Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bringing Up Baby, Bucklebury Plans, Royal Nannies + More

Today's post is very much about the royal baby beginning with Barbara Walters Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition (viewers from outside the US can view the show in its entirety here).


Barbara Walters is filmed walking through London with a Kate lookalike and outside Buckingham Palace for the ABC special which didn't offer any new information apart from some very interesting insights into where Baby Cambridge will be born by one of our favourite royal contributor's, the lovely Victoria Arbiter:

'The baby will be born at St. Mary's hospital in London, where Princes William and Harry were born. The royals will want the birth to be as easy on other patients at the hospital as possible, a goal most likely to be met at St Mary's. '

Victoria went on to explain the importance of security at the couple's chosen hospital.

'More important to the new family's security than a huge police presence would be simply getting home quickly. Diana had William on June 21 and left June 22, and I'm sure William and Kate are hoping for something similar. If all goes well with the delivery, Kensington Palace gives them privacy and security without added worries. 

St Mary's hospital would seem a likely and convenient choice for the Duchess who is expecting her first baby in July. The hospital's private Lindo wing offers bathing suites and doctors with experience caring for "complex pregnancies" and provides care for over 9,000 women and their babies each year.


Victoria Arbiter also revealed William and Kate will follow tradition by leaving through the front door of the hospital allowing Baby Cambridge to be introduced to the world:

'The Royal Family likes to be as visible and accessible to their subjects as possible. This makes it tricky to protect against a lunatic in the crowd, but protection officers are always watching. When Diana died as a result of being chased by paparazzi, that really shut things up. The press will be respectful - nobody wants to get thrown out of the royal press pool.'

As for Kate's plans after she leaves hospital? There has been ongoing speculation in the media regarding the Duchess's plans to spend time with her parents in Bucklebury, Berkshire after the birth. That speculation was confirmed today by Kate's uncle Gary Goldsmith in this Telegraph interview:

'Kate's doing brilliantly in that role. She's made the Royal Family more accessible. And you throw a baby into that mix - they're going to do it fabulously. You just know that the baby is going to be introduced to the public fantastically well.
 And the fact that they're taking the baby to Carole's for the first six weeks is genius. Carole's a brilliant  mum - she is 10 years older than me and practised on me - and I think it's the right thing to do. It will take the pressure off Kate. 

It has been reported Prince William plans to take paternity leave from the RAF when the baby is born and it will be quite nice for him and baby to enjoy their first few weeks in Bucklebury with the baby surrounded by the Middleton family and away from the media glare. No doubt it will be of enormous help to Kate to have Carole by her side for those all important first weeks.

The Telegraph reports Carole Middleton recently revealed her grandchild would be born until the star sign Leo - the star sign for those born between July 24 and August 23. Although on a recent engagement Kate said her due date was "mid July" which seems more accurate from what we've heard. With less than two months to go, preparations for a "modest nursery" have already been made. Last month Kate and Carole were photographed buying a Moses basket and the Duchess was spotted purchasing a blue Bugaboo.

Hello! Magazine


As William and Kate's child gets a little older, a new and important figure will likely be introduced: a nanny. However the role of the royal nanny will be a very different one to previous generations. William and Kate will be very much hands on parents who will most likely avail of a nanny as little as possible. 

What can the Cambridges expect from a nanny? Expert Rosemary Albone shared this:

'Regardless of the specific point in history, one thing that ties together the expectation of nannies, and especially one to a Royal family, is that absolute discretion is a non-negotiable part of the contract. Nannies see, hear, experience and become involved within families, and that privileged access is expected to be kept within the family group.'

William and Kate will have to keep with tradition whilst blending in their own modern touch.

'What's important is that whoever is charged to look after the little one will know the child and parents preferences very well. We may see more of the new baby as well because the role over the parents has changed over the years, as nannies would watch the children while their parents toured countries for extended periods. The Duke and Duchess will take their child on longer trips and tours.'

William and Harry shared a close and loving bond with their nanny Olga Powell. She was described as "loving but strict" and stayed with the Royal Family for fifteen years supporting them through incredibly difficult times and providing a caring presence during their formative years. Prince William attended Olga Powell's funeral last year and both he and Harry were very sad at her passing.


The Duke and Duchess are currently in Anglesey, where Kate was spotted grocery shopping at a local supermarket and William was seen rescuing a member of the public on a beach. Rumours are circulating that the Prince may be taking part in a polo match tomorrow (with thanks to Cambridge Watch). If so, it would be great if Kate and Lupo could attend. :)

Update: William will play a charity  polo match today (Wednesday) at Chester Racecourse but Kate is not expected to attend.


  1. Great post, sums up recent articles perfectly.

  2. Awesome Update Charlotte!

    Kate will make the right decision regarding what her baby should have.

