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Maternally Kate: Guess Baby Cambridge's Name + Possibilities William and Kate May Be Thinking Of

Following the official announcement of Kate's pregnancy, speculation regarding the name of Baby Cambridge began. We are all incredibly excited to see what name the little Prince/Princess is given. Naturally, a huge amount of thought will go into the decision on William and Kate's behalf because their first born will one day be King or Queen and they will need to choose a name befitting of the title.

The Huffington Post shared a list of popular names in England and Wales:

'According to the Office for National Statistics the top baby names for England and Wales for 2011 were Harry, Oliver, Jack, Alfie, Charlie, Thomas, Jacob, James, Joshua, Ethan and George. The most popular girls names were Amelia, Olivia, Lily, Jessica, Emily, Sophie, Ruby, Grace, Ava, Isabella, Evie, Chloe, Mia and Sophia'.

All beautiful names, however I think taking a look at the history of names in The Windsor Family Tree provides us with a more likely selection of possibilities.

The Prince of Wales

Looking at the family tree, we note the most popular boys names are George, James, Alfred and Frederick, Edward and John while the most popular girls names are Elizabeth, Victoria, Margaret, Mary, Alexandra, Amelia and Alice. I think it is highly likely some of these suggestions will feature in the baby's name.

Guessing the royal baby's name has become quite the topic of conversation. Over the weekend my sister was socialising with friends and overheard a group of gentlemen at the bar discussing placing wagers on the name like many others. Ladbroke's latest odds show Diana 8/1, Elizabeth 8/1, George 9/1 and Charles 10/1 with some of the more questionable suggestions including Elvis 500/1 and Chardonnay 250/1 :) Ladbrokes are also accepting wagers on the date of birth, day of birth, time of birth and weight at birth.


As noted above, Diana is considered one of the most popular names amongst the public. Should Kate give birth to a girl many expect they will pay homage to William's late mother. Diana was the people's princess and her name is the people's choice but I think it unlikely the Cambridges will choose it as a first name. Diana's memory is still very much alive and the comparisons would be inevitable, however William was deeply close to his mother and could honour her by choosing Diana as the baby's middle name or Frances (Diana's middle name).

Royal children often boast an array of middle names - William's being Philip Arthur Louis - which offers William and Kate the opportunity to include both sets of relatives. No doubt Kate will want to pay tribute to her own family and a quick glance at the Duchess's family tree shows a range of suitable names including Frederick, John, James, Mary, Jane and Elizabeth. All similar to those in William's line. 

Should Kate give birth to a boy, I think Kate will want to use Peter as a middle name, in honour of grandfather Peter Middleton, an RAF hero who trained wartime pilots and served as a fighter pilot, even using the wing tips of his Mosquito plane to divert German flying bombs away from London. Sadly, Peter Middleton passed away in 2010, Kate was close to her grandfather and delayed the engagement announcement by several days following his death.

Interestingly, Peter Middleton and Prince Philip were photographed together after returning from a two month tour of South America in 1962. It is not known how much their paths crossed during the tour but it's extraordinary to think almost fifty years later their grandchildren would be married. 

Via The Daily Mail

It has been suggested by experts the couple might incorporate a Scottish name to represent their time in St Andrews, or a Welsh name to reflect their time in Wales. We've looked at many suitable names, and I personally love Alexandra, Amelia and Victoria for a girl and would be delighted to see Diana and Elizabeth included as middle names. For a boy, George and Philip are strong royal names and It would be wonderful to see Peter included.

What would you like to see the royal baby named? Which names discussed in the post are your favourites? I'm very much looking forward to hearing your suggestions :)


  1. For a girl, I like Alice and for a boy, I like Arthur. Kisses!

  2. Margaret Elizabeth Mary Diana

    George William Charles Michael

  3. Sarah from Calif.23 January 2013 at 03:51

    Philip Henry Charles Michael

    Alexandra Victoria Elizabeth Nicole (but I'm not sure about the order on the girls names)

  4. Victoria Diana Elizabeth Mary (Princess Vicki)

    Philip George William Henry

    1. Victoria Diana Elizabeth Carole.. for a girl
      Arthur Alexander Philip James...for a boy

    2. Victoria Elizabeth Diana Carole

      Arthur Alexander Philip James

  5. I'm sure they will put a great deal of thought into the naming. It's interesting to consider the associations with each name. A lot of people were surprised when the Queen named her first son Charles, as the last King Charles before him was beheaded.

