Sunday, 17 March 2013

Kate Reveals She'd Like a Boy at Aldershot St. Patrick's Day Parade

An emerald-clad Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince William at Mons Barracks, Aldershot for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

The Duchess watched Prince William and two hundred soldiers march to the parade square at the barracks, wearing full ceremonial uniform of scarlet tunics and bearskins. William was made colonel of the regiment in May 2011, his first honorary position in the army and today marks his first visit to Mons Barracks. The Prince opted to wear his ceremonial No 1 uniform instead of the tunic he wore to the royal wedding. For the first time William wore an insignia aide-de-camp to the Queen on his shoulder, which was bestowed on him today.

More on the 1st Batallion Irish Guards from the official website:

'The Irish Guards, part of the Guards Division, a Foot Guards regiment based in Mons Barracks, Aldershot. The current regiment was formed in 1900 by order of Queen Victoria in recognition of the many courageous acts carried out by Irish soldiers in the Second Boer War.
The regiment takes its motto "Quis Separabit" or "Who shall separate us?" from the Order of St. Patrick, an order of chivalry founded by George III. The regiment is involved in public and ceremonial duties at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St James's Palace and The Tower of London.
The Irish Guards is a Light Role Infantry Battalion affectionately, and widely, known as The Micks.'

Kate caught her heel in a grate but luckily her prince came to the rescue :)

Prince William saw the funny side to Kate's stumble. No doubt all us ladies can attest to the hazards of heels.

We discussed titles and styles last week and many of you will recall Kate is styled as Baroness Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.

Mark Stewart Twitter

Kate presented traditional sprigs of shamrock to the officers and guardsmen including William, as well as Domhnall, the Irish Guards' wolfhound mascot. The tradition dates back to 1901 when Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII sent boxes of shamrocks to the then, new regiment.

The Queen Mother had a long affiliation and love for the Irish Guards. Her Majesty first attended the the annual military parade in 1927 but it wasn't until 1964 that she started to present the Royal Shamrock to the Battalion. She described presenting the shamrock as a "great pleasure which has enabled me to forge a link with the Regiment I greatly cherish." The regiment supplied the pallbearers for her funeral in 2002.


Kate also attended last year on behalf of William, because he was deployed in the Falklands for the RAF. The ceremony marked the Duchess's first solo military engagement and the start of an ongoing connection to the regiment. It's wonderful to see Kate continuing the tradition.

As a dog lover, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Domhnall and I think Kate enjoyed meeting him :). The seven month old Irish wolfhound came to the Regiment from Northern Ireland a few months ago and unbeknownst to the "playful pup" all eyes were on him today as he led the way as the new regimental mascot for the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. Domhnall whose name means "World Leader" in Gaelic has been on a steep learning curve with handler David Steed in preparation for today. I think he did a stellar job, do you?

MOD 2012

While talking to Guardsmen Lee Wheeler Kate revealed she would like a baby boy:

'I was talking to her about that baby of course. I asked her do you know if it's a girl or a boy and she said not yet. She said "I'd like to have a boy and William would like a girl. That's always the way it is". I asked if she had any names yet and she said no.'

Kate looked delighted to receive a posy of flowers by five-year-old Maisie Purcell, daughter of Company Sergeant Major Andy Purcell. As she bent down to greet Maisie Kate said "Very nice to meet you, thank you for the flowers, they're very pretty and spring-like. Have you seen the dog?".

The Cambridges also took a tour of the barracks including the Officers' and Sergeants' Mess where they privately enjoyed lunch.

Kate elected to rewear the green Emilia Wickstead coat dress she wore to last years parade. The Autumn/Winter 2010 piece features a fitted top and a full skirt completed with a belted waist. It is a classic and sophisticated piece exuding timeless elegance. I know many of you loved the piece the first time Kate wore it and had hoped we would see it again. The Duchess wore a black turtle-neck underneath.

Emilia Wickstead

The Duchess wore her black Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Co 'Fairy Tale' hat and wore her hair in an elegant updo, which added a new dimension to the look.

As expected, Kate wore the Irish Guards gold shamrock brooch again this year. The three-leaf brooch which has been worn by the Queen Mother and Prince Anne, belongs to the regiment and they determine to whom it be loaned. Kate honoured the day with a sprig of shamrock on her lapel.

Kate accessorised with her pretty emerald earrings.

