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Duchess Kate Reveals She 'Misses William Desperately' on Royal Visit to Leicester

Duchess Kate, The Queen and Prince Philip arrived in Leicester via train this morning to mark the beginning of the UK Diamond Jubilee tour.

Press Association

This photo of Kate looks like it was taken out of an old movie.


Mayor of Leicester, Sir Peter Soulsby said 'We're a modern city that has changed most dramatically during the sixty years of Her Majesty's reign - and I think very appropriate that she should begin her tour here.'

The people of Leicester have spent five weeks preparing for the momentous visit. More than 10,000 union jacks and 1,000 metres of bunting were delivered to Leicester City Council ahead of the visit. Areas around each of the venues being visited were decorated. If interesting in purchasing your own union jack or jubilee keepsake you can visit the Official Jubilee shop.

Could anyone but Kate exit a car with such grace :)

Kate and Her Majesty applauded dancers who performed in honour of the visit. The Queen is wearing a pink outfit by Angela Kelly.

The Royals visited De Montfert University where Kate and the Queen watched a fashion show in a marquee featuring designs by four students. 

Six design students each designed a pair of shoes for Kate. The Duchess chose the dark blue pair by Becka Hunt, Below Becka poses with the shoes which were inspired by the colour of Kate's engagement ring. Perhaps we will see Kate wear them in the future :)

Kate and The Queen toured the University.

The trio  then visited Leicester Cathedral for a service.Kate greeted the crowd before the service. Over 5,000 people lined the pavements to get a glimpse of the Duchess.

The cathedral has been an important place in Leicester since 1927. It is home to several projects which aim to help asylum seekers, refugees and those living with cancer. Each year over 25,000 people visit. If interested in donating, you can find all relevant information here.

The service was attended by over seven hundred people.

A member of the crowd asked Kate how William is, She replied 'He's fine but I'm missing him desperately'. It must be a very difficult time for her at least her schedule is keeping her busy throughout William's departure. The 30 year old also said she's being well looked after.

After the service the royals will walked to the nearby St Martins House where they enjoyed a private lunch. Below we take a look at Kate's place at the dining table.

The Queen, Prince Philip and Duchess Kate signed a visitors card at St Martins house. 

Kate met with outreach worker Russell Bentley. He told the Duchess one of his role was to hand out flips flops to women whose high heels had got the better of them after a night out, Kate laughed and said 'I bet you do'. 
You can watch a selection of videos from the day at ITN Source.

Duchess Kate looked stunning in an L.K. Bennett peplum suit. Kate bought the teal Jude Jacket last November for £295. It is described as
"Femininity and unexpected detailing is key with the Jude jacket. Beautifully tailored with a nipped waist, this wool jacket features kick pleat detailing at the back and uses a soft wool feeling luxe to the touch."

 Kate also bought the L.K. Bennett Davina Dress in Teal last November for £225. The structured dress is described as
"Part of the L.K. Bennett signature collection. The Davina dress is beautifully tailored in a luxurious crepe. Elegantly designed, it's chic, gentle ruching down one side adds to the already feminine silhouette."

The Davina comes in array of beautiful colours.

Kate completed the look with the black and gold belt she last wore during her visit to Liverpool. (With thanks to Carolin)

I was hoping Kate would wear a hat today and she didn't fail to impress. Kate wore the Fairy Tale hat by milliner James Lock. (With many thanks to Kate In Waiting) The beret style hat is available in a variety of colours for £285 and can be ordered online.

Kate wore black Episode shoes. The brand is exclusively available at House of Fraser. (With thanks to Kate's Wardrobe) She also carried her black suede clutch.

Kate wore her beautiful Kiki McDonough 18ct gold and diamond earrings. They were available for €2,271. The green amethyst earrings were first worn by Kate on Christmas Day and were reportedly a gift from William.

This is one of Kate's finest sartorial selections to date. The structured suit and shorter hemline complimented Kate's tall, slender frame while the hat and accessories add a touch of 1940s glamour. Her hair and make up looked incredible. Without a doubt one of my favourites. What do you think?

