and money. She was not given it on a silver platter! And finding that level of success in Hollywood is hard and nothing to be scoffed at. I would suggest someone try it before putting down her profession as it is very hard! Angelina has done far more than Kate, so it should be the other way around. What bothers me most is the suggestions that Kate is somehow better than Angelina (since she is not worthy suggests she is less than Kate). They are different women. It is very elitist to suggest one woman is better than another. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle does not mean they are not just as important at Kate. No human-being is better than another! Royalty or otherwise. It really makes me sickened that a few people here feel that Angelina’s life choices make her less important than Kate. I’m sorry, but Royals are no more important than anyone else. Kate is no more worthy than Angelina or the salesclerk at your grocery or a single parent or a homeless person or even you. Everyone is of equal quality and if you don’t see that than I worry for you!

      If people don’t like the fact that Kate and Will met with Brangelina because they are celebrities or they just simply don’t like them-that is one thing. But to tear Angelina down because she is not ‘worthy’ of Kate is just disgusting. Especially since there is no logic behind that argument since Angelina has done far more than Kate. Yet even with all that Angelina has accomplished and given, she is not more worthy than Kate or anyone else. Thinking some people are better than others, especially because one person is a married Royal is a joke. No person should every be put on a pedestal! It is very elitist and frankly very ignorant.

    20. Also, the charities Will and Kate visit have people there who have/had very dark pasts with a lot of problems. They have dealt with different issues. So, are they not worthy of Will and Kate then because of their past and current issues?

    21. Maggie - Minneapolis2 July 2015 at 10:29

      I still cannot believe the amount of judgment for Angelina and praise for Kate coming out of the same mouths. How is it a privilege for Angelina to get to have tea with Kate? Just because Kate happened to marry a prince? This is just pure classism and snobbery.
      I mean for pete's sakes, the royal family has more problems than most families imo. There have been sex rings, multiple divorces, adultery, taking adv of royal positions for career gains, and more. William has been seen in pictures incredibly drunk and shamelessly grabbing a random woman's breasts. Angelina is a good role model for young women. Yes, she had a troubled childhood and young adulthood, but so do many others. She fought through multiple episodes of suicidal depression and managed to become a huge star in her own right, unlike Kate, who is only famous because of her husband. Angelina shows women that they can fight through anything and become someone important. Kate shows women that if they spend their twenties at the beck and call of a man, they may be able to marry well. I think Kate could do as much good charity-wise or more than Angelina, but she certainly hasn't so far.

    22. Tammy from California2 July 2015 at 10:30

      @Maggie-Minneapolis: I don't understand how you can say selling your body for money, whether in pictures or otherwise, is even close to a dress blowing up on a breezy day.
      Kate's outfit on the catwalk was see-through but underneath she was wearing bikini-like attire. She also received no money for it, so your comparison really isn't a comparison.
      I personally don't like the black dragon tattoo all over her backside and the physical darkness of it, not to mention the darkness of dragons in general. That darkness in taste and personality is my disgust. Angelina tongue- kissing her brother at an awards ceremony, selling her body for money, wearing and drinking the blood of another human being (or ANY blood for that matter) and lastly, abetting someone in the breaking up of a family are ALL my disgust and problem with her.
      In one sentence you say you hate people "slut-shaming" women, but on the other hand it is perfectly okay that a woman kisses, sleeps with and calls another woman's husband her "boyfriend" in front of the world when he is still married? So is your hate for crimes against women for all women or just the ones you deem shouldn't be hated? Are you comparing this to two unmarried people like William and Kate who were not married and broke up to go find themselves? I never said anything about people living together, so you misinterpreted my post. My point was the KIDS: after wrecking (and I say Brad and Angelina both) one family unit, they jump right into another family unit, that this time includes a little boy who had no father, but now has her not-divorced-boyfriend as a father? Then after bringing more kids into the picture, they STILL don't want to make a commitment even for the kids' sakes? I hear a lot of people say "who cares, marriage is just a piece of paper, it's the commitment" and while to an adult I think that's probably true, it isn't to a child. Having parents who have committed to each other in a child's world is different from having a mom and dad who are just boyfriend and girlfriend. When you make the conscious decision to bring a child into this world, you owe it to that child, to make it's life as stable as possible. Somewhere they must have believed that marriage was more than just a piece of paper or they wouldn't have gotten married.
      While I do believe people change, you can't live 20 years of your life like a train wreck in front of the whole world and then expect people to forget that because for 5 years you gave 1 million of your bazillion dollars to charity, delivered food yourself, protected wildlife etc.
      There are many, many people who give their money, time and effort to others in need they just don't have a plane to take it all over the world. There are also many, many people who save animals in their own communities even though they can't afford to buy however many acres of land. So, her charity work doesn't do much for my opinion, thus far, since there are everyday "royalty" (if that's what you want to call it) who have done all she has on a smaller scale. They came from a lot less than she did, they give as much as she does percentage-wise and they never sold one ounce of their dignity or self worth to give the same benefit she is giving the world.

