Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Prince George Polls...

We're back with our final polls and as requested they're all about Prince George. The adorable tot stole hearts all over the world during the Cambridges' tour down under and took centre stage wherever he went.

We begin by asking you to vote for the Best Family Photo taken during the tour (it's been thoroughly enjoyable whittling these down). For this poll, we've chosen more personal photos rather than airport departures and arrivals. Prepare yourselves for some serious cuteness.

Our first choice is Kate's favourite photo from the tour. At Prince George's first official engagement - a playdate at Government House - photographer Simon Woolf snapped a beautiful photo of George resting his head on Kate's shoulder with William standing beside them. Mr. Woolf gave the Duchess a black and white copy which we're sure she'll treasure.

Governor-General of New Zealand
Our second option is also from the playdate.

The trio's visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney was perhaps the most memorable in terms of seeing Prince George. This one offers a lovely opportunity to see William interacting with his son.

William and Kate enjoyed introducing their son to a bilby. In fact, George was very eager; so much so that William said, "he's trying to grab his ear" to which Kate replied, "If he gets it he'll never let go".

Next, another photo form Taronga Zoo (one could easily add ten from the zoo). George was very pleased to receive a toy bilby but quickly threw it away much to the delight of those at the scene. No George would have preferred the real thing!

Our final option is one there was much debate about including, but following requests via social media we elected to add it to our poll. After the Easter Sunday service, the Duke and Duchess returned to Admiralty House to play with their son. I quite liked the fact that although Kate was wearing custom McQueen she knelt down in the grass to play with her son. It's a great shame an informal photo-call like this wasn't a part of the itinerary. We wish to note the Palace did not complain about these photos.

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Moving on to our second poll: Vote for George's Cutest Tour Outfit!

We've all heard of the Kate effect, but we saw the 'Prince George Effect' in full force during the tour, such was the interest in the prince's wardrobe. For their arrival in Wellington, New Zealand, George looked adorable in cream and white with his Early Days Ivory Pre-Walker Shoes.

For his first official engagement, the little prince looked darling in the Rachel Riley Sailboat Smocked Dungarees. The navy and ivory cotton dungarees retail for $129 and feature an elasticated waist and adjustable straps which cross over at the back (oh, the cuteness factor!). George also wore the £15 Trotters Milo Body and a pair of £25.99 Early Days Pre-Walkers.

A very sleepy Prince George departed Wellington, New Zealand with his parents on 16 April looking adorable in his Rachel Riley Dungarees, Trotters Onesie, Early Days Pre-Walkers Shoes and an ivory cardigan.

Prince George looked very cute in a white romper with sailing boats by Les Petites Abeilles for the royal arrival in Sydney. The hand smocked and embroidered design retails for £60.

For his arrival in Canberra, Prince George wore the Rachel Riley Moss Stitch Cardigan. The $89 dark sky blue cardigan is 100% cotton with pockets.

MEDIA-MODE/Rachel Riley

George looked excited for his zoo visit in the Rachel Riley Striped Jersey Polo and the navy Pocket Shorts. They're available for $69 and $89 respectively. The prince also wore his Early Days Alex Shoes.

Prince George was gorgeous in a red cardigan and white and red stripe dungarees by Neck and Neck and his Early Days Pre-Walkers as he joined his parents to depart Australia.

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Finally, it's George's best expression. This was possibly the most difficult poll in the history of polls to narrow down :)

1. The Playful.

2. The 'Mom I love your hair'.

3. Looking at Mom.

4. The Cranky.

5. The Wave.

6. The Pout.

7. The 'Grrr'

8. The Happy.


9. The Grumpy.

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On the subject of George, the prince met Zara and Mike Tindall's daughter Mia at Prince Charles's country home Highgrove. The playdate turned into something of a food fight, according to Hello! as George was eating at the time :)

In other news, it's been incredibly quiet on the royal front. According to various reports, it seems the Duchess has been spending quite a lot of time working on completing the interior of the couple's new country home Anmer Hall. The Queen's first garden party of the year takes place today. It's the first of four that will take place over the season. We know Kate will attend one, but will it be today's or one at a later date?

