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William and Kate's Next Engagement, RepliKate Me + Poll Results

Hello Duchess Kate readers,

Good news for those of you experiencing William and Kate withdrawals. The Palace has announced the date and details of the couple's next engagement :) The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend the official opening of St. George's Park, the Football Association's National Football Centre in Burton-Upon-Trent on October 9. 

The FA

From the official press release:

'St. George’s Park features 12 full-size pitches, including one 3G indoor football pitch, plus sports medicine and sports science facilities, two hotels and a conference centre. 

In addition to being the new training base for the 24 England football teams, the National Football Centre will also be the home of FA Learning, the educational arm of The FA, which focuses on educating and training coaches. It aspires to be a place where top coaches can congregate and share ideas and consequently spread them to millions of young players, ultimately improving the level of football that is played in England. 

Players, coaches, guests and athletes from other sports will also have the opportunity to access the very best medical sports science facilities on site. St George’s Park will host a bespoke sports medicine, rehabilitation and performance centre that combines cutting edge technology with elite medical expertise, creating one of the most advanced sports medicine, rehabilitation, performance science and training centres in the UK'.

The couple will be given a tour of the main facilities and meet England Manager Roy Hodgson and his squad as they train at St George's Park for the first time. At the end of the engagement, William and Kate will attend a reception in the indoor sports hall, at which William, as President of the Football Association will deliver a speech. 

The CGI model of St George's Park.


St George's is an important development for the FA and no doubt William and Kate's support will make the opening even more special.


A lovely lady named Emma wrote to me about her new app RepliKate Me. Emma came up with the idea whilst pushing her newborn son around the shops in Cardiff whilst trying to get him to sleep.

Emma said:

'I noticed how many retailers have incorporated elements of 'Kate' looks into their latest collections. I also realised how easy it could be to recreate a particular look on a budget, but that it takes time that many people simply don't have, and the items often sell out too quickly. RepliKate Me helps people do that without breaking the bank, so that they can capture a look before the trend really takes off'.

RepliKate Me is available for $1.49 on the app store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch  and iPad.


Thank you all for voting for 'Kate's Best Tour Accessory'. The pearl pins Kate wore in her hair during the Diamond Jubilee Tea Party are the winner. Not surprising as the Temperley dress the Duchess wore was voted 'Kate's Best Tour Look'.

Rebecca English Twitter

We'll continue with our 'Kate Loves' series next. I've also been considering adding a page for Kate's jewellery. As always your input is greatly appreciated.

Hope you all have a great weekend,


  1. Great job charlotte. if you are looking for ideas, how about a Kate loves shoes? Of course the lk Bennett's would be there and you could pick a handful.of your favs and maybe we could put links to picks of our favorite pair?

    Cool app too!

  2. Am heartbroken for this lovely couple. The comments on blogs and other sites have been so nasty and vile about Kate. People, especially from the UK, seem to really resent the fact that she is a "commoner" and middle class. They are going to break her, if they haven't started to already. Why are people so nasty and vile? As an American, I am so impressed with her! Your comments would be welcomed.

    1. I think it has more to do with jealousy than class because those types of comments aren't limited to the UK. But I do not believe they will break her; Kate has a very loving, supportive family and a husband who adores her.

    2. Pauline California30 September 2012 at 07:56

      @c draper- I too am heartbroken for this beautiful couple. They were on holiday together and this scum bag invaid their privacy. I hope they find out who it was and make sure that person will go to jail. And I hope they can do something to close down these magazines who posted these photos of the couple.

      I agree with royalfan, this will not break the Duchess. She is a very strong woman and has the support of her husband who loves her and she has her family. But what I see might happen is that William will become more protective of his Duchess and will do more (if that is possible)to make sure this will not happen again. I feel if Willaim thought that this would happen he might have suggested to the Duchess not to take off her top nor change her bottoms in view. But he thought it was a private place and thinking no one knew their where abouts. But we now know someone leaked that they were there. I do hope the find the person who works there and that person will get fired and maybe also be sent to jail. And where were their security team? This should not have happened, they should have covered all roads around the place.

