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Kate Reveals Plans to run London Marathon at Reception

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a reception celebrating the Scott Amundsen Centenary Race at Goldsmiths Hall.

Daily Mail/Zed Jameson/Flynet Pictures

Two teams made up of British servicemen raced across Antarctica to raise much needed funds to help fulfil the British Legion's commitment to help recovering and injured service people. The participants faced 920 miles, 10,000 feet to climb, 140 kg sledges and 120 miles of glacier. If you wish to find out more about the race or donate please click here.

Scott Amundsen

Prince Harry recently suggested William and Kate should run the London Marathon next year. Kate said 'We may run the marathon. I think William's going to have to think of something to get Harry back'  You can watch a video from the event at The Telegraph.

Kate meets beautiful baby Hugo. The Duchess described the baby as 'very cute'.

Daily Mail/PA
And William looked rather taken with Hugo (You see where I'm going with this, Yes they would make great parents :))

British Monarchy Flckr
Kate wore a two piece skirt suit New Zealand born fashion designer Rebecca Taylor. Kate's bouclĂ©, fringe seamed embellished jacket and matching skirt are from the pre-fall 2012/2013. You can order Kate's outfit via the Rebecca Taylor site. (With many thanks to fashion genius Susan from What Kate Wore) Ms Taylor told British Vogue that St. James Palace asked her to send Kate a few pieces. Kate loved them and paid for them.

Rebecca Taylor

Based in New York, Ms Taylor's label is stocked in US and European department stores. She describes her designs as 'urban, feminine, bold, kittenish, modern, sexy, chic, cool.... with a touch of sparkle'. Celebrity clients include Sarah Jessica Parker and Cate Blanchett. A look at the Spring 2012 collection.

Rebecca Taylor

Supporting the British Legions Online Shop Kate wore the Large Crystal Buckley Brooch. It is available for £25. All profits go to support the armed forces.

British Legion Online Shop
Kate carried her Anya Hindmarch Marano Clutch. The sleek clutch box is available in an array of colours for £495. 

Anya Hindmarch

The Cambridges paid a surprise visit to MI6 this morning. The headquarters of Britain's foreign intelligence agency. Would love to have been a fly on the wall there.....

Peter Hunt Twitter

William and Kate's PA revealed a little information about their anniversary plans. The couple are obviously planning a low key celebration in Anglesey.

Richard Palmer Twitter


  1. I am not impressed by this outfit. I feel like I have seen it before. Maybe she is trying to tone it down to get some press off her style and on her causes but today and the movie premier choices are very full compared to her usual pieces.

  2. what a stunning woman she is!she's a true princess and as always she looks amazing in her blue suit as she did in the matthew williamson dress!she looks really happy by her princes side and i hope they have a lovely and happy anniversary!i'm hoping though to see her in some victoria beckham as i think she will look terrific in a dress of hers!:)

  3. Thanks for the updates as usual. Best place for info!

  4. Sorry, but I didn't like that outfit at all...

  5. I must say that I am a bit of disappointed both with today's and yesterday's choice. She had prettier choices in the past. Today's jacket was nice but it would look much better with different type of skirt, like that navy skirt from the photo where model presents it. The skirt which Duchess wore did nothing for her, it was just ok.

  6. I read this as "Cemetery Race"!

    Anyway, I like this outfit a LOT more than the one she wore yesterday. I know she can wear just about any color, but I think blue especially suits her. (Good thing her engagement ring is that same color!)

    Actually, now that I think about it, Kate seems to have worn quite a bit of blue since they got engaged. Is it a coincidence, or am I just noticing it more?

  7. Kate's poppy is made by Buckley Jewellery on behalf of the British Legion and is available to purchase direct from the poppy shop website.

    She is actually wearing the very popular medium version that retails at £15.

  8. Her pearl earrings look like a pair similar to Diana's on the website What do you think?

  9. Nice couple. I'm glad their first year of marriage is off to a fine start.

    I love the red brooch and it's significance. I think the suit is fine (and will leave it at that).


  10. Dan - Thank you so much for the info on the brooch!

    Beth - Thank you for that tip, I'll take a look at the earrings immediately!

    Thank you for all the comments, Looking forward to the next reception :)

  11. I love this outfit, I find it YOUTHFUL compared to previous choices. I just wish she had worn her hair up (same with yesterday). Specially with outfits that have some type of arrangement around the neck, she would really show that off with her hair up.

  12. So sorry not to like the look. The suit looks dated. The Jacket is too short for her frame, the skirt actually looks tight, and the fringe makes the whole thing look like it might unravel. Of course she looks beautiful. Just underwhelmingly dressed (like last night). Well maybe that's the point.

  13. They're having a busy time just now! I love this outfit on her - she looks wonderful. That baby is dead cute too!

  14. I truly admire those who do sports well, Kate or anyone in our real world. :)

  15. Very excited to see them run the marathon, Love the playful banter between them and Harry :)

  16. Hello Kate fans! I have been reading many comments about Kate's hair and make-up, I also like them a lot!!
    I thought it would be nice to know whether she uses any particular products to look so radiant! Any brand? (Hint for the section "Kate loves") :-)

  17. Loving all these outings! Must save some of these photos & load them into one of my FB albums :D

  18. I loved yesterday's outfit. I'm South African and the beadwork on the dress is very African. Very appropriate for the movie they saw. I love the fact that Kate always have the 'theme' as such in mind when attending a specific function. Canada Day, St Patricks, the African Wild Cats movie etc. She definately puts thought into it.
    She looked great today. Not a lot of people can pull that look off. She did very well.
    LOVE your Blog :)

  19. Wow the beautiful Duchess looked stunning again. I don't think she can pick a dress that she does not look good in. I loved seeing the Prince & his beautiful Duchess together again. They looked more in love and so good together.
    Any idea on those earrings the Duchess wore yesterday? Could they be an early anniversary gift from her Prince? Or from his beloved mother's collection? And you can't see the earring she was wearing today because of her hair. Are they again a piece of Princess Di?

    And again thank you Charlotte for posting all this for us fans. Without you we would not be able to keep up for the Duchess and her Prince.

  20. Great color for her. She does seem to favor blue.

  21. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that the Duchess had a ring on her middle finger in one of the pictures. Anyone else notice it?? And if so was it a sapphire & diamond ring?

  22. Pauline, I did not see a ring on her middlefinger in any of the pictures but she is wearing two rings on her ringfinger. Her engagement ring under her wedding band I presume, that's the way my granny does it anyway.
    Being able to boost people's spirits by simply visiting must be one of the few up-sides of the job.
    The baby is lovely and William looks so happy holding him :) I guess they would be great parents.

  23. You know, I think that if we hadn't seen the other blue (Missoni) dress, I would have loved this one. But now... ehhhh.

    Also, if you're going to wear a pretty brooch, why on earth would you leave your hair down like that so that half the time you can't even see it?

    P.S. Duchess Kate - super awesome to see you featured in InStyle!!! Congrats, you do a great job with this blog! :)


  24. Thank you so much Sarah! I was delighted InStyle featured the blog, there are so many wonderful blogs about Kate.

    I would have LOVED a clearer look at the brooch too.

  25. It is so wonderful to see the blog back, and it is better than ever. Here's to your future and many wonderful posts!

  26. It is so wonderful to see the blog back, and it is better than ever. Here's to your future and many wonderful posts!

  27. That would be amazing to watch her train for and run a marathon!


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