Monday, 5 August 2013

Baby Cambridge Fundraiser Charity Auctions + Giveaway Winner

We share a selection of Baby Cambridge Fundraiser updates with you today beginning with the announcement of our Claudia Bradby Giveaway winner. With thanks to everyone who entered and to Claudia and her team for their participation!

Congratulations to

Lizzy W, who listed the acorn necklace and charm bracelet as her favourite pieces in Claudia's collection.

To the winner: I have sent you an email, so please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can coordinate the delivery of your items immediately.


As it's the fundraiser's final month we have not one but two charity auctions underway at the moment; the first one - the Royal Favourite Lot includes three items royal fans are sure to love!

The first item in the lot is the The Strathearn Royal Celebration Scarf by ScotWeb. Kate, who is styled as the Countess of Strathearn in Scotland, has worn ScotWeb's Artisan Hand-Woven Spun Silk Scarf on several occasions, most recently during the Cambridges' visit to Scotland with Prince Charles in April.

As a rare and exclusive tribute to celebrate the royal birth of Prince George of Cambridge, the talented folks at ScotWeb have produced a limited edition affordable version of Kate's gorgeous scarf. The Strathearn Royal Celebration Scarf is woven at the same artisanal mill in the Scottish borders and features the same gorgeous hand-knotting that makes Kate's so eye-catching.


The £95 scarf is produced in wool and is extra-long. The scarf is in very high demand and only a limited number will be produced so it's a wonderful opportunity to add the beautiful scarf to your collection, a perfect accessory for Autumn/Winter.


ScotWeb began trading in 1995 as Tartan Mill and were Scotland's very first e-commerce site. The brand was the first in the world to market kilts, tartan fabrics, and bagpipes online. With the largest tartan range on earth, their own weaving mill, expert tailors and a promise to provide outstanding products at incredible prices, ScotWeb continues to grow. You can read more about the history of the company here.


A look at Scotweb's Tartan Silk StoleKnitted Cashmere CapeHighland Tweed Waterproof Shooting Coat and the Luxury Scottish Cashmere Sweater.


The next item in the lot is a pair of Kate's stunning Beaut Jewellery Ava-Eva Earrings. The dazzling Art Deco designs are part of the brand's Vintage Style Collection. The handmade silver earrings with 9ct gold hoops and crystal paste stones retail for £195.


Kate first wore the shimmering earrings with a one-shoulder Jenny Packham gown at the National Memorial Aboretum dinner at St James's Palace in 2011.

The Duchess also wore them last year for an event at Claridges. The earrings worked beautifully with Kate's Roland Mouret dress.

Beaut Jewellery was founded in 2006 when two partners joined forces to produce jewellery for those special occasions in everyone's life. From engagement to a wedding, Valentine's and Mother's Day the brand produces Bond Street quality at affordable prices. The Bridal Collection is particularly eye-catching.


Other striking pieces from the Vintage Collection include the Flora Necklace, the Flora Earrings and the Edwardian Style Pearl Earrings.


The lot also includes a copy of Kate: A Biography by Marcia Moody. The biography examines the woman who has done so much to revitalize the public image of the Royal Family, covering her early years, the Middleton family, meeting Prince William, her official new role, her style and of course the pregnancy.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors shipping is free worldwide. If you wish to bid you can do so by clicking here. With special thanks to Dr Nick Fiddes from ScotWeb, Fran from Beaut Jewellery and Jess from Michael O'Mara Books for kindly sponsoring this auction!


Aquatalia has kindly donated a pair of their Rhumba Boots to the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser in one of their new fall colours - wine. There is just another couple of days left to bid on the charity auction if you wish to!

The Rhumba boots have been a staple in Kate's wardrobe for years and are very much her go-to boots for Autumn/Winter. In the coming season I expect we'll see Kate teaming her boots with coats and dresses for official appearances. The stretch suede boots are also waterproof, an added bonus for those of us bracing ourselves for a cold and wet winter. Shipping is also free on this lot!

Aquatalia/What Kate Wore

As always, the proceeds of both of these auctions go directly to Kate's patronage East Anglia's Children's Hospices. We'll see you tomorrow with a 'Kate Loves' post :)


  1. @ Vittoria from previous toast

    Concerning the bracelet that Camilla gave Kate, I haven't seen her wear it in over a year.

