Saturday, 5 January 2013

Kate Donates Baby Hamper to EACH, Jenny Packham Repli-Kate + More

Hello Duchess Kate readers,

Kate has donated a special prize for a charity auction in aid of her patronage East Anglia's Children's Hospices, a beautiful baby hamper which was given to the charity on the day it was announced she was expecting her first child. I thought it a very kind gesture given the fact Kate was admitted to hospital on the day of the announcement and at a time of such personal joyous news her thoughts were with EACH.


The starting bid for the baby hamper (you can view it directly here) was £100 and the ending date for the auction is May 31st. I expect the coveted item will fetch a sizeable amount for the charity. Lucky winners will attend the 'prize' presentation night on Thursday, June 6 at the Artique gallery.


The Each Charity Auction was the brainchild of Lord Baker of Little Moulton who said:

'The charity needs 15,000 a day to deliver its services, so I hope the public will get behind this online auction and help to raise more than £5,000 to help the hospices continue caring for and supporting local children with life-threatening conditions and their families'.

Other items in the auction include James Morrison gig tickets, an Ipswich Town F.C. signed football and a Douglas Hyde limited edition print. Bids for some items start at just £5. Donations are also graciously accepted and you can find all relevant details here.


The Duchess delivered her first speech at The Treehouse Children's Hospice in Ipswich, Suffolk last March and spoke about the vital work done by the charity and met with children and families availing of the services provided such as day care in the family home and hospice, overnight breaks in hospice, including for families if they wish, 24 hour telephone support, music therapy, specialist play and end of life care in the family home or hospice depending on family preference.


As Kate said in her speech, EACH is "a lifeline for families going through an unimaginably difficult time" and in the current economic climate charities need support and creative fundraising ideas such as this auction more than ever. I think it's a charity very close to Kate's heart and one we will see her work with closely in the future.

Wishing EACH all the best with their fundraising endeavours and sincerely hope they achieve their target of £5,000.


One of Kate's most popular looks was the teal Jenny Packham gown she wore to the Olympic launch party Our Greatest Team Rises in May. Kate's dress was a bespoke version of Jenny Packham's bridal 'Aspen' gown and could only be described as exquisite.

Jenny Packham described Kate's dress as:

"The style combines an emerald lace bodice embellished with Swarovski crystals and a pleated skirt, ribbon waisted with a crystal and flower embellishment and matching clutch bag." 

A look at the sheer back.

Whilst a Jenny Packham would set you back thousands particularly for a bespoke piece like Kate's, What Kate Wore FB friend Brooke Matson has found a fantastic Repli-Kate the ABS by Allen Schwartz Gown available at Bloomingdales for €528 in sizes 0-12. The ethereal gown features lace trim at sleeves, neck, back and waist, v neck, sheer lace scoop back and waist.

If  any of you have an upcoming function which requires you to wear a full length gown this a very striking piece. To complete the look wear an elegant updo like Kate with your favourite pair of heels!


A number of you have been asking about news regarding upcoming engagements. At present we haven't heard anything. I believe William is currently working in Anglesey and Kate is in Bucklebury with her parents. Due to Kate's illness, engagement announcements could be at very short notice. However, we are expecting some interesting announcements this month such as Kate's due date and Prince William's RAF plans. Kate turns 31 on January 9th, her last birthday before motherhood. Perhaps we'll hear something.

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend x


  1. Kate, Texas, USA5 January 2013 at 05:56

    Charlotte, great update! I think the baby hamper is adorable! Wondering if there are any international bidders? I think it was a very kind gesture also and so appropriate on the day her big announcement was made. Hoping the auction does really well for a very worthy cause!

    The picture of Kate with the little girl is so precious. I love that she bends down to eye level when interacting with children. Such an important moment in their little lives. It reminds me so much of how Princess Diana interacted with children. :)

    The teal Jenny Packham is one of my FAVORITE looks for Kate. She definitely looks like a princess and was absolutely dazzling! I love her hair in the updo and it really showed the beautiful back of the dress. When I first saw pictures from that engagement, I thought of how proud William is of his wife and that she is all his! She really is stunning!

    Waiting to hear those important announcements from the Palace and any upcoming engagements!

    1. Agreed with you Kate! The Jenny Packham gown is beautiful,,and Kate looked gorgeous in it. The baby hamper is definetly a big draw for raising funds,,I wonder If Kate will attend the actual event when the hamper will be handed over to the highest bidder.Thank you Charlotte for the update, hope your weekend's going well!xoxo

    2. Sarah from Calif.6 January 2013 at 03:41

      Kate go to You Tube (INSIDE CHATSWORTH HOUSE) oh my giddy aunt it is so beautiful.
      Does anyone know if this was the palace used in Pride and Prejudice (with Kiera Knightly and Matthew Mc Fadden?)

      Charlotte I'm trying to keep up with both blogs now. To bad I have to go back to work Mon.
      To anyone who thinks we waste our time I will say my understanding of British history continues to increase. In all the world there really are not many reigning Royal families left. In 100 more years from now who knows what the future holds.

      I know off topic again that is the gift of ADD. Ha

    3. Jean from Lancs.6 January 2013 at 22:10

      In the film when Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle first see "Pemberley", that is certainly Chatsworth.
      I don't know whether the inside pictures were Chatsworth are in a studio.

  2. Great post. To bad William is away from his Duchess. I hope he does not have to spend more then a few days a week away from her. This is a very special time for this beautiful couple. Everyday he is away is a day he misses out on watching his baby grow in his Duchess's tummy.

    And I am glad she seems to be feeling better so maybe in the neat future she will be able to join William in Wales.

