Monday, 19 December 2011

William and Kate enjoy pre Christmas lunch with the Royals

With less than a week until Christmas day, I think it's safe to assume we are all feeling quite festive. Even the Royal family are getting into the spirit. Earlier today The Queen hosted a pre Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. Guests included The Cambridges, Prince Harry, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Roland Hoskins

William and Kate looked excited and happy as they arrived they photographed arriving at the palace. I love that William chose to drive himself instead of using a chauffeur, We can see what appears to be a hat box or a gift in the back of the car.....

Roland Hoskins

As you can see Kate looks stunning (obviously already prepared for tonight's event) The Duchess is wearing a fitted red coat, quite possibly her L.K. Bennett ami. Kate is wearing a black lace top or dress underneath.

The lunch is perhaps an informal beginning to the largest gathering of royals in years, with 27 members of the family attending this year. I'm delighted to see these new photos of Kate looking so happy. 

Love their expressions in this one :)

Roland Hoskins

Judging by Kate's hair, I know she is going to look amazing at the Sun Military Awards tonight.

See you in a few hours for the next post :)

Source (Daily Mail)


  1. She looks beautiful as she gained some weight.

  2. OK, one...her makeup looks awesome. I swear, she gets better and better with her eyes. Two, I love the last picture. Looks like he thinks he's right about something or other and she's all (silently, of course), "Mmm hmm...whatever." Because, hello, what girl hasn't been in that same position many times over with the man in her life??

  3. Anonymous - She looks great and very healthy.

    Alyssia - I swear I was thinking the same thing, perhaps they are a little because Kate was getting her hair done lol Looking forward to seeing whar she wears tonight.

  4. Kate looks soooooo CUTE in that last pic


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