  3. Great post! I saw a commercial for the Barbara Walters special and I thought there can't be anything new that you already haven't told us yourself Charlotte!
    I hope we get to see Kate at the polo match, I love seeing unofficial sightings.
    A few days ago ENews reported that Daniella Helayel left Issa, and I found it very interesting that she left shortly after your Kate Loves post. Maybe it had something to do with that ;-)

    1. Thank you very much! I do hope the polo rumours are true and we see Kate and Lupo there!

      As for Daniella Helayel, I imagine there will ongoing problems from start of the business relationship, creative differences and varying visions for the brand. Such a pity for her to lose Issa.

  4. Pauline Oak Hills28 May 2013 at 16:20

    Wow another great post Ms. Charlotte. I did watch the Barbara Walters special and I can say I did like it. There really was not anything in there that we already did not know. But I did not think the woman who is pretending to be our beautiful Duchess really does not look's like her. I really have a problem with anyone making money pretending to be the Duchess. If she wants to make the money then she need's to donate some of that money to a charity of the Duchess.

    Thank you again Charlotte for this great post and all the time you spend bringus all up to date.

  5. I recorded that special last night. I found it by accident. I never watch 20/20 but for some reason I just decided to see what it was about and noticed that it was about the baby. I could not believe I actually caught it before hand without finding out about it later. I really wonder how the Middletons feel about Uncle Gary always spilling info about them.

    1. My thoughts Rachel. I thought that after his interview revealing intimate thinks of the family in his Ibiza house they spoke to him seriously..but it seems that they didn´t or without much success. I find him disgusting type - he never says anything actually bad but the mere fact that just HE speaks at all like he were the dearest and best informed family member of Kate to have his 5 minutes of fame...buf

  6. Jean from Lancs.28 May 2013 at 17:01

    I have written 2 blogs---but when I pressed "preview" the whole thing just disappeared each time,
    Just wanted to say thanks Charlotte--I found the video amusing.
    Like Pauline, I don't think the look-alike does look like Catherine--she is missing the lovely smile.

  7. Another good post. Although none of us can know for sure yet, I do have some uncertainty about 2 points in the post.

    First is that there is not a credible source for the information that Carole Middleton says her 1st grandchild will be a Leo. The Middletons (Michael, Carole, Pippa, and James) have always been very discreet, so I have my doubts that Carole said this.

    The second is that I do think that William and Kate will take the baby on their 1st long tour. Diana & Charles did it for their 6 week Australian tour in April 1983. Source: http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20084658,00.html

    However, after the Australian tour, Diana concluded that taking a baby on a tour was not the way to go and she didn't do it again. Just a few months later - in June 1983, William was left with the nannies in London for his 1st birthday while Charles and Diana did a Canadian tour. Source: http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20085365,00.html

    1. Jean from Lancs.28 May 2013 at 21:19

      Must say if I were Catherine's Mum I would tell people she was due in mid Aug. Can you imagine what it is going to be like with the paparazzi sitting outside her door and following her to which ever hospital is chosen?
      Princesses up to the birth of Prince Charles had to put up with someone from the Home Office being present--now Catherine has the photographers.

    2. Pauline Oak Hills29 May 2013 at 01:11

      Mariby- I do not believe that when William & his Duchess go on tour that they will ever leave their baby at home. William will do things his way and according to what has been posted (true or not)that includes that they baby with them where ever they go. That does not men they will take the baby to engagements in town but on tour when they will be gone for weeks. IMO that is not their style. The Duchess will want their baby with them. So they will hire a nanny to join them instead of leaving the baby at home.

    3. Pauline, I do know that you are correct that Kate and William will have very strong feelings - and want to do things their way - especially about taking their baby with them on their 1st royal tour after the birth. Diana herself had the very same strong feelings - and was adamant that she was taking William on the Australian tour.

      And Diana did not take William on the Australian tour because she was still breastfeeding. I was a young mother at the time and not only was it reported that Diana quit breastfeeding William at 3 months, from looking at the front of Diana's dresses on the Australian tour, it was very obvious that this was true.

      After the Australian tour, Diana herself concluded that taking a baby on tour was a mistake and she didn't do it again. In fact, she and Charles missed William's very important 1st birthday because of their Canadian tour (see references to People magazine's story archives).

      So you and I are in agreement that when this baby is born, Kate and William will definitely take the baby on their 1st tour after the birth. However, a royal tour is no walk in the park, and Kate and William may ultimately change their minds - as Diana did - that their baby is better off in a stable home environment.

      It remains to be seen.

    4. I find it very odd that people think they know how the Duke and Dutchess feel. I admire them and find they seem like nice people with good values, but I would never presume to express how they feel nor assume they would be good parents. I think my life is full and while I enjoy reading about them it stops there and I live my life.

