Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Jubilee Effect: Highstreet, Jewellery and Keepsakes

Good afternoon Duchess Kate readers,
The sun is shining here in the UK and we are finally getting a taste of the long awaited summer weather. I hope the weather is equally pleasant in your corner of the world. For those of us missing Kate's somewhat regular appearances of late there is just over a week left before the Diamond Jubilee Weekend. Overall June is going to be a very busy month for the Cambridges. 

The Jubilee promises to be a memorable occasion with endless keepsakes on the market. The event is having a definite impact on the high street. Jewellery designer Claudia Bradby has designed a beautiful selection of jewellery to commemorate the jubilee. Interestingly Claudia's husband Tom  interviewed William and Kate for their engagement announcement, During Kate's time in Jigsaw she worked with Claudia, participating in the design of necklaces in the heritage collection. Below we see Kate wearing one of the designs, the Cameila necklace, after returning from a trip to Barbados.

Claudia Bradby

Claudia adores creating pieces with pearls. Below we look at the £69 Button Pearl and Crown Bracelet, the £78 Jubilee Necklace and the £40.50 Crown Charm.

Claudia Bradby

Kate favourite Links of London has also designed some lovely pieces, all of which would look amazing on Kate, You can view their Union Jack collection here. I must say the Regal Nodding Dog caught my eye :)

Links of London

Topshop has launched their Co-Ordinate With the Queen collection. Nothing we're likely to see Kate wearing but lovely to see a high street brand taking inspiration from Her Majesty.


M&Co are selling a range of jubilee T-shirts for £15. I particularly like the t-shirt with a picture of a corgi.


LK Bennett are planning to release a fundraising t-shirt for Her Majesty's Jubilee Trust  (With many thanks to the lovely Susan from What Kate Wore) It will roughly cost £40, to be notified about the t-shirt you can sign up at the LK Bennett website.

LK Bennett

French Sole have released silver versions of their Henrietta and Annie shoes to mark the jubilee. I'm a huge fan of London and French sole personally, very comfortable and stylish shoes.

French Sole

For those of who have a handbag addiction this one is for you. Aspinal of London is currently selling the jubilee inspired Brit Manhattan Clutch for £325 and the £450 Brit Boston Handbag and the £595 Aspinal Jubilee Clutch. The Boston handbag is quite reminiscent of Kate's Mulberry Polly Push Lock handbag.

Aspinal of London

Perhaps a candid or two will emerge of Kate walking Lupo in the sunshine before the next scheduled appearance :)


  1. I wish I could afford some of these items!!

  2. Gorgeous aren't they? Particularly the bag :)

  3. I like your entry! thanks charlotte!

    Did Kate wear the henrietta oder the pirouette from london sole? I read that it was one of them. You mentionend that you wear them too. Are they only for very small feet? I want them too but I'm not so sure.. :o/

    best wishes!

  4. Thank you Fiona. Kate wore the Pirouette during shopping trips in Anglesey. I'm a size 6 in shoes, but find them very comfortable, however I know a girl who has wide feet and they ruined the shape of the shoes, I find they are very good quality though

    There's a good selection of reviews on this site :)

  5. thank you charlotte!! :o)

  6. We are waiting anxiously for the month of June... :-)

  7. I love the dog figure. Glad you are having good weather in the UK because here in parts of the US its pouring rain

  8. Pauline Oak Hills, CA USA24 May 2012 at 23:57

    I just love the picture of the beautiful Duchess. She look's so natural. Do you know if it was one of the trips she & William took together? I have not seen a bad picture of the Duchess in all of them that are out there. She is such a stunning woman.

  9. Hi Charlotte, I am glad to be able to access your blog again. One of the most readable and useful "Kate" resources on the web. Keep up the good work, there are many of us who appreciate the time and effort you take to update us on "all things Kate".

    Many thanks


  10. I love that picture of Kate for some reason. It just seems so casual and spontaneous. Something we won't see very often.

  11. Thank you all for taking the time to comment.

  12. What's up, I check your blogs daily. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep it up!

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