Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kate's Ralph Lauren Purchases, New Wax Figures + More

Hello Kate fans, I hope you're having a lovely Sunday,
Duchess Kate has been spending the weekend in Berkshire with her family. She was seen in outlet shopping mall Bicester Village yesterday. Located in the heart of Oxfordshire and just sixty minutes from London, Bicester is easily accessible for those of you in the UK and every shopaholics dream :)


The mall includes Kate favourite's McQueen, Amanda Wakeley, Temperly and Reiss but the 30 year old spent most of her time in Ralph Lauren. One lucky tweeter was standing beside Kate.

Chloe Coy Twitter

Kate's purchases were revealed by Susan S. via What Kate Wore. The Duchess chose three stunning dresses from the Ralph Lauren Black Label. We'll first look at my personal favourite the Aveline Silk Charmeuse Gown. The one shoulder, gold dress is simply beautiful. This would be an ideal piece for Wednesday's premiere, It will be very exciting to see the Duchess in Ralph Lauren for a red carpet/black tie event. It is available for €1798 and described as

"Old Hollywood glamour is conveyed in this bias-cut silk design, finished in a luxurious charmeuse for impressive drape and shine. One shoulder styling with three pleats at the front. Fits closely to the hip, flowing into a flaring hem with a slight train. 100% silk."

Ralph Lauren

The Daphne Ann is also a charmeuse dress. The navy wrap dress is available for $1698 and described as

"The lovely Daphne Ann dress features a flattering wrap silhouette of whisper-thin silk that can be easily styled for day or evening. Bodice has a fixed wrap construction with pleats at the side. Deep neckline. Gently flared silk. Concealed side zipper. 100% silk."

Ralph Lauren

Kate also purchased the Darwin Silk Crepe Dress. At first glance I thought this was quite different from Kate's typical style but Kate will most likely have the length altered. The Duchess has favoured dresscoats over the past year and teamed with a hat this piece will look amazing. It is available for €1798 and described as

"With a nod to menswear styling, the well-appointed Darwin dress is enduringly ladylike in lightweight silk crepe with a classic double-breasted silhouette and covered buttons. Notched lapel. Padded shoulders. Angled besom chest pocket. 100% silk."

Ralph Lauren

 Kate also purchased a beaded bikini and the Santana striped dress. (With thanks to What Kate Wore) What do you think of Kate's choices? Excellent possibilities for upcoming engagements and the royal tour this autumn.


William and Kate's fourth set of waxworks were unveiled at Madame Taussauds in Blackpool last week. 

Madamae Taussauds/Dayife
Kate is dressed in an exact copy of the rose Jenny Packham dress she wore to the Ark gala last year. Kate's Links of London earrings and engagement ring were also recreated. William is dressed in a sharp navy suit.


A closer look at the figures. The detail is quite amazing.

Madame Taussauds Blackpool Facebook

Madame Taussauds in Blackpool celebrated it's one year anniversary with the company of their new royal additions :)

Madame Taussauds Facebook 

Kate and Pippa feature on the cover of US Weekly this week. The media has been having a field day since Pippa was photographed in a car where one of her friends was jokingly aiming a gun at the paparazzi. Reportedly the Windsor's are quite displeased about the incident. I understand Pippa is not a royal but considering Kate's position, I'm not sure antics like this are appropriate. I would love to hear your thoughts?

US Weekly

InStyle kindly asked myself, What Kate Wore, Kate's Wardrobe and Kate Middleton Style to choose our favourite outfit from Kate's first year as Duchess of Cambridge. Please vote for your favourite here :)



  1. I think all 3 dresses are beautiful! I understand why the Windsor's are upset by the incident with Pippa. I know it was a joke and a toy gun but I don't think it is an appropriate thing to joke about. Not that it was Pippa holding the toy, but it wasn't funny. That being said, I can only imagine how tiresome and stressful it must be for Pippa to be hounded by the media constantly!

