Thursday, 26 July 2012

William, Kate and Harry Launch Sports Programme in South London

William, Kate and Harry visited St Beacons College in Rotherhithe, South London this morning to to launch the Coach Core programme and encourage young people to become sports coaches.

Clarence House Twitter
The Royal trio joined one hundred young people taking part in a sports festival and met trainee coaches

Georgina Brewer Twitter
The Royals were all smiles upon arrival and looking very stylish, I might add :)

Rebecca English Twitter
 All three royals have a keen interest in sport. Kate excelled at hockey, netball and tennis during her time in Marlborough College so this was an ideal engagement for the young royals.

Rebecca English Twitter
Coach Core is a new sports coaching initiative which aims to train 16-19 year olds to become qualified sports coaches and mentors for their schools and communities. The programme is a partnership between The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and charity Greenhouse.

The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

The Greenhouse charity puts inspirational coaches into schools and community clubs to work with 8-18 year olds. Football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, judo, swimming, dance and drama are just some of the programmes offered by the coaches who target young people most in need of support in the hopes of achieving improved engagement within the community, improved health and wellbeing and improved effort with education. If you wish to get involved or donate please click here.

Greenhouse volleyball and England star Jordan Dalrymple carrying the Olympic torch in Wandsworth.

Greenhouse Charity Facebook

Each of the royals participated in a different sport.

Paul Harrison Twitter

The Duchess slipped off her wedges to referee a judo match.

Georgina Brewer Twitter
Kate played table tennis with the students. Beacon's College is home to six of the top players in the UK but the Duchess held her own missing only a few points.

Greenhouse Twitter
The Duchess then joined the Princes outside to watch the football. One of the boys asked the Princes 'Are you two brothers?' to which Harry jokingly replied 'We're not sure'.

Rebecca English Twitter
The couple share a romantic moment.

Prince William gave a very entertaining speech.

'Watching me on the football field is never a pretty sight  - the expression giraffe on ice springs to mind. However it is marginally less embarrassing than seeing my brother cheat his way to becoming the fastest man on the planet'.

Speaking about Kate's sporting talents :)

'Catherine on the other hand, with a tennis racquet or a hockey stick is something to behold and be aware of'.

It was an incredibly fun event and one the royals appeared to enjoy immensely.

Clarence House Twitter

Now onto Kate's style. Upon arrival the colour of her dress was the topic of much debate among the press :)

Georgina Brewer Twitter

Kate wore the Hobbs Check Wessex Dress (With thanks to Irene) At first glance I thought it was a designer piece, possibly Burberry. It's a very pretty summer dress and quite reminiscent of Kate's pre engagement style. It was originally £119 then reduced to £35 on sale but is unfortunately now sold out. It is described as

'Our bestselling Wessex dress returns for Spring/Summer 2012 in a new grey and white checked print. It features a flattering 50's inspired silhouette with a full skirt and nipped in waist'.


A look at the back of the dress.

Rebecca English Twitter
Kate teamed her dress with the white Hobbs Neston belt (With many thanks to the wonderful Michelle) which emphasised her waist and showed off the full skirt. The €11 basic leather belt is sold out.

Kate wore the Pied a Terre Imperia Wedges in taupe (With thanks to Fiona and Ashley) The Duchess has a pair of the Imperia's in black and wore them during the Canada tour. The simple slingback espadrille wedges have a round toe and are available in several colours for £80.

Pied a Terre

Kate accessorized with her double pearl earrings. 

You can watch a video of William's speech here and a general video covering the visit at ITN Source.


In other (very exciting) news.

Mark Stewart Twitter

The couple's schedule is below.

  • Tuesday 11th September - Singapore
  • Thursday 13th September - Malaysia/Borneo
  • Sunday 16th September - Solomon Islands
  • Tuesday 18th-19th September - Tuvalu

The couple will be representing the Queen in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee and they will be the first members of the Royal family to visit the Pacific Island of Tuvalu, an area of just ten square miles since the Queen and Prince Philip sailed there in 1982. 