    Personally, I hope they choose one of the lesser used royal names, anything other than Elizabeth or Victoria if it's a girl. My guesses:

    Alexandra Frances Elizabeth

    George Phillip Charles Arthur

    1. Jean from Lancs.23 January 2013 at 10:28

      Charles 1st was beheaded--his son Charles 2nd came back after the inter regnum.
      Incidentally when William was born it was reported that Diana wished to call him Oliver!

  6. V Hudson, USA

    Alexandra Diana Elizabeth Carole
    John Peter Arthur Charles

  7. Alice Victoria Elizabeth Frances
    George Peter Philip Michael

  8. Pauline California23 January 2013 at 04:40

    Charlotte great idea for a post. It is going to be exciting to see all the different combination of names.

    My choices are for a girl: Alexnadra Elizabeth Diana Carol For a boy: Phillp Michael Peter George.

  9. What a wonderfully informative post, Charlotte! Thank you so much for always including such interesting information! :o)

    My picks:
    Alexandra Diana Elizabeth Grace
    Frederick Charles Peter James

    Hugs from Hawaii!

  10. Mary Elizabeth Catherine Diana

    Peter William Charles Auther

  11. Edward, Philip, Charles, Michael for boy
    Elizabeth or Isabelle, Victoria, Frances for girl

  12. Victoria Catherine Elizabeth Diana

    Philip Wilhelm George Michael

  13. Elisabeth Diana Carole Anne for a girl

    Edward Philip Charles Michael for a boy

  14. Philip Peter Henry Charles for a boy

    Alexandra Frances Elizabeth Carole for a girl

    Greets from Austria

  15. boy: George Philip Michael Charles
    girl: Elizabeth Victoria Diana Carole

  16. For a girl, Charlotte Victoria Diana Elizabeth. For a boy, Frederick Michael Philip Charles. :)

  17. In the Middleton family tree, Claudia Joseph hasn't named them right! It's CATHERINE not 'Kate' and PHILIPPA not 'Pippa'! The real names sound much lovelier than the nicknames..

  18. Thank you for the lovely post.
    I really enjoy reading your blog. It's the best. :-)
    The suggestions are very interesting.
    My choices would be:
    (As my first name is Viktoria) --> For a girl: Victoria Frances Elizabeth Amelia
    And I also think "Princess Vicky" would sound cute.
    For a boy: Philip George Henry James
    Greetings and hugs from Munich,
    PS: Hoping for a little princess. ;-)

  19. Hello Charllotte!I've loved this post very much! In fact, I love history and Royal history is particulary intersting. I think the suggestions you've made very appropriate but,I am afraid, my opinion is not very reliable because in Portugal, the names are quiet different from those! Nevertheless, I love Diana, and I think that it would be a lovely tribute for a remarkable woman and mother! Diana Elizabeth for a girl and maybe Geroge Peter Louis for a boy!All the best wishes for the baby,though.A huge XO.

  20. Girl: Victoria Elizabeth Diana Carole
    Boy: James Charles Peter George

    Hugs from Portugal

  21. Caroline Diana Elizabeth for a girl

    Alexander William Michael Charles for a boy

  22. Ana B. from Brazil23 January 2013 at 13:05

    I think the possibilities are good! But I have a feeling about Amelia for a baby princess. For a little prince I guess George is a very strong possibility!
    Changing the subject, I would like to share a tip with you... We are all crazy about her hair, right? Well, at least I am!! So, I bought the same hair products Catherine is rumoured to use, and, it did wonders to my locks! The volum, the shine... It was expensive, but worthy every $$. Now, I know she does not have extensions.
    Well, I was not paid or anything to say these things, and I bought the products with my own money.
    That is it, then... Hugs from a windy São Paulo!