    23. Bluhare, nice shot with Andrew and Gary. Still I really wonder when we gonna see the two couples championing a cause together in public??? Or it was just a chit chat and a chance to meet celebrities. I am waiting...

    24. Jennifer from Wisconsin2 July 2015 at 21:39

      I truly cannot believe how hateful some of the comments are toward someone who attempts to make the world a better place. She may have made some choices you dislike (tattoos, movie roles etc) but to say she doesn't deserve to see Kate, it's disgusting or that she and her husband darkened the palace? She acknowledges some of her choices were misunderstood and a little odd- like the supposed vial. This is what she said- "In a 2008 Entertainment Weekly interview, Jolie shared her side of the story. "It was never a vial...It was like a flower press," she clarified. "It was like from a slight cut on your finger and you press your fingerprint in. It was kind of a sweet gesture. I thought it was kind of romantic!" The two were separated so much for work, they wanted to have a reminder of the other. Would I do it? No, but that's my opinion and it doesn't mean someone else should be judged negatively if they do.

      As for the nasty comments about adultery, she has said many times how hurt she was for her mother when her father cheated and she would never put anyone else through the pain. I believe her. Besides, as Moxie said "Charles and Camilla."

      I have one degree of separation from them and have only heard really nice things about them. I understand that others may have thought she was a little odd but she has grown up and become someone more like Diana than Kate has. I am not slamming Kate either but as written above, I hope Kate uses her as a role model. Think of all the good that would be done. Her openness about her illness has probably saved lives and the work she does to make the world better speaks volumes about her character and her heart.

      The Queen sees her value- why can't some of you?

      I rarely comment anymore and have quit reading them most of the time because of how mean some of them are towards people who do not adore whatever the subject of conversation is but this time I was curious to see who the readers thought was more nervous. I bet it as William and Kate due to the topic of conversation. I also bet they were inspired to do more after the tea. I hope so. Ignoring William for a moment, I think Kate has a lot of potential and I think it's great she is focusing on her children, but I don't doubt Angelina's children are any less important to her. The amount of social good Kate has done is minimal compared to Angelina and Princess Diana. Both are proof positive you can do a lot of good in the world and be a great mother too. Here are two links for those who may want them supporting some of what I wrote.

    25. Jennifer from Wisconsin...forget Charles and Camilla...what about the "other" Jennifer? :) I wasn't going there, but if she did make those statements about her own mother.......then.....hmmm......

    26. TAMMY, I am so thankful for your comments. I feel the same way you do. And even though it may go against the grain of popular opinion I am so proud of you for standing up for your beliefs. You have my gratitude and my admiration. Thank you Tammy. :)

    27. Yes Bluhare but Andrew and Gary are family. William and Kate invited
      Bradgelina in and they are outsiders.
      Selectivity is the point.

    28. Moxie, that is NOT the point.
      you missed it by a mile.

    29. I see. So it's OK to expose your child to people who associate with, or are, drug dealers, prostitutes, including under age prostitutes, and shady money dealers as long as you keep it in the family. But it's not OK to expose your child to someone who walks her talk when it comes to her work with refugees because, you know, she has a wild past.

      You have no argument whatsoever, Anonymous. Don't even try.

    30. I hope that people who are making these very strong judgements about Angelina are some day able to rethink their opinions. I think that it is genuinely sad to read some of these comments. Absolutely heartbreaking to witness how some people think about the human race. There is really nothing more to be said.

    31. Bluhare that is not even close to what I said. Certainly you know that. Think about what you said. Just silliness now
      regarding that topic. silliness.

    32. don't even try? Bluhare chill.

    33. It is silly, it's true. But it's not my silliness. And I can read, and I can interpret. YOU are the one who said that George should not be exposed to Angelina because she's dark. I pointed out he could get exposed to that and worse without leaving his house. You then said that Angelina is an outsider and selectivity is the point. Ergo, exposing a child to criminal family members is OK, but not an outsider who may have a "dark" past but is out there doing good work and trying to help and, who, by the way, has not been accused of criminal acts. It's not my priorities that are skewed here, and I'm certainly not silly. But your arguments are.

