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Kate Wears Matthew Williamson to 'African Cats' Premiere

William and Kate attended the African Cats première at BFI Southbank, London. It is their first joint public engagement in over three months.Despite the dismal weather conditions, the couple were in high spirits. The rain briefly stopped moments before their arrival.

Pacific Coast News

'African Cats' is a nature documentary which follows a lioness and a Cheetah with their offspring in Kenya's Masai Mara nature reserve. The film is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and Sir Patrick Stewart. A portion of the proceeds for the film were donated to the African Wildlife Foundation. The 'true adventure' documentary offers a rare insight into the struggles animals face in the wild to protect their young. I expect one would need their handkerchief when viewing this movie as it's a real tearjerker. 

The première is in aid of William's patronage 
Tusk Trust. The organisation has twenty years experience initiating and funding conservation and community development programmes across Africa. Tusk has been a driving force in helping to protect African wildlife, something Prince William is passionate about. If you wish to donate please click here.

The Mirror/African Cats

The Cambridges were joined at the event by one hundred children involved with their patronages. You can a video from the event at ITNSource William and Kate with Charlie Mayhew of Tusk Trust. Mr Mayhew revealed the couple 'absolutely loved the film'.


There was much speculation regarding Kate's sartorial choices for the evening :)

Richard Palmer Twitter

However Kate opted for a classic, dove grey, dress with turqoise and gold encrusted detail on the cuffs by Scottish designer Matthew Williamson. Kate's outfit is from the pre-fall 2012 collection. The dress is not available in stores yet but will be priced at $1695. Kate ordered the dress in January. (With thanks to Lisa WKW FB)  Williamson added beading on the collar to match the cuffs for Kate's piece, perhaps because Kate wanted it for an evening appearance? 

Matthew Williamson

Williamson is an incredibly talented designer and I'm delighted to see his work has caught Kate's eye. Again we see Kate choosing a new designer whilst staying true to her love of timeless elegance.

British Monarchy Flickr

A look at the back. The peplum jacket is reminiscent of the LK Bennett Jude jacket Kate wore during her visit to Leicester. Obviously a style the Duchess favours.

Kate wore the gorgeous Kiki Classic Peridot , Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings. (With many thanks to the wonderful Anna who also Id'd the shoes) The beautiful earrings are available for £1,200 and described as

"These runaway best selling earrings never fail to impress. Wearable, elegant and available in a dazzling array of colourways, the flattering green and blue gemstone combination is especially popular."

Kiki McDonough

Duchess Kate wore a pair of dark grey Emmy shoes and carried what appears to be a matching clutch similar to the items below. (With thanks to What Kate Wore)


When the movie ended William began his speech with 'I'm emotionally exhausted. There's more drama in that than Eastender's :) To view the full speech please click here. William and Kate have a busy day ahead tomorrow with two receptions to attend. See you all then :)


  1. So great to see them after some time to themselves. They look happy to be back together :)

    Completely random, but I couldn't help but notice one of Kate's hair strands that didn't quite curl. You can really tell how long her hair is! I'm so jealous lol.

    1. Ellie, I noticed that lock of hair, too! I thought her hair wasn't the best today, but we ALL have bad hair days -- even Kate! Not to mention that it was rainy, which ruins everyone's hairdos!

    2. I love when she has a little less curl! She has great hair!

  2. there is embellishment around the collar too. I love it!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Kate looks STUNNING!!! Did you notice that her top has jewels around it whereas the one featured on the model does not. I really love her outfit. This dress is gorgeous.

  4. thanks for your quikly updating the site.
    kate looks faboulous, very sophisticated.
    nice job (and a very interesting brand)

  5. Oh, she looks great! The dress is kind of boring to me (but is perfect for a movie premier for one of Prince William's charities; she looks great without stealing the spotlight), but I like the embellishments on the sleeves and neck.

    I just love how William is always holding umbrellas and things for her. It's a small gesture, but I think it's great and says a lot about the two of them.

  6. Ok - maybe reading way too much into this - but in EVERY picture I have seen of her today - she has her purse right in front of her belly.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Although she places her hands in front of her midsection a lot, today it was especially apparent.
      This dress, and peplum style in general, is perfect for hiding or disguising one's belly area.
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE her shoes. In my opinion she looked great today.
      I like it when her hair is not so neatly curled, and only at the end. I love a large, loose curl throughout the length - it looks more natural this way.

    2. LOL guess I am not alone, after all. I noticed the same thing!

  7. Do you think she uses extensions in her hair? Maybe that's why that bunch isn't curled like the others?

    Her make-up looks different too, less harsh than normal.
    She and William look lovely.

  8. I think the rain affected Kate's hair a little but don't think it's extensions :)

  9. They're a a beautiful couple!!:) I love the photo where Kate smiles:)

  10. Wow the beautiful Duchess looked just stunning today. Prince William looked like he was very happy to be back with his Duchess. It was nice seeing them together again. They make such a stunning couple. There is a picture out there that shows William with his arm around his Duchess. It is so nice to see him showing some affection in public. We all know that they are a very private couple but it was nice to see. Maybe you can find the photo and posted it here. I am not sure where I saw it, sorry.

