Monday, 19 March 2012

Kate Makes First Speech at Patronage EACH Wearing Reiss

Duchess Kate made her first public visit to patronage East Anglia's Children's Hospices this morning to formally open the Treehouse Hospice in Ipswich. The Palace revealed Kate said 'I am deeply moved by the work of this organisation. I feel deeply moved to be involved'.

Press Association

EACH cares for children and young people with life threatening illnesses. Support is provided for families in the home or in the hospices.

'Recognised by the Duchess as a leader in their field, EACH developed a care pathway so parents can take their baby from hospital to home or go to a hospice when they need end of life care. They also run a 24/8 symptom support and advice service for children with life threatening illnesses and complex health needs'.

In March 2010 EACH launched their first major capital appeal to raise £3 million to build a new children's hospice in Ipswich. On Friday 4th March 2011 this target was achieved. The Treehouse hospice will allow staff to provide end of life and short break care, provide dedicated rooms for music therapy, hydrotherapy and play, allow families privacy and offer a peaceful environment. You can view the progression from site to building here.

In honour of the opening, EACH have opened a page where one can leave a message and donate to commemorate the occasion. I spent quite some time researching the work EACH do, their determination and hard work is truly inspiring. I am delighted Kate chose to support this worthy charity. In order to continue providing this essential service EACH needs to raise £4.8 million from public donations annually. If you wish to support the charity or donate in honour of Kate's visit please Click Here. You can also visit the Online Shop.

Kate first speech was flawless. Naturally she looked a little nervous but delivered her words with calmness and sincerity. The speech was several weeks in the planning and completely written by Kate herself. Sky's Paul Harrison described it as a 'careful and flawless delivery'. I thought mentioning she wished William was there was a lovely touch. You can watch the speech herehere and here. What did you think of Kate's first address?

The speech in full.

"First of all, I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for not only accepting me as your patron but thank you also for inviting me here today. You have all made me feel so welcome and I feel hugely honoured to be here to see this wonderful centre. I am only sorry that William can't be here today; he would love it here. A view if his - that I share - is that through teamwork, so much can be achieved. What you have all achieved here is extraordinary.

You as a community have built the Treehouse; a group of people who have made every effort to help and support each other. When I first visited the hospice in Milton, I had a pre-conceived idea as to what to expect. Far from being a clinical, depressing place for sick children, it was a home. Most importantly, it was a family home, a happy place of stability, support and care. It was a place of fun. Today I have seen again that the Treehouse is all about family and fun. For many this is a home from home, a lifeline, enabling families to live as normally as possible, during a precious period of time.

What you do is inspirational, it is a shining example of the support and the care that is delivered, not just here, but in the children's hospice movement at large, up and down the country. The feelings you inspire - feelings of love and hope - offer a chance to families to live a life they never thought could be possible. So thank you again for inviting me here today. I feel enormously proud to be part of East Anglia's Children's Hospices and to see the wonderful life changing work you do. Thank you"

After the speech Kate planted a tree to commemorate the opening of the Treehouse.

Duchess Kate wore the electric blue, double breasted, long sleeved £139 Reiss Trina dress. Unfortunately it is not available on the Reiss site as it is a past season piece from A/W 2008. Interestingly Carole Middleton was photographed wearing the dress at ascot in June 2010 (With thanks to Samantha) The Palace said the dress is Kate's and she lent it to Carole.. Notably Diana also wore blue when she made her first speech.

Kate wore the Jane Corbett fascinator Carole is wearing above to the wedding of Nicolas Van Custem.

The Duchess wore her Episode Angel shoes and carried her Stuart Weitzman suede clutch.

Kate accessorised with her diamond cross pendant, Tiffany diamonds by the yard bracelet and Diana's oval sapphire earrings which looked lovely with her dress and of course her engagement ring. 

Kate is also wearing the EACH bracelet as shown above. It is available for £7. (With thanks to British Royals)

Sources ( EACH, Heart Suffolk, Daylife, Daily Mail)


  1. I watched Kate's speech on a live feed and I thought she did so great, she seemed so nervous but that just made her seem so much more sincere and that she really cared! She looked lovely and did so great!

