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Kate Enjoys Time In Anglesey, William's Engagements, Kate's Baby Shower Spoof + More

Duchess Kate has been enjoying time away from the spotlight in Anglesey, North Wales following a busy week of engagements, it has emerged. Prince William has dedicated the majority of this year to his career as a Search and Rescue pilot at RAF Valley before the couple move to Kensington Palace later this year. It is widely reported (although not yet officially confirmed) the Prince plans to leave the RAF to pursue more royal duties and a part time military career in London.

The couple enjoyed a quiet dinner at their favourite Anglesey pub The White Eagle last night (with thanks to Ashley Marie).

The White Eagle

The award-winning White Eagle sits on a hill behind the beach and has been a favourite haunt of William and Kate's since 2010. With its sun terrace and relaxed feel it is enormously popular with locals, tourists and RAF officers; William regularly pops in with his colleagues for a bite to eat during a long shift. The pub has enjoyed a burst of popularity in recent years thanks to their royal customers and of course their mouth-watering menu.

The White Eagle Pub Menu

Kate's also been spotted shopping at one of the Island's supermarkets wearing a pair of Flossy Shoes (with thanks to Cambridge Watch).

Matt J Steele Twitter Feed

Flossy Plimsolls are said to be incredibly comfortable shoes, originally worn by sailing enthusiasts and streets artists in Barcelona and the Balearics. The brand now has a footprint across Europe and the Middle East with over two million sales. They're available in an array of colours and prints including BlackFloral Print and Pink. The shoes retail for roughly £20 and seem a very practical choice for Kate at this stage of her pregnancy.


I'm glad Kate is spending time in Anglesey with William; she loves it there and it's a very special place for both her and William where they can enjoy a sense of normality and live as serviceman and wife without media interruption. No doubt it will be difficult to say goodbye to Anglesey in the coming months, and I'm sure they'll pay a quiet visit now and again. It certainly is a beautiful island, isn't it?



I know many of you are experiencing Kate withdrawals (yes, we do love a royal sighting or two) and are eager to know if the Duchess has any official engagements scheduled for this month. As of publishing this post nothing has been announced. Kate's appearances are usually announced by the Palace two weeks in advance, however, I think there's a very good possibility we'll see the Duchess towards the end of the month. It seems her engagements are scheduled together to allow her a period of rest afterwards.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Meanwhile, a couple of joint engagements have been announced for Prince William this month. On May 20th,  the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will visit the Help For Heroes recovery centre in Tidworth, Wiltshire. The British military charity provides better facilities for wounded servicemen and women.

On May 21st, William will host a conference with Prince Charles to stop illegal wildlife trade. This comes at a time when more and more evidence emerges that the illegal activity is being driven by international organized criminal networks and, in some cases, terrorist and rebel militia groups. It's an issue William is very passionate about and one I'm very glad to see him pursue.

If They're Gone Facebook

I always enjoy seeing lookalike artist Alison Jackson's work. The BAFTA winner has been outdoing herself lately with a selection of interesting royal photo shoots such as this mock-up of Kate's baby shower.

Alison Jackson

William and Kate shopping for baby clothes!

Alison Jackson

Camilla measures Kate's bump.


Kate and Pippa check out baby names.

Alison Jackson

And my own personal favourite: Kate and the Queen decorating the nursery. :) It's always good fun to see these.

Alison Jackson


Kate shares the cover of Hello! Magazine this week with a number of other royals who were in attendance at the Dutch coronation.

Hello! Magazine

Our Vix Swimwear Giveaway is still ongoing. Don't forget to enter if you haven't yet. We'll be continuing on with our 'Kate Loves' series next, I hope those of you from the US have the opportunity to see Prince Harry during his tour this week. :)


  1. I can only hope the person incorrectly spotted those shoes.


  2. Pauline Oak Hills10 May 2013 at 00:02

    Thank you charlotte for this greatpost. I am one of those who are having Duchess withdrawals. It has been awhile but she needed the rest. We are getting down to the day baby royal is due, about 9 weeks to ago. Can't wait.

    She & William needed the time together since William has been spending most of his time on his job and not on his Duchess. But it will be soon when he is not gone all the time.

    I wish his engagements were with the Duchess. I love seeing them together. But we know he will be in London so that should mean also with the Duchess.

    Thanks again for this great blog.

