Monday, 6 February 2012

Kate's Exhibitions Plans, William in the Falklands, Kate's Plans With The Queen, A Peek At Jenny Packham's High Street Collection and More

Hello Kate fans,
Only two days until Kate visits the Lucian Freud Exhibition. Are you all excited to see her? Any style predictions? It's been almost a month since her last royal engagement. I'll post as soon as the first photos emerge and will update as news comes in. While we're waiting for that, there are numerous interesting stories about Kate making the headlines today.

Duchess Kate is one of the most photographed women in the world but is keen to show off her talents from the opposite side of the lens. Photography has been a passion of Kate's for many years. In 2007 Kate curated an exhibition of celebrity portraits by the photographer Alistair Morrison. Morrison described Kate's work as 'very, very good'. A Royal source said

"Photography is a great passion for the Duchess and she continues to pursue it avidly. It is a real release for her and she takes her work very seriously. She has considered staging an exhibition of her works at some point in the future. She would like to continue to develop her work privately before being subjected to that kind of public scrutiny but an exhibition in the next few years is an idea she would be keen on".


Kate is undeniably one of the most beautiful women of our generation. We spend millions annually trying to emulate her style, hair, make up (even umbrellas...) One lucky girl from Calgary is becoming famous as a 'Kate Middleton look a like'. 26 year old Holly Ferrier was first spotted during the royal tour last summer. Having just competed in an international lookalike contest in Paris and coming second, Holly described the surreal experience as 'a whirlwind, I would love to do it again'. What do you think? See much resemblance to Kate? :)


We were all very excited to hear about Jenny Packham's collection for Debenhams. A photo has been released of a stunning gown which will feature in the No 1 Jenny Packham collection. Prices will range from £85 to £160 and will launch in April. Very Kate isn't it?

The Queen's jubilee celebrations and engagements officially begins today. The questions for fans of Kate has been, When will the tour take place? William and Kate will jet off to Malaysia, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and Singapore in September. I had hoped it would be sooner but nonetheless something to look forward to for the autumn.

Meanwhile The Queen has reportedly been inviting Kate to Buckingham Palace for regular chats to boots her confidence. The Queen is very found of Kate and has taken a keen interest in her development. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, It is being widely reported Kate will accompany Her Majesty on two diamond jubilee engagements next month. 


We all did a double take when we first saw Kate's wedding dress and it seems the Dean of Westminster was no exception. Speaking about the historic day The Very Rev Dr John Hall said:
"She was so strikingly beautiful and the shape of the dress was so charming. I was quite breath taken and just smiled. It was just one of those 'pinch me' moments, a great privilege."

On Valentine's Day Kate will pay a special visit to alcohol free bar The Brink. Staff were so delighted about the upcoming visit they created a special alcohol free smoothie called 'The Duchess' in Kate's honour. Made up of banana, honey, almonds and cream it sounds delicious.

Kate's patronage Action on Addiction expressed their excitement about the visit via Twitter.

A number of you have emailed me about a couple of stories which appear to untrue/fabricated/exaggerated. After much research I have found

  • Various magazine articles claiming William and Kate have had their first big fight etc is most likely rubbish.
  • The numerous articles claiming William's deployment will 'make or break them' are totally unfounded. After ten years it's going to take more than six weeks apart to cause problems.
  • Pregnancy rumours and predictions they won't have a child this year impossible to predict, Only William and Kate know that information :)

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  1. That would be so cool is she and the Queen carried out some engagements together.

  2. OMG yes! I so hope that Kate will accompany the Queen on an engagement or two.

    And what a charming statement from the Dean of Westminster. A pinch-me moment indeed. :)


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