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Kate Loves: Nightclubs

For the second installment of our 'Kate Loves' series let's take a look at Kate's favourite nightclubs. I sincerely doubt we shall ever see Kate emerging from one of these venues again but for those of you planning a trip to London, hoping to get a taste of Kate's favourite places, I think it will be helpful and as always it's wonderful to look back on Kate's younger years.

During William and Kate's brief split in 2007, Kate enjoyed many a girls night out in Mahiki nightclub. Situated on Dover Street, Mayfair, it is known as 'the destination for the cocktail lover'.

Mahiki is set over two floors. With it's tiki decor, tropical flowers and fresh fruit cocktails     one is guaranteed a unique night out. Mahiki has become one of the world's best known clubs since it's conception in 2005. Celebrating your birthday? Mahiki has a number of exciting packages to cater for various tastes including 'The Green Room' which includes a surprise birthday performance.

A cocktail in Mahiki would roughly cost you between £10 and £15. The 'Pirate Daiquiri' looks promising :)

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One of William and Kate's favourite 'date night' destinations pre engagement has got to be South Kensington nightclub Boujis.

Boujis has enjoyed eight years as the premium nightclub in London. (When your clientele includes the future King and Queen of England, you're doing something right) However there is a dress code at Boujis and a table carry a minimum spend.

Boujis certainly knows how to throw a party. Famous for their 80's themed parties, One can tell a huge amount of planning and thoughts goes into throwing the perfect party. Each year the owners host an event at the Royal enclosure in Ascot.

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Mamilanji was another popular spot for Kate. Below we see her leaving the club in 2007 wearing a Zara print dress. 

The modern club is located on 127 Kings Road. The stunning club attracts a host of celebs and A listers hence the very strict guest list. There are two bar areas situated over two floors upstairs. The restaurant and terrace are classically decorated and the bar service is said to be the best in London.

I have more 'Kate loves' posts planned, restaurants, hobbies. Are there any others you would like to see included? Please leave a comment below and I won't forgot to add your suggestion in.

In Kate news, William and Harry are currently enjoying a shooting weekend in Southern Spain, they are guests of the Duke of Westminster. I expect Kate is enjoying some time with her family as she hasn't been spotted shopping in London or in Anglesey.


  1. Great post! I'd like to see a Kate loves sports, or something like that, but maybe that's the same as hobbies .....

  2. Thank you so much for your comment idea, I will indeed include Kate's love of sport, She enjoys rowing and tennis greatly, Thank you!

  3. Debería de venir la Duquesa a Sevilla.

  4. Thanks for another wonderful article. :) When Catherine wore the black and white Zara dress in 2007, did she ever think she'd wear it to a friend's wedding in 2011 as the Duchess of Cambridge?!

  5. Great post for a great future Queen.
    I'd like to see Kate in Italy ... :-)

  6. i have to agree it's unlikely we'll see kate and will leaving a club again, other than maybe for a private event with some kind of charitable fundraising connection.

    kate and will are still young. i wonder if they miss being able to go dancing and partying (and, yes, drinking) with their friends.

  7. Royalfan - Kate has a wonderful sense of style, She actually wore the black and white Zara dress clubbing twice, I never thought we'd see it again especially at a wedding!

    Rosario - Perhaps William and Kate will enjoy a trip to Italy!

    Alpa - I'm sure they do miss going out and enjoying their freedom. I expect this was one of the factors they considered when waiting to get married.

  8. I love the idea of you doing everything that the Duchess loves. Can you then do a story line of the Duke & Duchess love story. There is plenty of pictures and stories out there about their love story but it would be great to see in it a nut shell. I think you caould do a great job. Their story is such a great love story.


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