Thursday, 1 March 2012

Duchess Kate Joins the Queen and Camilla for a Visit to Fortnum and Mason

It was a very special morning in Piccadilly as three generations of Royals visited luxury store Fortnum and Mason. Members of the press and public gathered to greet the Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall and of course the Duchess of Cambridge. With William currently deployed in the Falklands it is simply lovely to see senior royals taking Kate under their wing.

Zed Jameson/Flynet Pictures/Daily Mail

Fortnum and Mason has held a Royal Warrant for over 150 years. The prestigious warrant is awarded to businesses who supply goods or services to the royals. In 1863 the store was appointed grocer to HRH the Prince of Wales. 

The store has a number of gifts for sale in honour of Her Majesty's diamond jubilee including the jubilee bag for life, the silver plated tea caddy spoon and the jubilee china teapot.

The store is famous for it's incredible restaurants, fresh food, tea, confectionery and hampers. If you wish you can shop online. International delivery details are available here. If you're not tempted already take a look at the Easter Hampers :)

The Royals toured the store and enjoyed tea with over 150 guests at the newly refurbished St James' Resaurant which has been redecorated in order to reflect the elegance of the Georgian era.

Alan Davidson/Daily Mail

Her Majesty also unveiled a plaque to mark the rejuvenation of Piccadilly. You can watch videos from the visit 
here and at The Telegraph.

Kate looked chic in a slate blue, fringed, single breasted dress coat by Italian label M Missoni. (With thanks to Simon Perry and Kate's Wardrobe) The coat is from the 2010 Fall Winter collection, Kate purchased it a few months ago in Bicester village outlet. I am delighted to see Kate experiment with a new label yet sticking to her classic style. The blue tweed jacket below is a shorter version. It was available for $640 and is described as a 'classic Chanel look'. (With many thanks to Thea

Underneath her coat Kate wore the cornflower blue Zara dress she was first photographed in the day after the wedding. Nude tights completed the look nicely.

Kate wore her grey suede Rupert Sanderson Malone Pumps. She previously wore them at the Order of the Garter ceremony. They are available for £375 and are described as

"Rupert Sanderson Malone high heel pumps with a comfortable rounded toe and squared instep. Velvety grey suede for a timeless luxurious look. Leather lining. 100mm heel."

The Duchess accessorized with her £275 Hope egg earrings. Very surprisingly she chose not to carry a clutch today. What did you think of this look? I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. interesting choice, very appropriate, I love the shoes!

  2. Wow already brand new pics of our Kate! Wonderful job. I lover her coat and it's very sweet to see her with the Queen and Camilla without her beloved William. Thank you very much!


  3. If there was princess Diana instead of the other duchess...simply perfect trio!

  4. gorgeous as always..but why she didnt carry a clutch??

  5. Wonderful photos! In Canada, this is a lovely surprise to wake up to in the morning. I completely agree - it is so nice to see Kate being supported by the members of the royal family. I wish we had been able to get a glimpse of the blue Zara dress, I just loved it after the wedding!

    Thanks for keeping us updated all around the world.

  6. Just wanted to say I love your blog and the duchess! You do a great job! Thanks!

    I wonder why Catherine did not carry a handbag on this occasion and the Queen and Camilla did?

  7. They are wonderful Ladies... I noticed that kate did not carry her purse and wear special flowers pin... thet are look great....

  8. This is great seeing the three of them together. I wonder why Kate and Camilla did not wear hats. Nevertheless, they all look beautiful and their outfits coordinate very well.

  9. Very appropriate choice. Beautiful Catherine!

  10. Any notable interactions between Catherine and the Queen? I want to put to rest the "rumors" that the Queen doesn't like her!

  11. She looks great. Love seeing all three together. Excited about next. P.S. I love your blog.

  12. Adding in photos as I see them, just updated the post. Looking for something that shows more interaction between Kate and HM, Will update the post if I find anything :)

  13. It looks like it was a very fun event for everyone, and the Jubilee cake is beautiful.

  14. I think Kate is flippin ace, she and Wills are making great role models and I think she is doing really well in her new position, I'm sure it's harder than it looks yet she seems really natural.