  3. It will be interesting if they announce an actual due date. Imagine the frenzy that would surround them at that time. :) Perhaps they will be more general and throw us off just a little bit.

    Assuming the quote was accurate, when Princess Diana was pregnant with William, she was quoted as saying that the baby was due on her birthday (July 1st), and William was born on June 21st.

    1. My wager is that this baby, too, will be born between 21 June and 1 July. Wouldn't it be cool for the little heir to have Diana's birthday--or William's?

    2. Jean from Lancs.6 January 2013 at 22:14

      I really doubt they will give a definite date--it would be sheer pandemonium.

    I think that it was a wonderful thing for the Duchess to do supporting her charity at a time when she was so very ill herself. I hope it brings in a lot of money. For I know first hand what these parents go through and though it has been many years since I lost my 15mo old baby boy Cameron Michael these parents can use all the help they can get. One lucky bidder is going to be very happy! Thank you for story Charlotte it was truly uplifting.

  5. I heard somewhere that Kate's official portrait is supposed to be revealed sometime soon (I think I read it on the Daily Mail). Have you heard anything else about it? It would be interesting to see how it finally turns out!

  6. Charlotte, thank you for a lovely post.

    I agree with you, exciting times ahead of news for the future of the Cambridge's - I'm waiting with great anticipation.

    Loving The Royal Digest btw. Watched some of the Grace Kelly movie yesterday afternoon....


  7. Hmm... auction ends May 31... could that be on or close to her due date? :) Very sweet of her to do that. I hope they get a boat load of money for it! :)

  8. I'm generally a huge fan of Kate's clothing choices, but I think I'm the only person on the planet who did not like the teal gown. I can't really say why either, other than I don't like it!

    That was a really nice coincidence about the donation being made the day the pregnancy was announced, seeing as they weren't planning on telling just then!

    1. Blu, I thought I was alone. I am baffled as to how popular that green JP dress is. Way to busy. Buttons, lace, a belt, pleats. Egh. I hate pleats and the skirt is too juvenile with the way it floats and doesn't go at all with the fitted top portion. I thought her makeup was awful. It looked like she had charcoal on her eyes. And she topped it off with those silver stripper sandals. Does any of that resonate with you? Lol.

    2. Violet: THANK YOU. I'm resonating!

  9. Sarah from Calif.5 January 2013 at 20:20

    I really love lace and teal is my favorite color so needless to say I love the dress. I think the knock off is a great replica. Actually I like the more chiffon look than the pleats (in the skirt) I'm sure the material used in Kate's was more exquisite though.
    Do wish somehow we could find out what is in the baby hamper.

  10. Does anyone have any news about the decor of their new apartment at
    Kensington? Maybe, since that is their home, that is best left private,
    but it would be lovely for them to do a televised moderate tour. :)
    They are both doing an amazing job, very diligent and very giving.
    They are making good on the pledge they included in their marriage
    ceremony. :) Kate is adapting admirably.

  11. Theresa, from Paris6 January 2013 at 20:09

    Dear Charlotte,
    Can you tell me how to insert a photo, like Siddhii, instead of having a blank when we post a comment ? I find it nicer and sweeter for the other readers ;)
    Thanks ...

    1. Hello Theresa,

      I believe Siddhii has an account with Google and the photo which appears is her profile photo on her google account :)

    2. Theresa, from Paris6 January 2013 at 20:49

      Thank you, Charlotte... Then I can't do it. Doesn't matter ;)
      All best from a grey and dismal Paris !

    3. Paris is one of my favourite cities next to London only. It must be amazing to live there!

    4. Sarah from Calif.6 January 2013 at 21:42

      Theresa wanted to do the same thing but can't. All the best from a grey Central Coast California. It would be fun to see everyone!

    5. It seems we're all experiencing dull weather :)

    6. Girls you can open your own google account only for commenting :)there is no need to give any personal details and you can have a phote there ... like me ;)
      I also do not have any blog but I really wanted to have an account, more especially as Charlotte has another blog :D
      (If I didn't understand sth, forgive me, but I wanted to help ;))

    7. Thank you Glamour Lady, that's really helpful!

    8. Theresa , from Paris7 January 2013 at 07:38

      @Charlotte : if you ever come to Paris with your fiancé, I would love to invite you both to lunch ;)
      @Sarah from California : it would be fun to meet one day ! We should have a party !!
      @ Glamour Lady : thank you ! I'll look into it.

    9. Now that sounds wonderful, thank you :) It would be fun to do a meet up sometime :)

    10. Sarah from Calif.8 January 2013 at 01:09

      Theresa from Paris
      The kids at school would say I'm down for that. Being alittle older I would simply say I would love it !!!!
      @Glamour girl you have very pretty eyes. Thank you for your help.

  12. Love your blog!!
    I think Kate always looks so beautiful. For some reason, the teal dress is just not my favorite!! But of course she looks beautiful.
    Love checking everyday for new updates!
    Have a good week!!

  13. The baby hamper appears to be lovely, and I sincerely hope that it helps the charity.
    I miss Kate's public engagements so much... but I guess we'll have to be patient - 2013 is going to be an very unusual year in Kate's life. I'm glad she's resting at home, it's nice to have all the support in her condition.
    Have a nice week!

  14. Really like this post.. Kate's is very gorgeous with her dress. Keep it up your good work Kate!!

  15. The baby hamper was from Ellie Spoon luxury baby gifts. And as the current bid is over £500 I do hope the whole auction raises their £5000 target especially as it is all for a children's hospice. There are lots of varied items at all prices on here

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