    1. What products in particular does she use thanks Alexandra

    2. Sarah from Calif.24 January 2013 at 00:37

      Yes please tell what is she using?

    3. Ana B. from Brazil24 January 2013 at 00:39

      Hi, Alexandra!
      I have read several times that Catherine uses Kerastase Shampoo Bain Satin 2 and Kerastase Lait Vital as a conditioner. I bought these 2 products.
      I know people have different kinds of hair, but it worked great with my locks.
      Hugs :)

  23. I'm hoping baby Cambridge will be a girl so:

    Victoria Diana Elizabeth Catherine

    It would be too soon to have an Elizabeth III, so I'm guessing they'll go for a Victoria II.

    Never heard about Peter Middleton before, that pic of him and Phillip is great!

  24. Amelia Victoria Diana Elizabeth
    James Phillip Peter Edward

  25. Very informative post!id suggest Madeline or Margret for a girl and Michael for a boy.thanks chica!xoxo

    1. Shantel (@fashionandfaith)24 January 2013 at 15:13

      Madeline is adorable!

    2. I also thought of the names Emma Rose or Emily for a girl. Btw love the picture of Diana that you posted.:) xoxo

  26. Diana Elizabeth for a girl.
    Still thinking about the boy's name.

  27. I really love picking names for my sister son and daugher maybe they will give the best good idea love maybe they will combine
    Maybe she was a girl they will named it
    Mary elizabeth frances or charlotte isabelle anne
    Maybe for the boy
    Alexander Peter James or micheal arthur phillp

  28. Shantel (@fashionandfaith)23 January 2013 at 16:07

    I've decided to be bold and comment from work! I simply couldn't let this discussion happen without adding my opinion! LOL!
    I think that Amelia Diana Victoria and Phillip Spencer George would be great choices!
    And how cool is that picture of Prince Phillip and HRH's grandfather?!
    Yet another awesome post my dear!!
    Hugs and kisses from a FREEZING Minnesota,

    1. Sarah from Calif.24 January 2013 at 00:40

      Stay warm in Minnesota, this year we have limited Internet at work ouch!

    2. Kate, Texas, USA24 January 2013 at 04:04

      Shantel, been thinking of all of you way up north as I watch the weather. I have friends in northern Michigan and it is so very cold up there! It got up to 72 degrees here today, but is supposed to get colder this weekend. Typical south Texas winter. Bundle up and stay warm! :)

    3. Shantel (@fashionandfaith)24 January 2013 at 15:13

      Thanks Ladies!
      It is a bit better today--it was 1 degree when I got to the office (Monday was a high of -4 so i am appreciating that 5 degree warm up)!!
      Oh 72 degrees...I am dreaming of that right now! ;)
      I thought of another name for a boy: Phillip Henry Spencer James (I am *so* loving the name Phillip right now).
      What do you guys think?

    4. Sarah from Calif.25 January 2013 at 01:56

      My 3rd son is Philip Andrew born on July 14 so I am very partial to Philip but, one l in the name.
      Stay warm!!!


  29. Mary Elizabeth Frances Margaret

    Philip Albert Charles Michael


  30. Amelia Elizabeth Diana Victoria for a girl - or otherwise Alexandra Elizabeth Diana Victoria
    Henry Philip Peter Charles for a boy, although I wouldn't be surprised if they used George, James or Edward for one of the names.

  31. For me the best would be Philip or Victoria

  32. On names, I think Victoria is unlikly because there will probably be a Queen Victoria through much of the time, Victoria of Sweden. Likewise, Caroline, which I like and would be both a royal name (one of the Hanover queens) and a tribute to Carole, seems unlikely due to mix-ups with Princess Caroline. They might go for Elizabeth since there's expected to be a break of two kings between the queen and any princess, but she's likely to turn into Lizzie to avoid mix-ups with the queen in the press, and we know how Catherine feels about nick-names. Diana is too frought with tragedy for the first of the names. So I think Alexandra would be a possible choice, very royal but not in use. (Only Ingrid Alexandra of Norway has it aa a second name, and the youngest daughter of Caroline) It's the name of a former popular and inoffensive queen - and a dig at the heiress of Mrs Keppel, so it honours Diana in a way. Personally, I would choose Charlotte, not just to honour ours, but in memory of the daughter of George IV who should have been queen but died in childbirth. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Caroline is my choice.