  2. Love the dresses. The media is over doing the whole Pippa thing. Almost everyone has the rebellious younger sister type in their family. No family is perfect but its unfortunate for the Middletons that they are living under a microscope of media and the palace.

  3. I do feel sorry for the Middleton family, their lives are under a microscope, It must be enormously difficult.

  4. Although it must certainly be difficult for Pippa and the Middletons, there is a cetain way to behave considering their position. That being said, I don't think Pippa did something terribly wrong in this case. She wasn't the one holding the gun and she did reportedly tell the guy to stop...

  5. the dresses are really lovely. I'm sure she will look fantastic in them! i just feel that every paparazzi should face jail time if they are going to shove a camera in someone's face while's dangerous, and it's stalking (he was following pippa all day). bonnieux

  6. That's amazing, i didn't know she just went to a shop (let alone an outlet) and chose a gala dress for her events, in which the whole world was going to see her! I love how down to earth she is, even though she seems inaccesible she still keeps her life simple, like by shopping for her clothes (even gala ones) on her own, with no stylist around, or shopping at tesco on her own, etc. Well done for Kate. I can't wait to see her this week!

  7. I know something was done (finally) about the way Pippa was hounded going to work but when she's abroad or out partying the paps go crazy. It reminded me of Diana's last trip to Paris, sadly enough lessons were not learned.

    I also think it's great that Kate shops at an outlet mall, the pieces could be stored until the tour or maybe we'll see them sooner, love the gold gown.

    1. Diana was not looking into the cameras obviously loving the attention. Pippa has been photographed at weddings obviously looking for photogs. She is a fame whore.

  8. This is tricky - I do like the fact that she shops like this but where are the surprises - the aaahhhh! moments. I do long to see her in unique designer dresses. At the pre-wedding dinner last year (William and Kate did not attend), the Princesses of Europe turned up in beautiful unique dresses that surprised everyone. It showed the distinctive style of each individual woman and I'm still looking for that.

    As for Pippa - she has my sympathy to be honest. We've had the Leveson enquiry in the Uk into media intrusion/phone hacking etc. The picture editor of the Daily Mail stated that he had 300-400 pix of her landing on his desk everyday it gives us all an insight into her life. Its difficult to manage and she has done exceptionally well. However, heer friends find it more difficult. Boyfriends have disappeared because of media intrusion and obviously the french over-reacted to it. But she is not responsible for the actions of others and the French gentlemen concerned have apologised. The Middletons cannot have expected all of this because no other family marrying into the BRF has had to put up with this.

    Sorry written quite a lot.

  9. I too love the dresses and feel that Kate will pull them off beautifully. The prices seem very expensive though, considering they are from outlets. In the states, outlet stores are usually drastically cheaper than the actual store. As for the Pippa incident, I feel like it's been blown out of proportion. She wasn't holding the toy, and from what has been printed, she had barely met the driver through a mutual friend who was in the backseat. Sitting in the passenger seat doesn't necessarily mean that she condoned the behavior. That being said, I also think that Kate's siblings are now (unofficially) to be held to higher standards. She is the future queen, and as her siblings they should understand what that means for their lives as well. They can no longer act foolishly and make "regular" mistakes because all of this will ultimately reflect back on Kate and through her, the royal family. Whether or not they wanted to be in that position, because of their sister's marriage they are there regardless.

  10. Very interesting comments, thank you all.

    The prices of the Ralph Lauren dresses are taken from the site, I'm not sure what percentage Kate got off them at the outlet store.

  11. I like all of the dresses, but the white one is my favorite. Kate may be saving these purchases for a later date. I'd be surprised if she did last minute shopping for an event later this week. But a lady is entitled to change her mind and she can switch outfits! Lol.

    I agree that too much is being made of this Pippa story. But it does seem to play well for the "anti-Middleton" brigade. No doubt, the family will weather is with silent dignity as they've done before with other non-stories.