  3. Wonderful post, as always :) I'm from the Netherlands so it's nice to see our beautiful queen being mentioned here! And the Alison Jackson photo's are really funny, especially the one where Camilla is measuring Kate's bump, that one looks very real!

    1. Ana B. from Brazil10 May 2013 at 02:40

      Hello, Anonymous!
      Your Queen is really pretty and a great asset to the Dutch Royal Family!
      Congrats :)

    2. Ana B. from Brazil10 May 2013 at 02:41

      Hello, Anonymous!
      Your Queen is really pretty and a great asset to the Dutch Royal Family!
      Congrats :)

  4. Those Alison Jackson mock photos are pretty darn good! In the past, I haven't thought her to look very much like Kate, but I see it now. Very amusing :)

  5. Sarah from Calif.10 May 2013 at 01:12

    Awwwww yes a young couple in love , tucked away from prying eyes. How lovely.
    Anglesey looks beautiful , fantastic , stupendous......
    Well chosen engagements for William and Harry, bless you boys.
    The photo shoots are cute and tasteful.
    God bless the little baby Cambridge. Boy !

    1. Pauline Oak HIlls10 May 2013 at 03:52

      Sarah bit your We want a little Princess that look's just like her I really don't care what they have. As long as the Duchess has a good delivery and the baby is heathly that is all that matters.

      I bet William will be a great caoch for his Duchess during delivery.

      Hope everything is good for you in Northern Calif. Everything is good here in Southern Calif.

    2. Kate, Texas, USA10 May 2013 at 18:41

      Sarah and Pauline, a few weeks ago I was flipping through the channels and saw a pic of Will and Kate come across the screen so I stopped. It was the Ricki Lake show and she had these psychic twins on. I am REALLY NOT into this stuff, but they predicted a girl. Who knows??? The traditionalist side of me wants a boy and I know what a special bond mother's and son's have. The fact that the succession rules have changed and girls are going to be given the same rights as boys makes me want a girl. What a way to mark history! Either way, they will be wonderful parents and I feel this little one will have a loving, stable upbringing. I guess we all just really want a happy, healthy bundle of joy for them to love!

    3. Pauline!! I'm with you,, even I want a girl for Kate!! WE stand united chica! :-))

    4. Lynn Georgia USA11 May 2013 at 17:19

      Pauline, You have mentioned several times that William will be a great coach for Kate during labor/delivery. Do you have reliable information that he has trained as a coach and is planning to act in that capacity? Or are you just surmising (perhaps fantasizing)? I have thought that all delivery plans and details are veiled in secrecy--even the name of the hospital where the birth will take place.

    5. Sarah from Calif.11 May 2013 at 18:58

      Ha ha ladies still hoping for a boy ! boy !
      but , would be thrilled with a girl :)
      The miracle of birth Wow !
      I agree William will be a great coach just hope he doesn't pass out. What women go through to bring forth a new life is truely amazing.
      Happy Mother's Day to All !!!!!!

  6. Harry is in DC!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh I wish I could swing by to meet him!The White Eagle looks like a cozy place for a restaurant,, especially the hardwood floors. The Alison Jackson hotos are supercute,, especially the one with the Queen and Kate painting the room in blue and pink :))Thanks Charlotte for this awesome update!!xoxo

  7. Ana B. from Brazil10 May 2013 at 02:37

    I'm missing engagements! Very much! But I'm glad Catherine has been resting!
    Well, in my opinion those shoes are simply hideous and I think flats like those from London Sole are just as comfortable but way prettier.
    Good luck to all of you who can catch a glimpse of Prince Harry this week :)
    Thank you, Charlotte!
    I love the "Kate Loves" series so I'm very anxious about the next post!

    1. Z. from Portugal10 May 2013 at 13:08

      Ha ha, I'm thinking exactly the same! :)
      - miss Kate's public appearances very, very much;
      - Flossy shoes are ugly;
      - looking forward to reading the next Kate Loves posts! They are always an excellent suprise

      Good job with this post, Charlotte! I hope you're fine!
      (I'm spending the weekend at my house in the south of Portugal, so I'm really excited, I'm going to get lots of sunny weather. Yay! :)

      Wish you all a great weekend!