  2. Awesome! I loved how she said that her and William were a team

  3. I liked her dress and read the full her speech thanks..

    here the article and video from dailymail

  4. I felt the content of her speech was genuine and heart-warming. There is a very natural way about her style of prose that makes you feel she means every word spoken, with the utmost sincerity!

    She looked beautiful in her mother's blue Reiss dress. And THAT hair! I think it is wonderful she borrows items from her mom's wardrobe from time to time.

    All in all, a huge success for her first speech. I can't wait for the next!

    + 1,000,000 points for the Duchess!

    p.s. anyone catch that sexy grin, as she mentioned William? Kate is so hot!

    1. Darn! I guess it is not her mother's dress after all?

    2. Kate Your speech was wonderful.You were great. You really made that faimly that I love come alive .
      It's about time. People can see THEM COME ALIVE AGAIN.HAT'S OFF TO YOU KATE.

  5. Great job on the blog and I also thought the Duchess did a wonderful job on her speech. I was just reading through the news articles and came across one from USA Today that mentioned your blog, called it indefatigable and shared a link to it!

  6. Oh wow thank you Krisitie! SO incredibly kind of you tell me!

    I thought Kate did a wonderful job with the speech, expecting more photos and updates shortly.

  7. She did a wonderful job! She has a beautiful speaking voice.

    I started following your blog not too long ago and I love it! You do a fantastic job of covering HRH.


  8. Wow, wearing the same dress as her mum! That's so cute! And it is really cool that she is not afraid to put on clothes from the past seasons.She's right because good dress is a good dress no matter whether it is from this year collection or not.

  9. such a great cause. i'm glad kate highlighted their work by making it the location of her first speech.

    now to clothes!: i don't like this dress. i *really* didn't like it on carole and the model: the belt cinched almost right under their breasts, making them look like they didn't have waists and saggy breasts, the bodice is oddly squared off, the overall cut is shapeless and untailored in effect, and the material looks cheap and saggy. it looks better on kate, but it still looks shapeless, as well as kind of 80s in the color and double-breasted style.

    kate has so many lovely clothes. why not wear something from the canada tour rather than this?!

  10. Thank you for those delightful comments, I'm *thrilled* you are enjoying the blog.

    I'm inclined to agree with Alpa, it wasn't Kate's best sartorial choice. I wonder if she wanted to wear something plainer to take the focus off her style and maybe on the charity? I do think she can pull off anything though.

    1. her clothes/appearance is a large part of what brings the press. more interesting the outfit, the more press report on the activity.

      the royal men all do excellent work. but let's face it, they get relatively little press, because, as one press guy said when the charles v diana feud was going on, they couldnt give away pics of charles in yet another suit. even the young and sexy royal men, will and harry, don't get as much press as kate does.

      if she wanted to wear a plainer outfit, she could have worn her beige by malene birger dress from the canada tour.

      wearing an outfit her mom has worn was guaranteed to attract press attention. wearing the beige by malene birger dress probably would have attracted less attention (except for the usual stories about how thrifty she is).

  11. Well this is awkward - It's in fact Kate's dress and she lent it to Carole.

    1. Thanks! That's what I've been reading too. So much speculation lol, her dress, her mom's dress, they bought the same dress?

      Btw, I can't tell you how marvelous this site is! It is so well-organized, timely, and the presentation of all the material is so user-friendly.

      I've been perusing other sites for months now that are great as well, but none that equals yours in content, style, efficiency, and delivery!

      Best. Blog. Ever.

    2. hmm, i question if the dress really does belong to kate. it's so far from her usual style: her clothes (official and unofficial/private) tend to be more body-conscious, more fitted and usually tailored to her. this dress looks a size too big for her (tho maybe that's just the cut).

      of course, i question why, if it's not hers, why would she choose this dress of all the options to borrow! if it's hers, i can see her deciding to wear it just because it's in her closet and she hasn't worn it.

      either way - i question why she chose this dress at all!