Splash News

Kate completed the look with her Cornelia James Bow Gloves, Episode 'Angel' suede shoes and black tights.

I thought Kate looked great today, her bump is really starting to show and she looks, happy, radiant and most importantly healthy.

You can watch a video at ITN Source and youtube.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig!


In other news, William and Kate were spotted doing some antique shopping in Berkshire yesterday. Tweeter  Meg shared a funny incident occurred when her dad accidentally walked out in front of their car (with thanks to @KateWillWatch and Julie). Thankfully no one was hurt and they all enjoyed a good giggle about it :)

@Megskemp171 Twitter

We'll next see the Duke and Duchess on Tuesday when they visit Child Bereavement UK. Hello! reports Kate has an upcoming engagement with the Queen, attending the anniversary of the Bakerloo underground line. I'll let you all know if anything is confirmed.


  1. Only Kate could make getting a heel stuck look graceful lol. Her hair looks beautiful today, I love when she does something different with it, it's such a nice surprise!

  2. I love her coat, it really looks amazing! If I was rich I would buy it. However I would have expected or rather I hoped Kate to wear another coat this year, a new one maybe...
    Thank you Charolotte for being so quick!


    1. Yes, I agree with you that it is rather uninspired to wear the same coat to the same event as before, and, as the post states, the hat has been seen before, too. I felt disappointed: repetitive. I know that some people say that she should economise due to the tough times, but a royal visit must cost a great deal, in terms of the staff that are involved, so just wearing the same clothes again is not really going to make a big difference on the grand scale of things. The designer Vivienne Westwood recently said that Kate should recycle her clothes more, so maybe she will feel that Kate is doing the right thing now. Kate looks very picture-perfect in the photos and videos, the ITN video shows her with some wonderful smiles. Seems that Kate may not wear 'designated maternity clothes'.

  3. Jean from Lancs.17 March 2013 at 13:26

    Love the hairdo and though this is the same coat, it has been altered. Last year the bodice crossed over, but has now been let out---hence the turtle neck underneath.
    The heel incident was very funny,, as the soldier in front of her continued to salute her as she struggled with it.
    She looks very elegant and does not get fazed when unexpected happens.
    Notice that Prince William was wearing the gold on his shoulder symbolizing Aide-de-Camp to HM. Do you know when he was appointed to that Charlotte.
    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    1. Hello Jean,

      William was actually appointed today :)

      Kate also revealed she'd like a boy and William would like a girl! Thank you for your comments everyone!

    2. Dont think coat has been altered. Last year she wore a belt to keep closed, imo

  4. she looks so beautiful! thank you for sharing these great pics (ps that is one BIG dog!)

  5. Glad to hear that the duchess is going well on her pregancy and loving those hair up the duke is very supportive in her princess gets her stuck her heels she should start wearing flat shoes charllotte how true the duchess will be having enagement with the queen on thursday according to hello

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you do! I so enjoy reading your take on the Duchesses style. The little tidbits on her daily outings are neat as well. Today at the parade I loved Kate's hair! She is so blessed to have such thick and beautiful locks. I think I prefer this years black hat, shoes, undershirt to last years brown. Prince William looked very dashing as well in his uniform. I wondering if they were antique shopping for decor for the babies nursery. It's fun to image how she will furnish it and how beautifully her homes are decorated. She has such wonderful dressing style I imagine her taste in home decor is fabulous. Happy Saint Patricks Day all!

  7. Hi charlotte. Wow how fast you are with this mornings post. Kate and Wills looked lovely. I did prefer lasts years outfit on Kate. Her hair was lovely though. Im from Ireland so this was special celebrating our patron Saints day. Its great to see them together this year. I do love the couple. Looking foward to next wk!! Thks again.

  8. Kate looks lovely, she's got it spot on and very appropriate for the occasion. Love the detail in the hair too.

    I sometimes think suede can mark so easily it makes a shoe look older than it is.

    Lovely post Charlotte, thank you!

  9. It's so nice to see William and Kate on official engagements. The enthusiasm for this couple is both obvious and genuine if you look at people's faces.

    This coat was a good choice and it looks lovely on her. And I think this hat (this style in general) looks much better with an updo.

  10. What a lovely couple they are! They look so relaxed and happy! I love it!

    Such a great post, Charlotte!