      By the way, posts have time markers. You might want to keep that in mind when you post.

    34. " It was like darkness was visiting Kensington Palace" Ha that made me laugh :)


    35. I think anon 01:39 was saying, "You can choose who you have tea with, but not who your family is."
      Not that immoral or illegal activities are ok if in the family.
      Apparently some have chosen to mis-interpret the remark. Its meaning is clear enough to me.

    36. Bluhare, tsk, tsk. Did you "The Bluhare" tell someone to shut up?
      That is frustration. Relax and go take a walk or something. Telling someone to shut up is not acceptable.

    37. Thanks 99. :)
      That is exactly what I was trying to say.

    38. Thanks 99
      That is exactly what I meant.

  9. Was the Daily Mail's retraction and apology the result of legal action? Surely there was at least some heavy pressure, to get that paper to make such a statement.

    Cute picture of George on Carole's shoulders, and I love his wavy hair!

    1. What a Joy that retraction was.
      In a world that has so much wrong stuff going on how refreshing to read something so patently right. Don't know how they got the DM to do that but they did. HalleluYah

    2. Tammy from California2 July 2015 at 07:11

      @Moxie from Maryland: let's not get crazy with the language- insane in capital letters is a bit much. Did I not like it? No, I did not. Do I like it now? Well, I am not following a blog about Charles and Camilla so I'd say "no".
      @99: Yes I believe in redemption, but maybe she hasn't gotten that from me yet...or ever will.
      @anon 21:28: I didn't say ANYWHERE in my post about being a virgin, nor was that what I was implying. Your response a bit much.

      My opinion stands: I am disgusted Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are considered Hollywood "royalty" and that they had tea with the Cambridges. I don't care if anyone likes it or not.

    3. Yay Tammy. Do not be bullied out of your opinion and gut level feelings.
      I happen to agree with you. And I doubt we are the only ones. The world tries to push a lot of questionable stuff on us either to make money, promote/propagandize certain mores or idealogies. We don't have to buy those or accept those. People aren't as gullible as they might hope. Thank you for not reneging on your opinions.

  10. I would love to know what gift they gave Charlotte. Kind of surprised, but glad, that
    George was there.
    Was also surprised that they were going to allow the public at the christening until I realized they are used to that and prepared because of the crowds that gather there as the Royal family attends Christmas services there. What a nice gesture to the local community.

  11. Did anyone else think it was pretty neat that granny Carole could heft Prince George up and over her shoulders like she did so seemingly effortlessly? nice. Would love to have photos of Michael Middleton playing with George published for prosperity too. And so wanted to have photos published of George planting trees with grandpa Charles. How cute would that have been.

  12. Congratulations, Mrs D in Dublin, on winning the earrings! You will look lovely in them, I'm sure.

    Thanks for a fun post, Charlotte. Looking forward to seeing what you write and show us of the christening this Sunday. Thanks for all that you do on this blog. It is such a lot of hard work, and it's always done well.

    I finally saw "Maleficent" so at least I remember who Angelina Jolie is. And I now recall seeing "Mr and Mrs Smith" on an airplane trip somewhere years ago, in which Jolie and Pitt are a married couple of hired assassins who happen to have been hired to kill each other. Extremely funny movie, but of course with a lot of violence--more than I like usually. So. They were to tea with the Cambridges. I hope they do come up with something useful to do for the environment. It looks as if they try to do their share of good works, so good for them.

  13. How many godparents will Charlotte have?
    I think the Grovsner (sp) woman who married Ed Van Custem would make an excellent godparent from what I have read about her, or actually more because of all the stuff I haven't read about her as she seems to not be a typical glosse posse type. Maybe Claudia Bradby and her husband?

  14. Lady Tamara Grosvenor. Her brother is one of George's godparents I think. Their father owns a lot of Belgravia and is one of the wealthiest families in Britain according to articles I have read. Plus, Lady Tamara is married to William's friend Edward Van Custem.

  15. Maggie - Minneapolis1 July 2015 at 10:02

    I think it was a mistake for Carole to pursue the correction - now every time an article about her isn't corrected, people will think it must be true because there hasn't been a denial. It's the same reason you very rarely see KP issue a denial - it never helps to get caught up in the "news" like that.

