Friday, 3 February 2012

Kate Pays Private Visit To Addiction Clinic, First Portrait Of Kate Commissioned, and More

It has been revealed Duchess Kate spent several hours speaking with recovering drug addicts and alcoholics yesterday. As Prince William was briefed in the Falklands, Kate busied herself by paying a private visit to one of her new charities Action On Addiction. St James' Palace said the visit was unannounced as the Duchess wants to gain further insight into the charity's work before carrying out her first public engagement on their behalf, visitng alcohol free bar ,The Brink on Valentine's Day.

Clouds House
Kate spent yesterday at treatment clinic, Clouds House in Salisbury. She met people being treated for various forms of addiction. Clouds House has been helping people overcome addiction for over 25 years and the Duchess was keen to meet staff. A spokesperson from the palace said

"The Duchess will continue to use her time to get to know people at the charity. You can't learn everything there is to know in one day, you have to keep going back to gain an in depth understanding"

The Gardens At Clouds House

Action on Addiction certainly sounds like a challenging patronage with many aspects to consider. The fact that Kate has already paid a private visit before her public engagement shows great caring and interest in the charity. I think she is going to do wonderful work in the months to come.


As patron of the National Portrait Gallery, It would only be fitting for the Duchess to have a portrait painted in her honour. To celebrate her 30th birthday it is thought Kate will sit for the painting shortly. Clarence House revealed

"The commissioning of the Duchess of Cambridge's first official portrait is currently under way through the National Portrait Gallery".
The Queen has set for 145 portraits. The first portrait of Duchess Kate will of course be a historic piece. I'm very excited to see it. I imagine Kate will have her hair down, Perhaps wearing jewels from the royal collection?


The Duchess graces the cover of Hello (again :)) this week.

Recent favourites of mine featuring cover girl Kate.

Hope you all have a great weekend, Perhaps we'll have a Kate sighting? :)


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  1. A painting of Kate! Delightful!!

  2. I think Kate is doing her homework and it's nice that this blog gives her the credit she deserves. THANK YOU, Duchess!! :) The way she's been eased into her role (from the time of the engagement to the present) is exactly right, IMO. And I too can't wait to see the painting!

  3. Thank you so much Royalfan. Like you, I feel the private visits show a certain dedication to her patronages. Action On Addiction is a challenging choice and meeting with recovering addicts while trying to empathise with what they must be going through is quite a task for everyone. Kate does deserve credit for sure.

  4. Wow that's a lot of magazine covers. That painting is gonna be beautiful


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