  15. Love your blog!

  16. It was a really lovely visit, Very surprised Kate didn't carry a clutch.

  17. Well the beautiful Duchess Catherine looked stunning today. Lved the dress & the shoes. I was surprised that she did not carry a clutch. Maybe her assistant had it but I did not see her. But I am disppointed that there is no pictures of the Queen and Catherine. All you every see is Camilla always in front of Catherine. I thought the Queen looked lovely but Camilla's dress looked like it just hung on her like a sack, sorry.
    Well we will get some great pictures of the Queen & the Duchess next week. I can not wait. I was up at 3am Calfiornia time because I could not wit to see the pictures, how crazy is I am usually up at 7am (3pm UK time).
    Again Duchess Kate you did a great job bring all of us Duchess Catherine fan great pictures.

  18. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It was a great day.

  19. That cake! Wow!

    Kate looked good and the Queen looked great also! I love the blue Zara dress.

  20. Maybe Kate didn't carry a clutch because she was trying to look less formal. I notice that when she appears without William she is very careful to look understated. HM aside, William and Kate are the shining stars of the royal family and Kate has to walk a very fine line for obvious reasons.

    The only thing that would have made the day nicer would have been if Diana was standing beside her beautiful daughter-in-law.

  21. i wonder if she didn't bring a clutch because it was a hand's on kind of day? the ladies weren't given their flowers until the end of the day, perhaps to allow them to keep their hands free as they wandered and tried the food, had tea, etc? so maybe kate thought to leave her hands free altogether and not bring a purse?

    of course this hand's on theory would not explain why she then had a purse at the art event?

    maybe she forgot it at the palace, while they were making carpooling plans? :)

    i really like kate's coat: beautiful color, classic style for a day with the queen.

    the queen's coat, on the other hand, looks 80's dated.

    i think you won't find many pics of the queen and kate interacting: it looks like kate kept an order of precedence: queen, camilla, kate.

    i also think camilla looks like she is making kate comfortable, engaging her in conversation, keeping things light, while kate looks mostly solemn and muted , perhaps not to draw attention from the queen.

    love seeing them all together!

    interesting queen invited camilla and kate and not her own daughter to the "girls' day out".

  22. What was the temperature? And how long were they outside? I always have the feeling it is cold and drafty in England in the winter, how does she stay warm enough to not look chilly? I know the dress coats have long sleeves and are made of good materials, but until today with you showing she was wearing the thin dress underneath, I have been assumimg she wears some kind of mereno wool undergarment to keep the chill away, I know I would. Maybe it isnt as cold as it is where I live in the US, or maybe she isnt out in the cold air long, but gets taken inside to heated rooms quickly. Any insights on how she doesnt get a rudolf red nose from not being warm, like I know I would?

  23. lovely Pictures!! kate looks beautiful in the blue coat!!

    Thank you for posting these pictures!!

  24. I Love, love, love the suede shoes!!!!!

  25. So I have to be honest...this wasn't my favorite choice for Kate to make! I absolutely love everything she wears and this is the first time I have seen her in something that I didn't care for. It was very well suited to an event with the Queen I suppose, but really the girl is STUNNING and she needs to dress for her age! I loved the CAKE!!! SO CUTE!!!

  26. nice foto, if u have time visit my blog..

  27. Hello, lovely blog, nicely designed.

  28. The Duchess of Cambridge , always presents herself very well , and she is obviously enjoying her new role , and showing the world how lovely she looks . It's good to see that she does not expose too much flesh and has a lovely dignified air about her .
    I enjoyed her speech too , and she has a lovely upper class accent .

    Keep up the good work Kate ..

  29. Great blog.
    I love that Kate is wearing a daffodil for St. Davids day :) Makes me happy she gave some thought to us Welsh people :) xxx


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