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Who Will Prince George's Godparents Be?

With just over three weeks until the christening of Prince George on October 23 at the The Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, we are all very eager to know who William and Kate have chosen to be their son's godparents. The role of godparent is one of the greatest honours a friend or relative can bestow - particularly when the baby in question is third in line to the throne.

The Cambridges are very much a modern royal couple and predicting royal godparents is difficult at the best of times, but in this instance it's very hard to guess indeed. Prince Charles's cousin India Hicks told People, "you choose godparents for various reasons" and revealed her own method of selecting godparents wouldn't be any different to William and Kate's.

'We chose one that we knew would be there if anything happened to us and be able to take over the mothering for the child, we chose one who was fascinating from a religious point of view and had a very different think on life, could teach the children a different way of looking at religion. We also chose a great artist who could inspire them. Prince George's godparents will guide him in many ways.'

Who did Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana choose? Prince William was baptised in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace on 4 August 1982  and he had six godparents.

  • Former King Constantine II of Greece - Prince Philip's first cousin. It was thought as a former head of state he could share his knowledge with William and provide guidance.
  • Lady Susan Hussey - A lady-in-waiting to the Queen.
  • Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy - The Queen's first cousin.
  • Sir Laurens van der Post - An  author, farmer, war hero and political adviser who was a very close friend of Prince Charles.
  • The Duchess of Westminster - A dear friend and distant relative of the Queen and Prince Philip.
  • Lord Romsey - Paternal cousin of Prince William and godson of Prince Philip.

I expect we shall see William and Kate making much more personal choices. Will they break with tradition and choose fewer than six godparents? It's been discussed in the media and is most definitely a possibility. Choices will most likely be somewhat less formal and we could see younger godparents than previous royal christenings. Who will the lucky few be? As I mentioned above, we can merely speculate (but it is such fun to speculate), so let's take a look at possibilities...

Likely Candidates

Like so many of you, when I think of godparents for Prince George, one name springs to mind instantly - and yes it's one of our two favourite princes - Prince Harry. William and Harry share an incredibly close bond. Kate also shares a very strong bond with her brother-in-law, and he has spoken of the Duchess as a 'sister' and will, without question play a pivotal role in George's life. At a ceremony for children last month, Harry described being an uncle as "fantastic", saying to guests "I've literally just seen him. It was the first time I've seen him smile". The beaming uncle's enthusiasm was clear at the reception, and he would be a fantastic choice.

Prince Henry of Wales Official Website

From Kate's side of the family we also look at her siblings, both very strong possibilities, particularly Pippa. The Middletons are a very close-knit family, and Kate and Pippa have always been close, not only as sisters but as best friends. William has always loved the family atmosphere at the Middletons home and Pippa has been a source of support for Kate throughout the years, so I imagine she'll want her to play an important role in George's life.

Clara Molden/The Telegraph

While Harry and Pippa seem the most likely contenders, nothing is set in stone. Editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine Ingrid Seward said:

'Pippa and Harry are already going to have a strong presence in Prince George's life so there's no real need for them to be also named godparents. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting godparents. It's difficult at the best of times but in this instance it's a minefield.'

26-year-old James Middleton is also in contention. I would be surprised if we didn't see either Pippa or James included.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton has been in instrumental in shaping the way the young royals present themselves. He served as equerry to the Queen Mother from 1984 to 1986, and for his services was appointed Member of the Royal Victorian Order. He became William and Harry's private secretary in 2005 and has become the Princes' most trusted adviser. Mr Lowther-Pinkerton stepped down from his full-time role last month to take up consultancy roles, but continues to spend one day per week at St. James's Palace to act as a sounding board. I think William and Kate have a tremendous amount of respect for Jamie (his son William was a page boy at the royal wedding), and he could offer George invaluable advice in the years to come.


James Ogilvy, son of William's godmother, Princess Alexandra and the Queen's favourite cousin Sir Angus Ogilvy. Like William, James met his wife when they were both students at St. Andrews. It is believed the Prince spent quite a bit of time at James's home in Edinburgh during his time at university. He is godfather to Princess Eugenie.