    Thank you!! :-)

  11. Sarah from Calif.17 March 2013 at 14:52

    Love the whole look on both of them ! William is dashing and Kate, beautiful. I would have loved to have been there, the ceremony was so colorful and sharp. Adorable dog too, and just a pup still. They both look so genuinely happy :)
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all !

  12. Stylewise - a lovely look for Kate. Also, she looked relaxed and happy today, I think she prefers to do engagements with William.

    If the reported conversation about the baby is correct, my assumption is that they have chosen not to know the baby's gender prior to the birth.

    Interesting that she wants a boy and he a girl, but I can almost guarantee that they will both be over the moon and decide they got exactly what they REALLY wanted.

  13. Pauline Oak HIlls17 March 2013 at 15:04

    Good Morning MS. Charlotte- Thank you for another great post. OMG the Duchess looked just so beautiful & happy today. Their baby bump is really starting to show. She looks so cute. I loved that she recycled the dress again this year. Why waste money on a new one when spring is on teh way. I know many would love to see her in something new but that is not her style. With her pregnacy the dress is filled out better this year then last. The pregnancy sure is agreeing with our Duchess. William looked realy happy today. And very handsome in his uniform.

    Thanks again for bring us this great place to come and read about the Duchess & her prince.

    1. I agree with you, Pauline. I think that the Duchess, during her official duties, does not want to draw the general attention on her outfit, but simply on the event she is attending. Recycling the clothes is like having an official uniform that separates the Duchess from the fashion interest and links her only to her royal role.

  14. Love the coat but I would love to see Kate wearing more new things. Of course rewearing is good for the environment and it shows that Kate is aware of the financial crisis. It's just that I would love to see more of her style. I also would like to see Kate showing off her bump more, of course this is a coat so showing off your bump is more difficult. But I would like to see her in something more tight for an indoor engagement.

    1. My favourite coat she has. The warmer weather is hopefully coming soon, so maybe she'll manage to get through this pregnancy without having to buy a maternity coat, and well cut coats tend to be expensive. Smart lady filling her wardrobe with well cut skirted coats that can accommodate her figure through various stages in her life.

  15. LKC in South Carolina17 March 2013 at 15:13

    I was glad to see she wore the same thing especially since it was such a good choice both years. I just don't think the times are right to be buying a new outfit for every occasion, no matter how special, when she already owns things that work so well.

    I was glad to see her hair up and wish she'd do that more often especially for events that are outdoors as I hate seeing it get blown into her face.

    I do think it might be time to switch to a lower heel and I am guessing that after this stumble she might agree.

    I too wondered if they have opted to not know the gender of the baby - we took that route.

    Thanks for yet another great and speedy post.

  16. Loved this outfit last year, and although disappointed not to see something new, understandable with maternity, and love it with the black. Her hair look fantastic, really love the loose knot. The colour of that coat is perfect on her.

  17. Kate, Texas, USA17 March 2013 at 15:35

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! I come from an Irish, Scotish, and English background (heavy on the Irish) where today is always one of celebrating! Celebrating my parent's anniversary, husband's birthday, and a great family history and heritage!!! :)

    Kate looks so happy and bright! I was hoping she would don a new coat today, but I LOVED her look! The Emilia Wickstead is so classy and the color is beautiful. No belt this year though!!! The black she wore underneath and black hat looked great with William's ceremonial no.1 uniform. Kate's hair.....LOVE! Must admit I am a bit jealous of her thick, gorgeous hair. The updo looks fabulous!!!! LOVE!!! Thanks for the close up shot of the back Charlotte...beautiful! :) I think it's funny from the video where the camera wasn't going to miss panning down for the side view of Kate's ever growing belly.

    Don't the men, especially William, look sharp also? Who can resist a man in uniform, especially when they come to your rescue when a heel gets stuck? So nice that Kate really doesn't seem bothered when things like this happen. Charlotte, is there significance to the insignia aide-de-camp? I know you mentioned the Queen bestowed it on him today.

    And that adorable Domhnall!!! What a cutie!!! He did a great job and was very well behaved. Hopefully he got treats after his big day.

    I loved seeing pictures of the Queen Mother. I do miss seeing her. She was always a person who I would have loved to share a cup of tea and a chat with. :) Hopefully this will be a tradition Kate will enjoy carrying on.