    1. Rebecca - Sweden1 July 2015 at 23:01

      That is a good point! I hadnt thought about that.... Interesting....

    2. I understand where you're coming from Maggie, but I also felt the DM went too far this time and had the Middleton's not spoken up, it would only get worse. Mike and Carole did not marry into the royal family and they should not be treated like gossip column material.

    3. Did Carole pursue the retraction
      Maggie, or did William or the palace?

    4. Hi Maggie, I think It's interesting the way it's worded. It references specifically after the baby was born, and does not address any stories before the baby was born. So the apology looks to be more as a result of the article saying that Michael Middleton was unhappy and Carole spending so much time there was causing a strain on their marriage than an outright retraction of the stories about how involved the Middletons (specifically Carole) are with WK's lives. It looks like it is more tilted toward the marital issue one, rather than all of them, and not the articles printed before the baby was born. But I'm not a lawyer, and certainly don't have legal training!

    5. I agree with you royal fun. These were two personal territories.

      I. It was politically incorrect for her profile especially with no evidence.
      II. Her marriage is personal and more. They had no business peeling into a 35 years old marriage while there are no facts to the contrary.

      DM might have been threatened with libel suit. Well done they are made to retract.

  16. Maggie - Minneapolis1 July 2015 at 10:13

    I really hope this time that the godparents have more representation from Kate's side then last time. Last time really only one person could be attributed to Kate's life/relationships, although Kate doesn't really seem to be close to many people not in her immediate family. That being said, I think it would be a huge snub if Pippa (or James) is picked as a godparent and Harry isn't. And if they were picking Harry as godparent, I think they would have tried harder to schedule the christening for a time he could make it. It's not like these were last minute plans of Harry's. They could have easily moved the christening up or just waited another few months to do it. I'm curious to see who they do pick - I'd be shocked if either of the York Princesses are picked after not even being invited to the last christening. Which brings me to my last thing - I think allowing the public to congregate outside the church is a great thing, but I find it ironic when the christening is closed off to so many family members on both sides, including senior royals. I dunno, I guess I mostly can't understand not inviting all of my aunts and uncles if they live nearby. I know they want the christening to be intimate, but while I don't see my extended family THAT often, I don't think of including FAMILY as something that could make an event less intimate. But either way, it's great to include the public in this way.

    1. Rebecca - Sweden1 July 2015 at 23:02

      Not inviting family can be a case of not knowing where to draw the line.. If you invite that one you have to invite that one and then that one has to come as well :P It might be that the "easiest" line to draw is the snuggest in this case.

    2. Maggie, I would want all my extended family there also.
      With the Royal family perhaps that has something to do with the fact the Charles is said to be downsizing
      Royal participation. Only the senior royals, Kate's parents and godparents were at George's christening. That is the only logical explanation I have come up with so far.

    3. Rebecca, I think you nailed it. :)

    4. Maggie - Minneapolis2 July 2015 at 10:18

      Rebecca - First, didn't they already draw an awkward line by inviting Zara but no other cousins? Also I guess for me there are some easy lines to draw. Like, only William and Kate's immediate aunts and uncles, and also their first cousins. Like I don't think it would have been controversial if they invited the Yorks and Wessexes but left off the Queen's sister's family. Or just say all senior royals.
      Because Anon 1:19 - not all of the senior royals were there. At least I'm pretty sure The Duke of York, The Princess Royal, and the Earl and Countess of Wessex are all considered senior royals. Maybe I'm wrong about that. I know Charles wants to downsize but that downsizing hasn't happened yet, so I consider them senior royals. Either way, George was a future monarch, and Charlotte is very close to the throne as well. It just seems odd not to invite the hardest-working members of the royal family to a christening of the future monarchy or the daughter of another future monarch.

    5. Maggie, Zara was invited because she was a godparent . Godparents and immediate family. Nothing awkward about that line.

    6. I think you probably have the best explanation about the guest list for the christening. We have been in that situation at one time or another.

    7. @ 01:23
      I was referring to Rebecca. Thanks Rebecca.