    Diana had a sapphire and diamond set given to her by the sultan of Oman. I believe she got to keep that and that William and/or Harry now have that. I have been waiting for Kate to wear it. Perhaps now, with the arrival of Prince George, she will.

    1. Every set of jewellery cannot be given to Kate.
      Harry will have a wife one day :)

    2. @ Anonymous 15:03

      I agree. It HAS been a while since Kate wore the bracelet. And I too would love to see her wear some of the sapphire and diamond jewelry Diana was given over the years. The set from the Sultan of Oman is stunning and also a bit more modern so it would be perfect for Kate.

    3. I always found the bracelet a very strange gift. Instead of having Catherine's and William's initials which would have seemed approprite and romantic, it had Kate's and Camillia's initials. Camilla is a step-mother-in-law and somehow linking herself to Kate by having their initials on the same bracelet doesn't feel quite right.

      I adored my my late mother-in-law but would have been surprised if she had given me a bracelet linking her initial to mine, instead of one with my husband's initial and mine.

      Kate may have perhaps agreed, wore it a few times to be tactful, and quietly abandoned it, at least for now.

    4. @ Anonymous 00:59 I agree...and I apologize in advance if I offend anyone (and Charlotte, please delete this remark if you wish)....

      *IMO* the bracelet had more to do with reminding Kate of Camilla's status than it had to do with Kate. Totally inappropriate given the BIG picture. A single "C" for Catherine would have been a completely different story.

    5. Anonymous @ :59 and royalfan @ 3;42

      Bingo. You two said exactly what I was trying to sort out about my feelings about that bracelet. Thank you. I am sure Camilla may not even have been aware of how strange that was. It was kind of boasting in a way not so tasteful, "We are going to be queens."

      I also would have thought it really strange if my mother-in-law had given me a bracelet with her initial and mine. Weird.

      Quite an awkward situation for Kate, for sure.

    6. I agree with all three of you. It feels like a very odd situation for Kate, and I think she's handled it very well.

  2. Sarah from Calif.5 August 2013 at 15:47

    Congratulations to Lizzy for being the winner of the lovely bracelett and necklace. How excited you must be!
    Love the new Auction pieces all very beautiful and the Bridal Collection is lovely! I could never wear that scarf with my skin color but I do think it is beautiful and I wish I could.
    Happy Monday all. :)

  3. On the Bio that is part of the offer, it offers no onsite,interviews etc just a recap of newspaper info
    I am extremely sorry I purchased it, save your money for a more informative publication

  4. I love the scarf!

  5. For those interested in Kate and her titles, Hello Magazine's site has a very clear explanation including why Prince Phillip is called a prince.

  6. Sarah from Calif.5 August 2013 at 21:57

    Okay this whole Princess thing, good grief.

    Kate is a Princess in the truest form. She has been an honor to the British people and a delight to many of us across the pond. I suppose there have been some who by birth have been given the title Princess who in reality do not imbody the nature of a Princess. If someone would write the rules properly and get the whole game straight it would be very nice and would save a lot of heartache..........
    Well this subject should be very exciting!!!!!
    IMHO-what ever the outcome you folk in England have yourselves a Jewell, charish her.

    1. Kate, Texas, USA6 August 2013 at 05:29

      Sarah, I have to agree. I just read an article that there will be a Palace inquest into Kate's title and why there is all this fuss. Seriously? Does it matter? I have always understood that a lady takes on her husband's rank after marriage. Princess William of Wales or Duchess of Cambridge....does it really matter? Prince William listed her as Princess, so we see where she ranks in his mind and heart. Although it is not automatically given, I think she will be the Princess of Wales one day and in that case Princess Kate, just as Diana was. I know Princess Kate is not her correct title or birthright as it wasn't for Diana either, but as you stated, she is a princess in truest form. Why is there such a fuss over this?

    2. The royal family actually takes it the most seriously of all and would be the first to want us to get it right and understand the fine points, so we understand the honour behind the various distinctions. Look at the snub Charles gave the mother of his sons, one of whom is likely to be a future king, by denying Diana HRH when they divorced.

      Kate will always be Princess Kate to us, (or to the press, still Kate Middleton)just as Diana was Princess Diana (or Princess Di to the European press.) But a royal dukedom is a considerable honour and here being a duchess outranks being a princess. If William becomes Prince of Wales, then Kate will rise with him to be called Princess of Wales.