    Thanks for the wonderful post Charlotte! I hope you all have a wonderful and happy St. Patrick's Day!!! :)
    Lá Fhéile Pádraig! Rath Dé ort!

    1. Perhaps Domhnall got to chase a cyclist (his handler says it's his favourite occupation)!

      I was also glad to hear that last year's mascot is enjoying retirement.

  18. Could she be wearing the black turtleneck dress she wore to that hospital awhile back?

    1. Yes, I thought the same!

  19. Will and Kate looked lovely on this official engagement!Her hairdo looked elegant, I hope she would experiment with these hairstyles more often. I'm glad she dint break the heel while trying to wiggle it out!;-))The parade went on successfully despite the heavy rain.thank you Charlotte and Happy Saint Patricks day everybody!

  20. Usually, I like Kate's up-dos, but this one just looks messy and like it will fall out at any minute. It also has an odd shape to it like fake hair was added to the middle of it to make the look fuller.

    I was wondering, could she choose to wear a coat open or would that be deemed inappropriate? The bust on this coat isn't fitting properly because she is pregnant. If she could wear coats open, then she could still wear her pre-pregnancy coats. Also, I've always been confused about why she wears coats buttoned up to look like a dress, even when she goes inside at engagements. I know I would get hot!

  21. Theresa, from Paris17 March 2013 at 16:54

    She looked so happy and at ease. Really wonderful to see them both so relaxed.
    I found the outfit too austere with the black turtleneck and opaque tights. It isn't one of my favourite looks. Although I love when she puts her hair up, I also thought her hairstyle wasn't a great success. The chignon just seemed off to me. But I'm glad to see her so healthy and happy.

    There is a very sweet video of them at the races when they are chatting with their friends. It's fun to see them just being themselves. Must really be a charming and fun couple to know !
    All best to all of you ;)

    1. Jean from Lancs.17 March 2013 at 19:06

      Hi Theresa,
      Would you call it a chignon?
      I've been looking at it for ages and cannot make up my mind--it seems to be so complicated.
      I like it very much; it suits her face and the little hat she is wearing.
      It seems to me to be unique--Catherine's updo!

    2. Theresa, from Paris17 March 2013 at 19:27

      Hi Jean from Lancs !
      I'm not an expert but I call a"chignon" any hairdo when the hair is done up and twisted, leaving the neck free. For my mind, it just seems a bit "messy" and about to fall down and heavy. I usually love her hair up. Especially during the foreign tours, I remember a beautiful hairdo in Canada and the one with pearls in Singapour I think it was. But this time, for me, it is just not right. Even the hat doesn't do it for me on these pictures.
      I think it is fun when we have different opinions. Just shows how fashion and style are so personal... A taste of freedom...
      All best ;-)

    3. I agree with Theresa about the hairdo of the Duchess, it really looks too heavy (I mean exactly in terms of weight!). I think that she would have looked splendid with the half-up-half-down hairstyle.
      Here ( you can find a tutorial for a very similar hairdo! ;-)

  22. Engagement with Queen confirmed for Thursday!! :)

  23. I actually LOVED the hairdo! Elegant yet with modern ease...and so full and gorgeous! Again, I'm loving the extra-long hair on HRH these days! Silvia

  24. It does look like the dress has been altered
    from last year shows that the dress crossed over quite a bit and had a belt as well.

    I was thinking the same that it is the black turtleneck dress we have seen her wear before.

  25. Kate looks so graceful! The combination with the black turtle neck and the black head peace make it a complete different look from last years. She looks really at ease and happy, pregnancy suits her really well. I wonder how many kids they will have. At least two, maybe three?
    I liked the hair. But did you guys notice in the video that her hair got loose towards the end? Not a great job of the hairdresser, who is it anyway?

  26. I don't think her hair came down. I think that was last year's picture in which she was not wearing colored tights.

  27. Well done to the 1st Bat. Irish Guards..... watch my son today on parade...sooo proud of them....We were wet and cold all morning... well it was worth it!!!! This was the 3rd time I saw Kate and William who are simply wonderful.... and warm to everyone they meet.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Andrea, it's great to hear first hand accounts.

    2. Sarah from Calif.17 March 2013 at 21:19

      Andrea, that is so good of you to share with us. I so wish I could have been there. Showed my family ITV video, mom and dad said "she is beautiful " my son who is very into guns and all things military said, " she will be a wonderful Queen! " As for William we were all noticing how regale, like a solider and in love he looks :) Cheers to your son you must be so proud of him !!!!! Hope you are warm and cozy now.