  17. I highly doubt Brad and Angelina were nervous. It's no offense to Will and Kate but Brad and Angelina are not fazed by other celebrities and they have met far more important people like The Queen. Brad and Angelina are far more recognized and famous when you county the whole world than Will and Kate who are popular in certain countries. This isn't a diss on them, but merely showing that with Brad and Angie's status, I doubt they would get nervous. I think they would be hard to impress. I get the feeling that Brad and Angelina think very highly of themselves. So meeting the Cambridges, while they probably enjoyed it, was a walk in the park. Where as I'm sure Kate was nervous as meeting celebrities is still new for her, especially when you have watched them on film for so long. It's probably a little surreal which is a good thing because that keeps a person grounded

    1. Ah CuriousKat I think you did just diss Will & Kate

  18. Reply to tammy from calf. I couldn't agree more they are not kate worthy at all,i just could not belive it! In my oppion i can't belive they call them hollywood royals it makes me sick. Great post charlette thanks for all the hard work, looking forword to hearing from you on sunday

    1. Hollywood royalty is not any claim to fame in my book.

    2. All they are, are two Hollywood actors doing some charity work. They do not hold a candle to Kate or William. So wish they woulfd not be compared to Will & Kate.

    3. Accept/admire OR reject/degrade Angelina and Brad, they have at least one thing in COMMON with W, K & H. All five use their status and recognition either to raise funds for causes and/or lend their names/presence to influence media. For those who don’t care for them and much prefer the royal trios, one fact is Angelina and Brad can be considered good ally and asset at least for such unity of purpose beyond any bias against them.

    4. Tammy from California2 July 2015 at 07:14

      It's exactly how felt Anon! Someone above posted that it was like darkness visited Kensington Palace: I felt the same way.

    5. Maggie - Minneapolis2 July 2015 at 10:11

      This makes no sense to me. William is royalty simply by luck of birth. Kate is royal because she married a prince. At least actors and actresses earn and work for their fame. And Angelina Jolie has done far more work in her life than Kate has.

    6. Angelina's choice of work says a lot about her. I am not a fan.

    7. ANON 15
      the ends don't justify the means.
      there might be a goal I wanted to achieve but I wouldn't just team up with just anyone to achieve that goal. I agree with others who have commented here there is something dark about that couple and I would not team up with them. William and Kate have a lot more options. And I also think it was sketchy allowing Prince George to be at that meeting.

    8. Tammy: you do know that Angelina was made a Dame by the Queen right ? KP was "darkened" by Angelina ? Seriously ?
      Please please think about what you believe to be right and wrong. Your value system belies a great deal and it is quite troubling, I have to say. Generosity of spirit is so sorely lacking in this thread.

    9. Anonymous3, July 2015 at 01:19
      In personal relationships, friendships and business partnerships, I agree with you in taking precaution who one team up with. In the case of these two couples having a meeting, they cannot be devalued to such extreme as “not worthy of Kate”. William as a prospective future head of state explores the broader world with a support and network of courtiers, PR, family members and Kate. This is not some sinners visiting innocent and naive teen couple, or a highly acclaimed and accomplished adult W&K. The last four years they have held some celebrity status themselves. The rest is in the eyes of the beholder and what one values.

  19. Rose from Montreal, Canada1 July 2015 at 14:35

    Excellent post Charlotte. Looking forward to Sunday. I will be precious seeing George walking to church on Sunday. I can't wait to see the official christening photos. What will Kate wear????

  20. Is anyone else surprised that Harry won't be at the christening? I get that he is in Africa, but honestly, there are planes for a reason. Looking forward to seeing George toddle down to the church!

    1. I totally agree. I was surprised.

    2. Maryland Moxie2 July 2015 at 17:16

      Not really. Most folks I know try to duck Christenings. Clergy say a few words and put some oil on baby's head - a baby who has no idea what is going on. It's a ceremony for parents, grandparents and godparents -- everyone else is looking at their watches.

  21. I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!! I WON!! I never win anything... I quite literally squealed with delight when I saw my name and woke my peacefully sleeping baby. Thank you so much. Will DM immediately. I've always really enjoyed his blog and even more so now!!! Thanks again.

    1. Congrats to you!!! Thanks for the opportunity again, Charlotte!!:))

    2. Rebecca - Sweden1 July 2015 at 23:04

      Congratulations :D

    3. Sarah from Calif.2 July 2015 at 00:17

      So happy for you :)

    4. Mrs. D in Dublin, Congratulations­čÄł So glad a new mom won.

    5. Mrs. D in Dublin,


      I googled the red dress you will wear it with as soon as I found out the winner. From what I remember, it is a beautiful dress with nice cut, length, and 'charming" red.

      Best wishes.

    6. Tammy from California2 July 2015 at 06:55

      CONGRATS! I love your post and am so happy you won! Wear those earrings with pride sista'!