      One bit of formality few of us use is calling Kate Catherine as she apparently wants. It's always sounds stiff, especially as William used Kate during their engagement interview and only switched to using Catherine later. By all reports, Kate was called "kate" throughout her school days, if not by her family.

      I can never hear that self-conscious sounding "Catherine" without thinking of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shew and Petruchio's "plain Kate and bonny Kate...but Kate, the prettiest Kate in Christendom" in response to his Kate saying "They call me Katherine who do talk of me."

      Then again, my husband who is Richard, always hated being called Dick at work!

    3. Kate, Texas, USA7 August 2013 at 04:51

      Anonymous 20:34, I do agree with your post. When I read yesterday what Paddy Harverson said after the royal wedding in 2011 about Kate not holding the title of princess, it annoyed me. As communications secretary to HRH The Prince of Wales, he of all people should know Kate's title. Ridiculous. It just all seems so silly. The Palace should have gotten it right from the get go and stopped all this she's not a princess stuff. Goodness! As we both said, I'm sure she will just be Princes Kate to most of us although it's not her official or given title.

      Being Katherine myself, I can completely relate. I go by many names....Katherine, Katie, Kate, and Kat. It just depends what friend or family I am with. My husband has always called me Kate, so that's usually what I stick with. It's just one of those names that has the opportunity to have many nicknames. Catherine definitely sounds more regal, so I think when William becomes King she will go by Catherine. :-)

  7. Jane from New England5 August 2013 at 22:35

    I appreciate that Catherine has a sense of style and good taste, and have enjoyed watching her over the past 2+ years, but I am beginning to be a bit exasperated by all this focus on outward appearance. When are going to see the focus shift to her achievements and ideas? I hope that there will be some information on the thoughtful process William and Catherine must be going through to establish the contribution they are making and preparing that their children will make for the good of their country.

    1. Well with all due respect when we see her become a full time royal and more work with her chosen charities. Until then clothes is all we can discuss! We too in uk are waiting for when they will become full time royals and not picking and choosing the best bits. Trudie. York

    2. Unfortunately, this has been true recently but I trust it will change in the future. A recent addition of Tatler pointed out that the focus on Princess Anne was once more on her clothes and style. Today it is all about the amount of work she does. Diana worked extremely hard and people today still recall her charitable work as much as her sense of fashion. Hopefully, that will be true of Kate once she takes on a full calendar

    3. Jane from New England7 August 2013 at 01:13

      These are good points. Well taken. It certainly is an interesting story. There is a fascination that draws us all in. Amazing! We'll keep watching!

  8. Kate, Texas, USA6 August 2013 at 05:10

    So happy for Lizzy! Congrats! I really wanted to win this one, so might have to treat myself to the bracelet. :-) Just looked at the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser website and the goal has almost been met! SO very exciting! I know EACH will be truly grateful for the amazing job you ladies have done! Charlotte, could you post the link again to the zazzle baby memorabilia? I would like to purchase a souvenir now that we can celebrate a prince!

    A huge and heartfelt thanks to Jean for my lovely newspapers! They came today and I was thrilled! Such treasures to have! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Looking forward to the Kate Loves post tomorrow!!! :-)

    1. Jean from Lancs.6 August 2013 at 19:10

      Glad they arrived---they seem to have been so long on the way.

  9. Jean from Lancs.6 August 2013 at 08:46

    This whole argument of whether or not Catherine is a Princess is absurd. That she became one the moment she married Prince William was made obvious on the announcement on the morning of the wedding and anyway is common practice in the UK.
    On marriage a woman in this country takes her husband's rank. The only time this has been altered was for the Duchess of Windsor. I cannot help but feel that if the spokespersons at 3 palaces do not know this, they are not fit for the jobs they hold.
    Catherine is Princess William, but prefers the title of Duchess---it does not mean she is no longer entitled to be called Princess.
    Statements such as Prince William had just decided to call her his Princess seem like a calculated insult. I am astonished that so soon after the birth of the next heir they should behave like that.

    1. Kate, Texas, USA7 August 2013 at 04:52

      Great post Jean! I absolutely agree!

  10. Hey, hey Girls!

    When will Palace show the official session Kate, William and George's?

    I pray tomorrow! I can't wait, really!!!

    Sissi :)

  11. Congrats lizzy im looking forward to those official photos i know been late but i am on holiday with my love and my her sister ...


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