Saturday, 2 November 2013

New Engagement, Kate's Styles In Different Colours, Latest News

Hello Duchess Kate readers,

We begin today's post with news of a new engagement which was announced earlier this week. On 7th November, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will meet Poppy Day supporters when they call at Kensington Palace as part of a tour of London on a 1960's Routemaster bus. The couple will meet staff and volunteers at the Palace.

Poppy Legion Facebook Page

The Royal British Legion  is the nation's biggest Armed Forces charity and this year the organisation is hoping to raise a staggering £37 million from its nationwide poppy appeal. Every year the nation shows their support for the legion through the Poppy Appeal. Every poppy sold helps to support the forces past and present and their families. This year's appeal was launched nationally on 24th October. The poppies can be ordered at the official website.

Poppy Legion

Below we see Kate wearing her poppy at Remembrance Sunday. Kate's attendance at this year's service on 10th November has been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Prince Williams calendar is filling up substantially.

  • 5th November - Prince William will represent The Queen for the first time during a state visit in honour of the President of Korea. The Prince will join the President for the ceremony of a new Korean War Memorial at Victoria Embankment Gardens.
  • 6th November - William will meet staff and volunteers at St Giles Trust to learn more about their work with ex-offenders.
  • 7th November - Prince William will visit The Royal Marsden where he will watch two operations: a breast reconstruction and the removal of a bladder tumour.
  • 9th November - The Prince will attend the Autumn International rugby match between Wales and South Africa.
I asked royal reporter Richard Palmer if Kate, who is still technically on maternity leave, is expected to join William at any of the above engagements:

Richard Palmer Twitter Feed

I think many of us wondered what William's transitional year would entail and it's refreshing to see him take on a wider range of royal engagements and I quite like the selection of choices, too. They cover a broad range of areas, all of which will benefit in different ways from the Prince's support. It's interesting to see William playing a role in the President of Korea's visit next week; unfortunately it has been confirmed the Cambridges will not be attending the state banquet (a perfect occasion for Kate to bring out the Cartier Halo Tiara and matching earrings from the royal wedding) because they are not full-time working royals yet. I expect they may very well attend one in 2014.

There were reports vie Twitter of Kate attending a university opening in early November, but it is in fact The Princess Royal who will attend the University Square Stratford official opening on 5th November.


In today's fashion corner, we look at several items worn by the Duchess which are now available in different colourways. The exact colour/print Kate wore may be sold out, but it is interesting to see the pieces in a different light. We begin with the Erdem 'Cecile' Dress, a garment Kate fashion fans will be very much familiar with since the Duchess wore it for her arrival in Canada in July 2011.

Canadian Heritage Flickr

The beautiful dress has a very elegant feel to it and is currently available in Dauphine Night Floral-Print; a charming navy colour featuring electrifying pink and blue hues and the Cecile floral-Print; a refined silhouette with a combination of colour and pattern. They're both striking in different ways, although Kate's navy lace remains my favourite. What do you think?

Erdem 'Cecile'

Next, we look at Kate's Redgrave Coat. The Duchess wore the GOAT piece whilst visiting the offices of Child Bereavement UK during her pregnancy.

The wool-crepe coat is a perfect piece to wear over a dress and boots during the winter months. The €667 coat works equally well whether worn day or night and comes in a selection of colours including BlackPlumRed and Navy.

Goat 'Redgrave' Coat

Kate's Libélula Rebecca Shirt Dress and Dulwich Coat in various colours.


The Duchess has a fabulous collection of shoes and none more so than her Jimmy Choo Cosmic Pumps. The black suede five inch heel shoes have provided the perfect finishing touch to several of Kate's most popular evening looks.

The gorgeous pumps (I have serious shoe-love for these) come in an array of colours most notably the Multi-Glitter (currently reduced from €545 to €327 in limited sizes). We also look at the Cosmic's in Pink and  Nude.

Jimmy Choo

To view more of Kate's pieces in different colours and prints, pop over to our new page Royal Style - New Shades which we'll be keeping frequently updated. :)


Some sad news from one of Kate's favoured designers. Collette Dinnigan is closing her boutiques in order to spend more time with her family (with thanks to WKW). The designer shared this letter via her Facebook Page.

Collette Dinnigan

There have been reports for quite a while regarding Ms. Dinnigan's search for an investor who would share her vision in running the business, however, she hasn't found one and following much thought has concluded it's time to stop producing her signature, luxury bridal and evening attire. She will also no longer show in Paris, but her diffusion line Collette By Collette Dinnigan and her children's line will continue. It's sad news for the fashion world. South African-born Collette developed an international following with her romantic, classic dresses; her lace creations were favourites of the Duchess.

