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William and Kate's Most Trusted Aide Steps Down, New Italian Housekeeper, Diana's Baby + More

Hello, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

We have a selection of tidbits to share today, beginning with the surprising news of William and Kate's most trusted aide's departure. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, their principal private secretary, has told the royals he will be stepping down from his full time post. He has told the Princes and the Duchess that he wants to take up consultancy roles in the private sector, but intends to spend one day a week at St James's Palace to act as a sounding board for younger members of staff.


More from The Telegraph story:

'The former SAS Major, who has been a constant presence at the Duke's side for the past eight years, will stay at St James's Palace to help them handle the intense international attention which will come with the birth of their baby in July, but intends to leave in September.
 The 52-year-old has become such a close personal friend of the Duke and Duchess that his son, William, now aged 12, was one of two pageboys at their wedding in 2011. There are no plans to replace Mr Lowther-Pinkerton, who was only promoted to his current role last year, having served as private secretary since 2005.'

He is also a director of The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry. Mr Lowther-Pinkerton has been an incredibly loyal and supportive member of the Duke and Duchess's staff and will no doubt be greatly missed. However, I'm sure he will still provide the young royals with guidance when needed and remain a close friend. It has been quite a year for William and Kate's office; their chief bodyguard, Chief Inspector John Hourihan, resigned last month following five years with the couple.


As William and Kate's right-hand man prepares to leave the couple have found a new right-hand woman. One of the Queen's most trusted servants, Miss Antonella Fresolone, has been poached by the Duke and Duchess with Her Majesty's blessing to help them in their new life as parents at Kensington Palace.


'The experienced staff member, who has worked at Buckingham Palace for 13 years, was among dozens of applicants for the coveted role. She beat fierce competition for the £23,000 a year position, which will see her overseeing the Cambridges' household and even walking their dog.
 Miss Fresolone, who is understood to have started her job two weeks ago, has moved into a staff apartment at Kensington Palace, where the couple are renovating their new family home.'


A couple of fascinating articles have been written about William and Kate in the media this weekend including an excerpt from a new book Diana's Baby By Angela Levin which shares insights into William's incredibly close bond with Kate.

'It was a moment of unguarded, exuberantly shared joy. As Sir Chris Hoy pedalled to victory in the velodrome during London's Olympic Games, neither Prince William nor his wife, could hide their excitement and delight. She flung her arms around him, clasping her hands possessively at the nape of his neck, he held her close, his hands wrapped protectively around her. This, clearly, was a couple in love. And more than willing to reveal their feelings.
 Rarely has a royal couple exuded such warmth or tender sentiment and intimacy in public. Certainly William's parents, Prince Charles and the late, Diana, Princess of Wales never once hinted at, never mind displayed, such obvious delight in each other, even at the onset of their marriage.'

William's close relationship with the Middleton family is also featured at length:

'William, however has sought to salvage something from the wreckage of his parents marriage, and his strategy has been to make himself as 'ordinary' as his position has allowed.
 But going to McDonald's or meeting homeless people could only ever provide a limited insight. He needed am alternative family who could take him back to basics, become the model, which is why the Middletons, with their solid middle-class values, are now pivotal in William's blueprint for the future. Clearly he has determined that, in as far as it is possible, he wants his home life to modelled on that of the Middletons, and his children's early lives to reflect that of their mother's.
 From the moment he met Kate at St. Andrew's University he was drawn to her open and direct manner. And to the altogether more simple, less restricted and less protocol -ridden lifestyle that she dangled tantalisingly before him.
 William loved becoming part of her warm family unit, and it was a novel and healing experience for him that Kate's parents got on so well. He revelled in their easy going manner, their lack of stuffy formality. Spending time with them also gave him the chance to observe and learn how a settled, caring family works: something he has never, truly witnessed.' 

The excerpt ends with this sentiment:

'The unremarkable middle-class family could be the saving of William - and this baby could mark the final closure of a history of misery and the beginning of a new and healthy family. We will also see the fruition of a seed that Diana sowed in William, which he will now pass on, in a rich and deeper way, to his own child.
 The baby will, perhaps, be hers as will.'

Diana's Baby is available at Embooks for £4.99.


