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Duchess Kate Takes Playful Lupo Walking While William Sleeps

Hello to you all,
I would like to begin by sincerely thanking all of you for your kind wishes, they are deeply appreciated. I couldn't help but take a moment to check in on the blog and to my amazement two sets of photos showing Kate walking Lupo have surfaced. It was revealed last week. photos of Kate walking Lupo were taken on the 15th, as to why they did not emerge until now, one can only speculate. Perhaps the publishers waited until Kate's solo engagements had finished?

Stella Pictures

Accompanied by a royal protection officer, Kate looked relaxed in light jeans and Barbour jacket. She wore her hair swept up into a ponytail. 

Stella Pictures

The 30 year old appears to be wearing the Barbour Ladies Defence Jacket.. (With many thanks to Christine) The olive jacket is currently on sale reduced from £199 to £149. It is described as

"Traditional Barbour wax, in a versatile field jacket. Flattering and easy fit. Perfect for outdoor adventures. 100% cotton Barbour Tartan lining. "


Kate's very cosy looking mocca boots are the Celtic Sheepskin Cabra Boots. (With thanks to the amazing Jolene) They are £170 and available in sizes 3-9. They are described as

"These sophisticated calf height boots are made from quality British sheepskin with an attractive two tone goat - hide cuff. Created in our Cornish factory, they have lightweight, flexible soles."

Celtic Sheepskin

A look at other pieces from the Cabra range.

Celtic Sheepskin

Kate was also photographed 'whistle training' her beloved cocker spaniel. To view the photos please vist the Daily Mail article.

However the playful five month old was having none of it. Instead he chased a crisp packet around Kensington Gardens throughout the outing :) It is rumoured William and Kate will be using Lupo as a gun dog. Over the years the couple have regularly been spotted hunting on royal estates such as Balmoral. A friend of the Cambridge's said 'William and Kate absolutely adore him'. Speaking of William, he was reportedly sleeping after his long flight while Kate took Lupo out.

I simply adore seeing photos of Kate with Lupo. He is an adorable puppy and it's wonderful to see Kate taking such excellent care of him. Kate wore the same Barbour jacket, with dark blue skinny jeans and trainers. Love her windswept hair.

The photos of Kate walking Lupo will feature in today's edition of The Daily Express.

Daily Express


  1. She always wears her jeans like high waters. Is that something people do in England? I noticed this with the coral ones and when she was in Canada...

  2. How lovely! She is still so natural and has such simple hobbies..that's amazing considering her worldwide popularity!
    Next summer I'll go to London and take my usual accomodation near to Kensington Gardens: i really hope to see her ^_^
    Excellent post! Have a good day.

  3. @Anonymous: I am American and living in the US, so I am not sure if "high waters" are the fashion in England; however, I can say that as a woman who is 5'10" (like the Duchess), it can be hard to find jeans that are long enough to reach my feet.


  4. Those aren't "high waters", nor is she "flooding". They're called ankle length skinny jeans. They have been in style in Europe and in the US for like the last 5 years. You can find all the colors she wears at JCrew:

  5. I was delighted to see some of these candid photos emerging!! I love dogs & I love Kate... so together... just plain lovely.... :D

  6. It does like like the pooch is loved and well cared for, as it should be. And I think Kate looks terrific. Ladies with legs as good as hers look super in those jeans! :)

  7. I love her casual style and Lupo is adorable.

  8. She is so beautiful inside and out :) Bless her heart.
    Thank You for this blog its very nice
    God bless

  9. I love the jeans, especially on her since she is so fit. I am very fashion-challenged! I had no idea they had been in style for so long.

  10. William and Catherine are a breath of fresh air!

  11. The Duchess is such a beautiful woman even without make up. The picutres of the Duchess with Lupo, it looks like she has no make up on. It was the day that William came home and he was sleeping while the Duchess walked Lupo.
    How sweet that she let him sleep. If it was me and my new husband was gone for 7 weeks, I would not let him out of my sight. I would just lie on the bed next to him and watch him

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  13. Celtic Sheepskin went bust owing millions to creditors. Some of these are now in financial difficulties as a consequence.


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