Kate is not the only royal supporter of the brand; Princess Mary of Denmark was photographed in one of Ms. Dinnigan's creations from the Spring-Summer 2013 Collection over the weekend.

Collette Dinnigan Facebook Page

I've personally been a fan of Ms. Dinnigan's work for quite some time and wish her all the best in the future.


The phone hacking scandal in the UK has seen a series of shocking revelations and the list of people affected continues to grow. Yesterday, a jury heard Prince William and Kate were spied on by former tabloid News of The World's investigators who hacked into mobile phones belonging to senior royal aides. Information regarding when William would be meeting Kate, and Harry's training at Sandhurst was discovered.

More from the Express story:

'They were able to glean information to go with photographs of Kate and investigate a story about William being "pretend shot" in a military training exercise. The hacking trial was also told ex-News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks authorised payment for a photograph of Prince William in fancy dress for a party wearing a bikini and an open Hawaiian shirt.'

I hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend :)


  1. Charlotte, keep an eye on November 8th for Kate's calendar - I've got a feeling she and Wills have a meeting of the Princes Charities Forum that day. It's been held on the Friday before Remembrance Sunday for the past several years and their schedules for this Friday are clear despite a busy week of engagements.

    1. Thank you for that Sarah, I did not recall it was held the Friday before Remembrance Sunday. It would be great to see a couple of photos :)

  2. Pauline Oak Hills3 November 2013 at 00:23

    Hello Ms. Charlotte. Another surprise post and a great one. I do have to say I am a little disappointed that we do not get to see much of the beautiful Duchess in the near future. But she does have a very important job at the moment, being a mummy to Prince George. I would rather se her be home with the little Prince. I wonder if William feels the same way.
    I did think that I read once William retired from the RAF that there woudl be more joint engagements but I guess that is not going to happen since the Duchess is still on leave.
    Do you know if any of these engagements William has will take him away from his family over night? Just wondering. It seems to me that he does not like to be to far from his lilttle baby boy.
    It also seems strange to me that the Duchess would not be with William when he meets the President of Korea. Or is it becuase she is consider still on her leave?

    Thanks again for this great blog and all your hard work. Hope you are having a great weekend.

    1. Hello Pauline,

      It is very much believed Kate will be taking on more solo engagement in the new year as opposed to joint engagements. There will of course, always be joint engagements but I imagine we'll see William and Kate individually supporting their charities quite a bit.

    2. He has many engagements booked but his solo engagements are not reported on this blog (and I'm not suggesting they should be). Have a look at their website - they are posted on there (eventually!)

  3. Hello, Charlotte
    Great post as usual.
    Do you have any plans in the future to do a reli-kate post? I would love to find things similar in style to what Kate wore, when the originals aren't available.

    1. Hello Blair,

      I do indeed and I have plans for a 'Repli-Kate' page. It should be ready by the end of the month. Feel free to suggest any Repli-Kate's in the comments section in the meanwhile :)

  4. Rose from Montreal, Canada3 November 2013 at 01:02

    Wow Charlotte I was not expecting anything this is such a good surprise. Thank you so much for your time and effort. You are truly the best. I am pleased that Prince William is taking on such a diverse range of royal engagements. The Duchess really needs to spend as much time as possible with Prince George and as much as we want to see her we need to allow her time with her precious bundle of joy. Notwithstanding, I get Duchess Kate withdrawals. I am looking forward to getting an extra hour of sleep since our clocks go back tonight. Have a great weekend all. Thanks a lot Charlotte.

    1. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind comment Rose and for reading!

  5. Crown Princess Mary wore the floral print Erdem recently. You can see it here - lovely! She and Kate have a similar fashion sense in many ways.

  6. Wow what a fine article charlotte one fine love kate loves and i love ms dinnigan collection charlotte is that possible that our duchess and will be metting korea president or it woul be prince william only

  7. Hi Charlotte,
    Thank you for another great post today and also the others during the past few months. It has been such a long time that I last commented here. My laptop broke so I kept reading your blog from my iPhone which, without any reasons, doesn't allow me to leave comments. Anyway, I am finally back and I would like to post simply to tell you that your hard work has been appreciated. Your blog is very easy to understand yet very interesting and full of information. :D

    I am delighted to see William's schedule filled with engagements, with a little hope to see joint engagements of the couple. I just get the Duchess withdrawals. However, since she is still on her maternity leave, I may have to wait a bit longer.

    Looking forward to the 7th of November, thank you once again and have a nice weekend.


