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The Cambridges Arrive in Kuala Lumpur + Kate's First Overseas Speech

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in Kuala Lumpur today to begin the Malaysia leg of the South-East Asia tour. The royals were met at the International airport by representatives of the Malaysian Government and the British High Commission.

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William and Kate's first engagement was a lunch hosted by the Prime Minister at his official residence. The lunch will include a musical performance by young people supported by a charity of which the Prime Minister's wife is patron.

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William and Kate chatting with the Prime Minister and his wife.

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The couple visited Hospis Malaysia, a leading hospice located in central Kuala Lumpur. Kate is patron of East Anglia's Children's Hospices and is keen to use the visit to learn more about how the hospice movement works in Malaysia.

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There is talk of a partnership between EACH and Hospis Malaysia. 

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Hospis Malaysia is a charitable organisation that offers professional palliative care to patients who are suffering from life-limiting illnesses. Care extended by Hospis Malaysia transcends age, gender, culture, religion, and social standing and is offered free of charge. The organisation is not affiliated with any political or governmental group and depends greatly on public and corporate support. To find out more or if you wish to donate please click here.

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William and Kate toured the building and met child and adult users of the hospice and their families. The couple undertook art activities with terminally ill children. 

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William's clay tile.

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And Kate's tree :)

Kate gave her first overseas speech to patients and staff, drawing on her own experience of the hospice movement in the United Kingdom. The Duchess praised the 'vital and life changing' work of Hospis Malaysia and said she was thrilled it and East Anglia's Children's Hospices would be working together.

'William and I are hugely excited to be in Malaysia - this, our first ever visit and are absolutely delighted to have been invited to join you all here at Hospis Malaysia. It is so exciting to learn about the Country's very first paediatric palliative care programme and to witness for myself something of the wonderful work of Hospis Malaysia's wonderful staff.
 As Patron of East Anglia's Childrens Hospice, a UK based charity,I am thrilled to hear that you have been working with Hospis Malaysia, and that you plan to collaborate as you roll out this new programme. Through this patronage, I have learnt that delivering the best possible palliative care to children is vital. Providing children and their families with a place of support, care and enhancement at a time of great need is simply life changing. With effective palliative care lives can be transformed. Treatment, support, care and advice can provide a lifeline to families at a time of great need.
 This is a very special place and so much has already been achieved. It has been wonderful meeting the patients, families and staff here - you have given us the most wonderful welcome.
Thank you again for inviting us here - and all the very best to this exciting new initiative'. 

Kate sounded confident and assured. A great deal of thought and planning obviously went into the speech. We also saw Kate focusing on the work of hospices, something I can see her working closely with in the future. You can watch Kate's speech here.

William was deployed in the Falklands when Kate gave her inaugural speech at EACH in March, and I'm sure Kate was delighted to have her husband by her side for what was quite possibly a daunting experience. 

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William is a veteran when it comes to speech making following years of practice. I expect he had many helpful tips to offer the Duchess and no doubt it was a special moment for him to see his wife give her first overseas speech. When Kate finished one could see William saying 'well done'.

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There was no change of outfit for the Duchess who wore a duck egg blue pleated shirted dress with three quarter sleeves and lace detail by Jenny Packham.

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Kate wore LK Bennett Sledge Pumps and carried her £160 LK Bennett Natalie Clutch.

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This evening the Duke and Duchess will attend an official dinner hosted by His Majesty, The Agong. More updates and photos shortly.


  1. good morning Charlotte a very fast as you can blog loving your work i hope you have a lot coffee love her speech and i notice their slow and moderate and very calm speech love the william was giving supporter to the duchess as her first speech william is frank lands just how fast you blog

  2. Nicely done, Duchess Kate. :)

  3. It's a great pleasure to follow this tour thanks to your website - thanks for the job you're doing.
    And I'm really happy to see that the Duchess is no longer skinny and unhealthy looking. She looks really beautiful now :)

  4. Well done ! A speech very nicely delivered, already much better than her first one. The Duchess will surely grow in confidence, just as Princess Mary of Denmark did, who now speaks remarquably well, pitching her voice and giving rythm to her words. It is important to convey feeling and to keep the listeners motivated. Quite an art, really, that Prince William has mastered perfectly over the years.
    Loving the tour ;) All best, Theresa

  5. WOW, always first with the best and detailed information. Awesome!!

  6. Kate looks beautiful! I was looking at all the pictures on Dailymail and I truly think she is pregnant. Not that there is anything wrong with gaining weight. But her face definitely has put some weight on. And she looks just really exhausted in the pictures today. Maybe she just has gained weight. Either way she did amazing on her speech!! I just really am hoping for a royal baby!