    For a boy, Phillip and Charles are still in use, so they are more likely to be second names (although a Charlie would be fun.) George is rather stodgy. I would vote for Richard, since Richard III who stopped the usage has now been found and somewhat rehabilated. So Richard Arthur Phillp Michael would be my choice (although I should mention my lovely husband is a Richard and my beloved father was an Arthur!)

    1. Sarah from Calif.24 January 2013 at 00:44

      I must sat Richard Arthur Philip Michael does sound very regal.

    2. I forgot to mention there is a Princess Alexandra in the family, who is much beloved and was very beautiful and popular in her youth, the Kate of her day. (Cecil Beaton did wonderful photos of her.) Since she is so much older now (born 1936) it would seem very appropriate to have a young Princess Alexandra although I still support Charlotte, since there should have been a Charlotte I. Not sure why someone said Charlotte had been ruled out, although Princess Caroline has a Charlotte.

      Delighted you like my combination for a boy, Sarah, just wish Kate and William felt the same.

    3. Lynn Georgia USA24 January 2013 at 15:39

      William's uncle Earl Spencer named his daughter (born last July) Charlotte Diana. I like both names, too, although they are my second choice for Kate and William's baby (after Victoria Mary Elizabeth Anne, which I announced in a post yesterday). I was actually annoyed when the Earl chose Diana, for I felt the name should have been "saved" for a daughter of William or Harry. But I guess it's fine to use it repeatedly in the Spencer line.

  33. George Edward James Henry for a boy
    Victoria Mary Diana Catherine for a girl

    Hugs from Poland

  34. Lynn Georgia USA23 January 2013 at 17:27

    For several reasons, I made a decision to quit posting to the blog (although I still enjoy your articles very much, Charlotte). However, I cannot resist participating in this one, combining as it does my interest in the royals and my love for British history! I like Victoria Mary Elizabeth Anne--England's queens!--since this baby girl will be destined to join their ranks one day. For a boy, I have decided so far only on Philip. Because the queen's spouse is called Prince Consort rather than King Consort (and because Prince Philip conceded his Mountbatten name to the House of Windsor), I consider the prospect of a future Windsor King Philip a fitting tribute to one who has served his adopted country long and faithfully.

    1. Lovely to see you commenting again Lynn :)

      Thank you all for your suggestions, very interesting to read the comments.

  35. I like Charlotte Elizabeth for a girl, although I've read Charlotte is out of the running. they could throw Caroline in there too (for Carole).

    The boy, I don't know, except I don't think you'll see Peter Philip as middle names. Sounds way to much like Peter Phillips, Anne's son.

  36. Jean from Lancs.23 January 2013 at 18:22

    Elizabeth would seem a strong possibility after the Queen and it is also the second name of both Catherine and her mother.
    I hope they don't use Diana as a first name; it could bring forward too many comparisons, but they could use Diana's second name Frances--so Elizabeth Frances or Frances Elizabeth.
    However, doubtless there are any number of names they like for all sorts of reasons. I expect they will have a lot of fun considering all them all.
    One thing seems a certainty--several of the names on the bookmakers' odds will be a huge surprise if they are even considered.

  37. Martha :D or 'eventually' Charlotte :D :D :D

    Kisses from Poland

  38. It´s difficult for me to pick a name, because I´m from Germany and our first names are a little bit different (also in the pronunciation), but I would love it if Kate and William will choose Grace or Victoria. For a boy, I hope they call him James - for the middle name(s), they will pick the first names of some close family members.