  22. Julia from Leominster1 July 2015 at 19:12

    Some catching up from last time: Rebecca, I see your point about lack of Swedish nobility and agree with you. Everyone, Bluhare and I mentioned the Hannover jewel divide last time. There is a really interesting write-up on that and the Queen Victoria ruby circlet over at the Court Jeweller on June 30. I recommend it.

    Royalfan and others - for what it's worth, can't agree that William and Kate are staying away from royal banquets etc by their own choice. Besides the unlikely scenerio of the queen not inviting an heir to the throne should he wish to attend - if that had been the queen's intent, I think it would have been announced outright that William and Kate weren't going to take on royal duties full-time. Instead, there were lots of delays then an announcment that William was going to be a full-time royal, then backtracking. That speaks to me of a lack of agreement on plans that probably came from the couple.

    Moxie - I agree happily with your division of royal duties and should have included the church - shame on me. I do think garden parties come under non-state duties though as I believe the guest list comes from the palace, not the government. The Trooping is hard to catagorise as it fits in several catagories. 99 - saying the New York trip was not a state one of fully officiial (a distinction I should have made) doesn't mean there wasn't work - it's just that the St. Andrew's party, and the fundraiser for the foundation were private activities. A lot of these lines aren't clear but it's not meant to diminish anyone.
    Anon whoever, I do think Beatrice and Eugenie are not involved in royal duties because Charles does plan in the future to limit the monarchy. However, with William, Kate and Harry not full-time active, it has left a huge gap in young involved royals which I think is a huge mistake. The monarchy needs young fully active blood - bring it on.

    I agree it would be nice for Kate to wear the Cambridge lover's knot while she's still Duchess of Cambridge. Given the marriage was set on St. Catherine's Day, maybe she will appreciate this point. Baldina, I agree that the destruction (I prefer that to dismantling of the Nizam tiara was a crime - I vote for it's recreation.

    Glad Carole got a retraction - thanks to strict libel laws scaring the press but there are more rumours out there today - it's the many-headed hydra.
    Absolutely I support tiara study in schools - so much more interesting than those dates few of us remember.
    Doubt Tamara will be chosen as a godmother since her brother is a godfather to George. More van Cutsems seem likely but I hope for something ofther than the usual toff suspects. Glad Marion Testino is aboard - fits with royals being photographed by the top photographers of the day and he has done well by William and Kate in the past.

    1. Leo-as I mentioned, read the KP Twitter feed if you don't think William is doing full time royal work. Now.As listed by an official palace site. Harry is in Africa, before that Aus/NZ. Out of the way? The truth is out there, if we care to acknowledge it.
      We still don't have OFFICIAL definitions for royal work or full time royal. Commenters efforts are appreciated;
      but, of course, opinion only.

    2. Julia, since Lady Tamara is married to a Van Cutsem you don't think that might make her more eligible even though her brother is George's god parent? I am not familiar with that sort of thing.

    3. William has 12 entries in the court circular since May 1, and one of them is the birth of his daughter. Is that full time?

    4. Maryland Moxie2 July 2015 at 04:35

      Hi Julia - per the official website of the British Monarchy regarding garden parties (There is a process/protocol involved in who is invited and it very much includes government input. This is why I consider it to be a Domestic Head of State function.)

      Approximately 8,000 guests attend each garden party. People from all walks of life are invited on the recommendation of a large number of national organisations who submit lists on a pre-arranged quota. For example, the government, Lord-Lieutenants and organisations such as the Civil Service, Armed Services, Diplomatic Corps, charities and societies, all have quotas for nominations. This ensures that a representative cross-section of the community is invited and that guests are generally people who have contributed a large amount to their various organisations or society.

      Garden party invitations are sent out by the Lord Chamberlain' s Office in the Lord Chamberlain's name on behalf of The Queen. All the arrangements are planned by the Lord Chamberlain's Office.

    5. Maryland Moxie2 July 2015 at 04:36

      99 - Why don't you write to the British Government and Royal Family and provide us with one? I would love to see the response you get.

    6. The errant ways of the Court Circular have been aired in this forum. Activities are left off for some, while scrupulously noted for others. It has often been days, or weeks behind. One can prove anything by
      selective citing of sources.
      The KP Twitter feed lists William's activities as they happen. I think he has had 12 notable events, not incuding the birth, in the last 4-6 weeks alone. That is 2-3 a week.
      But then, who knows what is considered full time. I don't even think that is an official BRF term, as
      "senior royal" is. I doubt the RF or government would wish to define a term they don't use.

