Monday, 22 July 2013

Pippa Middleton Themed Charity Lot + Is Kate Overdue?

Hello-Hello, I hope you all had a splendid weekend.

We have a mixture of charity and royal baby news updates (what else?) beginning with word on this week's Baby Cambridge Fundraiser - the "Pippa Middleton Themed Charity Lot". We've hosted several activities with brands worn by the Duchess, so this lot is a real treat for Pippa fans. As always, 100% of the proceeds will go to Kate's patronage East Anglia's Children's Hospices.

The first item in the lot is the 'Sonia' dress by Pippa favourite Logue London. The style is from the brand's Autumn/Winter Collection and is not yet available to buy, so this is an excellent opportunity to acquire the elegant garment early. It's 100% silk jersey with buttons down the centre left side.

Logue London

The dress retails for £235 and comes in sizes 8-14. A little black dress is the ultimate go-to piece for any woman's wardrobe and the Sonia would be a fabulous addition to any wardrobe!

Logue London

Emma Logue launched Logue London in January 2012, a luxury fashion label that provides effortlessly chic clothing for the stylish girl about town. The idea stemmed from Emma's time as a banker when she struggled to find alternatives to everyday office attire.

Below we see Pippa in Logue London's 'Bella' dress, a striking black piece from the summer collection.

Logue London

Pippa also favours Logue London's signature design, the Shirtdress. Below we look at the crisp and chic Emma SilkEmma GreyEmma Cotton and Emma Silk in Navy.

Logue London

For all the latest news and updates you can follow Logue London via Facebook and Twitter. There is currently a significant sale taking place on the website.

Logue London

The second item in the lot is the Argent of London Gold Plated Peapod Pendant. The stunning and original design was worn by Pippa at the Vanity Fair luncheon in May.

The £180 pendant comes with a 18" Gold Fill Beaded Chain. It is a quirky and charming accessory that can be worn day or night to complete an outfit. I think the Logue London Sonia and this pendant would look wonderful together!

Argent of London

Argent of London was set up in 1966 by Gail Goodrich in London to create a collection of timeless, original designs in gold, silver and gemstones. The brand's goal has always been to achieve the highest quality of workmanship, while at the same time offering value for money.

Argent of London

Three beautiful pairs of earrings are the Fiesta Triple DropFireball Drop Pearls and the Glitter Ball Stud.

Argent of London

For news and updates you can follow Argent of London via Facebook and Twitter.

Finally we look at a selection of the brand's lovely necklaces.

Argent of London

The final item in the lot is a signed copy of Pippa's book Celebrate.

The retail value of the lot is £440 but through the generosity of our sponsors you can get it at a significant discount. The link to the auction is here. With many thanks to Logue London and Argent of London for their generous donations. Wishing all bidders the very best of luck!


As of publishing this post, Day 22 of Royal Baby watch is beginning in London and indeed around the world. I have several updates to share with you beginning with a question that's been on many people's mind: is Kate actually overdue? The official due date given by the Palace, and of course the Duchess, was "mid-July". It is now very much thought Kate could be anything up to a week past her due date at this point.

Camilla Tominey's Sunday Express article shed some light on the topic:

'With Kate now almost a week overdue, it raises the prospect of her labour being induced. There is a higher risk of babies being stillborn or suffering health problems if the mother is allowed to go beyond 42 weeks pregnant.'

The article also mentions the Queen's plan to leave for Balmoral later this week:

'Her Majesty could face having to wait until early October to meet the future monarch. The Sunday Express can exclusively reveal that the present monarch will NOT change her holiday plans, even if Kate hasn't given birth by the time she sets off for her annual Scottish summer break. We can also confirm that the expectant parents have no plans to take the newborn to the highlands.'

This Telegraph article also discusses the possibility of Kate's labour being induced:

'It is widely believed that the Duchess is now several days overdue. Sources who have had their children at the private Lindo Wing, said it is general policy to wait no longer than a week before inducing labour. One said: "She will be given a choice of dates so she can choose when is most convenient but the longest they would wait would be a week."'

When Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William she was induced, later telling her biographer Andrew Morton: "William had to be induced, because I couldn't handle the pressure any longer. It was becoming unbearable. It was as if everyone was monitoring every day for me."

For the moment, all remains quiet outside St Mary's...

@SkyNewsRoyal Twitter Feed

Things may have calmed down outside the Lindo Wing but royal fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting the news.

@Royal_Beans Twitter Feed

I was interested to read the Duchess has visited ante-natal guru Christine Hill twice for a private pre-birth class. Kate visited the paediatric and obstetric clinic once with William and a second time alone. Ms Hill told the Daily Telegraph:

'Kate is a delightful girl. What you see is what you get. Prince William and Kate are a very strong team, he will be doing all the right stuff on the day.'

Could today be the big day? I do hope so :)


  1. "William had to be induced, because I couldn't handle the pressure any longer. It was becoming unbearable. It was as if everyone was monitoring every day for me":

    I wonder if back then it was the same as now (with the minus of evident differences such as twitter, etc): press waiting outside, media reporting, huge security teams outside, etc...

  2. Another fab post, Charlotte! Thanks so much for keeping on top of things for us. :o)

    *Good luck* to whoever wins the Pippa lot!

    My turn for a migraine so I'll be watching through the night. I'm hoping and praying that today's the day, and that all goes wonderfully well for Kate!


  3. im so excited and i just cant hide it.. great post as usual charlotte!

  4. OMG - IT's TODAY - FINALLY - YEAH!! I'm SO excited...we're off!!


  5. Jean from Lancs.22 July 2013 at 07:34

    HRH is in labour---seems to have been admitted about 5:30 am.

  6. It's 3:20 here in Arizona and I am up and glued to the live cam, and reading this blog as we go! So, so exciting!! Best wishes to the Duchess and Duke and can't wait to see the new baby on the hospital steps!! Kim from Arizona


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