  12. Very interesting reading. I do like all the dresses the Duchess picked out. I don't think the prices are too bad for an outlet mall. Here in the US some of your high end stores that have outlet stores, their prices are just a bit lower then in their regular stores. I have been in a Ralph Lauren store and then one of their outlet stores and their prices were just a few hundred dollars less. For us regualr people that is alot of savings but for the Duchess in is just a drop in the hat. But I love the idea that she does shop at these kind of stores and does not use a dresser.

    Now for Pippa. I have very mixed feelings regarding this problem. First off yes she is not a royal but her sister is. That in its self should make her think before she does things. She is an grown woman and should be held accountable for her actions. There were things posted in the papers that she was hanging with different guys through out the weekend. That does not sound like something she should do. The story said that she was pictured kissing different guys through out the weekend. And then the guys with the gun, Pippa just met that day. That again does not sound well. Yes it is not her fault that he displayed the gun and she did tell him to knock it off, it still refects on her and of course her sister the Duchess.

    So my word to the Middleton children Pippa & her brother is to stop and think before you stick your neck out and do some dumb thing and how it will affect your sister. And the parents, I love Mike & Carol and they have not put a foot wrong since the engagement or the wedding. Maybe the Prince & his Duchess should sit the two down and explain to them how thing refect on them and just be careful and think.

  13. Each of those dresses I can see Kate wearing - they are definitely her 'style' as all of them are simple, yet elegant.

    US magazine has no credibility as far as I'm concerned. I also seriously doubt that the Royal family was "displeased" about Pippa's behaviour - I'm sure that's made up. After all, look at what some of the Windsors have done - from Charles to Sophie, why even Harry (who most adore) dressed inappropriately as a Nazi for a costume party.


  14. I think Pippa is over-rated. I am tired of seeing her always looking right into the camera, loving the attention way too much. I think that whole trip to Paris and being photographed with men was all a ploy to make her rich boyfriend jealous and make him propose. I can do without Pippa.

  15. I think this incident will probably have awakened Pippa into making better, more discerning choices-such as not attending a "decadence" theme party to begin with or realizing that hanging out with playboys will only bring the wrong kind of attention to her and her family. Yes, she is not a royal, but as others have stated, she by extension reflects on the Duchess. And, no doubt, she has benefit immensely from her proximity to the most famous European monarchy.

    In the long run I suspect this unsettling episode will have prevented her from a much, much graver faux pas in the future.

    We all make mistakes and, again, one wishes Ms. Middleton has learned from this one.

    Thanks for this great's my guilty pleasure at the end of a hard day. Silvia

    1. I disagree with you. I don't think anything will awake Pippa. I feel she loves the attention. But she does not think what effect all this has on her sister. Yes she is not a royal but everything she does some how effects the Duchess. So I would hope that Ms. Pippa has learned from this mistake and will be more careful and what she does. And I hope the Duchess gave her a dressing down on the way she handles herself.

  16. Thank you Silvia,I genuinely appreciate that *so* much :)

  17. I wonder if the fragrance was Illuminum White Gardenia??

  18. Ohhh I love the dresses! Can't wait to see her wearing them! But what do you mean about getting the length altered? It already seems quite short and making it longer seems rather difficult. And as for the unique dresses of the other princesses, well for me a Ralph Lauren for almost 2000 pound is something I can only dream of. So since it will be most unlikely that I will ever end up wearing one, its just as good as an even more expensive uniquely made dress to me. So in that sense I prefer her being more "thrifty". It leaves me the illusion that I might be able to wear those kind of dresses one day, if I put my mind to getting rich :D
    I have been following Pippas gun incident and it was great to hear other peoples thoughts about it. That's what I love about this blog. I largely agree with the thoughts about it. Yes it was stupid, yes it was not her fault pointing a gun at someone, it might even be blown out of proportion. But let's not forget how scarry it must be having a gun pointing at you. You are always going to think that it is real. So it being a toy or not makes no difference at all to me. Such behaviour is just downright disgusting. Even if the receiving end is a harrassing photographer. Pippa doesn't seem to mind them so much anyways. She seems to love the attention, always looking out for the cameras, smiling. The guys she was with seemed to enjoy the media attention even more than she did. She is a grown woman, she should know better than to hang out with guys that so obviously just take advantage of her status to boost their image and ego. But I can only hope that this will set her head right. She seems to be a smart girl with her heart in the right spot despite all that and I hope she learns a lesson or two from that.
    sorry for writing so much.