Tiggy Legge-Bourke Pettifer, has worked for Prince Charles in a number of positions including the role of personal assistant. She also worked as a nanny to William and Harry. In 1996, at the age of thirteen, William asked both of his parents not to attend Eton's Fourth of June celebrations (to avoid making a difficult choice, the divorce was finalised on August 28 that year) the high point of the school's year. Both Charles and Diana were said to be taken aback when he asked Tiggy to attend in their place. Harry is godfather to Tiggy's elder son Fred, and William is younger son Tom's godfather.

The Telegraph

Moving on to Prince William's circle of friends and several names comes to mind immediately. Old Etonian James Meade delivered the joint best man's speech at the royal wedding in 2011. Many of you will recall Prince William was an usher at his wedding to Lady Laura Marsham in Norfolk last month. Mr Meade is also very friendly with the Duchess, whom he escorted to the 2007 Badminton Horse Trials during William and Kate's brief separation.

Thomas van Straubenzee went to Ludgrove prep school with William and is one of his oldest friends. Thomas and his wife Lady Melissa Percy joined the Cambridges at Balmoral the week before last for a grouse shoot and to catch up.

Hugh van Cutsem. William is Hugh's daughter's godfather, the adorable Grace van Cutsem who was a bridesmaid at the royal wedding (who will forget the photos of little Grace covering her ears on the balcony). Hugh's father, who passed away recently, was very close friends with the Prince of Wales.

Tatler/Splash News

Trini Foyle is a long-time friend of the Duchess since her days in Marlborough. Kate spent a lot of time socialising and partying with Trini during the 2007 breakup and she was photographed walking with her in Hyde Park earlier this year. Kate and Trini have a lot in common, they're both young mothers and due to the length of their friendship, she's certainly a contender. 

What Kate Wore FB Friend Jennifer

Other Possibilities

Next we take a look at what would be widely considered less likely options, but options that will have been considered by William and Kate beginning with relatives of the late Princess Diana. For his mother's 16th anniversary William and Kate took little George to Althorp to meet Diana's family. It is enormously important to William and Harry to keep their mother's memory alive and I think it entirely probable William will want to acknowledge his mother's side of the family and choose his aunt Lady Sarah McCorquodale (who he enjoys a close relationship with) or her daughter Lady Emily McCorquodale. My only reservation would be the fact the Royal Family are not very keen on Diana's brother, Earl Spencer.

The Duke and Duchess attended Lady Emily's wedding last year.

Members of the Royal Family including Princess Anne's children, Peter Philllips and Zara Tindall also make the list. Peter has young children while Zara is expecting her first. If I had to choose between the two, I would say Peter has the edge, as the Queen's eldest grandchild and Prince Charles's godson Peter has always acted as something of a mentor for his cousins.

The Countess of Wessex would be a stellar choice in my opinion. Sophie comes across as warm and personable; she and Kate appear to get along famously and it would please the Queen greatly as she simply adores her daughter-in-law.


Guy Pelly is one of William's oldest friends and organised his stag do. He has something of a party boy image and last month the press revealed he had been chosen as one of George's godparents. Mr. Pelly has publicly denied this meaning we can probably rule him out.


William's stepsister Laura Lopes, daughter of the Duchess of Cornwall has been mentioned.

Could the Cambridges choose a European royal? If so, who? The European royals tend to select one another as godparents, but this is not common practice among the Royal Family. The Greek Royals are being mentioned quite a bit; Prince Philip is the grandson of George I of Greece. Prince Haakon of Norway and his wife Mette Marit have also been suggested.

The Royal House of Norway

If they do select a European royal, I would love to see Crown Prince Frederik or Princess Mary of Denmark chosen. They're also modern royals and parents who could offer George guidance in his royal life. It is believed William and Kate got along very well with the Danish royals, who reportedly sent the couple a special message following George's birth. 