  7. Aww, you can see her hands shaking in the video when she turns to the next page of her speech. It's quite sweet. She has such a lovely voice :)

    1. It is so sweet! She's so soft spoken. On their wedding day she seemed so calm, but when I see that she gets nervous for speeches it makes me wonder what that day was like for her.

  8. Judging by these photos I'd say that baby bump we saw yesterday was just kate standing wrong, bc her stomach is super flat again! Do you know what time the official dinner starts tonight? -Brit

  9. I have been really, really enjoying reading about Kate & William's Asia Pacific tour so far! Kate did an amazing job of her second speech and William looked so proud :)
    I have one question... do you think Kate made a mistake in the middle bit? She said "I am thrilled to hear that you have been working with Hospis Malaysia", but isn't the speech directed at Hospis Malaysia?? I thought that didn't quite sound right. Anyway, a brilliant speech and delivery from beautiful Kate :)

  10. Charlotte, you're simply amazing! Thank you again for your speedy, comprehensive, well written posts this blog! We're so lucky to have you!! :o) Living in the U.S. (and being a night owl) during the Cambridges' tour, I've had the fun of fresh Duchess Kate news before I go to bed and then again when I wake up. I agree with what so many have said - you should be a paid correspondent for a major magazine or newspaper! Keep up the great work.

  11. Wow this speech was much more relaxed than her first one! How does she look do fresh after having travelled between two countries?thanks Charlotte!:))

  12. Ugh! What an ugly dress! This is when I miss Kate Middleton the girlfriend, she would have never worn anything like this prior to the wedding :( It's so matronly I can only picture my grandmother in it. I love lace and pleads, especially on her bottom bc it flatters her to add volume to her lower body but this color is so sad, the style is just so dull, I don't even like her hair today :( Sorry duchess, bad day on my book.

    1. Totally agree! I bet kate herself hates thoose boring dresses. She had a very smart, sophisticatd yet realistic sense of dressing post marriage days. She was a style icon then, now a perfect house wife.

  13. Shantel (@fashionandfaith)13 September 2012 at 15:48

    Yay! The Duchess did a wonderful job on her speech!
    And, as usual, she looked absolutely beautiful!
    Great coverage, Charlotte...keep it up because you are our go-to source! :)

  14. Pauline California13 September 2012 at 15:55

    Again thank you Charlotte for this great blog. YOu have been great keeping us fans up to date on all the happening of the beautiful Duchess & her handsome Prince. They sure had a very busy day today.

    I loved her dress. I like the color on her. I bet she was very happy to have William by her side today when she gave her first overseas speech. I have to say she did a wonderful job. I bet William was very proud of her since he did not get to see her give her very first speech back in March.

    I loved all the special pictures of them at the War Memorial. Such preious moments for the both of them.
    Thank you again for this great blog and all your hard work in the wee hours of the morning for you.

  15. Simple dress, perfect to keep the focus on her words and the work at hand.

    HRH has DEFINITELY improved her ability to speak in public. I would not call this a "public speech" (neither did I feel it was appropriate to refer as such to her first one), but it's a step in the right direction. It was similar to the first one she gave, but her confidence and ability to speak improved. I think that's probably what the goal was-deliver something of about the same length and content but work on poise and focus. She seemed please as did William (who wore a painful expression back when HRH spoke back during her impromptu interview at UNICEF in Denmark). Good for her!! One other quibble: it seems that one both times she spoke in public she later told individuals "I'm glad that's over with". While I understand that sentiment, it seems unprofessional to say that and detracts, really, from her work and people she's seeking to help. I rarely say something critical of the HRH but this comes from an honest place.


    1. IMO she did a great job and I see the remark as a very down to earth comment. Certainly more to do with humility and self-criticism than anything else.

  16. Kate's speech was excellent, She could probably go through a 5 hour dissertation without breaking a sweat.

    Those LK Bennett sledge pumps are some of the best looking I have seen her wear.

    Keep up the Great work Charlotte, you are truly the one stop blog for all us Kate fans!

  17. I think Kate is doing a great job, she's very nice to the people, very iconic and popular, very warm especially with the children. But her role is still a little "decorative"... I'm sorry, but it's my opinion. Of course she will improve, and her role as a young royal will have a big evolution. Let's just give her time (look at Diana's great evolution trough time). I think Silvia is right on the comment above: telling other people "I'm glad that's over with" is unprofessional.


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