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William and Kate Spend Easter in Scotland, Upcoming Plans + More

William and Kate spent their first Easter as a married couple with Prince Charles and Camilla in Scotland. The foursome attended a church service in Crathie Kirk, a small parish church in the village of Crathie. A Royal aide said 'It was a beautiful service. Afterwards, they were back at Balmoral for Sunday lunch'. A very low quality photo of the Royals leaving the service was taken. Duchess Kate appears to be wearing a plum coat.

Daily Express

Crathie Kirk is known for being a regular place of worship for the Royal family when they are holidaying in the nearby Balmoral. The British Royal family attended the Sunday service at the Church after the death of Princess Diana on the morning of August 31 1997. The public were shocked and appalled that Diana was not mentioned at the service. 

Crathie Kirk

I was initially surprised William and Kate chose not to attend the annual service with Her Majesty at Windsor. No doubt they enjoyed a private weekend with Charles and Camilla at the scenic Balmoral.



It does seem like quite a while since Kate's last engagement, however we are in for a treat this month. The always informative Royal Reporter Richard Palmer revealed William and Kate are expected to have three engagements later this month. We should hear details shortly. He also tweeted that Kate is aiming to choose four new patronages by early next year. Looking forward to the upcoming engagements!

Richard Palmer Twitter


As someone who is extremely close with my sisters, I've always admired the bond Kate and Pippa share. Despite Kate's new role as a Royal, spending time with Pippa is obviously a major priority. Kate is regularly seen visiting her old flat in Chelsea for lunch with Pippa. She most recently spotted visiting her younger sister last week after returning from France. A source said 

"Kate drives over and parks outside and brings her two security guards with her. Pippa likes to have her sister over. They had lunch last week just after they got back from Skiing in France".

 Another cover for Kate this week. Lovely to see her in the centre amongst the Hollywood elite!

Hello Magazine



  1. Hard to believe its been a year. It seems like yesterday when I woke up at 3am to watch the preshow and wedding. I would love anything and everything.

  2. Hmmm...a detailed look at the wedding might be fun. It'll be fun for you to re-live it and definitely fun for us to read!! :)
    Whatever you decide to do will be awesome, I'm sure!

  3. Lovely post as usual, I cant wait to see them again! Wow already 1 year! I would love to live again all the best moment of the Wedding!
    Thanks for the post.
    Have a nice evening.



  4. Thank you all for your thoughts, appreciate the feedback!

    Bekah - I very stupidly, accidentally deleted your comment! Thank you so much for your suggestion of mixing both.

  5. the church looks beautiful. so scenic and country.

  6. I vote for wedding details. :) I can't believe it's been a year (almost). Wow. It seems like yesterday that I was counting down to their wedding day.

  7. It strikes me that these newlyweds are attempting to keep in touch with both sides of their families. I applaud them for doing so - I do feel that anyone who has married into the royal family needs to keep in close contact with their family to remain grounded and in touch. William and Kate spent a few days with the Middletons and now they are doing the same with Charles and Camilla - well done.

  8. I agree with Bekah - mix them both! Maybe you could do a big retrospective of the wedding, then talk about the stuff they've done the first year?

    I can't believe it's been a year, either. It feels longer to me, maybe because they were together for years before even getting engaged.


  9. Thank you all so much for your input, I'm hoping to do something enjoyable for you all to read, marking the anniversary.

    I too, applaud William and Kate for striking the balance between their families. They spent Christmas with the Royals then holidayed with the Middletons in Mustique. We see a similar pattern for Easter, opting to celebrate it with Charles and Camilla, and skiing with Kate's family beforehand

    I'm hoping a visit to Cambridge to mark the anniversary will be on the cards, Reporters heard the couple are planning a very low key celebration privately.

  10. Either or both! You do such a great job at surprising us! Maybe include interesting/juicy details about the wedding or subsequent events that were not available/reported at the time?

    Cheers! Silvia

  11. one year...I can't believe it! I would like to see a detailed look back on the wedding-mainly and a little review of their year together!

  12. This post and the previous one were great. Congratulations!
    I can not believe its been a year. I live in Brazil and I worked over the night so I could stay home and watch the wedding.
    I vote for wedding in details!

    I am addicted to your blog. I come here several times a day to see if there is something new. I love it.

  13. That is a gorgeous chapel!! I would love to see a look back on their first year. Whatever you do, though, it will be great because you always do a fantastic job. I love this blog!!!

  14. I just read that the beautiful Duchess & her Prince will be attending a movie premier on april 25th. How exciting to see them together after a while.

    I would love to see things about their wedding, but also some of the great things from their trip to Canada & the US. Plus maybe some of the engagements they did during the year. I know it sounds like alot but just a bit from all these would be a nice memory of their first year of marriage. I can not beleive it has been a year already. Just seem's like yesterday that I got up at 1:00am to watch all the before things and then the beautiful wedding. And I did watch it several times during the day. Each time I saw something different.

    I am having a hard time thinking that the Duchess goes to her sisters house all the time to have lunch with her. If that is the case then why have we not seen pictures of her coming or going. I know her and Pippa are very close as I am to my sister but we have to remember that she is part of the royal family now and has a husband she loves taking care of. Maybe while William was on deployment they had lunch but also Pippa has a full time job. The Duchess was very busy during th e time William was gone but maybe she slipped in a lunch. But this is just another thing the media is writing about to sell papers.

  15. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I'm really looking forward to seeing William and Kate on the 25th!

  16. Love your site! I visit regularly for updates on our Royal couple.

    Just wondering...why they are staying at Balmoral. It's Birkhall the Prince of Wales residential house in Scotland?

  17. Birkhall is actually located on the Balmoral estate, We don't know definitively what part of Balmoral they chose to stay in.


    Thanks for your comment!

  18. I would love to see a retrospective of their first year together! Speaking of, today I visited the tree William & Kate planted at Rideau Hall last summer - it's growing very nicely. :)

  19. Lucy - How amazing to see the tree William and Kate planted at Rideau Hall! Delighted to hear it's growing well :)


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