We'll be back with the results of our tour polls next! :)


  1. Edythe Caelwen21 May 2014 at 05:19

    OW! Do you know how HARD it is to choose from these? George is too cute!

  2. Pauline Oak Hills21 May 2014 at 05:20

    Man thisw one was a very hard one. Loved all of his outfits. And what can you say about all the expressions of this little guy. He just so cute. And we can tell he is daddy's & mommy's little boy.

    Hopefully we will see him on the balcony with mommy & daddy at one of the up coming events. Until then I will continue to have my Duchess withdrawals.

  3. Sarah from Calif.21 May 2014 at 05:29

    Ohhhh Prince George makes some delightful expressions! He doesn't have a care in the world. Lovely :)

  4. Love the pout on Prince George's face, so cute!
    I hope Catherine is enjoying the interior design of their new home, would be lovely to be a fly on the wall...
    I so hope we get to see her at a garden party!

  5. Ive Got A Gal in Kalamazoo21 May 2014 at 08:07

    Oh, those cheeks! Thank you, Charlotte!

  6. OMG Charlotte this poll is awesome, thanks, you made my morning. It was so hard to choose and as I saw the results I did not go with the main stream:-)) Loved the family photo where G looks at William, the cutie one looked great in his playdate dungerees and his grumpy face takes it all!!

    I wish she would attend today, but it is unlikely right? I hope she makes the colours this time right it can be wonderful to furnish their new home but we all expect more than one appearance a months whether she is on a mat. leave or not. Am I right guys or Am I right?:-))))

    1. Yes, Kate acts more like a housewife than a duchess.

    2. @ blue-27 and Anglophile in Racine. Let's not forget that not all the work that the Duchess does is her work in front of the cameras at public events. There are planning meetings and charity/patronage meetings and wardrobe choices to make as well as numerous briefings and studying for events many months down the road on her calendar. I'd say that's quite enough for someone who is still considered on mat leave. In addition, she is entitled to her own home-life which includes time with her son, her husband, her extended family (maybe even friends) and preparing the decor and furnishings of her own home.

      Let's not forget that she has recently moved from William's posting in Wales to London where she had to move from a small home to a larger one in the Palace. Add all that to giving birth less than a year ago, I don't understand how anyone can place more expectations on her.

      And let's not forget that the press doesn't always tell the whole (or even the true) story.

    3. anon from Leominster22 May 2014 at 07:39

      When she has no engagements, it's unlikely, Kate has any large amount of meetings or briefings to attend, those go with appearances. If it takes Kate this long to prepare for the few engagements scheduled for the summer and autumn, she will find it hard going if she does take on a larger schedule.

      Few women of professional status take a full year's maternity leave including the prime minister's wife who has three children. In mitigation, Kate has done a few appearances and has done a tour in that year. However, that only is relevant if Kate actually takes on a heavier load after a year, which despite various remarks and hints, is yet to be determined.

      I don't think the most working women in Britain are going to be entirely in sympathy with Kate having to prepare a wardrobe or decorating two expensive homes, both of which are protected through public funds and one of which is partially taxpayer funded. Other young mothers also have household matters and clothes to put together for work. No one expects Kate to have a life likes ours but it might be expected that she would take on some royal duties at home, not just on tours.

      However, I thought an appearance at the garden party today very unlikely as Charles is on tour in Canada and would no doubt not welcome the large amount of distracting attention an appearance by Kate would bring. (Not all of the publicity from his tour has been without controversy.)

      Someone commented on the last post that we mostly talk about Kate' clothes. In fact, there have been a number of discussions about William's conservation work, the merits of Kate' portrait and many other subjects. At this point, there is not a lot more besides Kate's clothes we can talk about as her work is limited at home and the tour, while it included fascinating and serious historic visits, as well as more touristy aspects, didn't really lend itself to heavy discussion. As for Kate's hospice work, the Baby Cambridge fundraiser success show participants in this blog take Kate's work seriously.

      When Kate becomes more known for her work, there will be less focus on her clothes and probably less hysterical publicity every time she appears. Even Diana didn't get that much attention for every engagement during her main working years. The rarity of Kate's appearance puts undue focus on every engagement.