    3. Kate, Texas, USA17 March 2013 at 22:07

      Andrea, enjoyed reading your post! I think the Irish Guards look so dashing in smart in their uniforms. I know you are proud of your son and what a special day the day must have been. Thanks for sharing! Seeing Will and Kate three times...that's great! I would love for you to share about your other times in seeing them. Always fun to hear!

      Sarah, enjoyed your post too! I loved what your son said about Catherine being a wonderful future queen. It's nice to hear an opinion from the guys! :) I agree with how William looks so in love. Don't you know he will be more so when their sweet little one arrives?!?! :)

  28. Seeing Will and Kate 3 times!!! That's wonderful!!!

  29. Pauline Oak Hills17 March 2013 at 19:26

    Just wondering why William did not bend down and help his Duchess with her shoe. That would be the gentleman way to do it. Poor Duchess had to bend down.

    1. Sarah from Calif.17 March 2013 at 22:45

      Pauline it looked all so quick and sudden, he didn't have a chance. They both looked liked they enjoyed the upset of the moment. I can imagine them saying together (well that was a good one for the cameras, yes we are normal)

    2. Yes I thought that quite surprised. She's certainly got good balance I'm sure I would have ended up on the floor!!! Amy bath

    3. Me too Pauline, very poor show of manners from William I think! Annie, UK

    4. Hi Pauline, I was wondering the same, but then I changed my mind after I had watched a video! Looking at the many pictures, it seems that this scene lasted many minutes. Then I watched a video and I realized that this scene lasted only 2 seconds, so I think William didn't even had the time to help his wife because she was very quick to fix the problem by her self.

  30. I love the green coatdress and as some have mentioned in previous posts, since the waistlines on a lot of Kate's dresses were already tailored well above her natural pre-pregnancy waistline, they're ideal for wearing during the early months of her pregnancy. The coat is warm and practical and good on Kate for recycling her clothes like the rest of us have to do. I like her hair done differently but this updo looks sloppy somehow, can't quite explain it. I do think Domnhall stole the show, however!! Our family had Irish Wolfhounds and they are amazing, amazing dogs!!

    1. Lynn Georgia USA18 March 2013 at 18:58

      I agree about the hair. Kate looked wonderful, and she and William "performed" brilliantly. However, her hair is just so thick and heavy that the updo resulted in a quite heavy chignon. I personally prefer the "half up-half down" look from Friday--and from last year's St. Patrick's Day. I loved that green coat though! I'd been hungering to see it again--so I'm thrilled that she reprised it.

  31. I loved everything about Kate's look today - her coat dress, her updo, her accessories - but the best part was to see how happy she was! She was positively radiant! The Emilia Wickstead coat was perfect for this occasion...I wouldn't be surprised if we'll see it in years to come. And Domhnall was great. I adore Irish Wolfhounds and would own one in a heartbeat if I could. :o)

    Thanks for another lovely post, Charlotte!

  32. You're very welcome, thank you all for reading :)

    I just loved seeing Domhnall, such an adorable dog! There has been much talk of needing an Irish Wolfhound in my house today :)

    1. Kate, Texas, USA17 March 2013 at 22:10

      Do keep us posted on the dog talk and if you have a new member coming to your family....LOL!!! I think Domhnall is such a cutie and I LOVED the picture you posted! My kids loved it too! :)

    2. Sarah from Calif.17 March 2013 at 22:58

      Hi Charlotte, The Irish Wolfhound was voted in the top ten in an article I recently read. Well along with the Bishon Friese which we have. I love dogs and grew up with retrievers. If I could I would have a huge property with many dogs. So much personality. I thought Domhnall was well behaved, I noticed his master had a tight grip on him. Can you imagine if he jumped up for a big kiss! Well done Domhnall and trainer. !

    3. Kate and Sarah - If time permitted I would probably have several, I think all dogs need so much care and attention it really is a matter of time, however I fully intend to get one in the future :)

      My Mum has three Bichon Friese, absolutely adorable little dogs, so intelligent too. Now that we're all grown up she jokes she has three new babies to look after :)

    4. Kate, Texas, USA18 March 2013 at 17:38

      Charlotte, my parents did the same thing after my sister and I left home and now have our own families. They have a labrador retriever, golden retriever, and brittany spaniel that are their babies. :) Those dogs are spoiled rotten! We always had cocker spaniels when I was growing up, so I have a soft spot for Lupo. I had a black cocker named Princess who I adored. She's been gone a while now, but I still miss her terribly. Once my kiddos are a little older and all potty trained (LOL), we promised them a dog.

