Friday, 27 April 2012

Duchess Kate Steps Out in White For Charity Meeting

You wait weeks for a 'Kate Appearance' and then four come along within three days :) Kate joined William in London today to attend a meeting of the Princes' Charities Forum at The Royal Society. To view more photos please visit the Daily Mail article.

Daily Mail/Big Pictures Photo

The Princes' Charities Forum is an initiative started by Prince Harry and Prince William in 2006. The Princes wanted to find a way of bringing together their charitable interests and to explore how they could best lend support to them through working together. Last November Kate attended a meeting for the Forum for the first time. Kate's patronages are also included.

British Monarchy Flickr

The forum meets twice a year gathering all the charities Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry support. During the two hour meeting the charities share ideas with input from the Royals. 

Royal contributor Victoria Arbiter recognised Kate's blouse immediately.

Victoria Arbiter Twitter

Duchess Kate looked radiant in a white Ted Baker Stardy Bib Detail Blouse. The last season piece is unfortunately sold out. It is described as

"Long sleeved blouse, Front pleat bib detail, Concealed button fastening, Small stand collar, Button fastening on cuffs."

Ted Baker/Asos

I expect Kate wore a skirt with her blouse. Prince William looked dapper in a navy suit and purple tie.

It was an unexpected surprise to see the couple out and about today. They plan to visit friends to reporting attend a wedding before celebrating their anniversary Sunday


  1. Hm, Ok, now I am disappointed. what happened to Prince William holding her umbrella?

  2. hope we see the full outfit shortly.

    nice blouse though

  3. I love your blog! Just found it and LOVE it! I was thinking the same thing as what you stated in the beginning of the post. You wait and wait and then boom,boom,boom,boom! A lot of appearences right in row! Quite lovely! And I also love how you put upcoming dates on your blog! I can never remember when they'll be somewhere, but I can know with just a couple clicks. Thank you so much for your blog! Keep up the good work!

  4. I like the blouse a lot. I just wish we could see the whole outfit! :-P

  5. They look much more relaxed while not on official engagements.

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! and welcome to the blog Charlotte! I have more dates to add to 'Kate's Upcoming Dates'

    William and Kate do look so relaxed, they're reportedly off to a friends wedding :)

  7. This was a nice unexpected treat. I wish them a very happy 1st anniversary. :)

  8. Wow more dates. I can 't wait. I agree you don't see the Duchess for awhile then bam, you get her all at once. But if you look back from last year they are getting to the busy time of the season. But it will be really busy time for the beautiful Duchess & her Prince. With the up coming Oylmpics and their up coming trips on behalf of the Queen we should see them alot and get some great pictures.

    Thanks for the great updates!!

  9. I do hope we see another photo from the meeting, The British Monarchy uploaded a couple to their Flickr account the last time the couple attended the forum.

  10. I think William and Kate (and likely a lot of the royals) have several meetings, visits, paperwork, and decisions made in their offices that we don't see as they are not public engagements.

  11. Have you discontinued your Royal Digest Blog? If so, could you post something on the front page please - it's a little bit irritating checking daily to find there's nothing there since 5 April. I don't mean to be offensive, I just LOVED that blog!

  12. Anonymous - I've been incredibly busy over the last few weeks with exams and getting engaged. I apologise for not updating 'The Royal Digest'. It's a blog I do enjoy writing and hope to return to it shortly. I will post something today!

  13. Duchess Kate- I feel outraged on the post of Anonymous regarding your Royal Digest Blog. Don't these people know that you do this on your free time and you do not have to. These people who post nasty stuff and don't post their names are chickens. If you are going to post nasty things then have the guts to post your name too.

    I am only speaking out because I am a big fan of your blog and this wonderful page that you take your own personal time to put together for us Ducehss fans. Please keep up the great work you do for us.

  14. Pauline - Thank you so much for your kind comment and all of your support. It is greatly appreciated. I intend to continue the Royal Digest when I'm over this busy patch, unfortunately blogging is a hobby and 'real life' gets busier at times preventing me from spending much time at it.

    Thank you again Pauline :)

  15. Thank You! Thank you! Thank you! I love reading everything you send my way!!

  16. What? what is the problem...we need your wonderful blog! I don't understand your message at the top of the blog,
    I hope everything is ok,

  17. Your blog is so much fun to read, and much better that the other information out there about Duchess Kate. Please do all you can to keep this and your Royal Digest blog going. Good luck, and best wishes on your engagement!

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