  8. I just really want to see her in another tiara. I loved that navy gown she wore recently. I wish she would have worn some more jewelry... You know the stuff we fantasize about. Hehe. I know this will never happen but wouldn't I give anything to just peak inside The Queens jewel vault.

    1. Wow I totally agree! The collection the Queen owns is priceless and amazing. I really want to see Kate in a tiara again too!
      I was in Beverly Hills this weekend and I saw a pair of earrings that looked just like Kate's engagement ring. Too bad they were way, way, way out of my price range they were amazing!! They reminded me of Kate/ Diana very much, as Diana and Kate both had matching earrings for the ring, I am just not sure that Kate's are actually the pair Diana wore.
      Amazing to see some of her pieces in different colors and prints. The coats are my fave and the floral dress by Erdem.

  9. Kristin, San Francisco3 November 2013 at 03:28

    A very poignant, solemn & thought provoking post on this Saturday. Luv the poppy bus! I lost truck of the days - Remembrance Day or Armistice Day here. I am always grateful that both grandfathers returned from the European front. We used to see veterans selling paper poppies; don't recall if it is done here.
    Also good to see William easing into more royal duties. As much as I would love to see Kate every day I want her to concentrate on giving Prince George the best possible start in life.
    Thank you kindly, Charlotte, for all that you do for us!

  10. I am excited about the new engagements for William and Kate and I sure hope William is happy with his new role and engagements. I also love the new Erdem dresses. He is a great Canadian designer. Also I agree with you those jimmy choo shoes are to die for.

  11. Nice post I love your blog! What do you think when you see the next photos of Prince George and you can expect a session of Christmas? : )

    1. That is a great question and it is something I've been wondering about for some time: Christmas official photos! Or an official Cambridges' Christmas Card! (With George, of course) :)

      Charlotte do you know anything about this possibility? I think it woud be lovely, but it's not likely, since they're not full-time royals yet...
      Z. from Portugal

  12. I found this link on Monday. Do you think that's true?,,20395222_20749820,00.html


  13. Lovely post, as always. Your site is always the first thing I search for when I switch on my computer, Charlotte... :-)))) It´s always interesting, especially the comments from all over the world, like today the ones on Rememberance Day. The two World Wars happened literally "in another century" - but what effects they still do have... And there are still so many wars on this planet.. going on right now - it´s so sad.... Why can´t we all live in peace? It´s such a wonderful planet we live on and surely there´s enough for everyone.... so why kill? Why threaten somebody else´s life? I will never be able to understand that.... I just believe in the fact that we can sort out all problems if we concentrate on SOLUTIONS - and killing, harming and hurting DEFINITELY are NO solutions.....
    Let´s turn to the "nicer" subjects! Like the lovely dresses from today´s post... I love Erdem, the colourful prints and the designs.... And what a shame that Collette Dinningam will close her business... I always thought that lace dress Kate wore - I think it was in 2007, during her brief split from William - was ABSOLUTELY SMASHING!! A real "WOW-dress", don´t you think? No wonder, William got second thoughts about splitting up with Kate, right? ;-))))
    Well, have a lovely Sunday, all of you!! Lots of love, Eve from Germany

    1. Sarah from Calif.5 November 2013 at 01:12

      Hi Eve from Germany, I love your heart and I've never meet you. Your right there is beauty in this world and talking to people from other countries is so fantastic. By the way I love love Kate's lace dress too.

  14. Jean from Lancs.3 November 2013 at 11:31

    Thank you for an excellent piece Charlotte.
    The present phone hacking trials are upsetting---particularly the allegations that some police with a responsibility to guard the homes and offices of members of the Royal Family, may have sold information to a former Sunday newspaper. We have always believed our police to be trustworthy, so it comes as quite a shock.
    At the moment the Duke and Duchess seem to be trying to arrange engagements so that one of them is always home with Prince George---giving him some security, particularly necessary as in his first three months he has lived in 5 different places.

    1. Pauline Oak Hills4 November 2013 at 18:41

      Hello Jean from Lancs
      I love reading your comments. They are truely enlighting. I would hope that William & Kate put baby George first and I love the idea that one of them are at home with him when the other is doing engagements. That is what parents should do no matter if you are a royal.
      I just read a few posts here that they wish Kate would do more engagements but I love the idea that she is putting her child first. I would love to see her be a stay at home mom but I know that is not how the royals work. But William is known to be his own man and I just wonder if he has the same feelings wanting his wife to stay home with their baby. Interesting thought.

    2. Sarah from Calif.5 November 2013 at 01:14

      Oh my gosh I will protect that baby with my life!

