Sunday, 4 December 2011

Kate speaks about life in Anglesey and wedding planning, Why Kate could be planning a trip to Africa and info on her engagement dress!

A video has been released from the media reception at Buckingham Palace. As the reception took place almost a week ago I was surprised to see it. In the video one can see Duchess Kate entering the room greeting guests. Kate's Mulberry peace and love dress looks simply stunning when it can be seen properly. Many of us wondered what shoes Kate chose, from the video we can see her wearing her black court shoes.

I was touched to hear Kate speak candidly about choosing wedding music this time last year and how much she adores living in Anglesey. Kate came across as warm, charismatic and instantly put the guests at ease with her winning personality. Kate said

"It's amazing it's been a year. I think this time last year I was thinking about wedding music. I love our life in Anglesey. It's just nice to be outdoors and away from the city. As much as I love London, it's nice to get away".

The Duchess also said she hoped next year would be quieter than this one. You can watch the video Here. (Kate speaks at 14.30)

News has been circulating in the press (Nothing official confirmed yet) about Kate planning to visit famine victims in Africa. Royal aides are reportedly travelling to Africa before Christmas to organise an itinerary for the Duchess. Kate will meet some of the 100,000 people who face starvation. Diana put the spotlight on starvation during a trip to Zimbabwe in 1993. This is obviously a cause Kate feels strongly about and I would love to see her make this visit. It would raise much needed awareness. A source said

"Kate does not want to be seen as trying to imitate her husband's mother, but she shares Diana's passions, and cannot bear to see people suffering. She knows she can help raise awareness of Africans' plight and is determined to help".

Duchess Kate's Issa silk jersey wrap dress is still being produced in various colours and prints. It is not only an iconic piece but a truly beautiful one. The wrap detail and v neck are very feminine and elegant. With the party season approaching it would be a fabulous addition to anyone's wardrobe. Kate's navy dress is available here for £519. It is described as

"Beautiful navy long sleeve dress with a V neck front. Wrap over dress that ties at the back. Hidden zip at one side 100% silk.

The dress is now available in burgundy at Harvey Nichols for £485. (With many thanks to What Kate Wore)

In this Polyvore Piece we see Pippa wearing a very similar burgundy dress. Both look stunning, I love the title 'The Good Girl and The Wild Cat'. :)

Issa designer Daniella Helayel recently said she loves reproducing her best pieces with a new twist. Issa certainly did this with Kate's wrap jersey dress. It is available in a number of prints at Joseph M from £479 to £555. Below we look at the gorgeous black patternedblack and white and teal printed versions.

The variation of prints means there is a dress suitable for every occasion. The black pattern with colourful designs would be perfect for dinner. The charm print is ideal for any evening party and the floral print could be worn at the office. A piece like this has superb versatility.

My personal favourite print dress is the love heart. I do hope we see Kate wearing one of these in the future.....

Kate is attending A Gary Barlow concert in aid of the Prince's foundation on Tuesday (Dec 6)

See you all then :)

Sources (Daily Mail, What Kate Wore, Polyvore, People)


  1. Great post! Thanks for the video share!

  2. Thank you Bonnie, love videos of Kate :)

  3. As always, thanks for all the tidbits! :D

    I look forward to seeing what she wears this evening! I must remember to get back online and haunt Twitter! ;)

  4. Hopefully she will attend, nothing confirmed yet.

    If not, we will definitely see her tomorrow :)

  5. this was quite the pleasant surprise!!! many thank you's :)

  6. You're very welcome, Thank you for taking the time to post your kind comment. :)

  7. Hello, are the videos in UK format only? I'm reading your blog from the US and can't get them to work. Love the blog! Respectful & tasteful.

  8. Hello,

    Th video is not in UK format, I know a lot of people at What Kate Wore facebook were looking at it from the U.S.

    This is the link

    Please let me know if it doesn't work for you.

  9. Thanks for the help, but it just doesn't want to work with my iPhone or MacBook. Will try from a PC when I can.

  10. Hi, I'm sorry to hear that, I just looked at it on my phone and it's working for me.

    Perhaps it takes a few seconds to load?


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