      I still think Kate is one of the most promising things in the royal fanily's future but there is growing impatience. None of us knows who's making decisions about William's and particularly Kate's schedule, but it's starting to be counterproductive to the success of the family.

    4. I agree with Anon from Leominster, but it was discussed here so many times. Neither side accepts the other so let's move and see forward maybe the Duchess goes shopping these days......:-)

    5. I agree with Anon from Leominster, but it was discussed so many times here. Neither side accepts the others so LET'S move on and see forward, maybe the duchess goes shopping these days.....:-)

    6. Again this is getting old. Until we walk in her shoes as one poster has said before, we can not know what goes on planning her engagements. As far as I have read that it takes 6 monhs or long to plan their schedules. And have any of you stopped and thought that maybe William wants his wife to be home with their baby. William usually get's his way.
      And I also read that William & Catherine will not be full time working royals for another few years. So I think we are in for only a few engagements from both of them in the coming years.


    7. I am very much in sympathy with what Philly has said. And yet, I sense a change in generations and expectations. Anon from Leominster and plenty of others speak of comparisons with today's professional women. This is a new factor - Diana and Fergie rarely faced such comparisons, even twenty or thirty years ago.

      I firmly believe that, as I expected when she began her reign, the Queen's strong example has influenced a growing acceptance of women's public roles. Diana and Sarah, and the other royal Princesses and Duchesses and Countess, have also made it easier for women to be accepted in work situations. But they have not been expected to make their work dominant over motherhood and home life. Kate has already taken on roles in the arts and hospice care, where she meets children and parents under the most trying circumstances. She also attends functions like garden parties and diplomatic receptions. She undertakes long and short tours.

      The world is changing, for the better where women are concerned, and there is still much work to be done. I would like to see Catherine become involved in women's issues. But I would not like to see her pressured to forgo the pleasures of taking care of her young family. Childhood is short, and adulthood is long. She will have time enough and plenty of royal responsibility when her children are older.

      We should remember, too, that Kate's training is in the arts. As she moves through the palaces and private royal homes, she will no doubt leave her mark on them. We know that Anmer Hall and Kensington Palace have needed serious renovation before redecorating could even begin. Prince Philip has always been in charge of the royal and crown properties, and hasn't had enough money to work with. Kate will probably follow in his footsteps, and I hope she will have more to work with.

      I expect that as Kate matures, she will have plenty to do, and that she will play a magical role in public as well as in her royal and private family life.

    8. I still do not think that it is anyone's business to speculate what Catherine does or does not do in her personal and public life. We are not privy to her life, we are just interested onlookers. I really feel offended for her, reading all the opinions on her work ethic. That said, Charlotte, I love all the polls that you have offered to your readership. You are a joy to read.

      Nancy in Alabama

    9. I found what looks like pictures of a couple rooms inside Anmer Hall. If they are, they really do need the help of an interior decorator, aka Kate.
      Anonymous 17:08, I like your thoughts on Kate leaving her mark on the palaces and royal homes for the future. That's a worthwhile job.
      Even though she seems to be busy privately, I do hope we see Kate out in public soon! :)

      Victoria, Oregon

    10. Unfortunately, Kate as a public figure (occasionally) will induce speculation.
      I'm still flabergasted that she has not been visible since returning from her tour.
      Jet lag well and truly over, I'm sure a very quick visit to a hospital/school/anything with William to greet the British people would have been simply a gesture of COURTESY!

      We're not asking for a full blown event where months of prep work needs to be done or a glamorous official event.
      Simply a small visit to anywhere within the first couple of weeks to acknowledge their presence back into the UK. I'm not English, but I'm certain that many British feel snubbed by Kate's lack of "acknowledgement". I believe this is the direction from where "anon from Leominster" is coming from.

      There may be a few visits William and other royals are doing, but surely a 2 hour window which wouldn't clash with another royal event could have be found for the couple to make a token appearance.

