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Kate Loves: Coats Part 2

I had planned to post 'Kate Loves: Coats - Part 2' (in case you missed it, here's a link to Part 1) after Christmas, but as the Duchess is currently unwell, and I think it highly unlikely we will see her for quite a while, I thought you might enjoy reading it today whether you're looking for some coat inspiration or would like another look at Kate's fabulous collection.

We begin with a look at the Katherine Hooker coat Kate wore for her first official engagement with Prince William in February 2011. The couple visited Trearddur Lifeboat Station in Anglesey to officially launch a lifeboat. The Duchess has worn the herringbone coat a number of times and it has been in her wardrobe since 2006, at least. She had it significantly shortened to update the look for the Anglesey engagement.

Kate chose a Burberry trench for the couple's visit to Belfast. A piece I would love to see Kate wearing again.

The Duchess looked stunning in the Katherine Hooker Buxton Coat in dove grey for the Order of the Garter Ceremony in 2011. The beautiful skirted coat with long, slim sleeves is available made to order for £760. Kate brought back the coat for the wedding of Prince William's cousin Emily McCorquodale in June.

One of my favourite coats is the navy McQueen military coat Kate wore for her first military engagement. The fitted coat was accented by shining gold buttons and epaulettes on the shoulders. Armed Forces Day was one of the first engagements where we saw the Duchess paying tribute to the event she was attending through her sartorial choices. Something she has continued to do often since.

Kate sported the Ted Baker 'Jinan' trench during her visit to Yellowknife, Canada.

Canadian Heritage Flickr

Kate wore the LK Bennett 'Ami' coat for a UNICEF trip to Copenhagen where she and William teamed up with Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary to raise much needed awareness for the organisation.  The wool/nylon coat features a high collar and the coat worked incredibly well with Kate's colouring.


The Duchess looked sombre in a black DVF coat for Remembrance Sunday 2011. Interestingly, readers will remember Kate chose the 100% wool coat for this year's service.

Kate selected the Hobbs 'Celeste' coat in chestnut brown for a day of solo engagements in Liverpool in February. The £369 coat is made of wool crepe and adorned with leather stud fastening cuff straps and matching belt.

Kate joined the Duchess of Cornwall and the Queen for a visit to Fortnum and Mason in a blue fringed coat by M Missoni and recycled the coat on her next outing with the Queen, a visit to Nottingham. A well thought out choice, obviously in an effort not to detract attention from HM by wearing a new item not seen before. No doubt Kate is aware of the media and public interest in her style and she would have been conscious of this fact when in the company of the Queen.

Kate enjoyed a go at javelin during a visit to Vernon Park :)

Recently Kate brought back two coats she wore last Christmas Day at Sandringham. Firstly, the Duchess selected the Reiss 'Angel' coat for the St George's Park opening. We first caught a glimpse of it when the Duchess was photographed wearing it during a walk on the Sandringham estate. The £325 military grey knee length coat features a large wrap around collar and smart multi stitch detailing. A striking choice.

Kate's next engagement was a visit to Newcastle. Kate kept warm in the aubergine coat she wore to last year's Christmas Day service at Sandringham.

Following Kate's busy day in Newcastle, she enjoyed a quite dinner with William at the exclusive Lou Lou's club in Mayfair. Kate looked stunning in a black fringed coat. Despite endless searching the designer of the coat has eluded us. Another one of my personal favourites.

I think we all agree William and Kate's visit to Cambridge last month was a very special one! The royal couple would have been enjoying the magnificent news that Kate was expecting.

Kate wore the MaxMara Studio Belli Belted Wool Coat. The £980 pale pink single breasted coat with a funnel neck was an elegant choice. The Duchess wore her bow belt upside down which sent baby rumours into overdrive.

When Kate was discharged from King Edward VII Hospital on December 6 it was the only occasion where I didn't notice what she was wearing. We were all delighted to hear the expectant mother say she was 'feeling much better' following a three night stay in the London hospital where she was treated for Hyperemesis gravidarum.

Kate's pretty coat, the DVF Simyonette from the A/W 2010 Collection was a lovely choice.

Kate has an incredible collection of coats. Which one is your favourite?


  1. Sarah from Western Australia15 December 2012 at 11:57

    Love her collection! For an occasion which requires elegance I love her Katherine Hooker coat, and can't fault the rest of her coats either. She has a good sense of what suits her.

  2. Thank you Charlotte for another great post. I hadn't realised how much I've missed seeing Kate until seeing this today :-( I hope she is feeling better...fingers crossed.