The Church of England website offers the following information on the role of a godparent, particularly important words for godparents of Prince George, who will one day be head of the Church.

'As a godparent, you have a special role. It's about helping a child to come to know God, encouraging them in their spiritual life and supporting them in their membership of the local church.
You will be expected to attend the child's baptism, where you will make promises to help to bring them up in the Christian faith. It's a role that will develop overtime, as your godchild grows and develops their own faith.'

The website also offers advice on gifts.

'The most important gifts you can give your godchild are your time, presence, and prayers, but you will probably also want to mark the baptism or confirmation by giving a special gift. Here are some suggestions: Bibles, a silver or gold cross or chain, a small wooden cross, an icon or picture.'

I've shared my choices and popular names in the media and bookies. Yesterday I took to Twitter to ask royal fans from various parts of the world what they think. Take a look at some of their replies, and note one eager tweeter has volunteered to fill one of the roles herself! :)


The Duke and Duchess have many friends and family to choose from, and no doubt they've put a lot of thought into their decision. Who would you like to see chosen?


  1. Good Morning Everyone!

    I think Harry & Pippa are a waste as a god parent as they are already Uncle & Aunt and will play a large role in George's life anyway.

    I think Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, a friend each (male for W and female for K) and for a royal - Sophie Countess or Wessex or I'd love a European (can't really see this happen) ideally CP Victoria. Only time will tell...

    Quick update - I made my recovery goal and we went to Buckingham Palace on Sunday for a Private Tour which was worth every penny! The Coronation dress Our Majesty wore was simply stunning and her waist was tiny! We had a wonderful time which ended with being escorted out through the front gates of the Palace - a memory for life! I am absolutely shattered now though!


    1. I agree about Pippa and James. They will have a big role in George's life and the other reason is I suspect the rest of the RF will be happier if they aren't included. Kate should definitely have someone she chooses, however, and if Trini Foyle is her best friend, I vote Trini.

    2. Shantel (@FashionandFaith)2 October 2013 at 00:14

      Congrats on making your goal! And what an awesome treat (I am insanely jealous/happy for you!)
      I agree with you about Harry and Pippa although I feel like James is oftentimes forgotten and that asking him to be godfather would be really nice!
      I am really Team Sophie all the way. She is just seems so kind and joyful! She got that "something"....
      Take care, everyone (and get some rest, Penelope! :)) Thank you for a great post, Charlotte!
      Minnesota, USA

    3. Ana B. from Brazil2 October 2013 at 01:41

      I'm so happy for you, Penelope!
      A great memory, one you'll treasure forever!
      Hugs :)

  2. Hi everyone. I would love to see Sophie of Wessex become one of the god parents. I totally agree with Charlotte s opinion. If an european royal is to become god parent I would prefer Mary of Denmark, she seems to be a warm person whose perfectly aware of the responsibilitys that goes along with it.

  3. If an european royal is chosen, that could be King Wilhem ALEXANDER of the Netherlands little Prince George shares his middle name with him. Just an idea. I also like the idea of the countess of Wessex being go mother.

    Monica, France

  4. Hi Charlotte, I agree with you! The role of godparent is really one of the greatest honours a friend or relative can bestow, knowing that the child in question is third in line to the throne of the United Kingdom!

  5. Looking at the list of William's godparents, it is a sad reminder of how little Diana's wishes were considered. Once again, kudos to William for seeing to it that things are different for his family.

    I think Harry and Pippa SHOULD be godparents. Yes, they will be in George's life anyway, but if he is to have multiple godparents then why not give them the additional honor.

    I agree that W & K have a tremendous amount of respect for Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton and I'd love to see him chosen. Princess Mary would be an excellent choice as well - both as a mother and a royal. As family members, I'd like to see Peter Phillips and one of the Spencers chosen. And last but not least...lol...a friend each of W & K.