      "Not full time royals" is a poor excuse for not greeting the English public after returning.
      "Leaving her to tend to house and child" is no excuse either. I'm sure half a day could be worked into her schedule. And as I pointed out before, it doesn't need to be a full blown event with bells and whistles and months of planning!
      On the rare chance, that Kate is conducting some charity work privately, why not bring one of them to the public's attention? The public deserve to know that Kate is taking an interest in charitable work somewhere. Why keep it quiet?

      Simply put - the Royal Family are the Cream of the Crop of the Public Service.
      Their work, their role as Royals all have to do with the public. Without the public, they are simply wealthy, aristocrats - no different to the others in that class.

      I'm not begrudging Kate her private time with her family, but the couple should have acknowledged the English people on their return.
      It would have been the polite thing to do.
      And I'm very disappointed they didn't.

    11. If it is no one's business what she does privately or publicly there is no need for this blog. I think you probably meant to say that criticism of her private and public life isn't anyone's business, and I'd argue that as long as they are living in subsidized housing, it is indeed Britain's business.

      I also posit that it does not matter what she does behind closed doors, it's what she does in front of them that counts. And it isn't much. I blame her less than I blame her husband, but I also think she needs to step up and be counted. Like it or not, William, Kate and George are the future of the monarchy. And the way they are going about it now it isn't looking great.

    12. Sometimes I wonder if they are even listening...if they even care.

    13. IMO, the current strategy is a 50/50 split between what William negotiated on behalf of his family. (He wants to protect Kate in a way that his mother was not.) And 50% what Charles prefers as he and his wife take on a larger role and prepare for the future as HM begins to cutback on her schedule. It's very possible that the Queen is simply going along with William and Charles to keep peace in the family. Surely, she sympathizes with her grandson's feelings and at the same time she must be well aware of the tricky path that Camilla will face.

      I realize that the public would love to see William and Kate out there every day acting like an unstoppable power-couple, but at what cost to more immediate future of the monarchy? I admit that this may not be the best strategy for W&K in the long run, but for now, I think they're somewhat stuck in a position that is unprecedented in the history of the RF.

  7. Sooooooooooo cute! And so hard to choose! I've chosen "George leaning on Kate's shoulder" and "The Mom I love your hair photo. But it was hard so hard. I think I should have voted for all of them. LOL :)

    Fantastic post dear Charlotte! Thank you so much for offering us such cuteness!

    Monica, France

  8. Silvia from Portugal :))))21 May 2014 at 12:14

    Dear Charlotte,

    Thank you so much for todays post :)))))

    I have voted and even though it was the hardest one so far, I have decided as it follows:

    Family photo - Playing with Gorgeous George after the Easter Day Service :))) Simply love this family "private" moment :))) Wonderful :)))

    George cutest outfit - the sailboat and smocked dungarees :))) This is a 10 for me, also because prince George ressambles me so much my young brother and in this particular outfit a lot, because my brother has had a very smiliar one at the same age of Prince George.

    Prince George Best Expression - THE POUT, so so delightful :))) Indeed it is Gorgeous George :)))

    I wish you all a lovely end of the week :))))


  9. Oh thank you so much Charlotte! This was the most fun and also the hardest to choose poll you have done yet! I am still deciding on the outfit I love best, but that pout!!! So so so adorable! Did I mention it was adorable? :)
    It was so nice to wake up to this poll today Charlotte, thank you ever so much, again.
    Someone made a comment on your last post, sorry I don't remember who, about how it is so nice and refreshing to come to your blog and be able to share different view points and opinions, but that most people of very respectful and friendly toward one another. I want to second that. You and everyone here have made me feel so welcome, you have made me come out of my shell here lol. I actually look forward to posting and talking to my friends on here now. And yes, I count many of you as friends!
    Thank you again Charlotte! You are an amazing blogger and a wonderful and caring woman.
    And I will be coming back to adore all of these pictures of PG over the next few weeks, at least.
    Take care everyone, have a great day!


  10. Oh Charlotte! what choices.....thank you for this poll- each photo is adorable. I also loved that TRH were down on the grass with PG- in their Easter best. That was my first choice but all the other pictures were my second. Thank you again for all of your hard work. We really appreciate it! Wouldn't it be nice to have a peek inside KP and AH?