    It truly is an incredible collection of coats. I don't think I know anyone else who owns so many coats!! How many do you think she has in her collection now??

    Thank you for a lovely highlight on a wet and miserable Saturday.


  3. My top 5 out of the coats shown in this post:

    1. DVF Black Coat - everyone should have a smart dress coat. This one was absolutely ideal for Remembrance Day services in 2011 and 2012 (although the nod goes to 2011 because of the hat she paired it with).

    2. McQueen Military Coat - this is more of a coatdress, but Kate knocked it out of the park with the accessories she chose to wear with it.

    3. Reiss Angel Coat - the unusual neckline on this coat makes it a real standout.

    4. Katherine Hooker Coat - this is the coat she wore for her 1st official engagement. She over accessorized it with a fascinator, scarf, gloves, etc - but she seemed to recognize it and she (as I recall) didn't do that again. Part of fashion and style is figuring out what works and what doesn't - and she figured out pretty quickly that too many accessories don't work for her - so for this reason alone it makes my top five.

    5. The DVF Simonyette Coat - this makes my list because this is the coat that Kate wore going home from the hospital. May the next time Kate and William are photographed standing on the steps of a hospital, one of them has a baby in their arms. :)

    PS: Love the Christmas decorations in the blog header Charlotte.

  4. The Cambridge's coat is my favourite one with the bow upside down.

    I love the Lou Lou one too!

    Keeping the lovely duchess, Wills and their baby in my thoughts and prayers everyday!

    Please, Charlotte, keep on posting ANYTHING you have in mind until Kate has recovered. I, for one, miss her so much!

  5. Thet are all beautiful!!! XOXOXOXOOX

  6. I really like most of her coats, but my favorite is the Katherine Hooker Buxton Coat in dove grey followed closely by the Reiss 'Angel' coat and then the aubergine coat (I love that color). Enjoyed the post!

  7. I love all of these coats so much!
    the only one i don't care for too much is the M for Missoni one
    but they are all so nice, I really love the first katherine hooker and
    the black one that is unidentified.

  8. Thanks for the great Coat post, Charlotte. My favorite coat is the navy military inspired McQueen. (The Burberry trench comes in second.) I'm not nearly as expert as you (and many of my fellow bloggers on this site)at spotting and identifying the different designers' creations. However, when I pick afavorite, it often turns out to be a McQueen!

  9. Thank you for a great post. I agree with other posters who've said that with all the sad news in the world, it's really nice to have such a pleasant escape.

    I like Kate's taste in coats and I hope she will experiment more with wider brim hats.

  10. What is the connection between the upside-down belt and being pregnant???

  11. What is the connection between an upside down belt/bow and being pregnant?

    1. Sarah from Calif.16 December 2012 at 00:56

      I think the connection might be being so excited when you first find out your pregnant that you aren't paying attention to less frivolous things like the bow being right side up or upside down. Because your so excited about the little life you are caring inside of you.

    2. I think she (and William!) were playing a joke on all (myself included, I'm embarrassed to say!) who had been constantly looking at her stomach, hoping to see a baby bump. The upside down bow directed attention to her stomach, where there really was no bump yet but THERE IS A BABY!

    3. Or, maybe (hang in with me here) she had it that way because she thought it looked cute. Plain and simple. Trying to find meaning in every little thing she does is just weird.

    4. I think it was a funny joke has well.
      I also think it may have gone on for longer.

  12. Sarah from Calif.16 December 2012 at 00:50

    I love the Reiss coat. I am was confused about the color in the pictures it looks greenish but Charlotte you said it was military grey. Then I saw the grey in it. Maybe all. the grass in the picture made it look more green to me. That last one she wore with the upside down bow appeared like a beige white yet in another picture it looked slightly pink. Anyways I think the Scarlett red color coat Kate wore at the UNICEF event was a beautiful color for her. I need a new coat but will probably end up with a black one again. It is just so practical because it will go with everything.

  13. I LOVE the military coat and the Burberry trench coat!!

    Sometimes I wonder what she wears under the coats - the Burberry military coat is so tight, wouldn't clothing show up under it? And the Ted Baker trench and Missoni coat are both pretty short, so it seems like any dress that's worn underneath would have to be pretty short (in fact, it looks like you can see a skirt peeking out from the Ted Baker trench)

    As a long-time resident of a warm weather state (Arizona) I guess I'm just befuddled by coats. Do you plan the whole outfit, including undergarments/inner clothing, around the coat? What if you get hot, can you take the coat off? I always wonder that because Kate seems to keep her coats on even when she goes indoors!