    7. You're trying to tell me that citing the Court Circular -- which exists to show appointments -- is "selective citing of sources"? Yet you think the KP Twitter feed -- designed to show them in the best possible light, is not?

      If the Court Circular is so wrong, please show me all the days William has worked since May 1. I did some research. You do the same.

    8. I agree 99.

    9. ANON 99 @ 18:40
      nice text, I agree.

  23. World traveler1 July 2015 at 21:43

    So since some people are not fans of Brad and Angelina, I have a fun question. Of any couple, who would you like to see Will and Kate have tea with (not counting ones they already have)?

    1. Sarah from Calif.2 July 2015 at 00:19

      Good ?, need to think about that one.

    2. Tammy from California2 July 2015 at 07:17

      Do they have to be celebrities?

    3. Jane Goodall. But I don't think she has a partner.

    4. Too bad Dian Fossey is gone-killed by poachers, it is said.

    5. Queen Rania of Jordan and her husband the King. They do so much good in the world. They could share lots of different ideas.

    6. Tammy from California22 July 2015 at 22:39

      Amy, that is EXACTLY who I would love to see! Queen Rania is one of the most beautiful women inside and out. They sure DO, do a lot for their country.

  24. Drs. Bill and Veronica Winston

    1. Tammy from California2 July 2015 at 07:15

      If you are Drs. Bill and Veronica Winston, then I LOVE YOUR POST! That's great!

    2. No, Tammy. He is a former top gun in the Air Force and he and his wife do charitable works all over the world.
      Their home office is in Oak Park, Illinois.

    3. Tammy, I love your posts also. :)
      you go girl. :)

  25. Royal Fan
    They are doing that diplomatically and politely and very sweetly I think.
    Diana is probably in heaven giggling and laughing over the sweet and chivalrous efforts of her first born and his sidekick in the adventure wife as they plan and put into effect things to keep her memory alive so she won't fade into the pages of history. It is quite endearing and poignant.

    1. let me just add I love too say these I know the duke and duchess tell their children how lovely her grandmother to the public I know that they children knows their grandmother efforts in giving them normal life

  26. worldtraveler...tom hanks & his wife and...Ron Howard and his wife.

  27. thank you for the details charlotte will love too see the cute princess charlotte in her christening gown and cant wait too see prince George waving a again and I also think prince William will great well wisher I think its all more cambridges things I also think that they will duchess will recycle her outfit when prince George christening I think of god parents peter Philips ton van custen and his wife will be god parents or maybe the ask aunt pippa I can think prince harry will be absent to princess charlotte christening

  28. Mrs D From Dublin


    you deserve to win a new mom

  29. Vowww, I have just read that the royal couple will visit Wimbledon next Wed. So why can she go and visit fun events but not visiting one of the charities?? It is beyond me!

  30. Julia from Leominster2 July 2015 at 13:57

    As far as Brad and Angelina go, the royal family has always had to meet people whose morals aren't the best (and as someone pointed out Brad and Angelina aren't that different from Charles and Camilla) and the royals have always mingled with Hollywood on occasion and no question Angelina has done a lot of good work but!!!!!

    Angelina has already been honoured by the queen. That's enough royal contact.

    The Wales's are not doing much royal work at the moment (yes, the subject comes up again.) Kate couldn't even manage to attend the Order of the Garter because she's on maternity leave.

    There are many more people heavily invloved in conservation than Brad and Angelina - people, even celebrities, who are making that their full-time goal. Having this meeting with a flashy American couple when there are few other engagements to balance it makes William and Kate look like a pair of star-struck, celebrity-seeking kids. It's something that if there were dozens of meetings, might be one thing, but really sticks out as it is.

    If they were to meet someone, I would vote for ordinary people who have done something extraordinary. Don't have someone in mind at the moment but know they're out there. We read about them all the time.

    Or why not meet with the familes of those who died in Tunisia - it's the sort of work Diana used to do. Yes, some would say it is imposing themselves on a tragedy - but the familes would never forget that type of thoughtful attention. I've wondered if Kate even reads the papers (for news). There have been times she seems quite disconnected from world affairs.