The Telegraph's Gordon Rayner wrote a splendid piece on the Duchess: The Duchess of Cambridge: Serene, Savy - and Solo in which he writes about Kate's self-confidence and plans to stay with her parents after the baby is born:

'The Duchess intends to spend a lot of time during the first few weeks of her baby's life staying at her parents Georgian Manor House in Bucklebury. The Duchess's decision to stay with her parents will have been welcomed by her husband, who regards the Middleton as an extension of his own family.'

The article also mentions Kate's plans to eventually take on 20-30 causes at a time.


Another cover for Kate this week!


We'll be back tomorrow, with a very exciting giveaway! :)


  1. M. from PoznaƄ5 May 2013 at 18:06

    I had a feeling that you would publish a new post today :D
    I treat this post as a prize for a presentation I had to write :)

    Is Pauline there? I was watching news yesterday and I heard about fires in California and I immediately thought about you my Dear. Hope you're fine. It is amazing how you can grow fond of people you've never met in person :)

    Hugs from sunny Poland

    1. Pauline Oak HIlls6 May 2013 at 02:17

      Hello yes I am here. Thank you for thinking of me. But thank god the fires are no where me. I did have friends that were very close but they are ok.

      I do live in an area that we do get fires but we have not any one for several years. I am hoping it stays that way this year. But we did not have much rain this past winter and everythign is pretty dry.

      I am very fond of you and all my other friends that I have met here. And we all have Ms. Charoltte to thank fir this great outlit.

      And for this post it was another great one. I just can't wait until the royal baby is here. They are going to make such great parents.

    2. Pauline I am glad u r safe and well too! I enjoy reading your comments!!! U really do love the royal couple! As I'm from the uk I find it fascinating all the blogs that really love r royal family. There's not the same feeling in this country, I enjoy seeing the other views on here. Liz. From at the moment sunny Wiltshire uk! ( rain tomorrow :( )

  2. Sarah from Calif.5 May 2013 at 18:53

    Well done Charlotte , a lot of good news here.
    I do believe William and Kate are doing a great job of putting family first and then Royal duties. They still have a lot of time before William has to take on more intensive work as Royal. The Middletons have been great examples of family life. As far as I'm concerned anyone who thinks less of them needs to have their head examined. Ha

  3. The Telegraph's article - written by Gordon Rayner - was spot on.

    I think he has aced exactly how things have been and how we can expect them in the future.

  4. 20-30? The princess royal has over 600! If Kate is as capable and charismatic as people say she is then her current amount of charities is very low.

    1. I think the royal family is reassessing how they will interact with charities in the future. Will and Kate and Harry are really the only next-generation royals who are going to be full-time royals - none of their cousins are planning to do the royal routine, which means there will be far far fewer people to fill all those patronages that will be opening up when the Queen, Philip, and their children start stepping down or passing away.

      From what I understand, William and Harry - and now Kate - have been talking about how to handle this potential problem in the future. They have decided that rather than having 600 or so patronages, they will work with specific charities for specific causes, rather than locking themselves in to one organization. It will lessen the competition for their time and names and allow them to spread their influence further. The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry is the flagship for this new approach - they help many organizations through the foundation without specifically becoming patrons. The Princes' Charities Forum is another example - where they bring all their charities together and look for ways that the charities can help each other, ways that often don't involve any of the royals directly, but which they facilitate. I think the point is that in the future we won't be judging them by how many patronages they have, but by which causes they lend their time and effort to - in which case, I think Kate is well on her way to choosing what causes she wants to devote herself to (children's hospices and art therapy, for example).

    2. There is a difference between 20-30 CAUSES and 600 engagements which are not only Anne's patronages. If you are going to criticise, you need to get your facts straight.

      The causes to not include the standard Royal engagements anyway.

      Get used to not seeing the same level as Anne or Charles - they are full time royals and, for the umpteenth time (as stated by Buckingham Palace) Catherine is NOT a full-time royal.

    3. Pauline Oak HIlls6 May 2013 at 02:24

      I would rather see the Duchess pick causes that she can really help with. Why spread yourself thin with over 600 causes/charities and not get much done. And there is a difference in charities and engagements.

