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The Cambridges bring Christmas spirit to homeless charity Centrepoint

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a Christmas visit to charity for the homeless Centrepoint's Camberwell Foyer. It is the couples final public engagement before they set off to to spend Christmas at Sandringham with no less than twenty five other members of the royal family.

Pop Sugar

William has been patron of Centrepoint since 2005. The charity holds a special place in his heart, as children William and Harry paid private visits with the late Diana who was patron from 1992 until her death. I've noticed William is eager to keep his mother's work alive and continue with the same passion. In an attempt to highlight the issue of homelessness the Prince spent a night on the streets in 2009. With Kate by his side, I think they will do an enormous amount of good work in terms of raising awareness and vital funding.

As you know I like to include information about the organisation William and Kate are working with. I've written briefly about the work The Tusk Trust and the Royal Marsden Hospital does but I must admit I found the stories from Centrepoint particularly touching. Working with homeless people aged 16-25 the stories are quite harrowing. I'd like to briefly share Sam's Story.

At just 16, Sam arrived at an emergency hostel in her school uniform. Despite being exhausted and tearful Sam said she 'would rather sleep on the streets than go home'. Sam then revealed the truth about her home life. Her stepfather had been beating her, 'with a spoon, knife, anything he could get hold of'. Sam was treated like an unpaid servant in the house and sexually abused. Deeply traumatised a specialist at Centrepoint slowly helped her to regain her confidence. Sam is now studying for her A levels and planning a career in journalism knowing she has the full support of Centrepoint behind her.

Words cannot describe the invaluable work Centrepoint do. If you wish to find out more or donate (It's not too late to donate to their Christmas appeal) please Click here.

The couple donned their aprons for a healthy living cookery class. Making festive favourites like mince pies and gingerbread men. Sky news cleverly described the lesson as  'Mince pies by royal appointment'. :)

There was entertainment in store for the Cambridges in the form of a performace by 'Centrepoint's Got Talent'. One lucky contestant got her photo taken with the royal pair, while William threw a few shapes! You can watch videos here and here.

William also revealed future plans about the couple having children telling future nurse Olivia he would send his future children to her and she could discipline them :)

I don't know about you, but I'm still astonished at how beautiful Kate looked at the Sun Military Awards (For those of you in the UK the awards are televised on ITV at 8.30 tonight) and she she didn't let us down in the fashion stakes today (And it's great to see William out of his navy suit) Looking chic and casual in the Ralph Lauren Blue Label Long Sleeved Turtleneck Dress. (With many thanks to the wonderful Susan from What Kate Wore for such a quick ID) The dress is currently on sale reduced from $398 to $159. It is described as

"A timeless long sleeved turtleneck dress is rendered in our softest blend of wool and cashmere for elegant style".

Kate is wearing the dress in Olive Mel.

It is also available in Charcoal grey heather and Polo black.

Kate wore a black belt with her dress and completed the look with black tights and her black suede knee high Aquatalia Rumba boots.

Kate kept her jewellery simple, opting to wear her lovely Kiki McDonough Grace Earrings.

Kate is now preparing for her first Christmas with the royals and away from the Middletons. The Queen has already arrived in Sandringham via train so it's safe to see the festivities have begun. Yesterday Kate was spotted in her local Waitrose, near Kensington. (With thanks to the wonderful 
Julie) wearing skinny jeans and brown boots. And again today for last minute retail therapy on the fulham road. Perhaps picking up some last minute necessities?

Since William and Kate are not releasing their Christmas card, I thought you might like to see Westminster Abbey didn't forget the couple when creating theirs. :) 

Source (Daily Mail, What Kate Wore facebook,)


  1. Lovely post, as always! :D

    Kate looks awesome in the more casual style!

    And that card is so cool! :D

  2. I am of Polish. I like your blog. I love Princess Kate.

  3. Doesn't DoC look amazing? I love that dress so much, and it looks really good with the boots. Went over to Daily Mail site as they get the pics so quickly, but I'm completely shocked and disgusted by the comments - when did this happen? She can't please some people, but I think she looks wonderful and have you noticed how happy people around her also always appear?

    HMQ looks so cute getting off the train LOL!

  4. Man, Kate sure is versatile, isn't she? I'm still reeling from the gorgeousness of that black gown a couple of days ago and here she comes managing to make a totally frumpy ugly green dress look gorgeous. Only Kate could do that! (Not to mention that I never noticed that her eyes are green until I noticed how well they match this dress.)

    Thanks for all the work you do on this site - it's quickly made its way onto my list of daily places to check! :)

    - Sarah

  5. Also, is it just me or is Kate not carrying a clutch? *gasp* What can this mean??

    ;) just kidding...

    - Sarah

  6. Kate is not carrying a clutch :)

    I love this outfit because i's something she would have worn pre engagement and it's great to see her personal style coming through :)

  7. Mrs Exeter - There is a horrific amount of negativity about Kate and people/press seem insistent that she has an eating disorder which I 100% believe she does not.

  8. I love, love, love how happy they look and especially how much fun they seem to have together. Who's day wouldn't be brightened by a visit from such a beautiful, smiling couple? On a side note, it's official: I have total, complete, utter Kate-hair-envy. It's gorgeous!!

    As always, thanks for keeping us updated! :)

  9. Oh, and from reading the comments above: One, Kate is just a slim girl. Always has been. Two, think of how busy they (she and William) have been! If any of us were even doing half as much as they, we'd be losing all kinds of weight, too. She'll find her healthy balance soon, not to worry. ;)

  10. Alyssia - It's lovely to read your comments as always. Personally I know Kate is very, very slim but I never see her as being underweight, Her arms are so toned (which was evident at the millies) so if anything Kate is so slim from working out and eating healthily, Also she's 5'10' so wouldn't be as naturally curvy as someone smaller.

  11. KAte was gorgeous...and I love the photo where William look like is dancing and Kate watch him smiling...

    Kisses from Portugal

  12. It's a beautiful photo, William looks like so much fun to be around :)

  13. I follow you on twitter and I follow your blog: this is very nice, really.

    Kate is slim, yes, but she looks extraordinary healthy and I think this is the most important of all things.

    Merry Xmas to all your readers and looking forward to read more on kate and William, of course.

  14. Simona, thank you so much for your lovely kind comments, Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas :)

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