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Duchess Kate To Begin First Official Solo Engagements Next Month And Will Begin With Lucian Freud Exhibition + Collette Dinnigan S/S 2012

January has been an unusually quiet month for Duchess Kate in terms of appearances and royal engagements. As Prince William is preparing for his imminent deployment to the Falklands, I had thought this dry spell would continue but it seems the Duchess is eager to immerse herself in royal life while William is away. Clarence House has announced Kate will officially begin her solo engagements next month. 

"The Duchess will have a handful of engagements while the Duke is away. She will visit all her patronages publicly at least once and continue to visit them privately. It will be a busy period. The reason she chose so few charities is that she wants to get to know them all intimately".

To recap on Kate's choice of charities please Click Here


It is expected Kate's first official solo engagement will take place at the National Portrait Museum where the Duchess will tour n exhibition of the late Lucian Freud's portrait paintings. Freud who passed away last summer aged 88 was the grandson of Sigmund Freud. The exhibition known as 'People in my life' will feature over 100 works fro museums all over the world. As an Art History graduate, Kate will be familiar and will no doubt appreciate the technical virtuosity of his work. The exhibitions open February 9th, You can find all booking details Here.

A Royal aide said

"The Duchess, as a patron of the National Portrait Museum, will take an active interest - publicly and privately - in all aspects of the gallery's work. While the Duke is away, she is fully intending on using those six weeks to do nothing but work and will visit her patronages and undertake a number of engagements in support of the Royal family".

I'm delighted we will be seeing the Duchess engaging with her patronages. As you all know I'm also very excited to see which designers she will choose for these engagements. (Yes, I'm always thinking of the fashion possibilities :)) I couldn't help but notice how simply beautiful the Collette Dinnigan Spring/Summer 2012 collection is. Collette is one of Kate's favourite designers and is becoming a household name worldwide.

 Both Nicole Kidman and Rachel McAdams chose a delicate nude and black lace, knee length, off the shoulder dress from the collection recently and I think it would be perfect for Kate. If it was full length it would be an ideal piece for an evening reception.

Duchess Kate adores lace detailing and no one designs lace dresses quite like Collette. These feminine, delicate pieces are very Kate.

The detailing and structuring on these dresses is stunning.

The strapless, blue evening gown is my personal favourite piece in the collection. What's yours?

With minor alterations these black pieces would be perfect for a Duchess!


I will update as soon as the exact date for Kate's engagements are announced. Hope you all had a great weekend :)

Sources (Daily Mail, Trisha What Kate Wore FB, The Telegraph, Colette Dinnigan)


  1. Finally! Some chances for pictures I can't wait to see what she wears

  2. Hopefully we will see quite a lot of the Duchess in February :)

  3. Ah fantastic lots of sightings to come then!Oh and those Collette designs look perfect!

  4. I too am looking forward to some new pictures of Kate. Side note: I'm not so sure we should be privy to the location of William's (or Harry's) military deployments.

  5. Rosario - Indeed, Kate will make a fine Queen.

    Royalfan - I do agree with you, it is sensitive information for sure, I do hope William will be well looked after.

  6. @Royalfan, I so agree with you, they shoul not let the world know where the Princes will be deployed to. It is just common sense. I hope the Prince will be safe so he will be home soon to his beautiful Duchess.

  7. Such a beautiful collection of dresses. Love the blue lace & yellow lace dresses for Spring! Kate could wear the blue lace straight off the rack. Looking forward to reading more news & seeing photos of her upcoming engagements :)

  8. Collette Dinnifan is a fabulous designer, excited to see her next collection.


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