    1. royalfan, I agree. I remember the talk when Sir Laurens van der Post was chosen by Prince Charles as one of William's godparents and the talk that Diana had been completely left out of the decisionmaking. It seems the roles are reversed in this marriage with Kate and the Middletons making the decisions! I don't expect to see the Spencers represented, William and Harry haven't had too much to do with their mother's family over the years since Diana's death. But Harry and Pippa certainly are likely candidates, even as they are uncle and aunt. I'd expect to see maybe a Middleton family friend in the mix, maybe someone we haven't heard of, and, of course, friends of Will and Kate's. We also should keep in mind that we'll probably see at least one more sibling for the prince so that's being taken into consideration as well, I'm sure!!

  6. Yesterday I took a guess and said Pippa and Harry, and now I'll add: Thomas Van Straubenzee (maybe that's why he and his wife were in Scotland with the royals), Sophie Wessex (that would be lovely), prince Haakon of Norway (someone from royalty) and Sarah McCorquodale (it would be of great meaning to have someone from the Spencers' side of the family.
    But I don't really know, William and Kate have broken with tradition so many times that maybe their choices will be totally different. :)
    Z. from Portugal

  7. Countess of Wessex, the best! Mary of Denmark, yes yes yes, Tiggy: my favorite women. Mr Pinkerton, Prince Harry and James Middleton my favorite men. Hope to know soon who will be chosen!

  8. Hi Charlotte, I don't think that Harry, Pippa or James will be godparents as they are already uncles and aunt. I would love to see Sophie as a godmother, she seems so very warm and caring. I'm not sure about CP Mary, but I'd love to see CP Victoria of Sweden, but that probably won't happen. Thomas Van Straubenzee will most likely be chosen, I wonder if he was at Balmoral so his selection could be discussed with the Queen?
    I am really looking forward to this event and the pictures of the Queen, Charles, William and George together! But most importantly, (at least to me :)) seeing what Kate, Carole and Pippa will be wearing!

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    1. Thank you so much Samantha. I will share them in an upcoming Repli-Kate post :)

  10. Hi Charlotte, do we know how close William is to his various godparents? Do they have a close relationship at all? I have a feeling the Cambridges will choose people they have a strong, personal relationship with, but who will also follow some of the expectations of royal godparents, like Sophie of Wessex.

    1. Hello Jennifer,

      I haven't heard that William is terribly close with his godparents. Has anyone else? I think the Cambridges will make much more personal choices.

    2. I can't say how close William is to any of his godparents, but most of them appear to be not one but TWO generations older than him. I think William and Kate would have a difficult time topping that if they went the old/formal/royal route. :) I am positive that George will have godparents who are not just appropriate role models, but also far more relevant to him, and his parents.

    3. Van der Post died in 1996 and the others are in their 70s and 80s now. I seem to recall when William's godparents were announced that it was all Prince Charles's decision and they were all people who were close to him and the Queen and Prince Phillip, not necessarily who would be close to his son. Essentially, most of the choices were based on royal protocol.

  11. I would like to see some parity in the selection of godparents. When William was born, his mothers wishes were ignored. No Spencers or close friends of Diana were chosen; further, when Diana suggested that Charles select younger godparents, it fell on deaf ears.

    Hence, I would hope that all godparents would be chosen by both William and Kate and that all would be young enough to see George through to young adulthood. And I would like to see at least one be an obvious nominee of Kates, perhaps Trini Foyle, perhaps another friend of hers.

    I agree with those who think that choosing Harry, Pippa or James is unnecessary. All three will have an important relationship with George, as aunt or uncles.

    If a Royal prince is deemed de rigour by TPTB, then I would look to the Continent; I like the idea of CP Haakon very much. Nothing wrong with King Willem Alexander or CP Daniel, either.

    It would appear that Tom Van Straubenzee is a sure bet; beyond that, anything is possible, provided that he or she is a Protestant, I gather. On a last note, I would prefer a Spencer to an offspring of the Duchess of Cornwall.