    2. Ana B. from Brazil10 May 2013 at 18:08

      Hello, Z.!
      I hope you can enjoy a great weekend! Southern Portugal must be a beautiful place!
      Hugs :)

  8. Sarah from Calif.10 May 2013 at 03:01

    Having just checked out the menu, a beef hamburger with tomato, Monterey Jack cheese plus plus jalepenos, lots of them and lettuce is a yummy choice when your in a Carniverous eating mood. Otherwise go for the trout, yummm

  9. I hope the happy couple is enjoying some quiet time!

  10. Seen lots ofrumors that Prince Harry said Kate is having a boy. But most of these articles also quote the apocryphal story that Kate almost said she was having a girl. So do we assume this is equally false? I guess I do.

  11. Jean from Lancs.10 May 2013 at 16:13

    The shoes look like carpet slippers---but if they're comfy and safe, who cares?
    Possibly she will not do too many more engagements now before the birth.
    I've just been watching the TV of Prince Harry at the Arlington War Cemetery.
    I find these places terribly upsetting, with the long rows of graves of such very young people.

    1. Kate, Texas, USA10 May 2013 at 18:33

      Jean, I have to agree on the shoes..... If they are comfy, wear them! I got to the point in all my pregnancies that it was flip flops in the ending days before I delivered because my feet were so swollen. The heels might have to go at some point!

    2. Nancy from Kentucky10 May 2013 at 19:43

      I have been to Arlington Cemetary on two occasions. Both times I was in awe. While it is upsetting to see the rows of tombstones spreading out seemingly forever, knowing these men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for their countrymen is incredibly moving.

      On a lighter note, Charlotte thank you for another lovely post. I do love popping onto your blog to see what's up with our girl!

  12. Kate, Texas, USA10 May 2013 at 18:30

    From the's a toss up between the pan fried chicken breast or the Welsh sirloin steak. Although you can never go wrong with fish and chips. :) Really looking forward to some yummy pub food when in England! So glad Wills and Kate are spending some quiet, quality time together in Anglesey. Hoping they are both getting some rest before parenthood sets in!

    I think the pictures are a hoot! My favorite is the one with the Queen and Kate painting! Too funny!!!! Charlotte, any word on why SJP has not made an announcement regarding William's future plans? I know the announcement was made the the Queen is going to begin scaling back on her engagements and Prince Charles will be stepping in. Just wondering why they wouldn't just make the announcement.

    I wish I could hop a plane to see Harry in the next couple days! I know it will be a great and meaningful trip! We LOVE Harry! :) Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

    1. Lynn Georgia USA11 May 2013 at 17:13

      The food at the pub sounds wonderful. I love pub food! I was surprised to see "French fries" listed as a Side option--as well as chunky chips. I have eaten in many, many British pubs, but have never seen French fries listed on the menu. I thought fries were an Americanism. Maybe things have changed. To my chagrin, I haven't visited Britain since 2010.

  13. I wish I could have been one of the lucky ladies with a camera in Washington DC today. Harry has his Mother's energy and appeal.

    I'm glad William and Kate are able to enjoy some time in Anglesey.

    And I seem to agree with many of the ladies here because I don't care for those shoes at all. Lol. They are so matronly. Ana B. is correct that the London Sole flats are far better looking. L.S. are a cute and sexy shoe where these are simply NOT. :)

  14. AND... :)

    When I saw the gown Maxima wore (in the above photo), it took my breath away. It was nothing short of spectacular. It's wonderful how she was welcomed into the royal family. The warmth and affection between her and the former Queen is more like mother and daughter than mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. That is a blessing not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy.

  15. Sarah from Calif.11 May 2013 at 02:35

    Well done Prince Harry , you have chosen one of the most honorable ventures. The unknown soldier is one of the most respected monuments in America. Next you are on to our Veterans in Colorado. Well you might not ever see this but, there is a lot of us Yanks cheering for you ! For your happiness, contentment, joy, and fullfillment to a life well lived.

  16. Sarah from Calif.11 May 2013 at 02:40

    Kate I do wish I could figure out a way to get a postcard it would be so fun :) Thankyou for thinking of me I know you would get me a little trinket if we could wing it :) but I am very content knowing that I was thought of :)

  17. Sarah from Calif.11 May 2013 at 02:54

    Can someone please tell me in a nutshell what (cookies ) are or mean ?

  18. i love the quite time of the duke and the duchess love how prince harry in dc and my staff white house and singing happy birthday to other reports says the duke and duchess are in wedding check it out


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