Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kate's New Designer, Upcoming Engagements, William and Kate Barbie's + More

We will next be seeing Duchess Kate on Tuesday ((February 21st) She is scheduled to visit The Art Room's classrooms in Rose Hill primary school and Oxford spires academy school. Royal fever is already mounting in Oxford with hundreds expected to line the streets when Kate meets children from the school. Clare Keep, The Art Room manager said
"We are absolutely delighted The Duchess is coming to see what we do. The students will be presenting the Duchess with a bunch of flowers and showing her their work. This is an enormous endorsement by Her Royal Highness".
It is expected the visits will begin in the morning time. So looking forward to seeing Kate interacting with children again, they warm to her so easily.


In celebration of their one year anniversary, Barbie - makers Mattel will be releasing William and Kate barbie's. The Kate doll wears a miniature version of the iconic Alexander McQueen wedding dress while William is smartly dressed in his red military jacket. Aimed at adult collectors the dolls can be pre-ordered for £99.

 Kate will also be immortalised at four branches of Madame Tussauds in April. Waxworks of Kate will grace four different branches of the world famous museums. The figures will each be wearing a different dress. What do you think of William's waxwork? :)


Exciting news for fans of Kate's style. The Duchess has reportedly asked Bosnian designer Emma Hadzic of British based label La Luna London to create new pieces for her wardrobe.The brand is aimed at a younger clientele and has been worn by actress Cameron Diaz. 

UPDATE: Despite the numerous reports claiming Kate had plans to order pieces from Emma Hadzic, La Luna London Facebook Page just posted this. (With many thanks to What Kate Wore)

A pity but perhaps the Duchess will work with Emma in the future.

The collection comprises of elegant, limited edition, ladylike pieces. Available from £200 to £1200 at fashion web retailer Asos.

Twenty eight year old Emma Hadzic prides herself on ignoring trends and instead focusing on using classic materials and designs.

Emma like Kate favours lace, I expect we could see the Duchess in something like this.

Very similar to Kate's Temperly 'War Horse premiere' dress.

Breathtaking evening gown.

The structuring is amazing.

I cannot wait to see what Emma creates for Kate, no doubt they will be very similar if not identical to some of the pieces shown. If you wish to purchase these stunning dresses Click Here.


Designer Rebecca Taylor has revealed Kate also favours her fashion label. 'Kate wears our clothes but we can't gift them, so just this week I received a check with an invoice number straight from Buckingham Palace. I love Kate's style'. 

Three looks from the 2012 pre fall collection.


Sources (Daily Mail, What Kate Wore Facebook, The Telegraph, Asos, Rebecca Taylor, The Art Room)


  1. If you had not said that was a wax figure of William, I would have thought it was an old picture of the "real" William. It looks so lifelike. I would love to know what Buckingham Palace budgets Kate to spend on clothing. I imagine it is an amount any girl would dream of.

  2. Oh I'd imagine it's quite a sum. Diana wore designer labels daily to engagements so I imagine Kate's clothing budget is equally generous.

    Oh to be a Princess :)

  3. I look forward to seeing what Emma Hadzic creates for Kate! I don't particularly love any of the items you shared here... and I'm not sure I'd like them on Kate either...

    But with a few adjustments, some of them could be a knock-out on Kate, and I'm sure Emma will design something flattering. :)

    The wax figure does indeed look quite real!

  4. I could see Kate in the cream lace dress. With a tan and her hair color, it would be a stunning look on her. I'm not so much a fan of the dresses that are "baggy" (for lack of a better word) rather than form fitting.

    And I also agree about the wax figure! Amazing likeness.

  5. The wax face of Prince William is spot-on (less some hair perhaps?), but isn't the real William not only handsome but also broader-shouldered and in top physical shape? To me this is a good try, but the body of the wax figure feels too slight in comparison.

  6. William is very tall and broad. The figure is very convincing, Of Kate's four wax figures one will be wearing the lace Temperly, cannot wait to see it.

  7. Is it just me or is it in bad taste to say you've received money from BP for Kate's clothes? Just wondering how long Rebecca Taylor will be designing for Kate now that she's talked about it....shame, she has some beautiful pieces.

  8. Is it just me, or does Ken-William look better than Wax-William?

    Great post, dear! :)

  9. Alyssia - Ken William is very impressive, The only criticism is they were too generous with the hair :)

    Outside Looking In - There has been a huge amount of speculation regarding Kate accepting clothes as gifts without paying. I think it partially cleared up that rumour.

  10. I did not think the Duchess took anythign free, clothes included. I thought I read that when they were getting ready for the Canada trip. And as far as the wax figure of William I think they did a pretty good job and let's just hope they do the same with the beautiful Duchess. To bad they could not make a whole new couple with them in their wedding clothes. Now that would be somethng to see.


  11. Pauline, I beieve some stores were claiming she did accept items free. I believe that is completely untrue though.

  12. I think it's more likely that many designers would be more than willing to GIVE Kate clothing for free. They can't buy the publicity it generates.

  13. It must be nice having to only work 3-4 times per month !

  14. I'm guessing Wax-William was made when he was much younger.

    LOVE Emma Hadzic's work and I wish it were true that they were working together :(

    Lastly, I agree with whoever up there who said it was tacky for a designer to be bragging about her work with Kate. Kate hasn't even worn said clothes and she's already telling the media that she's expecting another check from Buckingham Palace for more clothes...


  15. To Anonymous Feb. 18- Just becasue we only see the Duchess at engagements a few times a month as you stated, you have no idea the research she does before each engagement. Just think about it, she need's to know things about the charities she is visiting or whatever she is doing that day. So she just does not show up somewhere and does her thing. It takes alot of time to get ready for each engagement she does. So why not cut her some slack.


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