'St James's Palace announced that the couple will arrive in Singapore on September 11, moving on to Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian province of Sabah, Borneo and flying to Tuvalu via the Solomon Islands, finishing the tour on the Polynesian Island on September 19'.

More details and the itinerary are expected to be released in a month or so but we do know the couple plan to visit a rainforest 

'During their stay in Borneo they will visit a rainforest where they could come face to face with orangutans, and where they are likely to learn about efforts to preserve the world's oldest rainforest, which dates back 130 million years'. 

As always, a huge thank you to royal correspondents, Rebecca English, Richard Palmer, Georgina Brewer and Paul Harrison for sharing photos and information from the event with us. William, Kate and Harry will welcome the Olympic torch to Buckingham Palace at approximately 18.35 today. I'll see you all then :)


  1. Very lovely dress!! I like it. Thank you for the fast update!

  2. good morning early morning pictures looking forward to pics

  3. Wow Charlotte you are quick! I really like Kate's dress! It somehow looks summery but subtle without being too bold :) can't recall seeing the dress before can you? Looking forward to seeing new photos as they surface!

  4. That is really a pretty dress. Thank you for your fast updates. I will be checking your blog often for more updates.

  5. Pretty dress--just right for the occasion, but I thought it looked green---shows television can be misleading.

    Thanks for the extremely speedy report.

  6. Lovely dress for our beautiful Kate. It's so nice to see the trio enjoying themselves and looking so relaxed. William is so nice and has a good sense of humour. And so is Harry. What a good way to start an afternoon! Thank you so much dear Charlotte !

    Best regards from the South of France!

  7. Lovely and wonderfully quick post ! Thanks, Charlotte ;) Lovely dress ! Lovely sense of humour from the Princes ! Wonderful.... Theresa

  8. Thank you Charlotte!! Kate looks great, though it seems a bit of an odd choice to wear a dress and wedges when you're going to be playing sport. I always love seeing the three of them together, you can tell how much fun they have!

  9. And no pantyhose....? I like it!

  10. I love that dress!! She and William are so adorable together!!!

  11. Kate looks lovely! Thanks for the quick update Charlotte!
    Are there any videos to this visit?looks like a gorgeous sunny day for the event!:))

  12. I just added a video of William's speech and will another when a good one covering the event surfaces :)

  13. It seems as a very nice and funny event. Kate´s dress - for me one of the best appearances,well-fitted,young,fresh,ladylike but still looking apropiate for an event concerning sport, with those wedges and so on. And it didn´t cost astronomical sum of money..which doesn´t offends me if so, I just cannot see such a difference between this one and the blue Stella McCartney,pink Wickstead or some McQueens to see their prices justified, as much as I consider the handcraft and quality of materials..
    Nice, thanks!

  14. Oh, she looks so cute! It's very age-appropriate and perfect for this event. I love her style, but this is one of only a few of her dresses I'd wear myself.

  15. she looks much healthier. Ever since the honeymoon pics have surfaced, she must have realized how thin and disproportionate her body looks behind those slim fitting dresses and gowns. I am glad she is taking it easy about her figure now rather than working too hard to look perfect.

    1. i completely agree!

      she looks so much prettier now- i esp love the softness to her face, her face looked gaunt before imo.

    2. After comparing today pics, it's obvious that kate hasn't actually put on much weight, instead its the cut of the dress or padded innerwear to make her bust look proportional to her broad shoulders and slim waist.

  16. Ana B. from Brazil26 July 2012 at 15:25

    Hello! I absolutely loved her outfit today! What a gourgeous Duchess! I have to say... This dress is cheaper, incredibly well-fitted and much, much, much prettier than the blue Stella McCartney she wore last week and the yellow coat-dress from Miss Wickstead... She really knows how to shop, but this is a remarkable example that you really don't need to spend lots of money to look like a princess.
    Excited about the afternoon! I will be waiting the updates!
    Thank you for the amazing coverage!

  17. Oh I love this dress! LOVE IT! Too bad it's sold out already - at less than $70 USD I could have justified buying it, too.

