Friday, 4 November 2011

William and Kate to visit Africa, Sarah Burton finally speaks, Why 007 thinks Kate is the perfect Bond girl and more

After yesterdays triumphant visit to Copenhagen, The Duchess has been making headlines worldwide today. One of the most interesting stories is the possibility that the Cambridge's may visit Africa in the near future. Duchess Kate told an aid worker that she intended to visit Kenya 'soon'. The region obviously has a special place in the young couples heart. It was just over a year ago William proposed to Kate in the beautiful surrounds of Kenya's Lake Rutundu while on holiday at the Lewa Downs Wildlife Sanctuary.

Prince William has described Africa as 'close to his heart'. He went on his first overseas engagement with Prince Harry to Botswana last year. He also trekked through Africa to raise funds for Africa. If the Cambridge's make this trip they will be following in Diana's footsteps. In 1993 she travelled to Zimbabwe and fed starving children at a red cross station. Should the couple make the trip it is expected it will be in June 2012 as William has expressed an interest in running a marathon on June 30.

Duchess Kate met former James Bond actor and UNICEF ambassador, Roger Moore yesterday. Sir Roger paid tribute to the royal couple for their 'passionate' interest in supporting UNICEF. He described how the royal couple reminded him of Diana and why he thinks the Duchess is the perfect Bond girl!

"I think comparisons are odious but Diana did wonderful things in bringing the world's attention to the danger of landmines and I think their royal highnesses are showing an equal interest.
Kate is the epitome of a bond girl with her beauty both inside and out and just like one of the Bond portrayals, Kate shines and awards massive attention to anything she's involved with".

A press conference for the new Bond movie 'Skyfall' was held today, Below Daniel Craig is pictured with Bond girls  Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris. I could see Kate doing this in another life. She's easily beautiful enough..... :)

Sarah Burton has finally revealed how she kept the huge secret about designing Kate's wedding dress. The designer revealed the project was closely guarded and ever her parents didn't know. Speaking about designing the world famous ivory silk and lace gown.

"It was so great to actually keep a secret, especially in this day and age when everyone talks about everything. 
I remember standing in Westminster Abbey and thinking this is unreal. It was like a fairytale. And all I could think was 'I hope I don't trip over'. I didn't realise the enormity of it until much nearer the wedding day. It was a magical experience".

The Duchess has been crowned 'Best Dressed 2011' by Harper's Bazaar UK. The judges included Kate's favourites, Milliner Philip Treacy and designer Roskanda Ilinic. Kate represents the fact that British style is 'endlessly varied, peerlessly elegant and gloriously unpredictable'. I'm thrilled to hear Kate is receiving due credit for her classic, timeless style. Others included on the list were model Kate Moss and actress Keira Knightley.

Continuing on with Kate style news, The lovely ladies at What Kate Wore have discovered  that Kate's Pied a Terre wedges have been reissued. The £75 shoes are perfect for spring/summer wear and look amazing teamed with skinny jeans. Kate's pair are black and she has worn them numerous times.

 I'm sure have all heard the rumours that Kate is yet again pregnant. She was photographed holding her stomach in several photographs yesterday and members of the press commented on the fact she looked tired, drawn and a little unwell. Of course it is entirely possible she is expecting but she may have been feeling under the weather from travelling. I was also disappointed to read how harshly she has been judged on her interview yesterday. It is the first time Kate has spoken publicly since the engagement interview. She is obviously aware millions are watching and has always been a shy and private person. I do think she did an excellent job and supported UNICEF wonderfully. Anyone would have been nervous and I do think she deserves praise as it's a daunting task.

Finally I want to share a photo of Kate at the airport before departing from Copenhagen. (With thanks to Lilting Times Via Twitter)

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  1. Two things about the pregnancy rumors:
    1. Please note Kate did not appear to be drinking champagne when she stepped in for Prince Charles the other day, it could be wine or some other kind of liquor but it does seem odd :)
    2.Kate did appear less lively shall we say in Copenhagan, and although it could be from travel, she traveled a lot more during her Canadian visit and never showed signs of fatigue.

    P.S. WillKat is awful!! It sounds like a wild animal, lets hope the media gets the message and drops it.

  2. Wonderfully put, and it does sound like a wild animal :)

    Initially I thought Kate was pregnant then I considered the fact they do not have a proper family residence and the palace would not want anything overshadowing the Queen's jubilee, It is very much a possibility though. Clarence house will be the first to announce it.

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  4. Keen shoes, Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I'm delighted so many fans of Kate are enjoying the post.

    Hoping to see new photos of Kate later today :)


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