  11. Theresa, from Paris21 May 2014 at 13:36

    Brilliant fun, these polls ! Thanks, Charlotte.
    I just loved the pout :)
    Yes, the Queen's garden parties... My niece is in London learning English and she will be waitressing at several of the garden parties in Buckingham Palace. I really must tell her to drop everything - trays, champagne and all- and get close to the Duchess :))))

  12. I can't imagine how difficult it was to narrow down the choices for facial expressions - picking a favorite is nearly impossible! There's something to love about each of them. Isn't it interesting how the best ones combine his eyes and mouth? As subtle as "the pout" is, I think I like it best for that reason.

    As for the outfits, I chose the white romper with smocked sailboats he sported in Sydney. It's so classically babyish in its coloring and design, and I love the thoughtfulness of the sailboats/Sydney Harbour together. All three of my children wore several smocked outfits as babies and toddlers - it's wearable art, I'm convinced.

    Charlotte, I noticed you didn't include your picks in the post. Couldn't you decide, or experimenting to see if you affect voting? ;)

    Thank you for a clever post and lovely selection of photos!

  13. Rhonda from Wisconsin21 May 2014 at 14:21

    Charlotte - the only thing you missed on the Prince George polls was the one of PG with William - it was such a tender moment when he was holding him close and gave him a kiss. There was another one that was in the Daily Mail (I think) of the same shot only he was whispering in George's ear - I couldn't decide which one I liked better. It was a beautiful moment between father and son. Otherwise, wonderful post as always!!!!

  14. I wanted to comment before my phone acted up again - one day I'll get a computer! I still say that George's expressions seem to morph into Michael Middleton, Queen Victoria, and Elvis! Not all at the same time, of course! He's a little doll! Actually quite a big one - Kate sometimes seems to have quite a job holding him!

  15. I forgot to add that "The Grrr!" Is the face that looks to me like a baby Elvis!
    Charlotte, thank tou SO much for the update about the food fight playdate and the Garden party. Every time i read about the Garden Parties, I think about the glorious-sounding sandwiches and tiny scones that are served there - anfd a luscious chocolate cake called (If I remember correctly ) - Gateau Opera.

  16. There shouldn't have been any poll on the little prince...All of these pictures are priceless...I love them all.

  17. Oh, as I feared, just about impossible to choose! But I very much like the red cardigan, which is the perfect color for Prince George. I chose the happy play expression and the cranky leave taking one - it showed his two teeth and a bit of emotion one would have expected more often. The family pictures are all so neat. I chose the Taronga Zoo picture because I loved Prince William's interaction with his son.

  18. It looks to me that the striped dungarees by Neck and Neck are actually red and white stripes. Not pink.

  19. George looks just as good in red as his mom does!
    I loved the picture of George laying on mom's shoulder, but as a whole- family photo, I couldn't vote for it - Dad was obscured and out of focus. So I picked the one at the zoo where William & George were looking directly at each other.
    So many cute photos!

  20. Jean from Lancs21 May 2014 at 19:59

    My favourite is the one where George has his head on Catherine's shoulder, but all the photos are great.
    Just seen two French sites confirming that William and Kate will be at Arromanches on June 6th--one is Ouest France and the other Basse-Normandie--the visit confirmed by the Mayor of Arromanches.

  21. I literally can't narrow down his facial expressions! Gaaaah! Cheeky McSquish is just too cute for this sort of thing.

  22. I can't vote! :) Every picture, every expression is adorable and special in its own way.

  23. I can't possibly choose one single family picture, they are all so cute

    Gabry from italy

  24. I voted! But I definitely loved them all! No way there is a favorite of Prince George for me!

  25. Hardest series of polls yet!! George is absolutely adorable, and I love how his outfits are always coordinated to his parents'. Ahh, one can dream... :-). I chose the sailboat play outfit, because it looks the most boyish of them all, but honestly I would dress my (future) little boy in any of these classic ensembles!

  26. Hello everyone.

    A quick note on a comment from our previous post.

    A posted named Bluefire posted about being kicked out of the group. Naturally we were all very concerned that someone would feel excluded from our very inclusive community here.