  39. Alice Diana Elizabeth Charlotte

    Philip Andrew Michael Peter

  40. Kate, Texas, USA23 January 2013 at 20:18

    I would love to see the first name Elizabeth and it is on both sides of the family (Queen, Carole Middleton's middle name and Catherine's middle name). How cool to have Elizabeth III be as incredible as her great-grandmother? I think they will want to include Diana and also think the public will be up in arms if they don't (even though it is Will and Kate's decision and their child). Frances is also a name on both sides (Diana's middle name and Michael Middleton's middle name) :) As far as a boy, I love Peter and Phillip, but also wonder if Henry will be there after Harry. I do think Harry and Pippa will be godparents, so we'll see. I think the meaning of a name is so very important. They might also look at that along with including family names. ELIZABETH - Oath of God, Consecrated VICTORIA - Conqueror, Triumphant Spirit DIANA - Divine, Glorious CAROLE - Song of Joy, Joy of God CATHERINE - Pure, Accountable WILLIAM - Resolute Protector, Noble Spirit HENRY - Ruler of the Household, Trusted PHILLIP - Lover of Horses, Transformed PETER - Rock, Powerful Faith CHARLES - Manly, Valiant MICHAEL - Who is Like God, Esteemed So many incredibly important and beautiful names. So my choice for names.....

    Elizabeth Victoria Diana Carole

    Henry Phillip Charles Michael or Phillip Peter Charles Michael

    I think it's quite interesting the meaning of Henry....Ruler of the Household and Trusted. I love the picture of the grandfathers together. I think that will definitely be a picture framed in the nursery. How wonderful that God had the families cross paths throughout their lives. Even before William and Catherine were born, He knew that one day they would fall in love and marry. No matter the name, this child will be incredibly loved by two wonderful parents. So much to look forward to!!!

  41. Elizabeth Charlotte Mary Diana for a girl
    George Philip Peter Charles for a boy.

  42. Charlotte Madeline Victoria Alexandra for a girl and Henry Peter George Charles for a boy. Thank you so much for your lovely posts Charlotte, you do an absolutely amazing job!

  43. My guess is it will be a girl, named Mary Victoria Diana Elizabeth.

  44. Not that they are my favourite names, but I think they will go with something very traditional: I am guessing a girl to be named Mary Victoria Diana Elizabeth.

  45. I think they will do more modern names for the first name, they seem to be so cool in doing things their own way.

    For a girl, I think they will incorporate both Diana, Carole, HRH & Pippa. My guess would be Charlotte Elizabeth Frances Carole.

    For boys, I think they will incorporate Diana's maiden name, Kate's Dad, Prince Harry & Prince Charles.

    Henry Spencer Phillip Michael Charles

    1. I was thinking the same thing, that they would incorporate Diana's maiden name.

      Boy: Peter Spencer Michael Charles
      Boy 2: Philip William Henry James
      Girl: Amelia Carole Diana Frances
      Girl: Olivia Charlotte Elizabeth Catherine

  46. If they use Victoria as a first name, I like the nickname Tori over Vicky, although I guess it may not be good politically....but I think Tori is a cute nickname. I like Alexandra as a first name, they could go with Alex, or Lexi, as nicknames. I also like Amelia and Charlotte. Alexandra Elizabeth Victoria Charlotte for a girl. James Henry Philip Peter for a boy (to avoid Peter Philip because of Anne's son).

  47. Loved your post and thought many of the comments were wonderful, especially taking into account other European royalty-hadn't thought of that myself.
    Hope that a girl is not Victoria or Elizabeth since these were such recent and long reigning queens. Hope for a girl!
    Hope that a boy is named for Harry and Philip since neither will ever be king and have been so important to William.

  48. Our collective thinking is a girl will be first born, so our guess is:
    Rose Diana Carole.

    However, if it is a boy we are going with Philip Michael Peter.

    Thank you Charlotte for all the work you put into seeing that we get the news first and we get it in-depth with pictures. We cannot imagine the amount of time you must spent on the blog to see that we have it first and can alway be knowledgeable when discussing William and Catherine. Thanks for all you do.