      Let's all hope & pray that this is all that will be posted and they can get on with their lives.

  3. I would love to see a page on Kates jewellery and I am looking forward to your next post on 'Kate loves'


  4. Thank you for the update. The date is marked in my calendar! ;)

  5. Have you noticed that Kate is not a big jewelry fan - she wears the same things over and over, and is not a big fan of necklaces, especially for formal wear. I think she has only worn one that I can think of, and that one only once, and that was the diamond and ruby necklace she apparently got as a wedding present. Earrings and her diamond bracelet are "her thing".
    I heard somewherethat the Cambridges are going to the Luxembourg wedding in Oct, and there I think she will have to finally wear a tiara.

  6. Yay Yay Yay!! Another Kate sighting!!Can't wait to see what she will wear!!!Thanks CC!!

  7. hi charlotte, great post have you seen the pictures of the middletons and kate at a good friends wedding tonight? X

  8. LOVE the "Kate Loves" posts... Can't wait! Think the page about Kate's jewels would be great too- would be nice to see them all in one place!

  9. Pauline California29 September 2012 at 23:47

    Thanks again Charlotte for this great post. I can't wait to see this beauitful couple together again. They make my day.

    I see that the Duchess attended a wedding this weekend with her family, any idea why William was not with her, work?? I am really surprised that he let her out of his sight because of everything that she has been through with all these photos of her. We all know how protective her is of his Duchess but now I am sure he is going to much more.

    But again she was with her parents so maybe they looked after her and kept the media away. And I wonder what her family thinks of all these photos of their daughter.

    Can't wait to see all the pictures of their next engagement.

    1. No disrespect meant, Pauline, but I can't imagine William could have done much to protect her even if he was there (short of jumping out and punching out a photographer, maybe... but that would make even worse headlines). I don't think they have a whole lot of options when she goes out in this sort of situation :-/

      The Daily Mail did say that Kate looked like she was trying to avoid being photographed...of course, that's hardly a real possibility.


    2. Pauline California30 September 2012 at 17:09

      Sarah- No disrespect here. I like all your comments. I know William could not know this was going to happen but I am wondering where their security team was. Why were they not patroling the out lining area around the compound where they were staying. We will never know this but I think that team that was on duty that few days should have a good talking to. And I bet it will not happen again if William has anything to say about it.

      I just feel so sorry for them. They can't even go on holiday with out photos being taken. They were on private property and no one knew they were there until after the fact. I just hope they find out what scum bag took this very private photos and they go to jail. And the person on the inside that let the media know they were there and where I could get photos of them.

    3. Very much agreed on that front, Pauline - whoever is on the security detail for the Cambridges seriously needs a wake-up call. (And I would argue we can throw in Prince Harry's, too, for this hypothetical stern-talking to.)

      Curious - on events like these (say Kate goes to a wedding with her family, no William present) - what exactly does her security detail entail? Like how many people, what their duties exactly are, etc? Does Rebecca Deacon go with her whenever she goes out, or is it just on official functions?

      I kind of wonder what it's like to have your own security detail... :)


  10. Thank you all for your feedback :)

  11. Just came from Tumblr where I had to witness & block the photos of nude Kate being spammed under both her maiden name & HRH title tags. Utterly disgusted. Charlotte - your site is a total breath of fresh air and I do hope Tumblr puts in some measures to prevent bogus accounts. Thank you from Canada.

    1. Thank you for your kind words about the blog. It is terrible and so horribly invasive the way those photos are circulating around the net. The publication of them seems endless also...

  12. Well if you go naked out doors somebody is going to see you. Things aren't too good in France and are about to get a lot worse. The France you see in the movies really doesn't exist anymore. Very few people are going to turn down money for pictures that could pay the rent.

  13. I am sorry but they were on private property and a good distance away from the road. If the scum bag who worked at the property did not let the media know the Prince & his Duchess were there these photos would not have been taken. If William thought that his Duchess would have been photographed he would have suggested that she keep her bathing suit on. But he thought they were in private.

    I bet this will not happen again.


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