    Thanks for your quick updates Charlotte! I haven't even gotten out of bed yet and my first thought after waking up was "Kate has an engagement today! Quick, iPhone, get to hrhduchesskate!" :)


  18. I just loved the dress worn by the Duchess, simple and chic at the same time. I also really liked the shoes. Wonderful outfit! But I have noticed that the tabloids pick some specific photos to be posted with the intention of making the public feel that the couple (William and Kate) are not happy. I feel that when they are with Harry, William delegates (unconsciously, of course) to Harry, jokes, while Kate is distracted by it, then people start to take the situation to the downside or imply malicious things, because when only the two together (William and Kate) in any event, they interact better. But overall, I really liked the appearance of them today. Kisses!

    1. Pauline California USA26 July 2012 at 17:25

      I don't know what pictures your looking at but both the beautiful Duchess and her Prince look very much in love. William is very much in tune with hid Duchess. All three of nthem are having a good old time.
      I don't think again that William gives more time to Harry when the three of them are together. If anything the Duchess get's all the attention from the princes.
      So please don't look into something that is not there. I would say that the Prince and his beautiful Duchess are very happy and in love.
      Just my opinion.

    2. I Know the pix you mean but these are the same papers that criticise Catherine for grinning all the time.

    3. Pauline, I knew you'd answer my comment. I would never say that William does not love Kate or vice-versa. I follow their relationship from the beginning and was very common at the time they were dating, William behave the same way he behaves now. However, this did not stop them engaged and married. So, I'm sure this is the way they behave in public. What I said is that the tabloids pick some photos, just with the intention to confuse people's minds, making people think there is any problem in marriage. Now if you asked me if I think they behave like a couple very much in love, I would say no, I think they behave like a couple who is known for many years, they like and respect each other. Still, I like them very much and I hope that they will be very happy in marriage.

    4. I would say that love increases with the years. Only for certain people does it diminish. This young couple just LOVE each other. And true and healthy love also includes RESPECT which the foundation of any relationship. They might have disagreements on certain points as all other couples have and this is but normal. BUT the fact is that they are truly in love and all the tabloids and ill-wishers in the world cannot change that fact. That's the very reason why they are so prompt in raising all these silly rumours.

    5. Let's not assume to know how they feel towards each other... It's frankly not anyones business! They act as they should under public scrutiny at public events.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Pauline California USA26 July 2012 at 17:35

    Thank you Ms. Charlotte forthis great post. It was nice getting up this morning knowing that there would be something on the beautiful Duchess nad her Prince. Great pictures. You can just see how much in love they are by looking at the way they give each other "that look". They are so in tune with each other it is just great seeing this.

    Loved the dress. I amnot much on dresses and things but this one I liked. Just so fresh looking. And I have to say the Duchess is looking very healthy. She has always looked good but with a littlebit of weight she has put on is looking good on her.

    Now on to this afternoon engagement. Can't weight to see what the Duchess will be wearing. And to see the couple together again.

  21. The trio looked great! How fun! I LOVE what a sportswoman the Duchess is! What a pretty summery dress (yet it maintains an air of formality!).

    I hope the Duchess is not "shying" away from wearing more pricier jewelry in public because of (what I think is) nonsensical criticism over items like the Cartier necklace.

    Also, I hope the Princes did confirm to the boy that they are indeed brothers (I know-it's something the kid should know, but it's not his fault either and he should be accorded a dignified answer and not just brushed off with a light joke). Silvia

  22. Thanks for the post Charlotte!

    But I have to say that I don't think the shoes are the imperias in natural. They look darker and I think that I saw them darker (once) on the pied a terre website and this version is sold out a long time..It is my opinion...

    But anyway...great ouftit again!

  23. a very pretty dress. i think it would have looked better without the belt though - the belt makes it slightly short-waisted.

    any idea what the material is?

    the boys looks very good too!

  24. And here is a link to the imperias (which I think she wore).

  25. Catherine being perfect and appropriate as usual! :)


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