    Joan and John in East Tennessee, USA

    1. Thank you John and Joan, it's always lovely to hear from you x

  49. King Arthur or Queen Mary.

  50. I too am from Minnesota. Even though I like the name Frances I don't like the sound of Princess Francess :) so here's my guess:

    Charlotte Francess Elizabeth Mary - girl
    Alexandra Francess Elizabeth Victoria - girl

    James Charles William Henry - boy
    Fredrick Charles Michael Philip -boy

    If anyone's names come closest to the ones chosen by William and Kate please give them a reward. It'll be fun!

    For a boy: Michael Phillip Arthur Louis
    For a girl: Victoria Elizabeth Diana Mary
    I do hope baby Cambridge's is a bouncing baby girl!
    Best wishes everyone. Stay safe and warm. In lower Michigan/Indiana border we are slowly warming to the teens does not include wc. I want SPRING!

  52. I think she will be called Davina, and will have Red Hair, be slim and tall. Just a dream I had last night that seems to fit.

  53. Arthur William James Henry for a boy.

    Davina Grace Alexandra Victoria for a girl

  54. Isabelle Victoria Carole Frances for a girl, Peter Michael Philip Charles for a boy!:-)Adrienn from Hungary

  55. Charlotte, I guess the little baby is going to be a blue-eyed blond little boy! I think the name is going to be:
    Boy: Harry Peter Michael Charles
    And if I'm wrong and the baby is a girl she will be named:
    Girl: Elizabeth Charlotte Diana Alexandra

    And you Charlotte what do you think??

    XOXO Carolina from Portugal

    1. Hello Carolina,

      I love Alexandra Elizabeth and Diana and I'd like to see Peter included as a middle name if it's a boy :)

  56. Isabella Victoria Frances Carole for a girl, Peter Philip Charles Michael for a boy!:-) Adrienn from Hungary

  57. Maud Elizabeth Diana Margaret Philippa for a girl

    (Maud, thinking of Princess Maud of Wales, daughter of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, later Queen Maud of Norway)

    Edward Henry James Michael Philip for a boy

  58. I feel for a girl Charlotte, Sophia and Eleanor are high possibilities as they are modern but have royal meaning, Diana and Elizabeth are both strong choices for middle names and then perhaps Carol, or even Caroline as a first name to honour Kate's mother!

    As for a boy I just have one request, King Arthur please! It seems we should one day have an actual King Arthur.

  59. Sarah from Calif.25 January 2013 at 01:43

    My husband and I are discussing this which country uses the most names? Does anyone know?

    Also with William a bit more blond and Kate brunette what color hair will the baby have? I was blond my husband brown hair and we have one brown and 2 blonds. All good fun guessing!

  60. I like Alexandra, Joan, Eleanor, Isabelle or Isabella or iris and Diana as a middle name.

    I like Alexander for a boy.

  61. Luna from Canada25 January 2013 at 18:46

    For a girl it must be named Jane, as the last Queen Jane (Grey) was the one that got beheaded and I think the name deserves a second chance!

    For a boy want them to go back to using old english names-I mean really old-from the 800s such as Ethelwulf, the father of Alfred the Great.

    Charlotte, I read your blog every day and I just want to thank you so much for creating such a lovely website that never fails to bring a smile to my face!

    1. Sarah from Calif.26 January 2013 at 01:11

      Maybe Janet for Jane. A second chance is always good :)

  62. do they know whether it is a boy or girl already?
    Crossing my fingers for twins though haha, best if one boy and one girl.

  63. they are such a pretty couple I hope people can be happy for them
    all the best with the event

  64. Having been amused by the coverage for several months now, I offer the following speculations:

    Henry Arthur George Michael
    Charlotte Elizabeth Victoria Diana

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  66. Charlotte Elizabeth Frances or Charlotte Frances Elizabeth would cover a lot of bases... Charlotte is Pippa's middle name. Elizabeth is obviously the Queen, plus it's Kate and Grandma Carole's middle name. Frances was Diana's middle name and Francis is Grandpa Michael's middle name. 3 names honoring 6 people!


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