    I looked into this and it seems that Bluefire was NOT referring to this blog but a private Facebook Group which has no affiliation with the blog. The admin of that FB group asked me to remove the comment so these issues can remain between the people concerned.

    I thought it important to inform you all because there was definitely a lot of concern.

    1. Thank you Charlotte- we may not always totally agree but we are a very special group and including Bluefire

    2. Absolutely Patricia. Everyone is most welcome to participate.

  27. My favourite photo:

    1. That's adorable... so loving.

      Victoria, Oregon

    2. George the hairdresser! I suppose he's frequently watched Kate's hair being fixed and wants to try it himself, and he looks as if he knows exactly how he wants it to look. I also thought, when they arrived in New Zealand, that he watched his parents shake hands with the officials on the tarmac, and then leaned over as if he wanted to shake hands, too.

  28. Glad to see I'm not the only one who found it impossible to choose favorites! I think it's impossible to argue with Kate's favorite; however, I didn't choose that one. Instead I chose the zoo picture where William and George are looking at each other. I feel bad sometimes for William since all of the attention is on his wife and baby (although for all we know he might prefer it that way.). So I chose a picture that included William. There were other photos (not included in the poll, thankfully) of William kissing George. I enjoyed seeing those and being reminded that William is a regular Dad who loves his son. Sorry, I'm rambling...

    Thanks for all of the fun polls!

  29. Charlotte - I just HAVE to say this..
    I have so much trouble imagining you as a twenty-something young lady!
    You write and express yourself and manage this blog with a maturity rare in people far older - always gracious and never failing take the high road. It is a pleasure to be part of this. Sorry to gush .... but I couldn't keep it in!

  30. Aww thank you Jo! That is so sweet.

  31. Sincerely meant, Charlotte! Oh! I just realized that I forgot about my VOTES!
    Wellllll.....I'm having the same trouble that everyone them all! I did like George's red outfit with the striped pants.....and the photo of William & Kate gorgeously dressed for an important event playing outside with their Easter egg in the foreground...was so touching. But the peace and contentment in George's eyes with his head on Kate's shoulder
    really twanged the old heartstrings!

  32. What a cute post Charlotte! Thank you so much. I voted for the babe on her shoulder and the look at mom romper! :D


  33. Wednesday 4th June 2014

    The Duke of Cambridge will visit Yorkshire.

    The Duke of Cambridge, Royal Patron of SkillForce, will visit Goole High School to launch the new SkillForce Junior Prince's Award.

    The Duke of Cambridge, Royal Patron of Centrepoint, will visit Centrepoint Bradford Foyer.

    1. What a pitty!! He´s going alone.....can´t wait to see Kate Thursday!!

    2. Visiting Goole High School on behalf of the Junior Prince's Award alone makes some sense. It is a "prince's award".
      As does the Centrepoint visit which William is patron of and given the events are both in the same town on the same day.
      I'm interested to see how much publicity these events will receive given William will attend by himself.
      Both such worthwhile causes for our younger generation.
      It will be a great shame if the media downplay William's appearance given Kate won't be there.
      Shall wait and see...


    This is worth it if only for the photos she chose at the bottom.

    1. Cute pics! Silly article tho :) Amazing that this kind of stuff gets published, but I did enjoy the pictures.
      George is a strong one - think how many times we saw him squirming to turn around in Mum's arms, so that he could see where they were going. Pushing against her chest with that strong little arm!

  35. If I could I would have marked all the photos as favourites, I would have as, George is so very cute! The photo, I chose was the family at the zoo where William is interacting with George with Kate is holding him. I am liking that one at the moment. The photo I like at any give time changes the more I look at the them because I see things that I had not noticed before each time I look. (We know how that works.) Having said that, my all time favourite photo, which focuses on just George, is of him cuddling his Mommy and smiling. I can see the "Middleton Smile" (Kate and her Mom has the same smile) and although he is a tot, there was something happening in that little mind that made him smile and it is lovely and priceless.

  36. Looking again at the pictures from the New Zealand play date, I wonder whether Prince George had become aware of the different ways his mother wears her hair, and of her eyes with and without makeup. He appeared to study her very carefully, and attempt to create his own version of her hairdo.