    1. I always wonder the same thing too- when you take your coat off do you put the belt in your purse? I imagine it all looks good together so that if she did take off her coat she would still look put together. The only exception to this i think is the McQueen military coat- there is NO way that she had anything on under the coat other than her undergarments or a very tight plain dress.

      Here in Tennessee we don't get much of a chance for coats either- just got cold enough for my light weight coat.

      I actually found a great RepliKate of her hospital leaving coat. If anyone is interested you can check it out on my blog.

    2. I agree! I don't understand the coat thing either! Kate always looks beautiful in the coats but I don't understand wearing the coat while indoors. I hope someone from a cold climate can explain.

    3. This may be different in various parts of the world, but this is what I grew up understanding.

      A coatdress (examples: McQueen military coat, M Missoni coat) is lighter in weight, and are (usually) worn just over undergarments (no dress underneath). Spring to early fall weather is usually the best time to wear these as they go from outdoors to indoors nicely.

      The Katherine Hooker Buxton Coat is a good example of a dress and coat ensemble. (One of the Camilla's wedding outfits is also a good example of a dress and coat ensemble). Usually spring to early fall is a good time to wear these ensembles, where the dress (usually matching the coat) is meant to be seen underneath the coat and the coat has no or a single fastening. Although the coat part of the coat and dress ensemble can be taken off (for example if indoors), it seldom is as they are meant to be worn together.

      Finally, Kate has a lot of nice coats because she is outdoors a fair bit on engagements. I surmise that if she does wear a coat with a detached belt (no belt loops) and part of the engagement does take place indoors, she already knows that it will be a brief amount of time and will be comfortable enough with her coat kept on.

      She could also remove the coat while indoors, and 'check' it with her hosts, but if she did so, she would plan to wear a coat with no belt or a coat with an attached belt.

      (Every Royal - including Kate - plans what they wear in advance of an engagement, taking into account not only the planned activities and schedule of the engagement but in many cases, the weather as well.)

  14. Ana B. from Brazil16 December 2012 at 02:54

    Hello! My favourites from this list are the DVF one, military McQueen and Hobbs Celeste. Catherine looks stunning wearing brown shades, in my opinion!
    I missed some of my favourites like the Jesiree one, Orla Kiely with bird print (she looked extremely pretty that day!) and Emilia Wickstead green coat. But maybe they are considered dresses (not coats!) and I'm just confused because I'm not used to wear coats since where I live we don't need to wear them.
    I'm missing engagements!! But I honestly hope Catherine is resting as much as she needs and is healthier now.
    My boyfriend's aunt is in Orlando-FL and today she said the papers/magazines were announcing that Catherine had lost her baby. I was so sad but I'm glad to see that it was just a rumour.
    I'd like to thank you Charlotte for updating the blog so frequently in this slow-news time. And always with great posts and nice subjects to be discussed.
    Hugs :)

    1. Ana B., I always enjoy reading your posts. Refresh my memory about the color (colour in UK) of the Orla Kiely and the bird print. I am not as knowledgeable as you are about designers--and I don't remember a bird print. I hope I didn't miss a coat!

    2. Ana B. from Brazil16 December 2012 at 19:26

      Hi, Lynn! You are always so nice and kind to me! Thank you! I really enjoy reading your posts too :)
      The Orla Kiely coat/dress is brown. People say it has a bird print, but I don't think it is too clear for someone to see.
      If you google "kate middleton bird print coat" you'll definetely find it!
      I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
      Best wishes from São Paulo!

  15. Hello Charlotte~ Ria on here
    My favorite coats of Catherine is Katherine Hooker and Maxmara and the Mcqueen.
    I hope she would be beautiful in her next outfit!
    XOXO Ria

  16. she has gorgeous coats. i hope she is feeling better glad the media is giving her privacy

  17. Love the Katherine Hooker coats, particularly the grey one and the black mystery coat. You do such a fantastic job, Charlotte. Have you ever thought of putting all these sections in a book. It would be fantastic to be able to keep them and look in later years and your superb writing is worthy of a book.

    1. Thank you very much. That is a lovely idea, now all we need is a publisher :)

  18. Sarah from Calif.16 December 2012 at 14:03

    Charlotte, I notice in the box on the side it says that Kate and William will join the family for a church service Christmas Day. That doesn't necessarily mean they will stay with the Royal family and be doing the all day change your clothes thing does it? (for lack of better words) I'm not putting that down. Like I said before I love to dress up. Just seems like it would be to much for her at this point.