Another engagement has been added to Kate's diary for this month, On March 15th Prince Charles will introduce Kate to his charity Children and Arts. This means we will be seeing Kate on the 15th, 17th and 19th. A very busy and exciting month for the Duchess.

Source (Daily Mail, Jubilee Tour, Daylife, Clarence House Via Twitter)

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  1. She look´s stunning!
    I read your blog regularly - wonderful!
    Greetings from good old germany! =)

  2. She looks so raident and pretty. I love the dress and hat. I'm a little surprised she wore a shorter hemline but she looks amazing!

  3. Oh, I love it! I think that she really put her heart into picking this outfit. It is so her. Hair looks great too, she had a good hair day today.
    I love the hat and the jacket especially.

  4. Thank you for your comments, Kate really does look incredible today.

  5. Kate looks AWESOME!!! This is the best she has ever looked (and I always think she looks fabulous) She could wear a paper sack and look wonderful. At first I thought this might be a Victoria Beckham outfit, until I read further. The hat is just wonderful!!! I think this is a very appropriate outfit. She looks exceptional, but at the same time she does not overshadow the Queen. I hope the Queen's feelings were not hurt that the flowers the little girl brought were not for her. However, she has been doing this for 60 years so I am sure she is delighted that there is so much love for Kate out there.

  6. hahah @ardnaskela, you mean, when does she have a bad hair day?;)

  7. Great post! Love the funny little stories :)

    I really really love this outfit! The colour is perfect for her and her hair looks so nice!

  8. Such a wonderful day in Leicester, more updates coming :)

  9. Wonderful! This post was such a delight. Kate looked fabulous, appropriate in every way. Quite a statement the Queen is making, bringing Kate along for the first Jubilee Tour visit. Looking forward to more updates as they come in. Thank you!


  10. Thank you so much for your comment Lauren. I love hearing your thoughts!

    Perhaps it's almost time for a poll on Kate's best solo outfit?

  11. Charlotte you did another great job bring all us Duchess Catherine fans great stories & pictures.
    The Duchess looked beautiful & stunning. I loved the dress, shoes,& hat. She did not out shine the Queen but she was Kate.
    I read today on the Telegraph web site that the Duchess Prince should be hime next week, but no date was mentioned. So maybe he will be with her on her engagements. And I hope they take some time to themselves for a while.
    Can't wait for undates on today.
    Thanks again for a great job you do here.

  12. You're too kind Pauline, thank you for all the positive feedback x

  13. Oh my goodness this outfit is AMAZING!! She looks absolutely stunning! Dare I say that this is my favorite look?!! (I know I say this about once a month but...WOW!) The Duchess looks like someone out of a movie!!! Everything is working: the hair, the outfit, the clothes, the shoes...she is the epitome of a lady.
    And, how precious of her to admit that she is missing William...I love true love!
    And I love this blog. Yet another wonderful post. Thank you so much for all that you do; I look to you for all of my Kate updates!'s back to work for me! I'll check back for more later.

  14. Oh thank you Shantel! Honestly I agree with you. This is my favourite engagement look. Old Hollywood came to mind immediately when I saw it. She looks like a model today!

  15. Wow, she looks amazing, Kate has the best legs ever! Really loving that the Queen and Co seem to be looking after her. The Royals are doing really well in my book

  16. This is a great blog by the way.

  17. I've been straining my eyes to see what the luncheon menu was-can anybody decipher it?

    The Duchess is doing a truly fantastic job.

  18. Alex - Thank you so much!

    Anonymous - I believe they were served locally produced food at the luncheon!

  19. I caught a glimpse of her look earlier but was busy and I have to say my first impression was correct - she looked stunning and it is certainly one of her best!

    I'm glad the blue shoes won I was rooting for them!

    Fantastic collection of photo's and a good job on finding little bits and pieces!

  20. She looks so lovely again & I would kill for that hat!!!! OH MY!!!! ♥♥

    The Queen also looked very lovely, in that shade of pink/purple.

  21. It really was a beautiful look, We're finally getting a glimpse into Kate's royal style.

  22. I have never seen the Queen look so happy. That's nice. She seems to get on very well with her new granddaughter. A mutual support team.

