Friday, 30 March 2012

Kate Snapped Enjoying Lunch + Poll Results

Hello Duchess Kate fans,
It was recently confirmed William and Kate had decided to join the Middletons for a family trip in the picturesque Meribel in the Three Valleys Resort. One fellow skier, Will Shields caught a snap of the family enjoying a quiet lunch in an alpine restaurant. If you look closely you will spot Kate wearing a white ski jacket and sunglasses. You can also clearly see Mike Middleton standing up wearing a check shirt.  A huge thank you to Will for sharing this photo via Twitter.

Will Shields Twitter

Interestingly Pippa has joined the family accompanied by university friend , Duke of Northumberland's heir George Percy. Perhaps another royal coupling on the horizon?

A closer look at Kate. If you look closely you'll see William wearing a baseball cap. I hope we see more snaps from the holiday but equally it is nice the family are enjoying their vacation without interference from the press. 

Will Shields Twitter


I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who voted in the poll 'Kate's Best Engagement Look'. With 31% of the vote, the winning outfit is the Teal LK Bennett Suit Kate wore in Leicester. I thought it an excellent choice. The peplum suit was classic, sophisticated yet modern. 

Daily Mail/Alan Davidson

In second place you chose the Emilia Wickstead Coatdress Kate wore on St. Patrick's Day. With 18% of the vote, the coatdress was perfect for the occasion and again a classic piece.
The least popular look was the Reiss Trina Dress Kate wore whilst making her first speech at EACH. With just 1% of the vote, I think people felt it was a slightly outdated choice. Carole Middleton wore it previously to the races. In my opinion Kate wanted the focus on the charity and not her fashion. What were your reasons for not choosing it?


  1. Yes, I saw that pic on Twitter & was pleased to see her! :D

    And it's no surprise the outfits that placed! :)

  2. I feel bad that their holiday was interrupted but I love candids

  3. Was happy to see a picture of the Duchess but also if you look close you can see her Prince sitting right next to her. He has a baseball cap on. She is looking beautiful as always. Hope they are enjoying their time together even though they are with her family.
    Thanks Charlotte for the up date.

  4. You're most welcome Pauline. They appear to be having a great time and it looks like the paps didn't follow them.

    Thanks for all your comments :)

  5. I am glad to see that the Middleton family are including Will and Kate for family holidays and gatherings - and I also believe that Will and Kate look forward to these mini-breaks away from their royal duties.

    Looking to the past for lessons learned for the future, making time for the "other" side of the family is an important step for young royals.

  6. Nice to see the photo. I hope they're enjoying themselves.

    Regarding the poll, it seems that my first choice came in second and my second choice came in first. LOL. I do agree that she wanted the focus to be on the charity and not on fashion when she opted for the Reiss Trina dress. The color may have had something to do with it too (if you look at Kate standing near the banner, it's a pretty good match!)

  7. So good to see Kate again...and enjoing hollidays with her paretns and Will!


  8. Kate chose the perfect dress for the speech, the focus is the charity not her clothing!
    Please refrain from candid shots, private moments with friends are rare and they need privacy just like we do. I believe that this couple will give the media plenty of photo ops so please let them be.

  9. I didn't like the dress she wore to the EACH engagement because I felt it just hung on her; although she might have had it tailored, the dress just looked bad on her all around. I love her style and your blog! Thanks!!!

  10. Someone suggested on twitter that maybe Kate and William didn't go to the service because they didn't want the press being distracted by Kate and her fashion instead of concentrating on the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. That makes lots of sense to me.

    I want more vacation pictures!

  11. LOVE this blog!!! Love how you post pictures that the press don't! Thanks, love Kate Middleton :) x

  12. Thank you for all your comments!

    Photos are slowly emerging from William and Kate's ski trip with the Middleton family. They are not paparazzi photos, they appear to be taken by fellow skiers who are obviously very excited.
    There is a lot of surprise and disappointment that William and Kate didn't attend the memorial service today.

  13. That second picture you posted of them skiing is an old one

  14. I love her style, but I agree with some of you who think the dress from EACH just wasn´t right on her, it just wasn´t a nice dress. The picture is great! Love knowing what they are upto!

  15. I'm not surprised that William and Kate didn't attend today's service. The royal family is being very careful not to allow this couple's star power to eclipse other members of the family. Or maybe it's better to say that they're doing their best to minimize it. ;)

  16. The Jude coat is available from the LK Bennett website in real and black for £145. I just got one!

  17. In my opinion the beautiful Duchess & her Prince stayed away because theywere on holiday. If they hurried home to attend it would be a circus of media cameras. It was ok'd by the Queen for them not to attend. The Queen knew it was important for the Duchess & her Prince to spend time together since the Prince just returned from a 6/7 week deployment. And I am sure she know that they were spending it with her parents too.
    I love the few pictures that we get to see and I am also happy that they have been able to ski and spend time together with out all the cameras in their faces. I am having Duchess withdrwals but they need time. We will get enough pictures in the weeks to come. Maybe as soon as Easter. If they spend it with the royal family.
    So let's just be happy for them that they are skiing without all the cameras in their faces.

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