  12. I thought Kate's speech was brilliant!!! She definitely has that IT factor that makes people feel connected to her. I absolutely love her British accent (this is coming from a Southerner from the United States) Your blog is absolutely wonderful. I always come here first when looking for new info on the Duchess.

  13. I think she looked fine in her dress. It's not at the top of my list of the outfits that she has worn since her engagement, but so far, I have not truly disliked anything she has chosen.

    Her speech went quite well - she apparently wrote it too. She is definitely putting in the effort to not only do this job, but to do it to the best of her ability.

    She is delivering on her promise to help and to do the best that she can.

  14. I sincerely appreciate the positive feedback. I try to write it/ present it in a way the covers all the info and photos with a little background info.

    I'm very lucky to have such kind readers!

  15. Kate looks great in anything, but this dress was boring and out dated. It's nice that she's trying to come off as frugal, but she really could step it up a notch and be a little more fashion forward for public events.

    1. I am glad she doesn't try to be too fashion forward. She wears classic pieces that even in 20 years will still look good. I don't want her to be trendy at all.

    2. i agree. she could have worn something from the canada/america tour, to be frugal, and have been more fashionable than this dress.

  16. The Duchess did a great job today. I thought it was very wonderful that his mentioned her prince. You can tell how much she loves him and that she is really missing him.
    She really did a great job with her speech. And again she knocked it out of the ball park. Now let her have the time with William when he get's home.
    Great job Charlotte.


  17. She did a wonderful job! She is great. I hope this will quiet down the naysayers.

    I simply adore the fact that she and her mother share clothing. It shows their close relationship. I love to share clothes with my mother!

    I wonder about Catherine's closet. She still has items from 2008! Where does she keep them?

    Darling, you forgot to mention her cross necklace! She wears that a lot. I wonder how religious she is.

  18. Kate was stunning! I love the blue dress. I think it suit better on Kate, them in Carole.
    I love your do a good work, I make a visit to this blog 3/4 times a day, just to ckeck if yoy have news by Kate.

    Love, from Portugal,

  19. Excellent speech, the emotion has made more beautiful the speech... :-)

  20. I'd like to also agree with the comments above and saying this is my favorite HRH blog to read. Such an amazing job; thank you for keeping us all updated!

    I just have a quick question - I'd really love to purchase that EACH bracelet, but I'm not sure I see information if they'll ship to the states?
    Did i possibly miss that note? I'd really love to make the donation and then get that adorable bracelet as well. Any insight would be appriciated!

    Thanks for all you do! :)

  21. Thanks for all the lovely photos again! :)

    Seeing Kate helped make my rather dismal day a bit brighter... this morning has been a rather discouraging one, and the weather outside is very gloomy~ grey and raining.

    So coming back home, going online, and getting to see pretty Kate in such a cheerful blue, helped make me smile. :)

    She looked marvelous. ♥

  22. I had expected her to wear something more memorable for such an important moment, but after the fact I agree with the previous poster that she wanted to take focus away from fashion and onto the charity and what she had to say instead.

    I loved that smile when she was talking about William! So cute. The laughter seemed to make her feel more comfortable too because there was a little extra confidence in her voice afterwards.

  23. One of my favorite parts of your blog is that you not only deliver Kate news quickly and with great photos, but you tell about her patronages, not only the name of the store but what types of things they sell etc. It's nice been fun for me to learn about these things. I have been unable to find that in other online sources. At least not with your detail. I'm a big fan.

  24. I also come here first because you coverage is timely, you write better than most, and it's not an advertisement for a store. Nice work!

    I think that Kate wore the same earrings for her speech as Diana did for hers; that is so sweet and a nice touch. Also, while the dress is a bit big for her,I think she was trying for a color that would suit the colors of the background for her speech. She thinks of stuff like that.