    1. AMEN to your last statement in particular. Not a pleasant thought to say the least.

  12. The Countess of Wessex is a great choice, I hope they follow your suggestion, Charlotte. My own godparents were my mother's closest Catholic friend and a cousin of my grandmother so I vote for the couple to pick close friends with good hearts. Pippa and Prince Harry will have a big role in their nephew's life no matter what.

  13. I could see the couple choosing six Godparents, not as a nod to opulence, but because it is indeed such an honor to give to someone and they are a generous couple; this is their opportunity to formally acknowledge the wonderful people in their lives. I think the Godparents will be a thoughtful mix of friends and royals.

  14. If Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark were godparents I would die a happy death! They have such warm personalities and of course impeccable sense of style. It would be so fitting for them to have this connection with the Duchess of Cambridge.

    I agree with earlier comments that Harry and Pippa would make sense, yet would seem redundant. I hope Will and Kate make some selections outside the box. That said, the tweeter that mentioned how they are always modest in these events was probably right, they may just have a couple godparents that are close personal friends/family. Of course the choice is all their's, I do hope they go all out though!

  15. I'm somewhat perplexed by the notion that Ex-King Constantine of Greece was chosen as a godparent for William because, as a former head of state, he could share his knowledge and provide guidance. Constantine was not a head of state for very long, and it is generally felt that he did not acquit himself very well. To be fair, he reigned in difficult circumstances, but it's hard to see how anyone could have thought he'd represent a particularly good model for William.

  16. as long as it's not that Pippa Middleton...

  17. Ana B. from Brazil2 October 2013 at 01:37

    My guesses are Pippa, James and Trini as Catherine's choices; Prince Harry, James Meade or Tom Van Straubenzee and Sophie Wessex as William's choices.
    This is fun!
    Charlotte, what about a poll so we can vote and see if our predictions were right? Just a thought!
    Can't wait for the Christening! I'm missing Catherine's engagements!
    Thank you for the update, Charlotte! A great one, indeed :)

  18. Sarah from Calif.2 October 2013 at 03:03

    Oh goodness I could speculate endlessly but I will save my breath. I think William and Kate will have taken a very long time to consider who they would trust to be there for George in the event of something happening to them. That was hard even to type. Such a serious desision. I pray for wisdom for them. There appears to be many lovely people from the list above and I'm sure many more we dont know. So I have no doubt whatsoever that they will choose well.
    Thank you Charlotte this is all very interesting and exciting :)

    1. Good mornimg lady Charlotte and everybody. ..

      It's hard to predict who the Duke and Duchess will have as Godparents as we are not in their shoes, but I'm guessing It will be firstly their immediate young members of the royals. Harry and Pippa then princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. Also Diana's sisters and brother.

      Anyone after them is anybodys guess.

    2. I can't see Eugenie or Beatrice being chosen. They may be lovely young women but they have always been surrounded by controversy and there are other people who would be far better role models for a future king.

    3. Kate, Texas, USA2 October 2013 at 19:21

      Sam, I love how you used Lady Charlotte. :) I think she deserves the title and recognition. I enjoy reading your posts and it's nice to have male input! I hope you have a lovely day!

    4. If Beatrice and Eugenie are chosen, I'll be surprised as the rumour mill has it that Kate doesn't get along with them. And that video released of them at Christmas doesn't do anything to dispel that.

      I'll also be surprised if Tiggy Pettifer is chosen. I know William and Harry have been close with her, but I don't think Diana was a fan, so I'd be surprised if William chose her for something official.

    5. What's the Xmas video ur referring to? I'd like to hear as I've not seen it please. Annie. Uk

    6. Annie, I went to youtube to post a link for you, and they're all coming up as unavailable. Could be me, as my computer has issues playing videos sometimes. Go to youtube and search for Kate Middleton Eugenie and they'll come up. The non fans make a big deal of Eugenie and Kate's interaction as they're leaving the church. Eugenie pushes past Kate, who gives her a look, and that's it. If they don't like each other, big deal!