  19. First of all, I need to say that this is one of my FAVORITE blogs. I love how respectful you are when writing all of your posts- bravo! It's nice to read things about The Cambridges that are nicely written and not seeking to hurt their images, and help to inform us about their charities! So, well done. I live in the USA and I am a huge fan of the Duchess. Ralph Lauren is one of my all-time favorite designers. Did you see the dress he designed for his daughter-in-law Lauren Bush? Very old world elegance...I think you might get a kick out of it!

    As for Pippa, I'm really torn. It must be difficult gaining overnight celebrity. The balance between living an authentic, fun life and being on her best manners, can't always be easy. But, I think if I were Pippa, I would closely watch my actions so that I wouldn't put my sister in an awkward position. Anything she does will always be linked to the Duchess and therefore news-worthy. Hopefully she can find a balance which she enjoys, or put her fame to good use!

    Best Regards,
    Michael :)

  20. All of the dresses Kate chose are lovely. And Silvia I think you are bang on about Pipps. I have only limited sympathy for her. She didn't wave the toy gun and she likely didn't know it was going to happen but she certainly didn't seem shocked and appalled when it was happening, as her friend the vicomte suggests. She seems to be enjoying her notoriety since the wedding, and the jet-set lifestyle that has come with it. I think she needs to exercise better judgment in exactly how she does this though, or else she will continue to be a target for unwanted attention.

  21. I thought Lauren Bush's dress was beautiful, It's wonderful to see Kate exploring new designers and experimenting with her style.

    As for getting the length altered I've heard of her getting pieces lengthened before, I believe almost every piece she wears has some degree of alteration before an engagement.

    Thank you very much for all your comments.

  22. I think what Pippa did is no worse than many of the things done by members of the royal family. She didnt wear a Nazi badge, she doesn't hang around with sex offenders, she hasn't tried to sell access to her ex-husband. Plus she is a private person as the RF has made clear. A little like the pot calling the kettle. . . .

  23. I think all 3 dresses are beautiful, however the long gold seems very sexy for her public persona; her long gowns usually are not that fitted. I wonder if that may be for a more private celebration (anniversary). The blue silk we will probably see with a jacket and the white dress is simply stunning.

  24. Can't wait for Kate's next appearance, just a few days now!!

    Re: Pippa - in this particular incident, I can't really see her being of blame; she wasn't the one pointing the gun, she wasn't telling the guy to point the gun, and for all we know she didn't even know he had a gun in his car. I know the gun is being said to be fake, but fake or not, it's an incredibly stupid thing to do - and one that I'd pin on the friend, not on her.

    That said, Pippa has definitely not been shying away from media attention... I mean, look at all the pictures from this party and other events. A lot of them are CLEARLY posing for the professional photographers, they aren't random images taken off of Facebook. She doesn't HAVE to stand there and put her hand on her hip and smile in the limelight, but she does. And so I don't have quite as much sympathy for her, overall.

    Hopefully this doesn't cross into inappropriate territory, but has anybody else read about James', uh, interesting cakes? Methinks it's been a trying week for the Middleton family in the news...


  25. They both look fantastic. I like the sharpness of suit of Harry.

    Christina @ Ralph Lauren Jacket

  26. Pippa shouldn't have to think what her sister's in-laws will think before she does something. She isn't a royal, so their opinions shouldn't dictate what she says or does.
    It's times like these the royals need to get over themselves.

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