      And again no matter what the Duchess does some of you here, it is not good enough. You will always have a nasty comment. And again she is not and will not be a full time working roayal anytime soon.

    4. Pauline Oak HIlls6 May 2013 at 02:25

      There are two different people and the Duchess is not a full time working royal.

    5. Princess Anne is patron of 600 causes/charities...maybe YOU should get your facts straight.

    6. According to the Official Website of the British Monarchy, Princess Anne is associated with over 200 charities and organizations. They list which ones she is patron of and if my counting is correct, it is roughly 139. Wikipedia also states that she has around 200 charities she is patron of with 500 engagements a unless these sources are both incorrect, she is not patron of 600 charities and causes.
      On another note, I am so glad that the Duke and Duchess are doing things in a slightly new way. Like some others here, I think they will be able to do some tremendous work.

    7. If might add to what Claire said: The Duke and Duchess and Harry will be the only full time royals in the future. Beatrice is known to wanting to start working as a royal but is not allowed to.
      Plus the Duchess has been eased in into her role as a royal and I bet they will continue on that path. Taking on 20-30 causes at a time doesn't mean she will not take on more causes over time.

    8. Thanks for another great post Charlotte. I will have some reading material tonight. looking forward to reading all the articles you've mentioned.

    9. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to compare Anne and Camilla's workload. They are the same generation and one, most likely, will be the next Queen.

      But the bottom line is that all the "workload" criticism against Kate ignores one major factor and that is HISTORY. It won't be repeated because (1) William will not stand for his wife suffering as his mother did and (2) the royal family doesn't want another "eclipse" scenario (and goodness knows William and Kate are more than capable of it).

  5. That was such a sweet write up about the WillKate spontaneous hugs in the cycling velodrome, kinda from a Mills and Boon romantic novel :))How ironic their new hired help is named Camila,,Im glad they found the perfect helpmate for their new lives as parents.Thank you Charlotte for the update,love the blog, and waiting for the next one!xoxo

  6. Jean from Lancs.6 May 2013 at 11:59

    I do not think they will be too shocked at the departure of Mr. Lowther-Pinkerton. It was reported a few years ago that he had set up his own consultancy and would not stay in royal service much longer. he also got an honour in the New Year's Honours List, which often means that they are known to be moving on.
    Glad they have chosen a housekeeper; a lady who has worked for the Queen for many years, as they will know they can trust her not to go talking to the press. I read she is already in staff quarters at Kensington Palace, so it would seem as though the Duke and Duchess will be spending some time there, even before their new apartment is ready.
    Princess Anne gets a lot of praise now--but it wasn't always so. They have all had their turn at being the butt of criticism.
    If HM wanted them to do more she would tell them. For example, she does not invite them to State Banquets for visiting Heads of State---which seems to me to be short-sighted as they do not get to know these other people. She seems to prefer to have her elderly cousins-which is her choice.
    However the Queen should understand their wish to give their attention to their child--it is what her parents did.
    The young royals also seem to have decided to give their attention to a few charities and then in a few years move to other worthy causes. They will also have, in due course, more military appointments.

  7. im so sad that departure of Mr.Lowther-Pinkerton i think too much pressure for him to work full time im glad that they have choosen the queen housekeeper a lady that can be trusted in some many ways i love peter and autumn philpps children are going fast

  8. Maureen, London9 May 2013 at 00:29

    Hello all, I didn't realise that Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton had set up his own consultancy business (as a reader in the comments section has explained here), so was surprised to read in the blog just now that he is departing. As many people have often said, thanks for all the information provided in the blog! I enjoyed reading the Daily Telegraph article for which you provided a link, also the extracts from the book 'Diana's Baby'. I think it would have always have been unlikely for Kate to have been a full-time royal (undertaking a full programme of royal engagements) at this stage as William has been working in the Search and Rescue service and has been combining that with his royal role. When he gives that up, it will be interesting to see what happens.

  9. I would love to wear this bikini on our annual family vacation this year!!!

  10. lol oops wrong blog post!

  11. Sarah from Calif.10 May 2013 at 02:25

    To Mr.Lowther Pinkerton ,
    Well done !!! you have taken the boys on as your own. I'm sure you have done your best to instill values into them like your own. Enjoy your new adventure and your family to the fullest. :)


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