      Domhnall is absolutely adorable! Seems like a gentle giant. :)

      Cute story.... My son said last night that he wanted to be a "veterinan". I said a veterinarian, that takes care of animals. He said, "no, a soldier!" Oh, a veteran. My daughter excitedly said, "you can wear a fancy suit like Prince William!" With my little knowledge I told them of the Irish Guards and that they were only where William and Kate lived. My daughter's response to my son, "Guess you'll be moving away!"

    5. Sarah from Calif.19 March 2013 at 01:23

      Charlotte, yes our. "Luc" is the baby of the family (at 3 years -15 years for sm dogs) he is wrapped around my neck on the couch as I type. A plus for dogs they don't cry or require diaper changes. Yes I agree if anyone is going to get a dog you must give them the time. At approx. 7:00 pm Luc will stare at my hubby.
      His way of saying. "okay Dad it's time for a walk " I could go on but I guess this isn't the right place but, I will say Luc was a God send when my son was going through a terrible time in his life.

  33. Ana B. from Brazil17 March 2013 at 20:17

    Catherine was looking so pretty today! I loved both her outfit and updo!
    I've read she didn't stumble, her high heel got stuck in a grate! I don't think it is wrong for her to use high heels at this stage of pregnancy... I think she can wear them whenever she wants if she is feeling comfortable wearing them.
    Well, a nice weekend to you all... I don't like Sunday nights... I find them depressing!
    Hugs from a very rainy São Paulo :)

    1. Sarah from Calif.17 March 2013 at 23:09

      Hi Ana, I think the heel will slowly go down with weight. Children tend to keep us grounded. ( Ha ha.) Joke. She does look great !
      We always seem reverse in weather. Sunny here today. Hope you are well and your studies are going as you have planned.

    2. Ana B. from Brazil18 March 2013 at 17:30

      Hi, Sarah! My studies are going fine, thank you :)
      It is still raining a lot in here! I was missing the cold weather! I'm not a fan of Summer, because it gets really hot in here, even though I live in the coldest area of Brazil. Well, I'm glad I get to go to work today wearing jacket and boots!
      Best wishes of a great week, my dear :)

  34. I have a question and I think it may sound silly, but I've been thinking it there some sort of tradition in BRF when it comes about child birth? I was wondering if Kate will deliver her baby by a natural way or a C-section. I'm sorry if I sound weird, but I've been wondering about it...

    1. Pauline Oak HIlls17 March 2013 at 21:39

      I don't live in London but I would think it all depends on the Duchess. If she starts to have problems delivering then a C Section would be needed. But if not then I would think her & William will do the natural/meds way.

      Let's hope that William will be a great coach. Wonder if they will attend child birth classes together?? I could see the instructor walking in & see William & his Duchess in the

    2. It's the obstetrician who decides if a C-section is advisable for medical reasons - for the baby, the mother or both. The parents generally follow that advice.

      There are cases of elective C-sections - for convenience, to avoid childbirth pain, or for other superfluous reasons, however Kate doesn't seem the type.

    3. Actually, I think Kate will have C-sections to avoid childbirth pain....

    4. I'm a nurse and I have always been scared the hell out of child birth pain.
      When I first started my internship in Obstetrics a couple of years ago, I was fully supportive of natural birth. Since I watched it for the first time. I got completely terrified and so did my female collegues. I'm sorry, but I think it is horrible. No woman should be allowed to go through this, unless she really wanted. You pee and poo yourself. And most of the times a husband is watching it.
      I know it's post-op is much better, but the post-op of a C-section can be tranquil. My friends and I made a research, and ALL of the doctors had C-sections.
      This is my opinion and you may not agree with it. Because I know many of you may have gone through this and find it ok.
      And I don't think a C-section makes a woman be less than a mother if she can choose to avoid the pain and she avoids it.

