Sunday, 11 March 2012

Kate Enjoys Retail Therapy, Upcoming Engagements News + More

Hello Kate Fans,
Duchess Kate has been enjoying some retail therapy ahead of this weeks engagements. She was reportedly seen walking in and out of the GAP on Kensington's High Street last Friday. It is also possible and more likely she was browsing around high street store H&M which is next to Gap. 

A look at Kate's favourite shopping area, Kensington High Street.

                                                                        Denoir Flickr


This Thursday Prince Charles will introduce Kate to his charity The Prince's Foundation for Children and Arts. Their Royal Highnesses will meet school children participating in the Great Art Quest project at Dulwich Picture Gallery.The project offers 7 to 11 eleven year old the chance to develop their creative skills and experience visual art as well as the opportunity to create their own masterpiece. The visit will indeed be a special one. It will be the first time we've seen Kate perform an engagement with her father in law. Prince Charles is deeply passionate about the arts and feels Kate has an in depth understanding of this, he is reportedly very eager to involve her in his art related charities.


Is anyone else hopeful Kate will wear green on St. Patrick's Day? I explained in this post that blue is also a very strong possibility. I've been looking through the latest collections from some of Kate's favourite designers searching for pieces in these shades :) I think green works incredibly well with Kate's colouring. Below we look at the Milly Lindsay Sheath DressBurberry Prosum Silk Georgette Dress and the Orla Kiely Silk Georgette Garden Party Raglan Tunic. I don't think the tunic is particularly Kate's style but Orla is an Irish designer so a piece by her is definitely worth considering.

For Kate's last military engagement she chose a military inspired outfit by McQueen. This Khaki outfit with alterations (and I stress the word alteration) could be something Kate would consider. It is also the only green outfit currently for sale by the flamboyant label.

I expect it will be a cold day and Kate will opt to wear a coat. The Rochas Collarless Silk Coat caught my eye instantly. A designer Kate hasn't worn but the teal colour and cut look incredible.  The Ralph Lauren Leah Suede Coat and the DVF green coat are also appropriate yet stylish pieces.

The Katherine Hooker Braid Coat comes in a simply stunning pale green. 

Whilst on the topic of Katherine Hooker, I was looking on the facebook page last night and saw the beautiful buxton jacket teamed with the new Betty dress. I have no doubt that these pieces could very well be worn by Kate in the future. Perhaps for the tour?


Sources ( Dulwich Picture Gallery, The Telegraph, Katherine Hooker)


  1. I'm a big H&M fan and I hope she bought something I can afford this time ;-)
    Can't wait to hear Kate speech and see what she'll choose for S.Patrick's day: I think green is one of her colours!
    Thanks for the lovely post. Have a good night. Alice

  2. I like the style of the McQueen dress (not crazy about the color). The Katherine Hooker coat is classic and elegant, and the Betty dress with jacket is sooo Kate. Very feminine.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments Royafan and Alice. I'm one of those people who simply does not understand McQueen yet have loved the pieces Kate has worn by them. It would be nice to see her wear green on Saturday :)

  4. I have to admit that I am not much on wearing dresses, I live in the country so jeans and boots are what we wear. I did have to wear a dress when my sons got married but that is the last time I had one on. But whatever the Duchess decides to wear we all know she will look stunning. She will out shine Camilla on the 15th, make the soilders happy on the 17th and look beautiful on the 19th. Then let's hope she can have so time off to spend with her Prince. He should be home within the next week and they need to spend time together. And then I would think she will go back to being a wife in Wales.
    Thanks Charlotte for keeping us post on what the Duchess is doing. Great job.

  5. Hannah Woodhams12 March 2012 at 10:07

    I agree, Duchess Kate! I really hope she doesn't choose the Alexander McQueen that you have shown us here. The colour is not very nice, and it isn't very Kate all over! Would be nice to see her wearing green though - I thought she looked lovely in the DVF Maja dress on tour and at Zara's wedding. :)

  6. I am wondering whether she is like every other woman, first looking at the 'new ins' of the current collection on the internet sites before rushing to the store to try them on?

  7. I think a more Kate alternative to the McQueen shown would be this Mulberry:

  8. I don't think that any of the green choices would work on her. I cannot imagine her in any of them other than the Katherine Hooker coat - and that is not even green, really. I think that she will surprise us .. Maybe a different color with green accessories ? I can't imagine her in an entire kelly green outfit !


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