  19. Kate, Texas, USA2 October 2013 at 04:57

    Charlotte, what a great post! I agree with Sarah, that it is such an important decision. It is such a great honor and responsibility to those chosen. I know William and Kate will have really thought it through and the decision will be mutual. It was sad reading the list of William's godparents knowing that Diana had little say. I do think Prince George will not have as many godparents as his father or grandfather.

    I think Thomas van Straubenzee is a definite. I have a feeling he and Melissa were invited to Balmoral to be formally asked considering the honor. I think Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton would be a fine choice. He is definitely a trusted and wise friend. I also think the Countess of Wessex would be a lovely choice. She is so warm and caring. So many lovely choices were given. We'll see who the honor is given to!

    It will definitely be a beautiful and memorable day. Just three weeks to wait!

  20. Charlotte thanking you for wonderful post im thinking that lady melissa precy and thomas van steaubenzee is deffinelly prince george godparents as well has harry and pippa and add as well holly branson and fred adrews three more weeks

  21. Charlotte what i nice artixle im thinking lady melissa percy and her husband will be the prince godpsrents as well harry and pippa and maybe they added holly branson fred andrews cant wait 3 weeks

  22. @ Vittoria. Ex-King Constantine of Greece was, in my opinion, chosen as a godparent for William for reasons other than the one you stated.

    I think that he was chosen, as were a few others, not by Charles, but by HMTQ. For one thing, she would have had some sympathy for a deposed monarch. For another, HMTQ tried--this is just one example--to placate Philip, by pushing this choice.--The marriage between Elizabeth and Philip was never a true love match; few royal marriages were in the 1940s; they barely knew each other. She seems to have been thoroughly infatuated by his good looks; he seems to have viewed their marriage as one of convenience. JMO, and the opinion of several in the position to know.

  23. Kate, Texas, USA2 October 2013 at 19:23

    Charlotte, I just read the post again and you really did a FABULOUS job (as always)! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you so much Kate, I hope you're all having a great day x

  24. I think Diana had little say in William's godparents. The only one close to her age was the Duchess of Westminster. Constintine may have been chosen because he resides in London and the royal family has always treated him as if he was not deposed. There are those that say that after the execution of the Russian royal family, which could possibly have been prevented, the British royal family has always been careful to help monarchs in trouble. While most of Europe's monarchs are closely related through Victoria, the Greek family is related closely to Philip as well.

    van der Post seemed an odd choice at the time given how old he was. He died when William was small but William's interest in Africa perhaps shows the strongest influence from van der Post of any of his godparents. The most scandalous godparent is Lord Romsey who is living apart from his wife with another woman and whose son, William's age, is a serious drug addict.

    I think Tiggy would be a likely but awful choice as it is truly a slap in the face to Diana who can't be there. While Diana went overboard with Tiggy, I never thought it appropriate of Charles to hire a cute sporty young single woman to be a Mummy substitute. Tiggy should never have been calling those boys "my babies" when they were much too old for that. I think William had an adolescent crush on her that he has never really gotten over.

    Of the friends van Straubenzee seems likely but one of the van Cutsem wives might be a possibilty even if the men aren't. Lady Tamara would be interesting since her mother is William's godmother and I don't know whether Rose van Custsem, an Astor, is a Catholic. For some reason, Kate's absence at the Meade wedding and her shopping while it was going on makes me think the Meade's may be out. Thank goodness Guy Pelly is out of the running.

    For those liking really long odds, choices would include Jecca Craig, who I'm sure William would like but Kate most likely wouldn't go for, even though William proposed on Jecca's family's property. Doubt that we would see Cressida (or Chelsy) or any of the Bransons particularly Isabella.

    Suspect Kate will have much more say than Diana did, but I hope James won't be chosen. Frankly, he has little to recommend him other than being Kate's brother.

  25. I believe that the former King Constantine and Prince Charles are second cousins because their paternal grandfathers were brothers.