    Well now we wait until tomorrow when we will get to see them together twice in one day. Can't wait.

    Great job. Thanks.

  11. An amazing dress choice for today. Will and Kate look even more in love in these pictures. I love the one were they are walking the same in the back.

  12. Having the beading added to the collar was absolutely the right thing to do.

    William and Kate look terrific. :D

  13. Love her longer hair and those earrings and I like how she added the embellishment around the neck. and is it me or does William look particularly dapper in these pics? Good for him :)

  14. Is she...? or Isn't she..? I know holding the clutch near her waist is one of her usual poses...but those peplums can be good at hiding something, too, right? Please ignore my speculation. I can't help. I really wish all the best for her that includes a family she wants. :)

  15. The beading on the collar makes an okay dress gorgeous. That said...

    I really wish she would wear a dress not in grey or beige or neutral colors!

  16. i don't love this dress. quite frankly, it's too old for her.
    the queen could have work this, alebeit 6" longer.

    i also don't like the peplum. or any peplums - a style which looks instantly-dated and slave-to-fashion-trendy at the same time!

    having said all that, i do like the contrasting embellishments, and think it's a def improvement to have it added to the neck.

    and no matter my personal feelings about peplums and old-lady dress cuts, kate looks waaay better than the model! my goodness, can the woman look any more miserable? she does the dress no favors.

  17. Just wondering if William purchased those beautiful earrings for his beautiful Duchess.

    Any comments?????

  18. Thank you for all your comments.

    I admit I did notice Kate holding the clutch over her stomach but I have my doubt that she is expecting. Possibly later this year?

    1. i don't think she's pregnant and won't be until next year. i think they're going to time it in consideration of moving into the big apartments at kensington.
      i also don't think she wants to steal attention from the queen by announcing her pregnancy at the time of the jubilee.

      i don't think she's holding her purse over her stomach. unless she's carrying reeeeaaaally low, cause she's holding her purse over her upper thighs/crotch area. she normally holds her hands clasped low in this area (and so does will and harry).

  19. I doubt she is expecting yet too. William has not been home long enough for her to be showing. But then again she could be but not showing yet. I beleive they will start really trying in the fall when they get done with all their travels and have the time together in Wales. And I really don't think william would want his Duchess expecting when the have all this travel coming up. That in itself can take a toll on your body, let alone being pregnant. I say we will here something this coming Christmas with a royal baby do in 2013.

    Any comments??

  20. She looks absolutely ravishing! I love her look. It totally shows off her beauty yet does not scream out "look at me." That dress creates beautiful curves on her lean, athletic body. And, of course, there's those legs.

    Her face also glows and seems overall really healthy (she always looks beautiful but there have been occasions where her face seems tired-no under eye circles this time!).

    For some reason, I truly feel as if she fully came into her royal self today.


  21. How nice to see them together again. I love the way she looks at him. Not difficult to see how they feel about each other. And it's nice to see him holding the umbrella for her, etc. A real gentleman IMO.

    I think the dress looks much better with the collar matching the sleeves. The dress on the model is very plain. Kate's look is more balanced, IMO. Also love the effect of the waist. Classic and sooo Kate! :)

  22. And the earrings are to die for!! :)

  23. I must say, I absolutely adore her make-up!! while it is still the same style as always the quality has improved no end! it looks so much less harsh than usual and much more natural. Love it.
    And I also love the dress. The colour is one of my all time favourites and simply looks goreous with dark brown hair. The dress has the exact right balance of simple elegance and embellishments. to me it is perfect and if i had 1600 pounds to spare i would get it like a shot.
    and as for the pregnancy...I can understand the excitement about it but I don't think she is pregnant. She looks as flat as always ;) Plus, I don't think they would try to hide it. When she is pregnant we will find out pretty early on I would say.
    Love seeing them so happy and reunited!

  24. very stunning. I love the dress.

  25. Wow i couldn't wait any longer without any news pics of our kate. She was amazing and I think more shining than usual. Thanks for the lovely post.


  26. She is wearing a lovely dress. I love it.

  27. Lovely dress. Kate looks lovely as always.

  28. I think this was Kate's loveliest outfit this week. The added jeweled neckline definitely made the dress, and the earrings were exquisite.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Kate's skin is glowing!! Gosh, I wish we knew more about her hair care and skin care regime! Love the dress, although I was hoping she would recycle one of her dresses from the Canada tour. Thank you for this wonderful post and I look forward to the anniversary post :)

  31. My guess is the dress will make another appearance on their overseas tour later in the year. It has that exotic look to it. We know Kate loves to recycle!

    And thank you for the website... I love following it! :)

  32. Hello from the USA -- Tucson, Arizona. I want to compliment you on your lovely blog which I have been following for awhile now. I quite enjoy it -- a great break from the business of the day. Me and my best friend fell in love with the Duke and the Duchess and stayed awake all night to watch their wedding. I follow them all the time. Thanks for such a wonderful blog with such a kind and gentle spirit behind it and the great details on dress as well. Keep up the great work!


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