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Duchess Kate's first Christmas with the royals

Merry Christmas Kate fans,
Duchess Kate enjoyed a very busy Christmas morning, beginning the day by attending an early church service with the Queen. She then joined the royals for a Christmas morning walk. Kate looked beautiful in a grey coat teamed with her Aquatalia black boots. Her hair was worn in a demi chignon.

The family then gathered for their walk from the Sandringham estate to the local Church, St. Mary Magdalene. Prince Charles led the group, traditionally Prince Philip leads the family. 

Alan Davidson/Daily Mail

It is an important event for Kate as it marks her first Christmas service with the royals.

The press spent their Christmas morning waiting for Kate :)

Kate with the Princes. I love how Prince Harry is always beside Kate. In fact the entire royal family looked very happy.

The service lasted forty minutes, Afterwards the Duchess greeted the crowd who were simply delighted to meet her. 

One could say the Duchess was mobbed, She looked incredibly happy and undaunted by the turnout.

A smiling Kate is presented with a rose by a child in the crowd.

Alan Davidson/Daily Mail

Kate looked beautiful in a deep purple hat by Jane Corbett and a matching coat by an unnamed independent British dressmaker. With it's funnell neck and angled pockets, Kate looked elegant as always. A royal spokesperson said 'The Duchess is keen to use independent British dressmakers, whose skill and craftmanship she admires'. Once the designer is revealed he/she is expected to become a household name.

Duchess Kate's elegant black suede shoes were custom made by Mascaro. (With many thanks to What Kate Wore) The closest pair available from the brand right now are the Mascaro Black Suede Pumps. With a 4 inch heels and 2 inch platform, the pumps have a square toe. They are available for $325. It has been reported that the shoes will be reissued. 

Kate completed the look with a clutch made from the same material as her hat, black gloves and charcoal tights Love her lipstick!

You may have noticed Kate's beautiful new green amethyst drop earrings. I think they were a Christmas present, probably from William. They have been ID'd by the wonderful My Small Obsessions and Thea as the Kiki McDonough 18ct Gold and Diamond Earrings. They are available in citrine for €2,2271.00. They are described as

'Make a satorial sparkle with these 18ct gold, citrine and diamond earrings by Kiki McDonough. It will make a precious gift for any style savvy women. These diamond pave small hoop earrings are set in 18ct gold'.

After Christmas lunch William (looking very smart indeed) and Harry went to visit Prince Philip with their cousins without Kate, She spent the afternoon with senior royals. During the Queen's televised Christmas speech she described the royal wedding as 'a personal reminder of loved ones as the world goes through difficult times'.

Finally two very festive looking dogs waiting outside the church at Sandringham this morning. Enjoy your Christmas lunch :)

Sources (Daily mail,, Twitter)


  1. Beautiful pictures. I do very much love the color of her coat, as well as the stylish hat. Wonder if she uses Bobbie Brown mascara? Her lashes always look full, lush, and oh-so-long.

    Merry Christmas, by the way!! :)

  2. It has been widely reported that Kate uses Bobby Brown mascara.

    Looking forward to finding out the designer of the coat.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Alyssia :)

  3. One article mentioned Katherine Hooker.

  4. I assume the second designer is one we haven't heard of yet but the grey coat could be Katherine Hooker. It's a pity we can't see the front of the grey coat.

  5. i really like the jaunty hat, and the ribbons on the back. v pretty and festive color too.

    i don't love the coat. i like the high neck, and warm color. but it seems overly fitted (the buttons pull a little), and overly simple: the straight cut is kind of boring. i think i'd like it better with a flared bottom half of the coat.

    bea: my fave of the day. love the coat, its detailing, flattering cut, and length. simple accessories, pretty contrasting purse.

    sophie: my second fave: pretty, colored coat, nice hat (tho put on too far back on her head imo), pretty hairstyle.

    zara: nice coat, but the odd hat looks even odder put flat across the top of her head.

  6. Merry Christmas Alpa :)

    I believe Bea's coat is Mulberry, Kate's hat is very similar to the one she wore for Remembrance Sunday. Looking forward to finding out the designer of the coat.

  7. i love these pics! and i can't believe that , after all those years together, this is the first time will and kate spent Christmas together? (i first heard about her on their engagement, and i've been enthralled ever since!!) thanks for posting :)

  8. Merry Christmas! Thanks for the lovely post! I am sorry I missed out on the activity, but my family always has church Sunday mornings. :)

  9. Bonnieux. I remember when they were dating I thought we would never see them together. Hope you had a great Christmas.

    Bekah - There will be many more sightings to work on :)

  10. First off, Merry Christmas!!! :)

    Love the purple color and the cut of the coat; not so much a fan of the overall effect. You're right that it was very similar to her Remembrance Day look and I'm not sure what it was about that look - either the makeup or the hat - that didn't quite work for me on either day.

    I wonder what royal ladies do with all the flowers they get? :)

    - Sarah

  11. Sarah, Happy Christmas!

    I often wonder about the flowers too, perhaps they decorate the palaces. I know the royals love their flowers.

  12. Does anyone know where her shoes are from? I love that they always have some height to elongate the legs but are incredibly practical and comfortable at the same time.

    Merry Christmas!


  13. Merry Christmas michelle,

    The shoes are from Mascaro. I'm updating the post now to include them :)

  14. sarah and DK,

    re: what the royal ladies do with all their flowers - i heard the majority of them are given to local hospitals, elder care centers, etc.

    i'm sure some also go into vases for their home, because who wouldn't want to keep some of those lovely flowers for themselves!

  15. Thank you Alpa, That's very informative. I appreciate it.

  16. Just fyi: the dogs are Border Terriers!

  17. Thank you, they look adorable! :)

  18. love your posts,,keep them coming!!Thanks!

  19. Aww thank you, It's a joy writing posts for all you lovely readers :)

  20. love your posts!it's a joy reading about duchess catherine..hope someday meet her..greetings from sad greece..Happy New Year to you all!!

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  22. Thank you for your lovely comments, I greatly appreciate it. You're all a joy to write for.

    Now time to get to work on Kate's birthday post....:)


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