  35. My roommate is a podiatry resident and she said that looking at pictures of Kate makes her wince, given Kate's penchant for sky-high heels. I understand Kate is comfortable in heels and is (usually) quite good at walking in them, but wearing them at EVERY engagement makes her look a bit vain, in my opinion. She's already a tall woman, why does she insist on wearing shoes that sometimes make her tower over other guests? Especially in slippery, rainy conditions while 5 months pregnant?

    To repeat: this is just my opinion! I feel like I need to say that so that some of her more *enthusiastic* fans don't jump down my throat :-)

    1. Although Kate is tall, it's been pointed out that she has a long torso and shorter legs. Just opposite the late Diana Princess of Wales. That may be why Kate wears a lot of slightly raised waistlines (which make the transfer to maternity wear easier.) Diana, on the contrary, often wore and looked best in long jackets. High heels makes Kate's legs look longer and gives a better porportion next to William who is very tall. She does walk very well in them but will probably have some consequences when she gets older.


    2. I am with you on this one. I truly admired Kate's sense of style, especially pre marriage official engagements days..Very stylish and sober..modest hemline and modest footwear during her London days.. However, ever since her marriage her hemlines are getting shotter, ( looked like she forgot her pants in previous engagement) and heels are getting higher..may be compensating for the long sleeves and modest neckline restriction.. :) Guys, I love high heels too.. But, evrything has a time and occassion. Kate seems to have forgotten that she is not just a 31 yr old but also 5 months pregnant.. I personally feel she needs to lossen up a bit aleast for few more months and stop worring about her shape and enjoy her pregnancy

  36. Charlotte thank you for a fantastic post! Oh my I love and adore Kate's outfit! Her hair is gorgeous and hat elegant and the coat is sensational she is a perfect ten! William looks handsome as well.

  37. Charlotte thank you for a fantastic post! Oh my I love and adore Kate's outfit! Her hair is gorgeous and hat elegant and the coat is sensational she is a perfect ten! William looks handsome as well.

  38. Well, now those loos waistlines on Emilia Wickstead dresses will have their time, maybe soon we will see the yellow one :)
    I like her look today and I´m not disappointed she recycled- as long as she styles the look differently, it´s OK with me and she seems more as normal woman.I´m kind of thrifty too and althoug I enjoy buying me new clothes, I don´t want to waste big money on maternity wardrobe - I hope to get along with my normal wardrobe as long as it would be possible.
    I like she did something different with her hair, that´s what makes a real distinction. I like her updo, even I agree that it was somehow falling down, at the end of the event, when sherry toast,felt almost on her back (but again- it makes more "human"). But nice combo with the hat - and the hat flower decoration made nice complement to the real sharmrocks.

  39. Z. from Portugal18 March 2013 at 15:51

    Oh, finally an elegant and elaborate updo! Love, love, love her hair like that. Our Duchess looks so radiant, her constant smile is really refreshing even on a cold rainy day. (I wonder if she reads this blog, Charlotte.. ;)
    William looks so handsome in that uniform. They make such a wonderful couple. :)
    Looking forward for tomorrow's event!!

  40. I was a bit surprised by her repeat on the exact coat she wore last year for the same event...but it's not a bad thing, I guess. Just surprised.

  41. Her hair looks in need of professional styling. Suede shoes on a rainy day?
    BG San Diego

  42. I Love Kate.

    Maybe she should wearing flat shoes, cuz she is pregnant.

    thank you for sharing.
    i'm Kate's huge fan from Indonesia.

  43. What a handsome and happy couple. I love them!
    Charlotte, is there any confirmaton of Kate's engagement with HM the Queen on March 21st?
    I'm getting excited at that prospect!
    Thank you for the great post!


    1. Hello Monica! Nothing official yet but we should hear soon :)

  44. Here's something kind of fun! Long before Kate Middleton and Emilia Wickstead, there was Jane Wyman starring in Torchy Blane Playing with Dynamite (Warner Brothers, 1939). I just happened to catch this film on TV recently, and the outfit Jane wears is the same one Kate wore for St. Patrick's Day; it's nearly an exact match for last year's outfit with the belt, nude nylons and hat. (However, Jane is wearing a tan coat instead of a green one). Here is the link so you can see a still photograph from the film. Sorry I could not get a still shot of the entire outfit.,r:21,s:0,i:156&iact=rc&dur=3949&page=2&tbnh=185&tbnw=258&start=9&ndsp=16&tx=148&ty=121


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