Sunday, 11 December 2011

Get Kate's Clutch, Kate's earrings, Where the Duchess was spotted and more

Hello Kate fans, 

I have what I can only describe as a 'bumper post' to share with you, including the latest news and where to get some of Kate's most loved pieces with more budget friendly alternatives. I want to begin with writing about one of Kate's most loved accessories, her suede clutches. 

I know quite a few of you were interested in knowing the designers of them. Firstly we have the Stuart Weitzman Bestbowraz Bestbowrha Clutch. Kate has carried it many times.
Unfortunately it is no longer available but a very similar alternative The Stuart Weitzman Tahoe is available here €356. 

Kate carried the Carole Clutch by Emmy Shoes during the Order of the garter service. The  clutch is available in leather or suede for £230. Now, that just leaves the black suede clutch with the bow, Kate most recently teamed it with her Zara dress. It is one of her favourite clutches yet has remained unidentified. Personally, I think the clutch must have been altered for Kate. Below we see the Sophia clutch which is suede and has a distinctive bow and the black Tallulah. Emmy Shoes, alter pieces, one can order them custom made which is possibly what Kate did. I imagine they could make one almost identical if anyone is interested.

Kate's jewellery is always classic, simple and understated. With the Christmas season approaching, perhaps you would like to purchase one of these pieces for a loved one or yourself? :) Let's begin with Kate's stunning Kiki McDonough Grace Earrings. They are currently available for £695 and come in a variety of colours. 
Kate's eye catching Vinnie Day Gold Plated Logo Leaf Earrings are available for £100. I love the hoop and the leaf design together.

Next we have the Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop Earrings. They are currently available for £495.

Etsy is a simply wonderful resource for finding alternative's to Kate pieces on a budget. (With many thanks to the incredible ladies at What Kate Wore Facebook) The alternative pair at Etsy are just $22 and available here. As you can see they look identical.

Kate wore the Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto Earrings to the ARK gala reception. The beautiful earrings are $125. Unfortunately they are currently out of stock. However a more budget friendly pair are available here for £12.99.

For the official engagement photographs Kate choose the Hope Egg Earrings by Links of London. They are available for £275.

The replica pair is just $57 and available here.

For a special gift set, I thought this was lovely. Including a replica of Kate's effervescence bubble earrings, engagement ring and Kate's wedding earrings for £28.

If you are looking for 'Kate' inspired gifts, then do take a look at Etsy. My final choice from the day is the William and Kate buttons. Adorable! :)

Since William and Kate will not be sharing their Christmas cards publicly this year, you can send your own this year. The creative cards are available here for about $6 per greeting card.

If you've been wondering how Kate has been spending her time lately, it seems she was spotted shopping in one of her favourite stores Selfridges on London's Oxford Street last monday. A source said

"She arrived unannounced and spent a good half hour running around and nobody batted an eyelid. They just didn't think it was her. She had an excellent eye for the pieces she was picking out. She slipped into a dressing room, tried then on and left with her goodies. No fuss or bother. She didn't have a personal shopper just two low key minders".

Hopefully we will see her purchases soon...

Finally Kate's close friend Holly Branson is getting married on her father's private 'Necker Island' next weekend. Pippa is definitely going so fingers crossed the Duchess might 

Kate and Holly catching up

Sources (Mirror, Daily Mail, What Kate Wore facebook, Etsy)


  1. Ah, a nice random post with bits 'n' pieces about Kate. Doesn't get much better! :D

  2. With less than two weeks to Christmas I wanted to add them all in, In case anyone wanted one of those pieces for Christmas, :)

  3. Love the post! This is so much work, very much appreciated!

  4. Oh thank you Jane, Looking forward to your next post :)

  5. Kate is very beautiful in that engagement photo and the hope egg earrings are so pretty :)

  6. The Hope egg earrings are one of my favourites.

  7. Great post - I adore those earrings!

    I have nominated your blog for an award. xxx

  8. Awh that is simply lovely Mrs. Exeter, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. I'm very touched by your generosity and kindness. What I love most about this blog is the wonderful readers, Thank you.

    Just heard William and Kate will visit a homeless charity on the 21st.........

  9. Beautiful Jeweleries. But, my eyes are not allowing me to see anything else other than Kate. I bet, if Kate was not married to the prince, then it is sure that she would be mine.

    Jewellery London


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