  23. BUT, when you look closely at the videos published today, especially the ones where the dancing was on outside, Kate looked so frightend. She sometimes hesitated to talk to the queen, just like she was afraid telling something inappropriate. Very sad for me to watch. Just before the anthem it was worse in my opinion.

    1. I would interpret the look on Kate's face in some videos as slightly nervous and quite watchful.

      As it's an outing with the Queen and with so many eyes on her, she wants to be careful not to make any 'mistakes', but she makes none and continues to an excellent job.

      I love her outfit.

  24. WOW - LOVE the hat!! The dress and jacket go together so well together too. I wish she'd kept the original belt from the jacket - the black and gold is a little too much for me - but I really can't complain, this is my favorite since the Jesire dress by far :)

    I bet she'll bring out that dress by itself for another engagement some other time. I love the design and was so excited when she bought it back in the day!

    As always, thanks for the super fast updates!

    - Sarah

  25. I love this look on the Duchess, the colour is fantastic!

  26. It was al lovely day for all three royals and a wonderful start to the UK Diamond Jubilee tour.

  27. love it! retro chic, without becoming costume-y.
    i'm not a fan of peplums (probably cause i could never wear one, and think they only look good on skinny grls). but the peplum and broad belt give kate nice curves (like i said...).

    i also really like her hat, and its perched perfectly on her head: not to far forward on her forehead, not clinging to the side.

    and her hair is perfectly pulled up and back to work with the hat.

    like the queen's coat, but not the hat.

    so nice to see the duke well.

    i'm glad the blue shoes won. they were my favorite, but i thought she would pick the nude ones (safer). i wonder what outfit she will wear them with.

  28. A few days ago you were wondering if the Duchess might wear green or blue...I guess she combined both with the teal : ) Lovely look! Thanks again for posting with such lightning speed!

  29. Kate looked terrific and very comfortable in her role. Loved the look. The Queen seems to be very fond of her.

  30. Thank you all so much for your kindness and positive feedback. I'm *delighted* you all enjoyed the post.

    I thought the hat was an incredible choice. I was surprised to find out it was not custom made and in fact available online. James Lock is a truly gifted milliner.

    The teal outfit would also work perfectly for St. Patrick's Day :)

  31. I love kate suit and hat....She was fantastic

  32. Thank you so much for the link to the videos. I am working my way through them and enjoying them so much. Kate seems very comfortable around the Queen which is so good. Do you know who the Lady wearing red is that is walking with the Queen after the Queen exits the car? Is that one of her assistants?

  33. I believe the lady in red is an assistant of Her Majesty's, Rebecca Deacon was there for Kate.

    The videos are excellent. If you watch the one where they sign the book, Philip makes quite a funny joke and Kate's reaction is priceless.

  34. The lady in red greeted HM on behalf of Leicester - I believe it was Jennifer, LAdy Gretton, Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire. The Queen's Lady in Waiting was the tall women dressed in Light Brown/Beige who helped HM with the flowers.

  35. Thank you so much Anonymous, that's incredible helpful!

  36. I did see that video where they were signing the register. That was so cute. It looked like she laid Prince Philip's pen down and he was trying to get it back.

  37. Well I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the Queen and the Dutchess. The outfit the Queen had on was beautiful as well as the Dutchess. I also enjoy seeing the interaction HM the Queen was having with the Dutchess. I like the way the Queen is taking the Dutchess under her wings and showing her the ropes. It seems they are taking their time and working her in the family business quite nicely. It is the first time I've seen the Queen laughing in public, which was very nice to see. I hope the Dutchess will never lose her spark nor her smile.

  38. I really love the way she present her self in the public. :")

  39. She carries herself with a great sense of decorum.

  40. These are very beautiful pictures of Kate!!!

    Im glad we girls have a role model like her :-))

    Thank You for all of your hard work in putting up these pictures,

    your blog is a pleasure to read :-))

  41. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Siddhii :)

  42. Do you know where the black and gold belt is from please? Thanks

  43. Anonymous - We don't know where the belt came from but I'll let you know if we find out.


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