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Kate Spotted in London Wearing Black Dress, Paralympic Schedule + More

Good evening Duchess Kate readers,

It certainly has been a quiet couple of weeks for Kate but that's all set to change with the Paralympics and the royal tour of South-East Asia. William and Kate have been in Anglesey since the Olympics and returned to London today. The couple were seen driving into Clarence House, no doubt in preparation for the coming weeks.

Starbuck Friend

Clarence House, stands beside St James' Palace and provides office accommodation for Their Royal Highnesses in their official engagements.


One lucky passer-by G De Siena walked past Kate just off the Kings Road and shared a photo via Twitter. According to the tweet "people's faces were priceless".

Kate was on her way to the Richard Ward Salon to get her hair done.

Emma McCarthy Twitter

Kate wore a black jersey dress, very similar to an Issa dress she was spotted wearing days before the royal wedding whilst shopping in London. On closer inspection it would appear the sleeves on the Issa dress are significantly different.

It is thought the dress is either the $80 Zara Dress With Pleat On Sleeves.


or the Alexander McQueen Fine-Knit Wool Dress (With thanks to the lovely ladies over at What Kate Wore Facebook and to all of you who took the time to comment here)

Alexander McQueen

Kate appears to be wearing her LK Bennett Greta wedges.

LK Bennett

The Duchess carried her Mulberry Cookie bag.



William and Kate will join the Queen tomorrow night for the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium. Award-winning film director Stephen Daldry heads the team behind the ceremony, which has a cast of over 3,000 volunteers. The ceremony begins at 8 pm BST.

The Palace released some information today regarding events the couple will be attending. All engagements are provisional and I expect many more will be added as the games progress.

  • Thursday August 30 - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will cheer on Team GB at Goalball and Track Cycling. Kate will attend the swimming also.
  • Sunday September 2 - The Duchess of Cambridge will attend the athletics at Olympic Park.


Kate on the cover of Hello! Magazine this week.



  1. Slightly disappointed that there aren't more engagements but it makes sense given we have 11 days of engagements coming up soon:) also do you know if any American Tv station is showing the paraolympics?

    1. Jackie, I'm not sure but I did read this article earlier

      I do expect more engagements will be announced :)

    2. Pauline California USA28 August 2012 at 22:20

      Jackie- I read where we here in the US will only get a few hours of the paralympics and that will not be until sometime in September, after the fact. I think it is terrible that the US TV stations will not show them live for us. These Oylmpicans are just as important than the ohers. So I can tell you all that I am one pisst off American.

      And Ms. Charlotte thank you for this great post. The beautiful Duchess is getting herself ready to make the days of these great Oylmpians. I would not be surprised if there is not many more dates do to the fact that their Asian trip is just around the corner. But I would love to see more of the beautiful Duchess & her Prince.

  2. I am so excited over these upcoming appearances. I absolutely cannot wait for the tour to begin on Sept 11.

    1. Te tour will be incredible, no doubt :)

  3. Thanks for the post!!!! Can't wait for the upcoming month!!! I hope we get good pics of Kate while in Tuvalu too! (However you spell it) :D

  4. Dear Charlotte,

    I feel so excited. It will be so nice to see William and Kate again. By the way, the duchess is very pretty in that black dress!

    Thanks again and again for such a wonderful blog! I really love it.

    Best regards from the South of France!

  5. Your posts are such a day brightener, Charlotte! Thank you for the great information, photos, and your lovely writing style. :o)

  6. First thing Thank you for updated.. i think that same dress that last year she did wear black dress few weeks before wedding.. is that right??

  7. That picture of the Duchess (before her wedding I believe) was stunning.

    1. It is a beautiful photo. In fact there are so many photos like that we never get to see as the newspapers don't buy them and they are somewhat stored in the photo agency's archives.

  8. Ana B. from Brazil28 August 2012 at 22:39

    Hi, Charlotte!
    I am truly excited about the upcoming engagements! What makes me sad is that the Paralympics don't get the attention it should have. And I don't mean about the Duchess or any royal, I'm saying that because all the athletes are winners in real life.
    Thank you for keeping us posted!
    Have a nice evening!

    1. I agree with you,The Paralympics should get as much attention as the Olympics. I like what Prince Harry said, its not about the disability, its about the ability. Thanks Charlotte for this wonderful update!!!Gosh I love that Mulberry purse,,droolll!!Am excited about the opening ceremony tomorrow, Im so looking forward to your post tomorrow!! :))

  9. Kate and Will are also on people magazine in the states.

  10. For some reason I don't think it's the same mulberry bag in the picture of her back...

  11. Thank you all for your comments! I am very much looking forward to the tour also.

    The Zara looks like a very strong possibility as does an Alexander McQueen one, I will certainly try to find out which one it is :)

  12. Ah, cool! So glad we get to see a bit more of the duchess! By the by, wonder what William and Kate think about Prince Harry's Vegas saga...Would love to know! :-)

    1. Haha well if you believe all the random gossip websites out there, Kate is trying to reign Harry in by teaching him how to cook ;)

      - Sarah

      P.S. How freakin' amazing is Kate's figure in that black dress from behind??!

  13. Thanks for the updates and photos!

  14. The black dress is the one she wore pre-wedding on a shopping trip, it is this exact dress:


  15. Just want to say a huge THANK YOU from Canada. Absolutely love reading your blog, and I check it every day.

    Thanks again!!

  16. those photos are beautiful,this article is good!!!


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