  26. Marci in Salt Lake3 October 2013 at 07:17

    Charlotte, your post and its speculations are very interesting and well done. I am greatly enjoying all the comments with the various reasons, background information, and likes and dislikes of everybody. I don't have any suggestions to contribute--I really have no opinion. But like some have already said, I am sure they have thought very carefully and will make good choices.

  27. I would love to see the Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria, as a godparent. She has her own little princess, Estelle, too. The little princess was so cute when the Swedish Court was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the King on crown (or how it is said in English?).

    And Duchess of Wessex would just be a great choice!

    I would also love to see Prince Harry as a godparent. There is one strong reason for that. Actually people (at least here in Finland) kind of "have to choose" one of their sisters or brothers as a godparent, supposing that the family gets along well. And the honour is at greatest when you are the godparent to the first-born. I don't know if you can see what I mean, it is quite difficult to explain and my English is not perfect. But thinking the old times it was surely so, that the brother/sister grew up the child if the parent would die earlier than expected. Think how J.K. Rowling put this in Harry Potter with Sirius Black. Of course in Harry Potter's case (neither with the royals) it wasn't/isn't a question about the economics, but the question of growing up a person and supporting her/him to become a great adult.

    My sister usually says she is as much the mother of my own child as a godparent as I am. In the reality/practical life it isn't so, but funnily I noticed that her beautiful dog is as much my dog as hers. So it's also about the sharing the great persons, pets and things between the sisters. And I was there, when her dog got sick, as she has been there, many many times, when my son has needed her. Maybe this could called "the family" point of view.

    And I just love this blog :)

  28. I'm having serious Kate withdrawal haha. I miss her so much. Seems like we haven't seen her in ages.

  29. Hi,
    What about Victoria and David Beckham and Princess Madeleine and Mr O'Neil.

    1. I don't think Princess Madeleine is close to William and Kate and most likely wouldn't rank "high enough" (as a royal godparent).

      And the Beckhams...I just don't see it. Not godparents to a future king.

  30. Hello everyone. Greetings lady Charlotte.

    I'm off to the 'Duchess of Cambridge' pub in Shepards Bush west london tonight for a nice nite out. They have German theme week food and drink also. I always end uo talking to some Irish bird probably over a pint of guiness. Lucky me.

    How come there isn't any mention of Peter and Autumn Phillips and beautiful daughter Savannha as Godparents. ? William and Kate are very close to them. They did attend their wedding, and it's where kate met the Queen for the first time. It would be nice.

    I do like the look Norwegian royal family and also the new Dutch king and the 3 beautiful princesses. I was in Amsterdam for the investiture this year. European royals are more relax than our royal family. They don't have the profile or prominence of the British royals or the responsibility. Nevertheless I'm a big fan of the royal house of Europe and long may they continue.

    1. Hello Sam,

      I hope you had a wonderful night out at the 'Duchess of Cambridge'. Peter is mentioned above and thought to have a better chance of becoming a godparent to little George than Zara. As the eldest cousin he has been a supportive figure for William and Harry, especially following Diana's death.

  31. Also has anyone seen the film WE By Madonna about the Wallis Simpson and king Edward VII I watched it on dvd recently it's a really fantastic version of the events of the love story between those two. I highly recommend it.

    Greetings to lady Charlotte from London.

  32. I see on Royal Central that HRH, DOC will be at her first engagement on October 18th.

  33. Looking forward to hearing who the godparents will be as well :)

  34. The Prince of Wales had eight godparents of whom five were dead before he was ten (the Queen's father and grandmother,Prince Philip's uncle and grandmother,and the King of Norway).So naming someone as an honor without expecting them to see the Prince to adulthood (since others on the roster will) is a possibility.

  35. Oh...that sounds bad! I really think this is important: to choose 1-2 younger godparents - like Prince Harry or Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (born 1977 if I remember right). It really is important to see that there is a good parent (or two or hopefully three) to see the baby to adulthood.

    I was so sad, when my beloved godfather died when he only was a little bit over 50 years...


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