  31. Georgina from California2 July 2015 at 14:09

    IMHO Angelina Jolie has evolved tremendously since her early days of acting and with Billy Bob Thornton. Her nearly 15 years working with the UN on humanitarian issues regarding displaced persons and children is commendable. Her openness in discussing her breast cancer and treatment helped promote knowledge of the disease and options for all women. I suspect those that do not like her or have suspicions about her are perhaps more influenced by their own political/social opinions then by anything she has actually accomplished in the last decade. Good grief Angelina was even honored last year by the Queen and I must say she looked and acted lovely in the photos that were published.

    I am so looking forward to the christening and the excellent coverage this blog always does! Thank you in advance!
    I expect it will be a lovely event, perfectly planned as that is how William and Kate do things. They seem very well grounded and thoughtful and handle the major events in their lives with grace and class.

    1. Ms. Jolie-Pitt did not have breast cancer. Her mother died from it and Angelina has had genetic testing that
      showed she carries the BRCA gene. She then had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy to avoid breast cancer.
      I believe she later had a hysterectomy for the same reason. She has been quite honest about this and has
      promoted the availability of genetic testing for women, no matter their financial status.

  32. Tammy thank you for not backing down on your viewpoint. :)

  33. I just re-read Tammy's original post and I wonder if some of the more passionate responses considered her statement, "Although, Angelina, more than other celebrity women, seems to care and actually do something for the world...."

    Tammy did preface her opinion (a right championed here once or twice before) by giving Angelina credit. I do not see the same credit being given to Kate in some of the more passionate responses to Tammy's post.

    Personally, I recognize their charitable efforts and I give them credit for it. But there is a degree of attention seeking that is incompatible with what I would call "Hollywood royalty". (In my mind, people in this category don't go out of their way to live their private lives publicly.)

    Also, they are extremely rich AND have the luxury of being able to do anything they please. Good or bad, they can only benefit from the publicity. This luxury is NOT available to members of the royal family.

    1. Yes, Royal Fan. Those who tried to chastise Tammy for her opinions did the very same thing about Kate.
      that is hilarious.

  34. Standing one’s ground is admirable when the reason for up holding her ideal is explained and even betters more convincing. This is not the case so far.

  35. This post after reading royal fun's explanation at 02:17
    The conclusion, “Kate is not worthy of Angelina” brought out an outcry as well as a reverse psychology in some of us. What then is Kate worth for someone to be unworthy of her? Before even most of the posts, I felt the same way as others who questioned that phrase. In realizing the very reason I come to this blog, titled as “duchess Kate”, it sent me questioning why now I am frequenting it and what Kate means etc. This blog is around Kate, but much more and including the commenters and the dialogue.

    I understand where William is coming from especially as Diana’s son. At times he is in tune to that personal bond and connection. Someone like Diana “revolutionary” in her own time and ways may not have thought twice before she has tea with the likes of Angelina and Brad. Kate by association and a long time soul mate of William and a unison might have gone for it.

  36. anon 15

  37. Royalfan-good points 02:17- the difference between "up and coming" and "been there, done that" with US film stars is
    the former pay for publicity and the latter (known as Hollywood royalty) pay to keep their names out of the news.

    The possible exception is those famed stars who lend their names to bring attention to a project or charity from time
    to time and then try to disappear into private life. My goodness-look at Newman's Own products, a business run as a
    charity using the late actor's name. Yet, Paul Newman and his wife lead a very quiet personal life, letting the product do the work, in his later years.

    Seeing the closed, stoic expressions on the faces of the Jolie-Pitt children as they worked their way through an
    airport , accompanied by guards and flashing and clicking of cameras, is heart-breaking. One of the younger children,
    apparently not yet the master of her reactions, stared openly and somewhat in bewilderment at the chaos.
    The couple has made a choice to accept this as a price for having the celebrity needed to continue their projects and charities.The children could be sheltered, but that might mean leaving them behind with nannies.They are a family.

    Perhaps the Cambridges have come to accept that the comparison's, the barbs, and unfair comments are a part of their
    lives, but they seem to want to protect their children from what the Jolie-Pitt children endure.
    Some on this site justify this madness by saying she (Kate) chose this life and it all goes with the territory.
    Does that make the ugliness right, then? Does it really justify comments and news stories made without any grounding
    in known fact? No need to point the finger at the tabloids; it happens right here.

  38. Anonymous3 July 2015 at 09:38
    Really? to which comment?
    By the way, “Kate is not worthy of Angelina” should quote as, " Angelina is not worthy of Kate".

    Thank you Charlotte

  39. not clear on the Carole thing. Did she pursue the retraction or did William? the palace? the Queen?

    1. The Middleton's was my assumption. They do have the money to do so.


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