  25. Dear Blog Writer,
    thank you so much for your work. Of all the Blogs that are out there, yours is the best by far! I don`t understand that you don`t get mentioned in the press more often.
    I am always looking forward to Kate`s appearances and today with her first speech it was a special one. This was one of the days where I wasn`t really into the outfit. Don`t like the size of the belt, maybe I would have liked it better with a smaller one. But I think it`s nice that she switches clothes with her mum, I do this sometimes too :-D About her speech. She was so nervous, you could hear her voice shaking. I could feel with her, I get really nervous in front of a lot of people and plus I get those ugly red spots all over my neck and face and everybody is starring at them. Luckily for Kate she seems not to have that problem.
    Thanx again and keep up your wonderful work!

  26. Hi, I have been a reader of your blog since the Royal Wedding and today is the first time I write to you, I decided to do so because I had to say I agree and confirm all the compliments you have received above. Congratulations on you blog! I check news about Kate everyday, and although I'm very far from England I enjoy reading the news and the good work Kate has been doing. I was a big fan of Diana also, she was so beautiful... and I think Kate is going to become worldwide as loved as Diana has always been.

    From Beatrice from Brazil

    P.S.: sorry about my English

  27. I think she did a nice job with her remarks especially knowing that the public would be intent on her presentation and delivery. I love the color of the dress but that is about it. It is rather "meh" to me. I continually say that the dresses always seem about 2 inches too short. It is more flattering for the hem to fall at the knee for these type of occasions. I noticed that she has a cami under the dress so when she bends down there isn't anything to see... I think Victoria Beckham has some very nice dresses in her line that would look great on Kate. Atleast Kate would be smiling in Victoria's dresses...

    Some comments from the other days...

    I liked the outfit for the hockey group. To up the chic factor, I would have liked to see her in different shoes - something like a slingback kitten heal or pointy toe pumps. I loved the color of the pants but I like her in longer pants because they are a better proportion for her long torso. I think her hair would look great in a ponytail to finish the look and a cool bangle on her wrist.

    The green dress she worn Saturday was a good color and shape for her. I think she looks great with some fullness around the hips. I personally am not a fan of coat dresses but she does look good in them. I wish we wore hats here in the USA.

    Thank you for your blog - it is great to discuss fashion. It makes me look at myself - Kate has some good habits when it comes to dressing.


  28. Ahhh really pleased for her and the charity, she looked stunning :) well done Kate!

  29. Duchess, I couldn't agree more with the other readers' comments. Your blog is first class and you do an amazing job in every respect. I appreciate the positive environment that you allow us to share. THANK YOU. :)

    I just finished listening to Kate's speech and I thought she did great! Yes, she was a little nervous when she started but imagine being in her position with the world watching you! I give her SO much credit for pulling it off with such poise and sincerity.

    Personally, I didn't expect her to wear a new outfit today; I had a feeling she would want the focus to be on the charity. And I think she should get a lot of credit for "sharing" a dress considering her position.

  30. Well our girl did it again, didn't she? She looked stunning and delivered so well today; I am so excited to finally be able to truly hear *her* voice! She's a great writer...she did a wonderful job!
    And you, my lady, did a wonderful job on this post! I agree with the comments above: this blog is the best and you are my go-to for all things Kate! I even have the blog bookmarked on my computer in my office! :)
    Keep doing what you are doing because you do it well!

  31. Thank you all so much and for taking the time to write your comments. It is greatly, greatly appreciated. I'm sincerely stunned at your kindness.

    Two Kate appearances in one day we are spoilt lately :)

  32. I just go through reading all the comments by the other readers; and I have to agree with all of them!!!! Your blog OFFICIALLY ROCKS!! Im so glad I found this blog accidently on twitter :))Kate was looking beautiful,,as always :))
    She did a marvellous job with her first speech,,kinda reminded me of her interview with William after their engagement was officially announced.
    Can't wait to read what you will post next!!!!!! :))))))

  33. I am greatly impressed by duchess.she looks awesome always.
    All days her appearance is seem to as gorgeous.

  34. Thank you for your comment, Kate was indeed amazing, however this blog is not affiliated with Kate herself. :)


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