    In the last pictures in Australia, as they were leaving, I wish I could see just what George kept looking at so intensely, even twisting around completely in Kate's arms. It almost appeared he didn't want to leave all the activity (or the continent? :-) ) but that at times he was frightened. Was it the photographers, the planes? What was so interesting and intimidating, I wonder?

    I am bothered by the "food fight" comments the newspapers created about Prince George and Mia Tindall. Her father said that she was asleep during their visit to Highgrove, and Prince George was eating and making a mess. "Carnage" appears to refer to what he did to the table and possibly himself in the process. There is no indication that Mia Tindall was involved! Reminds me a bit of Prince Harry's first comments about George - all he did was scream during Harry's first visit.

    Hopefully, George and Mia Tindall and the Phillips girls will become good friends eventually, but he might have to restrain his vigor around them!

    1. Jean from Lancs23 May 2014 at 09:37

      On some of the original photos, George seemed to be looking towards the back of the 'plane where someone was stuffing his wombat in--in my mind I labelled it, "Someone's pinching my wombat"

  37. I wonder whether the Government House staff provided an Easter Egg hunt for Prince George. His first. (Reminds me of two little nephews who discovered Easter eggs at my house last year.) That would explain Kate and William on their knees in their church garb. Maybe the time was short and George needed to get a nap in before the zoo.

  38. It's not a big deal at all, but I don't think George was wearing the Rachel Riley dungarees when they departed from Wellington. The top comes up too high to be the dungarees, the shorts don't have cuffs at the bottom, and the lines on the middle seam are exposed. But like I said, it's not a big deal. :) Thanks for a fun post!

  39. Can I add a write-in vote? Maybe not strictly a family photo, but George being presented with his cuddly wombat?

  40. thanks Charlotte i know many people here are alarmed about my last post concerned with my feeling you know everyone sorry for being naive on the blog for saying that because having my bad day time i cant choose which better expression or better outfit of prince george she such a cutie prince can get enough of his charm

  41. There are many articles going round speculating Kate being pregnant hence her obvious absences from the public eye.
    Many of these are the typical gossip rags claiming that the palace will make an announcement within the next month.
    Many here commented that some of Catherine's photos revealed bumps on the tour.
    So this is quite fascinating to hear.
    Personally, I don't think this is true.
    But it could be a valid explanation for her vanishing into thin air.

    1. I think that bump might have been constipation, It happens to me every time I travel around.........Time difference, schedule, travel sickness, etc..

    2. The bumps appear I think because sometimes she stands so awarkardly almost stooping, when u look at some pics of her her stomach is as flat as a pancake! Enviously!! :-) Ann London

  42. What a tough decision to make, so many cute photos! I was torn between the picture of George giving his mom a hug after his playdate and the family Easter photo. Ultimately I choose the picture of George giving Kate a cuddle, too precious!!! Also, it seems to be the only photo that shows just a hint of George's smile. He sure is a solemn (and a bit grumpy) little guy, I hope as he gets older he will show us more of his smile.

  43. I absolutely love all of PG's pictures but my favorite would be that of the playroom with the other kids. I think he looked his happiest then!!!Gosh what a cutie he is!!!xoxo

  44. I'm wondering if, during the coming visit to Scotland, William will be persuaded to start wearing a kilt - as does Prince does Prince Philip. - perhaps not every time or throughout the entire visit. I seem to remember William mentioning something about kilts being "a bit drafty," but since he has a Scottish title, one might think that he would pay the diplomatic courtesy of wearing
    the kilt.

  45. I love the pic and I don't think it's in the poll of when George is parting Kate's hair away from her face and smoothing it. Ann London

  46. Before I knew it there have been two more blogs, so I was late in my voting. I agree with so many that there are many favorite photos of George resulting in such a difficult decision. But I must agree with Mum Kate that my favorite is of baby son George hugging his Mum and thankfully his father William is also in the photograph. His outfits were also equally hard to choose.

    As always I do so enjoy the other discussions that occur. Thank you Charlotte for yet another marvelous blog.


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