  8. Hi!
    Another great post, dear Charlotte, I always love Baby C. news :)
    I think that Kate's decision to stay at her parents with the baby is excellent. Their support will be extraordinary, I'm sure of it. And this child will have a bit of "normalcy" within a "normal" family, the Middletons, wich I think it's very good and necessary for someone that one day will be a future king/queen of the 21st century.

    See you tomorrow, I HOPE! :)
    Hugs from Portugal.

    1. Sarah from Calif.29 May 2013 at 00:24

      Z. I too am glad they will be spending time with mom and dad Middleton. Being a new parent is daunting and to have the eyes of the world on you , I can't imagine the pressure.I hope she stays in the hospital a few days to have The Queen , Prince Philip , Prince Charles and Camilla pop up for a visit. Can you imagine everyone wants to see the newborn but , momma needs rest .

      Side note here , I think Camilla did a great job in France.

    2. Yes, Sarah. Camilla is, afterall, a good surprise. I like her. :) She has a low profile, she's nice, and I think she gives Charles the support he has always needed.

  9. Melanie from California28 May 2013 at 19:04

    Hi, Charlotte. Here is the link for 20/20. http://abcnews.go.com/2020
    "Watch the Latest Full Episode" is on the lower right side of the screen, and your readers can enjoy the entire broadcast. :)

    1. Thank you Melanie! Unfortunately it doesn't appear to work outside the US but hopefully the full show will appear on youtube :)

    2. HI Melanie,

      Thanks for posting the link! Just got done watching the video clips,,I never knew Barbara Walters covered the Charles and Diana wedding!I also found the frenzy surrounding the fake Kate amusing,specially the part where they take pictures with her on the streets:-))
      Thanks Charlotte for this awesome update!xoxo

  10. Thanks for another great post Charlotte. they are always so well written its such a pleasure to read. I have a question about this one though. is st. mary's the same hospital kate was in when she was sick in december? and are there any news about the nurse that apparently committed suicide shortly after? just wondering.

    I agree with MariBy i don't think Carole really said that about her grandchild being born a leo.

    1. Hello Dani, Kate was in the King Edward VII hospital in December if I remember correctly. I have heard anything about the nurse, I expect the family want privacy at this very sad time.

  11. I know we have been hearing for some time now that Kate will be taking the baby to her parents' home after the birth, but I'm wondering if we should be taking "Uncle Gary's" word as confirmation of the speculation? After all that's been divulged by him lately, I find it hard to believe that Carole or anyone else in the family would be confiding in him at this point. My guess is that he heard the news the same way we did originally, and is spreading it around as fact. Maybe it's just the tone I give him when reading his quotes, but he gives me the impression of a guy who will tell anyone anything for a dollar (or pound! ;)

  12. I'm glad that William and Kate are enjoying some time in Anglesey before the baby is born. And my fingers are crossed for a nice afternoon of polo. :)

    I cringe whenever I read the latest tidbit that Kate's Uncle has shared. The Middleton's have been so discreet and respectful of the circumstances they found themselves in when William entered their lives and they don't deserve to live with the unpredictability Uncle G brings to their lives. IMO, if he loves Kate, he should zip it and follow Carole and Michael's lead as her PARENTS.

    Having said that, I also agree that it's highly unlikely that Carole revealed any information about the baby's birth. It's just another headline that won't be refuted.

    1. Kate, Texas, USA29 May 2013 at 19:36

      I said the same thing....Uncle Gary needs to zip it up! You described him perfectly...unpredictable!

  13. Ana B. from Brazil29 May 2013 at 03:10

    Thank you for a very informative post, Charlotte!
    My mom did the same when my brothers and I were born; the very first weeks we'd spend at my Grandma's. I think it is a very much needed help, especially when it is your first child.
    Hope you're having a terrific week!
    Best regards from São Paulo :)

  14. Good morning everyone! William and Harry are playing polo today, let's hope Kate attends and some photos are taken :)

    1. Sarah from Calif.29 May 2013 at 14:11

      Good morning to you too Charlotte well it's afternoon for you now. I'm thinking I should get ready for work instead of doing this but, this is so much more fun. Looking forward to Polo pictures. Saw the pictures of the banners on the streets in London for Coranation event. It all looks so festive and beautiful. According to news in US the name Alexandra for a girl is in the lead in England. Is that true? That is my favorite name too. I would be surprised if they actually named her that though. Oh well I'm still hoping for a little boy. Have a lovely day Charlotte and all Duchess Fans.
      I owe I owe so off to work I go.

    2. It doesn't look like Kate will be attending unfortunately but there will be plenty of polo matches coming up!

      Have a lovely day Sarah :)

  15. Where and when was the last picture taken? It is adorable!!

    1. It was taken at a polo match last summer!

  16. First we heard Kate supposedly almost said she was having a girl. That's still out there even though it's been refuted. Then Harry supposedly said she's having a boy. Sure to be one or the other.