  15. The earrings the Duchess wore at her wedding did not precisely "match" the Cartier tiara. They were a wedding gift from her parents, who did apparently ask the designer to see to it that they harmonized with the tiara, but since they included the acorns from the Middletons' then-new coat of arms, they couldn't be a real match. The tiara obviously does not involve acorns.

    1. But the scroll on the tiara does reflect the scroll on the earrings. And both scrolls echo a oak/leaf design. I think it has nothing to do with acorns but with oak trees, which was linked to the Middletons home at the time of the marriage.

      There is also a link with the Duchess's shield in that it shows a hind which dwells in woodland.

  16. Theresa, from Paris3 November 2013 at 15:40

    Great post, dear Charlotte ! Thank you...
    I love Collette Dinnigan too. A pity she is closing, but I understand her choice.
    I wonder what the Duchess will wear at her next gala evening. When the time comes, we will all enjoy seeing her at State occasions with beautiful tiaras. She will surely be stunning.
    All best to all :-)

  17. Hi Charlotte, thanks for such an informative post. So glad to see William taking on more engagements. When he first stated that this year would be a "transitional" year, most of the press jump on it as he was taking a gap year off. I'm very happy to see that isn't the case and that he is starting to embrace his new life as a working royal. I do wish we could see more of Kate though, any idea of how long her maternity leave will be?

  18. I'm a little confused by the BRF's categorization of Kate' status, mostly the fact that they're saying she's on maternity leave? I don't actually notice a huge difference in the amount of engagements she's doing now versus in 2011-2012. It seemed like even before she got pregnant, she would do a few engagements every couple of weeks, averaging out to about 1-2 per week and evenly split between visits to charities and gala events/royal appearances like the Jubilee events. Her workload now seems pretty similar to that. The only significant difference I see is that they're not going on a foreign tour this year like they did in the first two years of their marriage. Has a spokesperson said when her maternity leave is scheduled to end? I'm just curious to see what her schedule will look like once that's over. I don't think she will ramp up to having engagements almost every day any time soon; but if she did it would certainly make for a lot of interesting events to blog/read about!

    1. I think that her maternity leave status is simply a way to indicate that George is her priority right now. I believe her schedule will be planned accordingly as time goes by.

      I look forward to seeing her (and William) on Remembrance Day.

  19. Hello Charlotte and DK Community, I look forward to the Repli-Kate page! It is fun finding pieces similar to what Kate wears. I love to shop so I find them often. I have always gravitated towards classic pieces so I really appreciate Kate's style. I recently came upon a trench coat by Banana Republic that closely resembles her Burberry ruffled trench coat.

  20. Ana B. from Brazil4 November 2013 at 17:03

    I can't wait to see Kate again! Thursday it's almost here, thankfully :)
    Well, I'm sorry for Collete, but I can totally understand her priorities. I'm glad she won't be entirely leaving her fashion brand. That lace dress Kate is wearing in the picture above, is one of my favourites she wore during her pre-engagement years.
    Thank you for the post, Charlotte!
    Hope you have a delightful week!
    Hugs :)

  21. Sarah from Calif.5 November 2013 at 01:31

    So glad that Kate is taking time with George. I'm sure some would be jealous and complain but, I'm happy for them.
    As for the 37 million hopefully to be raised, fantastic! I pray they meet their goal.
    Thank you Charlotte for all you do and I hope you are well and studies are going good :)
    Oh I do want one of those poppy pins! I will never forget the sacrifices made for our freedom.

    1. Sarah. They r on eBay 'Buckley poppy brooch'. Sure they will post to usa. Bella Wiltshire

    2. I couldn't agree more Sarah!

    3. I couldn't agree more Sarah :)

  22. Im looking forward to ana i love those dress im looking forward to her latest enagements

  23. Thank you for another super post - your sources are so reliable and your comments informative. I have missed seeing Kate in recent weeks, but what a wonderful mum she is :)

  24. Another great post - as informative and well researched as ever - I have missed Kate in recent weeks but she's proving to be a wonderful mum of course! :)

  25. Hello Charlotte!

    Thank you once again for your hard work to keep us updated :) you're the best!

    I was just wondering, are you ever going to do a Kate Loves post on Kate's employment time after graduating from St Andrews? I'm curious about what kind of jobs she was involved in before she was engaged... and I bet I'm not the only one :)

    Love from Portugal!

    1. Hello Ana,

      Kate briefly worked for Jigsaw as an accessories buyer for a short period before working in the family business. We covered those years in earlier Kate Loves posts. Thank you so much for your interest :)


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