  19. Just announced--Catherine will be at the Sports' Personality of the Yesr awards tonight--presenting the main award and the one to Lord Coe.

    Hurrah she must be feeling better

  20. Blogger isn't working properly - 3rd time lucky!

    Just read that Kate is going to present the 'Sports Personality of The Year' award TONIGHT!

    I'm SO EXCITED!!!! Yeah, she must be feeling better.

  21. Good Morning Ms. Charlotte-
    Just heard the Duchcess will be making an appearance tonight. I was so excited to see that. I means she is feeling better. But I hope she is not going to being doing to much. With the holiday coming up in the next week I would not want her to be over doing it. With William back at work, he is not here to protect her from the media.

    But I can't wait to see what she is wearing and if we can see a baby bump. I wait for your great coverage of this.

  22. Charlotte, I know you could not feature all her coats, but I am hungry to see the green that she wore on St. Patrick's Day again-- and a beautiful black dressy coat with a crystal frog-like closure that she wore (to a wedding, I think) before her marriage. I've seen it only one time, and it took my breath away.

    I, too, wonder how many coats she must have--and where in the world does she keep them all?

    1. Ana B. from Brazil16 December 2012 at 19:30

      Lynn, absolutely love the black dressy coat with a crystal frog-like closure you're referring to!
      Actually I didn't even remembered this coat! She was stunning that day :)

  23. As always, thank you, Charlotte, for the second wonderful post on Kate's coats. So hard to pick a favourite. I love the black DVF from Remembrance Day.

    Climate means so much. In Canada, most of Kate's coats would leave one seriously cold any time of the year but early Fall and late Spring.
    The fitted style would never allow room for the kind of clothing you need to wear underneath to stay warm and to do things like run outside to grab a coffee without your coat! Layering clothing is essential to staying warm so very fitted sleeves are a misery. Sometimes fashion has to give way to warmth (sigh!).

    I've had friends from the Canadian Prairies who would leave for school breaks from southern Canada with another set of much warmer coats than even we had. They changed as soon as their families met them at the airports in places like Winnipeg and Regina. That explains the Canadian love of down and fur coats, even though we don't wear nearly as much fur as when I was a kid-just as well for the animals!

    Still many Royals have worn Canadian parkas-maybe Kate will wear one on a future visit! Hoping her health continues to improve.

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 to all!

  24. We should see the Duchess tonight at à BBC event !

  25. Very excited to see the Duchess tonight :)

  26. I would kill for this Burberry trench coat with frilled hem she was wearing in Belfast! I've been looking for a similar one but couldn't find any :(

  27. I think I have to choose the navy McQueen. I remember when I first saw her in that and I thought the whole ensemble was absolutely gorgeous. I also love the Burberry for the classic trench look. Thanks for posting, Charlotte. It's always nice to see a post even when we're not seeing anything new from the lovely Duchess!

  28. What time will kate arrive tonight???

  29. Hi Cath, I bought a very similar coat from next for £62 a few months ago. I dont know if they still stock it but it might be worth a look? By the way Charlotte i like the new christmas bar at the top :) looking forward to seeing kate tonight at the SPOTY awards and i hope you all have a lovely christmas and new year.

  30. Thank You Charlotte for this update! This seriously helped in my Kate withdrawls!!! My favorites are the McQueen Blue Military coat and the scarlet red coat she wore to UNICEF.So looking forward to tonight!!Thanks chica!xoxo

  31. These are so wonderful. My personal favorites are the white McQueen she wore for the Trooping of the Colour and the Emilia Wickstead for St. Patrick's Day. I agree with you that the McQueen navy military coat was amazing. I love her cold weather styles! Looking forward to your post on her presenting tonight, what a lovely surprise!!

  32. Sarah from Calif.16 December 2012 at 21:45

    To funny it's 10:00 pm here have probably missed anything live there. Have my oldest home for Christmas but want to see and hear the latest so they can all roll their eyes at mom.

  33. I love the pic of Kate in the Burberry trench. She looks so pretty and happy. I also really like the navy McQueen coat, but the Reiss Angel is my favorite. It looks so warm and cozy and flattering. Wish I had something like it!!

  34. The most elegant ones are definitely: the Burberry trench, the navy Mc Queen military coat and the green Reiss coat. But the long red belted coat and the pink with the ribbon are also lovely :)


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