    Then Kate supposedly said to friends he/she is due July 13. Now Carole has supposedly said the baby will be born under the sign of Leo. We can be pretty sure it will either be Cancer or Leo (unless premature, than Gemini)

    We've heard Kate's having the baby in Berkshire. No London. Her horrible uncle claims she's going to stay with the Middletons. Good speculation since Kensington Palace isn't ready, but would anyone in their right mind tell Uncle Gary anything. He's worse than that supposedly friend of Kate's, interesting we haven't heard from her lately.

    We're heard Kate is breaking royal protocal by 1. Having William present at the birth, even though Charles was present at William's birth. 2. Letting her doctor decide whether or not she will have a caesarian even though the queen was born by caesarian. 3. Breastfeeding, even though Diana and other royal mothers certainly did and no one really knows what the queen did.

    We've heard the baby is going on tour or not going on tour and it all seems likely to depend how long the tour is. So far, their tours have been fairly short and no tour has even been announced, although Australia is hopeful.

    Frankly, all this is twaddle. Some of it just on the law of possibilites will turn out to be true, but let's face it, none of us are going to know for sure until it actually happens.

    1. Pauline Oak Hills29 May 2013 at 17:59

      AMEN!! Well said. The only people that know anythign is William & his Duchess. And maybe her parents but they don't talk.

  17. Kate, Texas, USA29 May 2013 at 19:34

    I have to agree with many of you..... Why in the world would Carole Middleton give away the baby being born under the sign Leo??? Don't think there's truth to that. Uncle Gary....zip it up. If you want to stay in good graces with the BRF or your own family, discretion is key. Goodness! If Baby C is Cancer or Leo, wherever Kate delivers, if she decides to stay with her parents or not after Baby C is born...is any of that really important? The most important thing is that Kate and the baby are happy and most of all healthy. :)

    Loved watching the Barbara Walters special. It was fun to see her reports on special occasions and interviews from the past. I can remember watching all of them! Thanks for including it Charlotte!

    Waiting for some great polo pics from today. Bummed that Kate was not there, but she is bringing the future monarch into the world in about 6-7 weeks and decorating two rather large homes. :) We'll see her bright, beautiful, and glowing on Tuesday!

  18. Surprised Kate missed the polo. Never missed a game when she was dating William LOL. Diana attended polo matches practically up to the day. Still, who knows. Maybe it's the horse allergy.

    That foie gras busniess is all over Internet based on one waiter's report that Kate ordered it in a restaurant. Could be completely false but headlines everywhere. Will be glad when Kate takes on a regular schedule. With real news, it will keep this silliness from getting so much press.

    1. Sarah from Calif.31 May 2013 at 01:11

      Anon. 13:33 I think it best not to compare Diana to Kate. Two completely lovely ladies in their own rights.

  19. Jean from Lancs.30 May 2013 at 19:21

    The story of the foie gras is 2 years old when a waiter said Catherine had ordered it as a starter when lunching with the Duchess of Cornwall and her daughter. I didn't believe it then--especially as at the time everyone was busy complaining she didn't eat enough and was losing weight.
    This has been dug up again by a pop singer---yes the same one that said that Catherine was in hospital for no reason whatsoever. As he is not medically qualified and has never been pregnant, his views on that have no validity.
    I am not surprised if she chose not to go to the polo yesterday--a cold wet day and a lot of standing about---any way, we cannot know why she was not there; she must have hospital and doctors'appointments at some time.
    Some of these things--like guessing names are fun---for us, but they could be quite stressful to her and you only have to look at her to realize that she cannot be stuffing herself with foie gras all the time.
    Comparisons to Princess Diana are not very helpful either

    1. Sarah from Calif.31 May 2013 at 01:18

      Oh Jean I so agree not helpful or fair to compare. Two different lifes , different generations etc... I am 1 year older than Diana and I wouldnt trade those days for these. I'm so glad Kate has a great start and a lot of wonderful support :)

  20. It's nice to catch up on all the Kate news after being away from my computer for several days.

    After reading several online articles (from GB news organizations) that refer to the Duke and Duchess as "Prince William and pregnant Kate Middleton", I'm wondering why more GB news outlets don't refer to the couple as Prince and Princess William. Or isn't that proper terminology?


  21. Not a surprise that the birthing hospital is St. Mary's. There are tremendous security issues and St. Mary's, having handled other royal births, is best equipped to deal with the royals and their demands and their security entourage. I thought the tale of Kate having the baby in the hospital near her parents' home was a bit farfetched just due to the tremendous accommodations that would have to be made for security - especially in a hospital. You can't exactly tell everybody else to get out in a hospital just because Will and Kate want the place to themselves. I also think it's a sign that although Carole Middleton may be calling some of the shots, the queen and the Palace are still in charge.


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